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Dom. I am taken on the sudden with a grie- / you, lady mine; I take you at your word; and vous swimming in my head, and such a mist be. if you are for a merry jaunt, I'll try, for once, fore my eyes, that I can neither hear nor see. who can fout it farthest. There are hedges in

El. Stay, and I'll fetch you some comforta- summer, and barns in winter, to be found: I with ble water.

my knapsack, and you with your bottle at your Dum. No, no; nothing but the open air back. We'll leave honour to madmen, and will do me good. I'll take a turn in your gir- riches to knaves, and travel till we come to the den; but remember that I trust you both, and ridge of the world, and then drop together into do not wrong my good opinion of you. [Erit. the next.

Elo. This is certainly the dust of gold which Elo. Give me your hand, and strike a bargain. you have thrown in the good man's eyes, that on

(He takes her hund, and kisses it. the sudden he cannot sec; for my mind misgives Lor. In sign and token whereof, the parties me, this sickness of his is but apocryphal. interchangeably, and so forth- -When should

Lor. 'Tis no qualm of conscience, I'll be I be weary of sealing upon this soft wax? sworn. You see, madam, 'tis interest governs Elv. Oh Heavens, I hear my husband's voice! all the world. He preaches against sin. Why? Because so much more is bidden for his silence.

Enter GOMEZ. Elo. And so much for the friar.

Gom. Where are you, gentlewoman? There's Lor. Oh, those eyes of yours reproach me something in the wind, I'm sure, because your justly, that I neglect the subject which brought woman would have run up stairs before me; but ine hither.

I have secured her below, with a gag in her chops Elo. Do you consider the hazard I have run -Now, in the devil's name, what makes this to see you here? If you do, methinks it should friar here again? I do not like these frequent inform you that I love not at a common rate. conjunctions of the flesh and the spirit: They

Lor. Nay, if you talk of considering, let us are boding. consider why we are alone. Do you think the Ev. Go hence, good father : my hasband, friar left us together to tell beads ? Love is a you see, is in an ill humour, and I would not kind of penurious god, very niggardly of his op- have you witness of his folly. portunities : he must be watched, like a hard

LORENZO going. hearted treasurer; for he bolts out on the snel. Gom. (Running to the door.] By your reve• den, and if you take him not in the nick, he va- rence's favour, hold a little; I must examine you Dishes in a twinkling.

something better before you go. Hey-day! who Elo. Why do you make such haste to have have we here? Father Dominiek is shrunk in the done loving me? You men are like watches, wetting two yards and a half about the belly. wound up for striking twelve immediately; but What are become of those two timber-logs that after you are satisfied, the very next that follows he used to wear for legs, that stood strutting like is the solitary sound of single one.

the two black posts before a door? I am afraid Lor. How, madam! Do you invite me to a feast, some bad body has been setting him over a fire and then preach abstinence ?

in a great cauldron, and boiled him down half Elv. No, I invite you to a feast where the the quantity for a receipt. This is no Father dishes are served up in order. You are for ma- Dominick, no huge over-grown abbey-lubber; king a hasty meal, and for chopping up your en

this but a diminutive sucking ar. A tertainment like a hungry clown. Trust my ma- as a gun, now, Father Dominick has been spawr.. nagement, good colonel, and call not for your ing this young slender antichrist. desert too soon. Believe me, that which comes Elv. [Aside.) He will be found out; there's last, as it is the sweetest, so it cloys the soonest. no prevention !

Lor. I perceive, madam, by your holding me Gom. Why does he not speak? What, is the at this distance, that there is somewhat you ex- friar possessed with a dumb devil ? If he be, I pect from me. What am I to undertake or suf- shall inake bold to conjure him. fer ere I can be happy?

Elv. He is but a novice in his order, and is Elv. I must first be satisfied that you love me. enjoined silence for a penance. Lor. By all that's holy, by these dear eyes- Gom. A novice, quoth-a! You would make a Elv. Spare your oaths and protestations: Inovice of me too, if you could. But what is his how you gallants of the time have a mint at your business here? Answer me that, gentlewoman; ngue's end, to coin them.

answer me that. Cor. You know you cannot marry me; but, Elr. What should it be, but to give me some Ieavens, if you were in a condition

spiritual instructions ? Elo. Then you would not be so prodigal of Gom. Very good! and you are like to edify

promises, but have the fear of matrimony much from a dumb preacher. This will not e your eyes. In few words, if you love me, pass; I must examine the contents of him a litu profess, deliver me from this bondage, tle closer. Oh, thou confessor, confess who thou ne out of Egypt, and I'll wander with you art, or thou art no friar of this world ! is earth, and seas, and love can carry us.

