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served you;


The goodness of your mind and mine own duty, Enter LEON and JUAN, with a Commission.

But lose you instantly, be divorced from me ?
Leon. Colonel, I am bound to you for this no• This is a cruelty. I'll to the king,

And tell him 'tis unjust to part two souls,
I should have been your officer, 'tis true, sir, Two minds so nearly mixt.
And a proud man I should have been to have Leon. By no means, sweetheart.

Marg. If he were married but four days as Iam'T has pleased the king, out of his boundless fa Leon. He would hang himself the fifth, or fly vours,

his country.

(Aside, To make me your companion; this commission Marg. He would make it treason for that Gives me a troop of horse.

tongue that durst Juan. I do rejoice at it,

But talk of war, or any thing to vex him. And am a glad man we shall gain your company.

You shall not go. I am sure the king knows you are newly married, Leon. Indeed, I must, sweet wife. And out of that respect gives you more time, sir. What! shall I lose the king for a few kisses ? Leon. Within four days I am gone, so he com We'll have enough. mands me,

Marg. I'll to the duke, my cousin ; he shall to And 'tis not mannerly for me to argue it.

the king. Thetime grows shorter still; are your goods ready? Leon. He did me this great office, Juan. They are aboard.

I thank his grace for't; should I pray him now, Leon. Who waits there?

To undo't again? Fye, 'twere a base discredit.

Marg. Would I were able, sir, to bear you Enter Seroant.

company ; Sero. Sir.

How willing should I be then, and how merry! Leon. Do you hear, ho? go carry this unto I will not live alone. your mistress, sir,

Leon. Be in peace; you shall not. And let her see how much the king has honoured

(Knocks within.

Marg. What knocking's this? Oh, Heaven, my Bid her be lusty; she must make a soldier. (Exit.

head! why, rascals,

I think the war's begun i' th' house already.

Leon. The preparation is; they are taking down, Lor. Sir.

And packing up the hangings, plate and jewels, Leon. Go, take down all the hangings, And all these furnitures that shall befit me, And pack up all my clothes, my plate and jewels, When I lie in garrison. And all the furniture that's portable.

Enter Coachman. Sir, when we lie in garrison, 'tis necessary We keep a handsome port, for the king's honour; Coachm. Must the coach go too, sir? And, do you hear, let all your lady's wardrobe Leon. How will your lady pass to th' sea else Be safely placed in trunks. They must along too.

easily? Lor. Whither must they go, sir?

We shall find shipping for't there to transport it. Leon. To the wars, Lorenzo,

Marg. I go? alas ! And you and all; I will not leave a turn-spit, Leon. I'll have a main care of you, That has one dram of spleen against a Dutchman. I know you are sickly; he shall drive the easier, Lor. Why then, St Jaques ! hey, you have And all accommodation shall attend you. made us all, sir,

Marg. Would I were able. And if we leave you -does my lady go too? Leon. Come, I warrant you, Leon. The stuff must go to-morrow towards Am not I with you, sweet? Are her clothes the sea, sir.

packed up, All, all must go.

And all her linen? Give your maids direction; Lor. Why, Pedro, Vasco, Diego,

You know my time's but short, and I am comCome help me, come, come boys, soldadoes, com

manded. rades,

Marg. Let me have a nurse, We'll flay these beer-bellied rogues, come away And all such necessary people with me, quickly.

(Exit. And an easy bark. Juan. He's taken a brave way to save his ho Leon. It shall not trot, I warrant you; nour,

Curvet it may sometimes. And cross the duke; now I shall love him dearly. Marg. I am with child, sir. By the life of credit thou art a noble gentleman. Leon. At four days warning? This is something

speedy; Enter MARGARITA, led by two Ladies.

Do you conceive, as our jennets do, with a west Leon. Why, how now, wife? what, sick at my

wind? preferment?

My heir will be an arrant fleet one, lady. This is not kindly done.

l'II swear you were a maid when I first lay with you Marg. No sooner love ye,

Marg. Pray, do not swear; I thought I was a Love you entirely, sir; brought to consider

maid too,

you, sir.

