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can pay,

Your own deserts, and all my people's voice, So both of you depart, and live in peace. Have placed you in the view of sovereign power : Alph. Who knows which way she points ? But I would learn the cause why Torrismond, Doubling and turning like an hunted hare, Within my palace walls, within my hearing, Find out the meaning of her mind who can. Almost within my sight, affronts a prince

Ped. Who ever found a woman's ? Backward Who shortly shall command him..

and forward. The whole sex in every word. In Bert. He thinks you owe him more than you my conscience, when she was getting, her mother

was thinking of a riddle. And looks as he were lord of human kind.

[Excunt all but the Queen and TERESA.

Qu. Haste, my Teresa, haste, and call him back. Enter TorrisMOND, ALPHONSO, und Pedro.

Ter. Whom, madam? TORRISMOND bows loa, then looks eurnestly on Rul, Dim. the Queen, und keeps at a distance.

Ter. Prince Bertran ? Ter. Madam, the general.

Qu. Torrismond: Qu. Let me view him well.

There is no other he. My father sent him early to the frontiers,

Tor. (Aside. A rising sun, I have not often seen him; if I did,

Or I am much deceived. (Exit TERESA. He passed unmarked by my unheeding eyes. Qu. A change so swift what heart did ever feel ! But where's the fierceness, the disdainful pride, It rushed upon me like a mighty stream, The haughty port, the fiery arrogance?

And bore me in a moment far from shore. By all these marks, this is not sure the man. I've loved away myself; in one short hour Bert. Yet this is he who filled your court with Already am I gone an age of passion. tumult;

Was it his youth, his valour, or success ? Whose fierce demeanour, and whose insolence, These might perhaps be found in other men. The patience of a god could not support. 'Twas that respect, that awful homage paid me; Qu. Name his offence, my lord, and he shall That fearful love which trembled in his eyes, have

And with a silent earthquake shook his soul. Immediate punishment.

But when he spoke, what tender words he said !
Beri. 'Tis ot'so high a nature, should I speak it, So softly, that, like flakes of feathered snow,
That my presumption then would equal liis. They melted as they fell.
Qu. Some one among you speak.

Peil. (Aside.) Nowiny tongue itches.
Qu. All dumb! On your allegiance, Torris. Ter. He waits your pleasure.

Qu. 'Tis well. Retire.-Oh, Heavens, that I By all your hopes, I do command you, speak.

must speak Tor: [Knecling.] O seek not to convince me So distant from my heart.

[Aside. of a crime

[70 Tor.] How now! What boldness brings you Which I can ne'er repent, nor can you pardon;

back again? Or, if you needs will know it, think, oh think, Tor. I heard 't was your command. That he who thus commanded dares to speak, Qu. A fond mistake, Uuless commanded, would have died in silence. To credit so unlikely a command. But you adjured me, madam, by my hopes ! And you return full of the same presumption, Hopes I have none, for I am all despair ; To affront me with your love? Friends I have none, for friendship follows fa- Tor. If 'tis presunption for a wretch convour;

demned, Desert I have none, for what I did was duty; To throw bimself beneath his judge's fect, Oh, that it were ! that it were duty all !

A boldness more than this I never knew, Qu. Why do you pause ? Proceed.

Or, if I did, 'twas only to your foes. Tor. As one condemned to leap a precipice, Qu. You would insinuate your past services, Who sees before his eyes the depth below, And those, I grant, were great; but you confess Stops short, and looks about for some kind slirub A fault committed since, that cancels all. To break his dreadful fall so I

Tor. And who could dare to disavow his crime, But wbither am I going? If to death,

When that for which he is accused and seized, He looks so lovely sweet in beauty's pomp, He bears about him still ? My eves confess it; Ile draws me to his dart.- I dare no more. My every action speaks my heart aloud:

Bert. He's mad beyond the cure of hellebore. But oh, ihe madness of my high attempt
Whips, darkness, dungeons for this insolence. Speaks louder yet; and all together cry,

Tor. Mad as I am, yet I know when to bear. I love, and I despair.
Qu. You're both too bold. You, Torrismond, Qu. Have you not heard,
withdraw ;

My father with his dying voice bequeathed
I'll teach you all what's owing to your queen. My crown and me to Bertran ? And dare you,
For you, my lord-

A private man, presume to love a queen? The priest tomorrow was to join our hands; Tor. That, that's the wound ! I see you set so I'll try if I can live a day without you.


set out.


from you;

As no desert or services can reach.