[He comes to LORENZO, who struggles I never was out at a mad frolic, though

with him ; his hubit flies open, and re maddeşt I erer undertook. Have with

discovers a sword;'s back.


As I live, this is a manifest member of the church | In the mean time, no ill treatment of your wife, militant!

as you hope to die a natural death, and go to Lor. (Aside.] I am discovered-Now, impu- hell in your bed. Bilbo is the word; remember dence be my refuge.— Yes, faith, 'tis I, honest that, and tremble.

(He is going out Gomez.—Thou seest I use thee like a friend. This is a familiar visit.

Enter DOMINICK. Gon. What, Colonel Hernando turned friar! Dom. Where is this naughty couple? Where Who could have suspected you of so much god- are you, in the name of goodness ? My mind misliness?

gave me, and I durst trust you no longer by your. Lor. E'en as thou seest, I make bold here. selves. Here will be fine work, I'm afraid, at

Gom. A very frank manner of proceeding! your next confession ! But I do not wonder at your visit, after so friend- Lor. (Aside. The devil is punctual, I see: he ly an invitation as I made you. Marry, I hope has paid me the shame he owed me, and now you'll excuse the blunderbusses, for not being in the friar is coming in for his part too. readiness to salute you; but let me know your Dom. (Seeing Gom.] Bless my eyes! what do hour, and all shall be mended another time. I see?

Lor. Hang it, I hate such ripping up old un- Gom. Why, you see a cuckold of this honest kindness. I was upon the frolic this evening, gentleman's making; I thank him for his pains. and came to visit thee in masquerade.

Dom. I confess I am astonished! Gom. Very likely; and not finding me at Gom. What, at a cuckoldom of your own con. home, you were forced to toy away an hour with trivance ! Your head-piece and lis limbs have my wife, or so.

done my business-Nay, do not look so strangeLor. Right : thou speakest my very soul. ly: remember your own words-Here will be fine

Gon. Why, am I not a friend then, to help work at your next confession ! What naughty you out? You would have been fumbling half an couple were they, whom you durst not trust tohour for this excuse. But, as I reinember, you gether any longer, when the hypocritical rogue promised to storm my citadel, and bring your had trusted them a full quarter of an hour? And, regiment of red locusts upon me for free quarter. by the way, horns will sprout in less time than I find, colonel, by your habit, there are black lo- mushrooms. custs in the world, as well as red.

Dom. Beware how you accuse one of my order Elo. (Aside.) When comes iny share of the upon light suspicions. The naughty couple that reckoning to be called for?

I meant were your wife and you, whom I left toLor. Give me thy hand : thou art the honest- gether with great animosities on both sides. Now est kind man-I was resolved I would not go that was the occasion, mark me, Gomez, that I out of the house till I had seen thee.

thought it convenient to return again, and not to Gom. No, in my conscience, it I had staid trust your enrayed spirits too long together. You abroad till midnight. But, colonel, you and I might have broken out into revilings and matrishall talk in another tone hereafter; I mean, in monial warfare, which are sins; and new sins cold friendship, at a bar before a judge, by way make work for new confessions. of plaintiff and defendant. Your excuses want Lor. (Aside.) Well said, i'faith, friar: thou art some grains to make them current: hum and haw come off thyself, but poor I am left in limbo. will not do the business. There's a molest lady Gom. Angle in some other ford, good father; of your acquaintance : she has so much grace to you shall catch no gudgeons here. Look upon make none at all, but silently to confess the pow- ihe prisoner at the bar, friar, and inform the er of dame Nature working in her body to youth- court what you know concerning him: he is ar. ful appetite.

raigned here by the name of Colonel Hernando. Elv. How he got in I know not, unless it were Don. What colonel do you mean, Gomez? I by virtue of his habit.

see no man but a reverend brother of our order Gom. Ay, ay, the virtues of that habit are whose profession I honour, but whose person known abundantly.

know not, as I hope for paradise. Elo. I could not hinder his entrance; for he Gom. No, you are not acquainted with his look me unprovided

the more's the pity: You do not know him, un Gom. To resist him !

this disguise, for the greatest cuckold-make Elo. I'm sure he has not been here above a all Spain? quarter of an hour.

Dom. Oh, impudence! Oh, rogue! Oh Gom. And a quarter of that time would have lain !-Nay, if he be such a man, my righ served thy turn. Oh, thou epitome of thy vir- spirit riscs at him! Does he put on ho tuous sex! Madam Messalina the second, re- ments for a cover-shame of lewdness? tire to thy apartment; I have an assignation there Gom. Yes, and he's in the right on't, to make with thee.

when a swinging sin is to be committed Eio. I'm all obedience.