But we may both be cozen'd in that point, sir. As her weakness and your hot will would work Leon In such a strait point, sure, I could not

her to. err, madam. Juan. This is another tenderness to try him.

Enter Perez. Fetch her up now.

What masque is this now? Marg. You must provide a cradle, and what a More tropes and figures, to abuse my sufferance ! trouble's that?

What cousin's this? Leon. The sea shall rock it,

Juan. Michael van Owle, how dost thou ? 'Tis the best nurse ; 'twill roar and rock together, In what dark barn or tod of aged ivy A swinging storm will sing you such a lullaby! Hast thou lain hid? Marg. Faith, let me stay, I shall but shame Per. Things must both ebb and flow, colonel,

And people must conceal, and shine again. Leon. Ăn you were a thousand shames you You are welcome hither, as your friend may say, shall along with me,

gentlemen ; At home I am sure you'll prove a million ; A pretty house, ye see, handsomely seated, Every man carries the bundle of his sins Sweet and convenient walks, the waters crystal. Upon his own back; you are mine, I'll sweat for Alon. He's certain mad. you.

Juan. As mad as a French tailor,

That has nothing in's head but ends of fustians.

Per. I see you are packing, now, my gentle Duke. What, sir, preparing for your noble

cousin, journey?

And my wife told me I should find it so; 'Tis well, and full of care.

'Tis true I do; you were merry when I was last I saw your mind was wedded to the war,

here, And knew you would prove some good man for But 'twas your will to try my patience, madam. your country;

I am sorry that my swift occasions Therefore, fair cousin, with your gentle pardon, Can let you take your pleasure here no longer; I got this place. What, mourn at his advancement? Yet, I would have you think, my honoured cousin, You are to blame; he will come again, sweet This house and all I have are all your servants. cousin.

Leon. What house, what pleasure, sir; what Meantime, like sad Penelope, and sage,

do you mean? Amongst your maids at home, and housewifely Per. You hold the jest so stiff, 'twill prove disLeon. No, sir, I dare not leave her to that so

courteous. litariness.

This house I mean, the pleasures of this place. She is young; and grief or ill news from those Leon. And what of them ? quarters

Per. They are mine, sir, and you know it, May daily cross her; she shall go along, sir. My wife's I mean, and so conferr'd upon me. Duke. By no means, captain.

The hangings, sir, I must entreat your servants, Leon. By all means, an't please you.

That are so busy in their offices, Duke. What, take a young and tender-bodied Again to minister to their right uses. lady,

I shall take view o'th' plate, anon, and furnitures, And expose her to those dangers, and those tu- That are of under place. You are merry still, mults?

cousin, A sickly lady, too?

And of a pleasant constitution. Leon. 'Twill make her well, sir.

Men of great fortunes make their mirths ad plaThere's no such friend to health as wholesome

citum. travel,

Leon. Prithee, good stubborn wife, tell me diSanch. Away, it must not be.

rectly, Alon. It ought not, sir;

Good evil, wife, leave fooling, and tell me honestly, Go hurry her? It is not humane, captain. Is this my kinsman ? Duke. I cannot blame her tears. Fright her Marg. I can tell ye nothing. with tempests,

Leon. I have many kinsmen, but so mad a one, With thunder of the war !

And so fantastic -all the house? I dare swear, if she were able

Per. All mine, Leon. She is most able,

And all within it. I will not bate ye an ace on't. And pray ye, swear not, she must go; there's no Can you not receive a noble courtesy, remedy.

And quietly and handsomely, as you ought, coz, Nor greatness, nor the trick you had to part us, But you must ride o' th' top on't? Which I smell too rank, too open, too evident, Leon. Canst thou fight? (And I must tell you, sir, 'tis most unnoble,) Per. I'll tell you presently. I could have done, Shall hinder me. Had she but ten hours life,

sir. Nay less, but two hours, I would have her with Leon. For we must law and claw before ye

me; I would not leave her fame to so much ruin, Juan. Away, no quarrels. To such a desolation and discredit

Leon. Now, I am more temperate,

get it.

fooled you:

I'll have it proved if you were never yet in Bedlam, And saving of your wife.
Never in love, for that's a lunacy;

Leon. All this not moves me,
No great estate left you that you never looked for, Nor stirs my gall, nor alters my affections.
Nor cannot manage, that's a rank distemper; You have more furniture, more houses, lady,
That you were christen’d, and who answered for And rich ones too; I will make bold with those.

