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Invocation for the aid of the Almighty-Objects of the Poem -Allusions to the Profihecies of St John, of Isaiah, and of Daniel -We are aware, in the present day, how strictly and to the letter many of them have been already verified—What effects should therefrom be produced–The unfulfilled Prophecies soon to be accomplished - Warnings given by the dreadful Eruptions of Ætna and Vesuvius, and Earthquakes in Calabria and Sicily-The LORD commences bis Millennium Reign by rewarding his true followers, and calling to account all false guides and unbelievers—The Sceptic advised to read the Bible without prejudice, where he will find the Truth of Revelation is fully established by the fulfilment of so many Prophecies as to Famine, War, Pestilence, and the Jewish Nation - Punishment of the apostate Julian- Antichrist - Mabomed-Prescience of the Deity Advice to the Infidels-One of the signs of the Messiah's Advent is that Crime shall be at its height - Italy pre-eminent in every kind of Vice-Leading feature of the whole superstitionEffects thereof — Vices enumerated- Indulgences-Constantinople and Rome, the guilt of prevails over the whole World ; but, less in free countries than elsewhere-Britain apostrophized as not being free from guilt-Do her inhabitants reverence Religion ?-Free-thinking-Effect of irreligion amongst the higher classes upou their inferiors-The real Christian doomed by the World to suffer-Considered Enthusiast, Hypocrite, &c.-All the Clergy not faithful-Pride of some of the Dignitaries of the Church imitated too frequently by the inferior Priesthood-Consequence of such imitation-Patriotism, of what it should consist-Of what it consists now-Laws, their severity-Their intricacy-How affecting the poor-Guilt, private, keeps place with the publicGold the first object of man, no matter how obtained --Poverty however virtuous despised — Allusion to the Golden Image set up by Nebuchadnezzar-Gaming and its attendant evils—Infidelity productive of Lust, Malice, Rage, Scorn, and other direful effects -Gallantry and its concomitants Blaspherny-False OatbsLying and Dissimulation - No Virtues but their semblance remain -Honour (so called) takes the place of Religion-In what such honour consists—There are every where a few who practice Virtue and seek for Truth-Announcement of the MESSIAHCall to Unbelievers-Conclusion, Prayer to the Almighty for a Ray of Heavenly Light.


ALMIGHTY Father !-to my pray'r attend,
Mine aim thy glory-and man's good mine end ;-
If language, worthy of such lofty theme,
Can paint the wonders of the great Supreme,
'T must be like his-whose, fire enkindl'd, tongue-
The will of great Jehovah nobly sung :-
The threat'nings and the promises of God-
Held forth his Blessings—yet expos'd the Rod :-
Oh may that pow'r—who did Isaiah inspire,
Grant to my soul, a portion of his fire:-
That I may now prophetic Truth declare,
Be this my object-and be that my Pray'r.-
If such be granted can the task be hard-
Or can my Labour fail of due reward :
When grateful homage to the King of Kings,
And Lord of Lords—my muse in tribute brings.

What blessed John foretold-be first my theme, (No wild enthusiast's vision-idle dream) Or what Isaiah erst had said-or he, Who dar'd refuse to bend the supple knee, In genuflection to the golden God:Who dared the vengeance of the tyrant's rod.Ev'n thou-O Daniel! whose keen eye could see Times-distant times--as present unto thee. The curtain drawn aside-by him who made; The whole-in vision, was before thee laidInspir'd and kindl’d-zealously inspir'd Thy soul in praise--with holy rapture fir'd Sung times to come-and we-who live to day, Are well aware how very true thy lay.

The wonders John foretold-fulfill'd, in partAnd seen to be in all-may make us start From dreams of worldly bliss, parade and noise, To seek for heartfelt peace and heavenly joys :For soon will come to pass what he foresaw, By Nature's stable-just-impartial Law. Calabria, Sicily(i)—their warning giv'n, Proclaim to Man--and Angels ;-high in Heav'n,

(1) For elucidating this passage, and olhers which follow in the progress of the Poem, the reader is requested to consult the Notes appended to “The MILLENNIUM, A Poem," in Blank Verse, which he will find at the conclusion.

That idle, empty worship-soon shall cease
“ And all be piety--and all be peace.”
These warnings in the plainest language say,
Let ev'ry mockery fly--far, far away :-
Away perfidious teachers and all such
Who say--"here's giv'n too little there too much."
The simple Truths the blessed Jesus taught
Sink in your minds to cleanse the inmost thought :
That you may worship God-in perfect truth-
In age-in infancy-or days of youth,
And by repentance-through God's just design-
Turn from your heads, the threaten'd wrath Divine.

When the MESSIAH had performed that work Which brought salvation to Jew, Gentile, Turk, Then was it shown to John what should befal In after-distant ages—unto all. That then the faithful should well know- from farTheir Lord's approach-to wage a vig'rous war, 'Gainst tyrants and their slaves—to conquer sin,And his Millennial reign on earth begin. He comes in pow'r—the righteous to rewardThose who avow'd his glorious works and dar'd A world of persecutors—sword and flame ;Exulting—boldly, in their Jesus' name. For Truth they had contemn’d the joys of life, And fall'n—'mid tortures in the noble strife.

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