One word and one kind glance can cure des. Good Heavens, why gave you me a monarch's


[Erit. soul, And crusted it with base plebeian clay?

SCENE III.-A Chamber. A table and wine Why gave you me desires of such extent, And such a span to grasp them? Sure my lot By some o'er-hasty angel was misplaced

Enter Lorenzo.
In Fate's eternal voluine! - But I rave,

Lor. This

'tis more than barely posAnd like a giddy bird in dead of night,

sible ; for friars have free admittance into every Fly round the fire that scorches me to death.


This jacobin whom I have sent to is Qu. Yet, Torrismond, you've not so ill deser- her confessor; and who can suspect a man of ved,

such reverence for a pimp? I'll try for once; I'll But I may give you counsel for your cure. bribe him high ; for commonly none love money

Tor. I cannot, nay, I wish not to be cured. better than they who have made a vow of poverty.
Qu. (Aside.] Nor I, Heaven knows !
Tor. There is a pleasure, sure,

Enter Servunt.
In being mad, which none but madmen know ! Serv. There's a huge, fat, religious gentleman
Let me indulge it ; let me gaze for ever! coming up, sir : he says he's but a friar, but he's
And since you are too great to be beloved, big enough to be a pope : his gills are as rosy as
Be greater, greater yet, and be adored.

a turkey-cock's: his great belly walks in state Qu. These are the words which I must only before him, like an harbinger, and his gouty legs hear

come limping after it: never was such a tun of From Bertran's mouth; they should displease devotion seen.

Lor. Bring him in, and vanish, (Exit Serg, I say they should; but women are so vain

Enter Faiher DOMINICK,
To like the love, though they despise the lover.
Yet, that I may not send you from my sight Lor. Welcome, father.
In absolute despair-I pity you.

Dom. Peace be here : I thought I had been
Tor. Am I then pitied? I have lived enough! sent for to a dying man, to have fitted him for
Death take me in this moment of my joy: another world.
But when my soul is plunged in long oblivion, Lor. No, faith, father, I was never for taking
Spare this one thought-let me remember pity, such long journeys. Repose yourself, 1 beseech
And so deceived, think all my life was blessed. you, sir, il

' those spindle legs of yours will carry Qu. What if I add a little to my alms ? you to the next chair. If that would help, I could cast in a tear

Dom. I am old, I ani infirm, I must confess, To your misfortunes.

with fasting. Ior. A tear! You have o'erbid all my past Lor. 'Tis a sign by your wan complexion and sufferings,

your thin jowls, father. Come, to our better acAnd all my future too.

quaintance: Here's a sovereigu remedy for old Qu. Were I no licen,

age and sorrow.

(Drinks. Or you of royal blood

Dom. The looks of it are indeed alluring : I'll Por. What have I lost by my forefathers' fault ! do you reason,

[Drinks. Why was not I the twentieth by descent

Lor. Is it to your palate, father? From a long restive race of droning kings ?

Dom. Second thoughts, they say, are best: I'll Love, what a poor omnipotence hast thou, consider of it once again. [Drinks.] It has a most When gold and titles buy thee?

clelicious flavour with it. Gad forgive me! I have Qu. [Sighs.] Oh, my torture !

forgotten to drink your health, son: I am not Tor. Might i presume, but oh, I dare not hope used to be so unmannerly. [Drinks ogain. That sigh was added to your alms for me.

Lor. No, I'll be sworn, by what I see of you, Qu. I give you leave to guess, and not forbid you are not. To the bottom, I warrant him, a you

true church-man. Now, father, to our business ; To make the best construction for your love. ’uis agrecable to your calling : I intend to do an Be secret and discreet; these fairy favours act of charity. Are lost when not conccaled.-Provoke lot Ber- Dom. Anii I love to hear of charity; 'tis a tran

comfortable subject. Retire.--I must no more but this--Hope, Tor- Lor. Being, in the late battle, in great hazard rismond.

[Exit. of my life, I recommended my person to good St Tor. She bids me hope ! Oh, Heavens, she Dominick. pities me!