And you have land i' th' Indies, as I take it; And then I yield.

Thither we'll go, and view a while those climates, Per. He's half persuaded me, I was bred i Visit your factors there, that may betray you. th' moon :

'Tis done; we must go. I have ne'er a bush at my breech? Are not we Marg. Now, thou art a brave gentleman, both mad,

And by this sacred light I love thee dearly. And is not this a fantastic house we are in, The house is none of yours ; I did but jest, sir, And all a dream we do? Will you walk out, sir, Nor you are no coz of mine; I beseech you And if I do not beat thee presently

vanish. Into a sound belief as sense can give thee, I tell you plain ; you have no more right than he has, Brick me into that wall there for a chimney piece, That senseless thing. Your wife has once more And say I was one o'th' Cæsars, done by a sealcutter.

Go you,

and consider. Leon. I'll talk no more; come, we'll away im Leon. Good morrow, my sweet cousin ! I mediately.

should be glad, sirM[arg. Why, then, the house is his, and all Per. By this hand, she dies for't, that's in it;

Or any man that speaks for her. [Exit Per. I'll give away my skin, but I'll undo you.

Juan. These are fine toys. I gave it to his wife ; you must restore, sir, Marg. Let me request you stay but one poor And make a new provision.

month; Per. Am I mad now, or am I christen’d, you, You shall have a commission, and I'll go too. my pagan cousin,

Give me but will so far, My mighty Mahound kinsman, what quirk now? Leon. Well, I will try you ; You shall be welcome all. I hope to see, sir, Good-morrow to your grace, we have private Your grace here, and my coz; we are all soldiers,

business. And must do naturally for one another.

Duke. If I miss thee again, I am an arrant Duke. Are ye blank at this? Then I must tell


Juan. Thou shalt have my command, and I'd Ye have no command; now, you may go at

march under thee;

Nay, be thy boy, before thou shalt be baffled;
And ride your ass troop; 'twas a trick I used Thou art so brave a fellow.
To try your jealousy, upon entreaty,

Alon. I have seen visions.


you, sir,


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Marg. I shall not fail, sir.

Leon. Will the duke come again, do you think?

Marg. No, sure, sir,
Enter Leon, with a Letter, and MARGARITA. He has now no policy to bring him hither.

Leon.Come hither, wife; do you know this hand? Leon. Nor bring you to him, if my wit hold,
Marg. I do, sir.

fair wife: 'Tis Estifania, that was once my woman,

Let's in to dinner.

(Ereund. Leon. She writes to me here, that one Cacafogo,

Enter PEREZ. An usuring jeweller's son, (I know the rascal) Per. Had I but lungs enough to bawl suffIs mortally fallen in love with you.

ciently, Harg. He is a monster; deliver me from That all the queans in Christendom might hear me, mountains !

That men might run away from the contagion, Leon. Do you go a-birding for all sorts of I had my wish; would it were most high treason, people?

Most infinite high, for any man to marry, And this evening will come to you, and shew you I mean for any man that would live handsomely, jewels,

And like a gentleman, in his wits and credit. And offers any thing to get access to you. What torments shall I put her to ? Phalaris' buh If I can make or sport or profit on him,

now? For he is fit for both, she bids me use him ; Pox, they love bulling too well, though they And so I will, be you conformable, and follow but

smoke for it.
Cut her a-pieces? every picce will livc still,

my will.

half ten,

And every morsel of her will do mischief; Have

you had next your heart! you will not take, They have so many lives, there's no hanging of

sir, 'em;

Some twenty ducats They are too light to drown, they are cork and Cac. Thou art deceiv'd, I will take feathers;

Per. To clear your bargain now.
To burn too cold, they live like salamanders; Cac. I'll take some ten, some any thing, some
Under huge heaps of stones to bury her,
And so depress her as they did the giants ? Half a ducat !
She will move under more than built old Babel ; Per. An excellent lapidary set these stones
I must destroy her.


mark their waters?
Enter CACAFOGO, with a Casket.