(Exit. will cover it so close as a friar's hood; Lor. I find, Gomez, you are not the man I the devil plays at bo-peep, puts out his thought you. We may meet, before we come to do a mischief, and then slirinks the the bar, we may; and our differences may be de- safety, like a snail into her shell. cided by other weapons than by lawyers' tongues. Lor. (Aside.j It's best marching o'

a tithe.

retreat with honour. There's no trusting this

That I would think on Torrismond no more; friar's conscience; he has renounced me already Then shut my eyes, but could not shut out him. more heartily than he e'er did the devil, and is in I turned, and tried each corner of my bed, a fair way of prosecuting me for putting on these To find if sleep were there, but sleep was lost. holy robes. This is the old church trick; the Fev'rish, for want of rest, I rose, and walked, clergy is ever at the bottom of the plot; but they. And, by the moonshine, to the windows went ; are wise enough to slip their own necks out of There thinking to exclude him from my thoughts. the collar, and leave the laity to be fairly hanged I cast my eyes upon the neighbouring fields, for it.

[Exit Lor. And, ere I was aware, sighed to myself, Gom. Follow your leader, friar; your colonel There fought my Torrismond. is trooped off; but he had not gone so easily, if I Ter. What hinders you to take the man you durst have trusted you in the house behind him. love? Gather up your gouty legs, I say, and rid my house The people will be glad, the soldiers shout, of that huge body of divinity.

And Bertran, though repining, will be awed. Dom. I expect some judgment should fall upon Qu. I fear to try new love; you, for your want of reverence to your spiritual As boys to venture on the unknown ice, director. Slander, covetousness, and jealousy That crackles underneath them while they slide. will weigh thee down.

Oh, how shall I describe this growing ill! Gom. Put pride, hypocrisy, and gluttony into Betwixt my doubt and love, methinks I stand your scale, father, and you shall weigh against Falt’ring, like one that waits an ague-fit; me: nay, if sins come to be dividedonce, the clergy And yet, would this were all ! puts in for nine parts, and scarce leaves the laity Ter. What fear you more?

Qu. I am ashamed to say ; 'tis but a fancy. Dom. How darest thou reproach the tribe of At break of day, when dreams, they say, are true, Levi ?

A drowsy slumber, rather than a sleep, Gom. Marry, because you make us laymen of Seized on my senses, with long watching worn. the tribe of Issachar. You make asses of us, to Methought I stood on a wide river's bank, bear your burdens. When we are young, you Which I must needs o'erpass, but knew not how; put panniers upon us with your church-discipline; When, on a sudden, Torrismond appeared, and when we are grown up, you load us with a Gave me his hand, and led me lightly o’er, wife: after that, you procure for other men, and Leaping and bounding on the billows' heads, then you load our wives too. A fine phrase you 'Till safely we had reached the farther shore. have amongst you to draw us into marriage : you Ter. This dream portends some ill which you call it settling of a man ; just as when a fellow shall 'scape. has got a sound knock upon the head, you say Would you see fairer visions, take this night he is settled marriage is a settling blow indeed. Your Torrismond within your arms to sleep ; • They say every thing in the world is good for And, to that end, invent some apt pretence something, as a toad, to suck up the venom of To break with Bertran. 'Twould be better yet, the earth; but I never knew what a friar was Could you provoke him to give you th’occasion, good for, till your pimping shewed me.

And then to throw him off. Dom. Thou shalt answer for this, thou slanderer ! Thy offences be upon thy head.

Enter BERTRAN at a distance. Gom. I believe there are some offences there Qu. My stars lave sent him: of your planting. (Exit Dom.)-Lord, Lord, that For sec, he comes. How gloomily he looks! men should have sense enough to set snares in If he, as I suspect, have found my love, their warrens to catch pole-cats and foxes ! And His jealousy will furnish him with fury, yet

And me with means to part. Want wit a priest-trap at their door to lay, Bert. (Aside.] Shall I upbraid hier? Shall I call For holy vermin that in houses prey.


her false?

If she be false, 'tis what she most desires.
SCENE II.-4 Palace.

My genius whispers me, be cautious, Bertran;

Thou walk'st as on a narrow mountain's neck, Queen and Teresa.