Dom. You could not have pitched upon a betAnd pity still foreruns approaching love,

ter : he's a sure card : I never knew him fail his As lightning does the thunder ! Tune your harps, votaries. Ye angels, to that sound; and thou, my heart, Lor. Troth, I e'en made bold to strike up a Make room to entertain thy flowing joy. bargain with bim, that if I escaped with life and Hence all my griefs and erery anxious care- plunder, I would present some brother of his

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mind of you.

order with part of the booty taken from the in. Dom. Well, you are a charitable man, and I'll fidels, to be employed in charitable uses. take your word: my comfort is, I know not the

Dom. There you hit liim : St Dominick loves contents, and so far I am blameless. But an ancharity exceedingly; that argument never fails swer you shall have, though not for the sake of wich him.

your fifty pieces more; I have sworn not to take Lor. The spoils were mighty; and I scorn to them; they shall not be altogether fifty. Your wrong him of a farthing. To make short my mistress-forgive me that I should call her your story~1 inquired among the jacobins for an al- mistress, I meant Elvira, lives but at next door: moner, and the general has pointed out your re- I'll visit her immediately; but not a word more verence as the worthiest man. Here are fitty of the nine-and-forty pieces. pieces in this purse.

Lor. Nay, I'll wait on you down stairs.--Fifty Dom. How ! Fifty pieces ? 'Tis too much, too pounds for the postage of a letter, to send by the much in conscience.

church, is certainly the dearest road in ChristenLor. Here, take them, father.


(Exeunt. Dom. No, in troth, I dare not; do not tempt me to break my vow of poverty.

SCENE IV.-A Chamber.
Lor. If you are modest, I must force you; for
I am strongest.

Enter Gomez and ELVIRA. Dom. Nay, if you compel me, there's no con- Gom. Henceforth I banish flesh and wine: tending; but will you set your strength against a I'll have none stirring within these walls these decrepid, poor old man? (Tukes the purse.] As twelve months. I said, 'tis too great a bounty ; but St Dominick Elv. I care not; the sooner I am starved, the shall owe you another 'scape; I'll put him. in sooner I am rid of wedlock. I shall learn the

knack to fast a days; you have used me to fastLor. If you please, father, we will not trouble ing nights already. him till the next battle. But you may do me a Gom. How the gipsey answers me! Oh, 'tis a greater kindness, by conveying my prayers to a most notorious hilding. female saint.

Elo. (Crying.) But was ever poor innocent Dom. A female saint! Good now, good now ; creature so hardly dealt with, for a little harmless how your devotions jump with mine! I always chat ? loved the female saints.

Gom. Oh, the impudence of this wicked sex! Lor. I mean a female, mortal, married-woman Lascivions dialogues are innocent chat with you. saint. Look upon the superscription of this Eiv. Was it such a crime to inquire how the note. You know Don Gomez's wife?

battle passed ?

[Gites him a letter. Gom. But that was not the business, gentleDom. Who? Donna Elvira? I think I have woman: you were not asking news of a battle some reason : I am her ghostly father.

past; you were engaging for a skirmish that Lor. I have some business of importance with her, which I have communicated in this


but Elo. An honest woman would be glad to hear her husband is so horribly given to be jealous that her honour was safe, and her enemies were

Dom. Ho, jealous ! He's the very quintessence slain. of jealousy: he keeps no male creature in his Gom. (In her tone.) And to ask if he were house, and from abroad he lets no man come wounded in your defence; and, in case he were, near her.

to offer yourself to be his surgeon. Then you did Lor. Excepting you, father.

not describe your husband to him, for a covetous, Dom. Me, I grant you : I am her director and jealous, rich old hunks. her guide in spiritual atfairs. But he has his hu- Elo. No, I need not; he describes himself sufmoura with nie too; for t’other day he called me ficiently; but in what dream did I do this? false apostle.

Gon. You walked in your sleep, with your Lor. Did he so ? That reflects upon you all; eyes broad open at noon-day, and dreamed you on my word, father, that touches your copyhold. were talking to the aforesaid purpose with one If you would do a meritorious action, you might Colonel Hernando. revenge the church's quarrel. My letter, father. Elo. Who, dear husband, who? Dom. Well, so far as a

er, I will take upon

Gom. What the devil have I said? You would me; for what can I refuse to a man so charitably have farther information, would you ? given?

Elo. No; but my dear, little old man, tell me Lor. If you bring an answer back, that purse now, that I may avoid him for your sake. in your hand has a twin-brother, as like him as Gom. Get you up into your chamber, cockaever he can look: there are fifty pieces lie dor. trice, and there immure yourself: be confined, I mant in it, for more charities.

say, during our royal pleasure; but first down Dom. That must not be; not a farthing more, on your marrow-bones, upon your allegiance, upon my priesthood. But what may be the pur- and make an acknowledgment of your offences; port and meaning of this letter that, I confess, ) for I will have ample satisfaction. a little troubles me.

