History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Called Frederick the Great, Volume 6

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Chapman and Hall, 1865 - Prussia (Germany) - 781 pages

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Page 243 - the language of the House of Commons; forgets that, " at this Board, he is only responsible to the King. " However, though he may possibly have convinced " himself of his infallibility, still it remains that we " should be equally convinced, before we can resign " our understandings to his direction, or join with him " in the measure he proposes.
Page 535 - But speaking of Racine, he quoted this Couplet (of Roscom' mon's Essay on Translated Verse) : " The weighty bullion of one sterling line Drawn to French wire would through whole pages shine.'' • Sherlock.
Page 103 - in every time, conformable to those principles. " After having sacrificed 'my youth to my Father, my " ripe years to my Country*, I think I have acquired the " right to dispose of my old age. I have told you, and " I repeat it, Never shall my hand sign a humiliating
Page 686 - of itself, and finding nothing of peculiar in this new trial laid on it. From of old, Life has been infinitely contemptible to him. In death, I think, he has neither fear nor hope. Atheism, truly, he never could abide: to him, as to all of us, it was flatly
Page 534 - Nation. He has been their taste for two hundred years; and " what is the taste of a Nation for two hundred years will be so " for two thousand. This kind of taste becomes a religion ; " there are, in your Country, a great many Fanatics for Shak
Page 341 - has since become that of all men whatsoever, " Rather than live longer under lies, we will die!"—that is the New Act in World-History. New Act,—or, we may call it New Part; Drama of WorldHistory, Part Third. If Part Second was 1,800 years ago, this I reckon will be Part Third. This is the truly
Page 484 - here is her Majesty's Official Assent : " Placet, since so many great and learned men will have it " so : but long after I am dead, it will be known what this vio" lating of all that was hitherto held sacred and just will give " rise to." 40 (Hear her Majesty !) Friedrich has none of these compunctious visitings ; but his account too, when he
Page 447 - is my decision : Let the parsons, who make for " themselves a cruel and barbarous God, be eternally damned, as " they desire, and deserve; and let those parsons, who conceive " God gentle and merciful, enjoy the plenitude of his mercy! " However, Madam, my sentence has failed to calm the minds; " the schism continues; and the number of the damnatory
Page 312 - he rallied a little for losing heart, for bungling his business; ' but was not angry with him, consoled him rather; bantered ' him on the shabbiness of his equipments, and made him a gift ' of 400 thalers (GO/.), to improve them. Lefebvre, Tauentzien, ' and' another General ' dined with him at Bogendorf today.
Page 131 - their surgeries, and miseries silent or loud. He himself took shelter in the little Church ; passed the night there. Busy about many things; — 'using the altar,' it seems, 'byway of writing-table ' (self or secretaries kneeling, shall we fancy, on those new terms?), 'and the stairs of it as seat.' Of the final ZiethenLestwitz effort he

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