Cac. Quicksand choak their waters, Cac. Be cozen'd by a thing of clouts, a she- And hers that brought 'em too! but I shall find moth,

her. That every silkman's shop breeds ; to be cheated, Per. And so shall I, I hope, but do not hurt her. And of a thousand ducats, by a whim wham! You cannot find in all this kingdom, Per. Who's that is cheated speak again, thou (If you have need of cozening, as you may have, vision !

For such gross natures will desire it often, But art thou cheated? minister some comfort : 'Tis at some time too a fine variety,) Tell me directly, art thou cheated bravely? A woman that can cozen ye so neatly, Come, prithee come, art thou so pure a coxcomb, She has taken half mine anger off with this trick, To be undone ! do not dissemble with me,

(Exit. Tell me I conjure thee.

Cac. If I were valiant now, I would kill this Cac. Then keep thy circle,

For I am a spirit wild that flies about thee, I have money enough lies by me at a pinch
And whoe'er thou art, if thou be'st human, To pay for twenty rascal's lives that vex me.
I'll let thee plainly know, I am cheated damnably. I'll to this lady, there I shall be satisfied. (Exit.

Per. Ha, ha, ha!
Cac. Dost thou laugh! damnably, I say most


Leon. Come, we'll away unto your countryPer. By whom, good spirit, speak, speak, ha,

house, ha, ha!

And thore we'll learn to live contentedly; Cac. I will utter, laugh till thy lungs crack, by This place is full of charge, and full of hurry, a rascal woman,

No part of sweetness dwells about these cities. A lewd, abominable, and plain woman.

Marg. Whither you will, I wait upon your Dost thou laugh still?

pleasure; Per. I must laugh, prithee pardon me, Live in a hollow tree, sir, I'll live with ye. I shall laugh terribly!

Lcon. Ay, now you strike a harmony, a true one, Coc. I shall be angry, terribly angry, I have When your obedience waits upon your husband,


your sick will aims at the care of honour. Per. That's it, and 'tis no reason but thou Why now I doat upon ye, love ye dearly, shouldst be angry,

And my rough nature falls like roaring streams, Angry at heart, yet I must laugh still at thee. Clearly and sweetly into your embraces. By a woman cheated-art sure it was a woman? O what a jewel is a woman excellent, Cac. I shall break thy head, my valour itches A wise, a virtuous, and a noble woman! at thee.

When we meet such, we bear our stamps on both Per. It is no matter; by a woman cozen'd,

sides, A real woman!

And through the world we hold our current virCoc. A real devil !

tues. Plague of her jewels, and her copper chains, Alone we are single medals, only faces, How rank they smell !

And wear our fortunes out in useless shadows; Per. Sweet cozen'd sir, let me see them ; Command you now, and ease me of that trouble, I have been cheated too, I would have you note I'll be as humble to you as a servant. that,

Bid whom you please, invite your

noble friends, And lewdly cheated, by a woman also,

They shall be welcome all, visit acquaintance, A scurvy woman. I am undone, sweet sir, Go at your pleasure, now experience Therefore I must have leave to laugh.

Has link'd you fast unto the chain of goodness : Cac. Pray ye take it,

What noise is this, what dismal cry? You are the merriest undone man in Europe !

(Clashing swords. A cry within, down What need we fiddles, bawdy songs, and sack,

with their swords. When our own miseries can make us merry? Marg. 'Tis loud too. Per. Ha, ha, ha!

Sure there's some mischief donc i' th' street; I have seen these jewels; what a notable penny

look out there. worth

Leon. Look out and help!


And paid some desperate debts you never look'd Enter a Servant.

for? Sero. Oh, sir, the duke Medina !

Marg. You have done handsomely, I must conLeon. What of the duke Medina?

fess, sir. Serv. Oh, sweet gentleman, is almost slain. Leon. Have I not kept thee waking like a hawk? Marg. Away, away, and help him, all the And watch'd thee with delights to satisfy thee, house help.