(Pulls her down Lor, No harm, I warrant you.

Elo. I have done you no injury, and therefore

was to come.

I'll make you no submission; but I'll complain Dom. Daughter, daughter, do you remember to my ghostly father.

your matrimonial vow? Gon. Ay, there's your remedy: when you re- Elv. Yes, to my sorrow, father, I do rememceive condign punishment, you run with open ber it: a miserable woman it has made me: but mouth to your confessor, that parcel of holy guts you know, father, a marriage vow is but a thing and garbage; he must chuckle you and moan of course, which all wonien take when they you ; but I'll rid my hands of his ghostly autho- would get a husband. rity one day,

Dom. A vow is a very solemn thing, and it

is good to keep it-but, notwithstanding, it Enter DOMINICK.

may be broken upon some occasions. Have and make him know he's the son of a-Sees you striven with all your might against this frailhim.) So–no sooner conjure, but the devil's in ty? the circle.

El. Yes, I have striven; but I found it was Dom. Son of what, Don Gomez?

against the stream. Love, you know, father, is a Gom. Why, a son of a church ; I hope there's great vow-maker, but he's a great vow-breaker. no harm in that, father?

Dom. 'Tis your duty to strive always; but, Dom. I will lay up your words for you till time notwithstanding, when we have done our utmost, shall serve; and to-morrow I enjoin you to fast, it extenuates the sin. for penance.

Gom. I can hold no longer.--Now, gentlewoGom. [Aside.) There's no harm in that: she wan, you are confessing your enormities; I know shail fast too: fasting saves money.

it, by that hypocritical, down-cast look. Enjoin Dom. (To Elv.] What was the reason that I her to sit bare upon a bed of nettles, father; you found you upon your knees, in that unseemnly can do no less in conscience. posture?

Dom. Hold your peace: are you growing maGom. Aside.) Oh, horrible ! To find a woman lapert? Will you force me to make use of my upon her knees, he says, is an unseemly posture : authority? Your wife's a well-disposed and a shere's a priest for you.

virtuous lady; I say it, in verbo sacerdotis. Eiv. (To Dom.] I wish, father, you would Elv. I know not what to do, father: I find myself give me an opportunity of entertaining you in in a most desperate condition; and so is the coloprivate ; I bave somewhat upon my spirits that nel, for love of me. presses me exceedingly.

Dom. The colonel, say you? I wish it be not Dom. [ Aside.) This goes well. Gomez, stand the same young gentleman I know: 'Tis a galyou at a distance--farther yet--stand out of ear- lant young man, I must confess, worthy of any shot-I have somewhat to say to your wife in lady's love in Christendom; in a lawful way,

I private.

mean : of such a charming behaviour, so bewitchGom. (Aside.] Was ever man thus priest-rid. ing to a woman's eye, and, furthermore, so chaden? Would the steeple of his church were in ritably given; by all good tokens, this must be his belly; I am sure there's room for it. my Colonel Hernando.

Elo. I am ashamed to acknowledge my infir- Elv. Ay, and my colonel too, father. I am mities; but you have been always an indulgent overjoyed. And are you then acquainted with father, and therefore I will venture to and yet him? I dare not.

Dorn. Acquainted with him! Why, he haunts Dom. Nay, if you are bashful-if you keepyour me up and down; and I am afraid it is for love wound from the knowledge of your surgeon- of you; for he pressed a letter upon me, within

Eld. You know my husband is a man in years ; this hour, to deliver to you: I confess I receibut he's my husband, and therefore I shall be ved it, lest he should send it by some other, but silent, but his humours are more intolerable than with full resolution never to put it into your his age: he's grown so froward, so covetous, and hands. so jealous, that he has turned my heart quite Elo. Oh, dear father, let me have it, or I shall from him, and, if I durst confess it, bas forced die. me to cast my affections on another man.

Gom. Whispering still! A pox of your close Dom. Good !-Hold, hold; I meant abomi- committee ! I'll listen; I'm resolved. nable.Pray Heaven this be my colonel. (Aside.