A dreadful height, with scanty room to tread. Ter. You are not what you were since yester

Qu. What business have you at the court, my

lord ? : Your food forsakes you, and your needful rest ; Bert. What business, madam ! You pine, you languish, love to be alone;

Qu. Yes, my lord, what business? Think much, speak little, and, in speaking, sigh. 'Tis somewhat sure of weighty consequence, When you see Torrismond, you are unquiet ;

That brings you here so often and unsent for. But when you see him not, you are in pain.

Bert. (Aside.] 'Tis what I feared; her words Qu. Oh, let them never love, who never tried ! are cold enough They brought a paper to me to be sign’d; To freeze a man to death

-May I presume Thinking on him, I quite forgot my name,

To speak and to complain? And writ, for Leonora, Torrismond.

Qu. They who complain to princes, think them I went to bed, and to myself I thought






What bull dares bellow,or what sheep dares bleat | Your father knew them well, and when he Within the lion's den?

mounted, Bert. Yet men are suffered to put Heaven in He rein'd them strongly, and he spurred them

mind Of promised blessings; for they then are debts. And, but he durst not do it all at once, Qu. My lord, Heaven knows its own time when He had not left alive this patient saint, to give;

This anvil of affronts, but sent him hence, But you, it seems, charge me with breach of faith. To hold a peaceful branch of palun above, Bert. I hope I need not, madam.

And hymn it in the choir. But as, when men in sickness ling'ring lie, Qu. You've hit upon the very string, which, They count the tedious hours by months and touched, years,

Echoes the sound, and jars within my soul : So every day deferred to dying lovers,

There lies my grief. Is a whole age of pain.

Bert. So long as there's a head, Qu. What if I ne'er consent to make you mine? Thither will all the mounting spirits fly; My father's promise ties me not to time; Lop that but off, and then And bonds without a date, they say, are void. Qu. My virtue shrinks from such a horrid act.

Bert. Far be it from me to believe you bound; Bert. This 'tis to have a virtue out of season. Love is the freest motion of our minds;

Mercy is good, a very good dull virtue ; Oh, could you see into my secret soul,

But kings mistake its timing, and are mild There you might read your own dominion doubled, When manly courage bids them be severe. Both as a queen and mistress! If you leave me, Better be cruel once, than anxious ever. Know, I can die, but dare not be displeased. Remove this threat’ning danger from your crown,

Qu. Sure you affect stupidity, my lord, And then securely take the man you love. Or give me cause to think, that when you lost Qu. (Walking aside.] Ha! let me think of Three battles to the Moors, you coldly stood

that the man I love! As unconcerned as now.

'Tis true, this murder is the only means Bert. I did my best ;

That can secure my throne to Torrismond; Fate was not in my power.

Nay, more, this execution done by Bertran, Qu. And with the like tame gravity you saw Makes him the object of the people's hate. A raw young warrior take your baffled work, Bert. (Aside.) The more she thinks, 'twill And end it at a blow.

work the stronger in her. Bert. I humbly take my leave; but they who Qu. (Aside.] How eloquent is mischief to per. blast

Your good opinion of me, may have cause Few are so wicked as to take delight
To know I am no coward, (He is going. In crimes unprofitable; nor do I.
Qu. Bertran, stay-

If then I break divine and human laws, (Aside.) This may produce some dismal conse- No bribe but love could gain so bad a cause. quence

Bert. You answer nothing. To him whom dearer than my life I love.

Qu. 'Tis of deep concernment,
[To him.] Have I not managed my contrivance And I a woman ignorant and weak.

I leave it all to you: think, what you do,
To try your love, and make you doubt of mine? | You do for him I love.
Bert. Then was it but a trial ?

Bert. [Aside] For him she loves ! Methinks I start as from some dreadful drcam, She named not me : that may be Torrismond, And often ask myself if yet I wake.

Whom she has thrice in private seen this day, [Aside.] This turn's too quick to be without de Then I am finely caught in mine own snaresign;

I'll think again-Madam, it shall be done ; I'll sound the bottom of it, ere I believe.

And mine be all the blame. Qu. I find your love, and would reward it too; Qu. Oh, that it were ! I would not do this But anxious fears solicit my weak breast.

crime; I fear my people's faith,

And yet, like Heaven, permit it to be done. That hot-inouthed beast that bears against the The priesthood grossly cheat us with free-will; curb,

Will to do what, but what Heaven first decreed? Hard to be broken even by lawful kings, Our actions then are neither good nor ill, But harder by usurpers.

Since from eternal causes they proceed: Jurige then, niy lord, with all these cares oppressed, Our passions, fear and anger, love and hate, If I can think of love.

