A Dictionary: English and Burmese

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Ostell and Lepage, 1841 - Burmese language - 468 pages

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Page 111 - The measure of length containing three fourths of an inch ; the twelfth part of the diameter of the sun and moon; any of the numbers expressed by single figures.
Page 91 - The point in which the disease kills, or changes to the better ; the point of time at which any affair comes to the height.
Page 28 - Something raised on an eminence to be fired on the approach of an enemy ; marks erected to direct navigators. BEAD, bide, s. 227. Small globes or balls strung upon a thread, and used by the Roman Catholicks to count their prayer« ¡ little balls worn about the neck for ornament ; any globular bodies.
Page 121 - DOCK'-YARD. s. A place or yard where ships are built, and naval stores deposited. DOCTOR, s. One that has taken the highest degree in the faculties of divinity, law, physic, or music ; a physician, v. doctor,
Page 116 - The act of shifting the places of things ; the state of being displaced ; a joint put out. To DISLODGE, diz-l6dje!
Page 128 - DUCK, dak, vn To dive under water as a duck ; to drop down the head, as a duck ; to bow low, to cringe. To DUCK, dak, г.
Page 47 - . (Fr.) a younger brother ; a volunteer in the army, who serves in expectation of a commission.
Page 78 - CONSPIRACY, kan-spV4-s¿, *. 109- A plot, a concerted treason ; an agreement of men to do any thing, in an evil sense; tendency of many causes to one event. CONSPIRANT, kon-spfcrint, a. Engaged in a conspiracy, plottint. CONSPIRATION, kon-sp¿-rá'-shun, *. A plot. CONSPIRATOR, kSn-spiKi-tur, *. 110. A ma» engaged in a plot, a pluttei.
Page 72 - To adjust a difference, by recession from the rigor of claims. To discharge a debt by paying only part.
Page 106 - Depend, v. to hang from, to be in a state of dependence...

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