[Steals nearer. Eiv. I have seen this man, father, and have Dom. Nay, if you are obstinately bent to see encouraged his addresses : he's a young gentle, it, use your discretion ; but for my part, I wash man, a soldier, of a most winning carriage ; and my hands on't.--Wha: makes yon listening there? what his courtship may produce at last I know Get farther off : I preuch not to thee, thou wicknot, but I am afraid of my own frailty.

ed caves-dropper. Dom. (Aside.] 'Tis he, for certain : she has Elv. I'll kneel down, father, as if I were ta. saved the credit

of my function, by speaking first : king absolution, if you'll but please to stand benow I must take gravity upon me.

fore me. Gom. (Aside.) This whispering bodes me no Dom. At your peril be it then. I have told good, for certain; but he has me so plaguily un- you the ill consequences, et liberuvi animum der the lash, that I dare not interrupt bin. mcam.-Your reputation is in danger, to say

your hand.

nothing of your soul. Notwithstanding, when Dom. I understand it not, for my part; but I the spiritual means have been applied, and tail, wish your intentions be honest. Remember that in that case the carnal may be used. —You are adultery, though it be a silent sin, yet it is a crya tender child, you are, and must not be put in- ing sin also. Nevertheless, if you believe absoto despair : your heart is as soft and melting as lutely he will die, unless you pity him, to save a

(He strokes her face, takes her by man's life is a point of charity; and actions of

the hand, and gives the letter. charity do alleviate, as I may say, and take off Gom. Hold, hold, father ; you go beyond your from the mortality of the sin. Farewell, daughcommission ; palming is always held foul play ter.—Gomez, cherish your virtuous wife, and amongst gamesters.

thereupon I give you my benediction. (Going. Dom. Thus good intentions are misconstrued Gom. Stay ; l'il conduct you to the door, that by wicked men. You will never be warned till I may be sure you steal nothing by the way. you are excommunicated.

Friars wear not their long sleeves for nothing. Gon. (Aside.] Ah, devil on him! there's his Oh, it is a Judas Iscariot. [Exit after the triar. hold! If there were no more in excommunication Elo. This friar is a comfortable man! He than the church's censure, a wise man would lick will understand nothing of the business, and yet his conscience whole with a wet finger ; but if does it all. I am excommunicated, I am outlawed, and then there's no calling in my money.

Pray, wives and virgins, at your time of need, Elv. (Rising.] I have read the note, father, For a true guide, of my good father's breed. and will send him an answer immediately; for I

[Exit. know his lodging by his letter.


not go.

Dom. Well, I have thought on't, and I will SCENE I.-The Street,

Lor. You may stay, father; but no fifty pounds Enter Lorenzo in a Friar's habit, following

without it: that was only promised in the bond: DOMINICK.

but the condition of this obligation is such, that Lor. Father Dominick, Father Dominick ! | if the above-named father, Father Dommick, do Why in such haste, man ?

not well and faithfully performDom. It should seem a brother of our order. Dom. Now I better think on't, I will bear you

Lor. No, faith; I am only your brother in ini. company; for the reverence of my presence may quity; my holiness, like yours, is mere outside. be a curb to your exorbitancies.

Dom. What! my noble colonel in metamor- Lor, Lead up your myrmidon, and enter. phosis ! On what occasion are you transform

(Ereunt. ed ?

Enter ELVIRA in her chamber. Lor. Love, almighty love, that which turned Jupiter into a town bull, has transformed me Elo. He'll come, that's certain : young appeinto a friar. I have had a letter from Elvira, in tites are sharp, and seldom Deed twice bidding answer to that I sent by yoll.

to such a banquet. Well, if I prove frail, as I Dom. You see I have delivered my message hope I shall not, till I have compassed my design, faithfully: I am a friar of honour where I am never woman had such a husband to provoke her, engaged.

such a lover to allure her, or such a confessor to Lor. Oh I understand your bint: The other absolve her! Of what am I afraid, then? Not fifty pieces are ready to be condemned to cha- my conscience; that's safe enough; my ghostly rity.

father has given it a dose of church opium, to Dom. But this habit, son, this habit!

lull it. Well, for soothing sin, I'll say that for Lor. 'Tis a habit that in all ages has been him, he's a chaplain for any court in Christenfriendly to fornication: you have begun the de- don. sign in this clothing, and I'll try to accomplish it. The husband is absent; that evil counsellor

Enter LORENZO and DOMINICK. is removed ; and the sovereign is graciously dis- Oh, Father Dominick, what news ? How! a composed to hear my grievances.

panion with you! What game have you in hand, Dom. Go to: go to. I find good counsel is that


bunt in couples ? but thrown away upon you. Fare you well, fare Lor. (Lifting up his hood.] I'll shew you that you well, son. Ah!

immediately. Lor. How! will you turn recreant at the last Elv. Oh, my love! cast? You must along, to countenance my under- Lor. My life! taking: We are at ihe door, man.

Elv. My soul

[They embrace.

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