Mere senseless engines that are moved by fate; Bert. Believe me madam,

Like ships on stormy seas without a guide, These jealousies, however large they spread, Tost by the winds, are driven by the tide. Have but one root, the old imprisoned king, Whose lenity first pleased the gaping crowd;

Enter TORRISMOND. But when long tried, and found supinely good, For. Am I not rudely bold, and press too Like Esop's log, they leaped upon his back,


[Erit. you?

ward ;

my sake,

Into your presence, madam? If I am

And nature drops him down without your sin, Qu. No more, lest I should chide you for your Like niellow fruit without a winter storm. stay.

Qu. Let me but do this one injustice more: Where have you been, and how could you sup- His doom is past, and for your sake he dies. pose

Tor. Would you for me have done so ill an That I could live these two long hours without act,

And will not do a good one? Tor. Oh, words to charm an angel from his Now, hy your joys on earth, your hopes in heaorb!

ven, Welcome as kindly showers to long-parched Oh, spare this great, this good, this aged king, earth!

And spare your soul the crime ! But I have been in such a dismal place,

Qu. The crime's not mine ; Where joy ne'er enters, which the sun ne'er / 'Twas first proposed, and must be done by Bercheers,

tran, Bound in with darkness, overspread with damps; Fed with false hopes to gain my crown and me. Where I have seen (if I could say I saw)

I, to enhance his ruin, gave no leave; The good old king, majestic in his bonds, But barely bade him think, and then resolve. And ʼmidst his griefs most venerably great; T'or. In not forbidding, you command the By a dim winking lamp, which feebly broke

crime. The gloomy vapours, he lay stretched along Think, timely think, on the last dreadful day; Upon the unwholesome earth, his eyes fixed up. How will you tremble, there to stand exposed,

And foremost in the rank of guilty ghosts, And ever and anon a silent tear

That must be doomed for murder! Think on Stole down and trickled from his hoary beard.

murder: Qu. Oh, Heaven ! what have I done? My That troop is placed apart from common crimes ; gentle love,

The damned themselves start wide, and shun Here end thy sad discourse; and, for

that band, Cast off these fearful melancholy thoughts. As far more black, and more forlorn than they. Tor. My heart is withered at that piteous Qu. 'Tis terrible; it shakes, it staggers me. sight,

I knew this truth, but I repelled that thought. As early blossoms are with eastern blasts. Sure there is none but fears a future state; He sent for me, and, while I raised his head, And when the most obdurate swear they do not, He threw his aged arms about my neck; Their trembling hearts belie their boasting And, seeing that I wept, be pressed me close :

tongues. So, leaning

cheek to cheek, and eyes to eyes, We mingled tears in a dumb scene of sorrow.

Enter Teresa. Qu. Forbear; you know not how you wound Send speedily to Bertran; charge bim strictly

Not to proceed, but wait my further pleasure. Tor. Can you have grief, and not have pity Ter. Madani, he sends to tell you 'tis pertoo?


(Exit. He told me, when my father did return,

Tor. Ten thousand plagues consume him ! He had a wondrous secret to disclose.

furies drag him! He kissed me, blessed me; nay, he called me son: Fiends tear him ! Blasted be the arm that struck, He praised my courage, prayed my success : The tongue that ordered ! only she be spared, He was so true a father to his country,

That hindered not the deed! Oh, where was To thank me for defending e'en his foes,

then Because they were his subjects.

The power that guards the sacred lives of kings ? Qu. If they be, then what am I?

Why slept the lightning and the thunder-bolts, Tor. The sovereign of my soul, my earthly Or bent their idle rage on fields and trees, Heaven.

When vengeance called them here ! Qu. And not your queen ?

Qu. Sleep that thought too. Tor. You are so beautiful,

'Tis done; and since 'tis donc, 'tis past recall; So wondrous fair, you justify rebellion ;

And since 'tis past recall, must be forgotten. As if that faultless face could make no sin, Tor. Oh, never, never shall it be forgotten! But Heaven, with looking on it, must forgive. High Heaven will not forget it ; after ages Qu. The king must die, he must, my Torris- Shall with a fearful curse remember ours, mond :

And blood shall never leave the nation more. Though pity softly plead within my soul,

Qu. His body shall be royally interred, Yet he must die, that I may make you great, And the last funeral pomps adorn his hearse. And give a crown in dowry with my love. I will myself (as I have cause too just)

Tor. Perish that crown on any head but yours! | Be the chief mourner at his obsequies ; Oh, recollect your thoughts !

And yearly fix, on the revolving day, . Shake not his hour-glass, when his hasty sand The solemn mark of mourning, to atone Is ebbing to the last.

And expiate my offences. A little longer, yet a little longer,

Tor. Nothing can,

my soul.

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