(Exit Servant. The very tithes of which had won a widow ? Leon. How, slain? why Margarita,

Marg. Alas, I pity thee! Why, wife ! sure some new device they have on

Leon. Thou wilt make me angry,
foot again,

Thou never saw'st me mad yet.
Some trick upon my credit ; I shall meet it. Marg. You are always,
I had rather guard a ship imperial

You carry a kind of bedlam still about ye.
Alone, and in a storm, than rule one woman ! - Leon. If thou pursu'st me further, I run stark

mad. Enter Duke, MARGARITA, SANCHIO, Alonzo, If you have more hurt dukes or gentlemen, Servant.

To lye here on your cure, I shall be desperate; Marg. How came ye hurt, sir?

I know the trick, and you shall feel I know it; Duke. I fell out with my friend, the noble co Are ye so hot that no hedge can contain ye? lonel,

I'll have thee let blood in all the veins about thee, My cause was nought, for'twas about your honour: I'll have thy thoughts found too, and have them And he that wrongs the innocent ne'er prospers,

open'd, And he has left me thus; for charity,

Thy spirits purg'd, for those are they that fire ye; Lend me a bed to ease my tortur'd body, Thy maid shall be thy mistress, thou the maid, That ere I perish I may show my penitence; And all those servile labours thou shalt reach at, I fcar I am slain.

And go through cheerfully, or else sleep empty : Leon. Help, gentlemen, to carry him ;

That maid shall lye by me to teach you duty,
There shall be nothing in my house, my lord, You in a pallet by to humble ye,
But as your own.

And grieve for what you lose.
Duke. I thank ye, noble sir,

Marg. I have lost myself, sir, Leon. To bed with him, and, wife, give your at And all that was my base self, disobedience. tendance.

(Kneels. My wantonness, my stubbornness I have lost too, Enter JUAN.

And now by that pure faith good wives are Juan. Doctors and surgeons

crown'd with, Duke. Do not disquiet me,

By your own nobleness But let me take my leave in peace.

Enter ALTEA. [Ereunt Duke, SAN. ALON. MARG. Sero. Leon. Afore me,

Leon. I take ye up, and wear ye next my heart; "Tis rarely counterfeited.

See you be worth it:-Now what with you? Juan. I'rue, it is so, sir,

Ält. I come to tell my lady, And take you heed, this last blow do not spoil ye. There is a fulsome fellow would fain speak with He is not hurt, only we made a scuffle,

her. As though we purpos’d anger; that same scratch Leon. 'Tis Cacafogo, go and entertain him, On's hand he took, to colour all, and draw com And draw him on with hopes. passion,

Marg. I shall observe ye. That he might get into your house more cunningly. Leon. I have a rare design upon that gentleman, I must not stay; stand now, and ye're a brave And you must work too-fellow.

Alt. I shall, sir, most willingly. . Leon. I thank ye, noble colonel, and I honour Leon. Away then both, and keep him close in ye.

(Exit Juan.

some place Never be quiet?

From the duke's sight; and keep the duke in too :

Make 'em believe both, I'll find time to cure 'em. Enter MARGARITA.

(Exeunt. Marg. He's most desperate ill, sir, I do not think these ten inonths will recover him. Enter PEREZ, and EstIFANIA, with a Pistol Leon. Does he hire my house to play the fool

and a Dagger. in,

Per. Why how dar'st thou meet me again, thou Or does it stand on fairy ground? we are haunted;

rebel, Are all men and their wives troubled with dreams And know'st how thou hast used me thrice, thou thus

rascal? Marg. What ail you, sir?

Were there not ways enough to fly my vengeance, Leon. What ail you, sweet wife,

No holes nor vaults to hide thee froin my fury, To put these daily pastimes on my patience ? But thou must meet me face to face to kill thee? What dost thou see in me, that I should suffer I would not seek thee to destroy thee willingly, thus ?

But now thou com’st to invite me, Have I not done my part like a true husband, And com’st upon me.


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