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previously to the event of the celebrated reformation of Luther and of Calvin.

During this long dark, and dismal period of time, tvé are, then, left to conclude, that the spirit of God had fled from amongst all the nations of the earth ;-that the magnificent promises Christ, in favor of his Church, had totally failed; -and that a most wicked, sanguinary, and idolatrous system had been every where erected, on the ruins of a religion, which he came upon the earth to establish himself, and which he had solemnly promised to guard and protect even down to the consummation of the world. Then we are left to conclude, that to this wicked, sanguinary, and idolatrous society of men ;-this sóciety so decidedly hostile to the name and to the religion of Christ,—this society, the persecutor of the children of God, and the seat of every foulest crime, and abomination of the earth'; to this society we are left to conclude, that Christ was. imprudent enough, for so long a period of time, to commit the care of every concern, most dear and most valuable to man ;-the care of his Scriptures,—the dispensation of his Sacraments, --the ordination of his Ministers,—the preaching of his divine word;—and the necessary instruction of mankind. On the admission of Mr. *

insi nuation, either this conclusion, horrible and un.

natural as it is, we must be reduced to the necessity of drawing ;-or we must be equally reduced to the necessity of drawing another, not less horrible, nor less unnatural ;-namely, that every Christian Society in Europe, Protestant as well as Catholic, is destitute, at this moment, of each one of these invaluable advantages. If Mr.

* be possessed of the honor of being an ordained Minister of the Most Higb ;if he enjoy the consolation of reading the true Scriptures of God;-or if he have the power of administering to his people the sacraments of Baptism and of the Lord's Supper ;-is it not from this very Church, which he considers as to CITY OF BABYLON, the mother of harlots, the source of all the abominations of the earth, that he has inherited the possession of these blessings!—or if it be not from this impure and corrupled source, that these blessings have flowed into his hands, then he inust allow that he does not possess them all.

Such are the inevitable consequences, which must spring from an opinion, which supposes the Catholic Church to be the wicked and prostitute BABYLON of the Apocalypse ;-consequences in. jurious, in the highest degree to the wisdom of God;—destructive totally of the most positive promises of Christ;--and ruinous completely to the best and dearest interests of man. Whether by this term (Babylon) we can be led to understand, according to the interpretation of some men, the society of the wicked dispersed all over the world ;-or the City of Rome agreeably to the opinion of others ;-or the City of Constantinople, which from the long residence of the linpe. rial Roman Majesty, within its walls, from its erection on seven hills, and from the present national form of its religious worship, to me appears quite as well entitled to the appellation as the last ;-or any other particular city in the world. I will not presume myself to determine. But it is certain that it cannot, on any principle of religion, or of reason, be applied either to the Body of the Catholic Church, or to CATHOLIO Rome.—This is not the opinion of Catholic-writers only on this subject. The opinion is equally maintained by those English Protestant Divines, whose names I have introduced, on another ques. tion, a few pages above. By Dr. Hammond, it is applied to PAGAN Rome, and he consequently thinks, that this part of the prophecy has already received its destined accomplishment.

Besides, whatever may be the hostility of Protestants to the Catholic Church, or whatever may be their ideas of the corrupted state of her doctrines, yet by hardly one moderate or reasonable man amongst them will she be charged with a total direliction of the religion of Christ: and by many of the early Reformers, and by a multitude

If from a

of learned and candid men of that communion, since that period, it has been allowed, that, with all her supposed errors, she still retains a Belief of every principle, which is sufficient to secure the attainment of eternal salvation. spirit, and a system of persecution, which it is said by her enemies, are invariably found to influence her conduct, in regard to those who dissent from her faith, any inference, in this respect, is attempted to be drawn, a reference to the pages of history will shew us, that a similar spirit and a similar system have influenced, in an equal degree, the conduct of Protestant Societies themselves.

I am far from meaning to insinuate, that I admit the assertion, with respect to the Catholic Churcb, or that I believe, it has originated in the doctrines of that of the Protestant. Neither the belief, nor the language of any

Christian Society, I am disposed to think, is either the encourager, or the approver of persecution. It is a monster which has been produced into the world, by the violence of passion, or the inveteracy of prejudice, and which is, every where, con lemned by the voice of religion, and by the feelings of humanity. But from the circumstance of its having sometimes occurred, in some parts of the Catholic Church, even supposing it to be true to th extent of the assertion, as it is not peculiar to


that Church, so it cannot be thence concluded, that the head of that particular Church is ANTICHRIST, or that, that Church herself is the mysterious BABYLON of the Apocalypse.

The argument, which is drawn by some Protestants, from those passages of the Revelations, which are cited by Mr. * * * * * * * against Catholic Rome, because her Ecclesiastical Princes are attired in robes of purple and of scarlet, is an argument, which, if it be worthy of any notice, perhaps, may make a momentary impression, on the inind of an ignorant or of an illiterate man: But surely a man of learning and reflection, will be disposed to view it in a very different light. If

every august assembly of men, in the midst of a populous and profligate city, cloathed in robes of purple and of scarlet, be found to suggest an idea of Antichrist, and of the Ministers of his guilt, then an Englishman, at least, need not travel in quest of those personages, either to Rome, or to any other country, at a distance from his own, in the world.

On the argument which Mr. * * seems to imagine, is furnished by St. Paul, in his epistle to the Romans, I candidly allow, I feel at a loss, wliat observations to make. How it can be made to appear, that the principles of any Church are erroneous, or that her character is corrupt, from the circumstance of an exhortation

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