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taken. Its height is sixty feet. There are parts however where the stratification is much more regular.

These remarks chiefly regard the south side about Fortune Bay (Plate III.), which seems to be that part of this island which has been least affected by that awful convulsion which at some remote period denudated and destroyed this portion of the globe. Probably the ruin that came upon these countries moved, in its terrible progress, from the north-westward; and, having forced a passage through the Waygat Strait, swept round through the south-east bay, and so spared Disko. In support of such conjecture, it may be advanced, that Hare Island, lying nearly north of Disko, at the entrance to Waygat Sound, is low and flat, as it were the base of a mountain whose summit had been torn away. The contiguous point of Disko shelves into the sea, as if having suffered from the same cause: whilst that side of Disko that overlooks the Waygat consists of lofty peaks, behind which there lie deep valleys, where the torrent rioted, having failed to carry away the more elevated parts. More

young. About 8 p. m. passed the western islands, which lie low and very flat, much inhabited by the natives: Disko in sight, appearing high above the horizon: saw flocks of colymbus grylle, also a raven: immense numbers of procellaria glacialis making rapid flight to the north-westward.

May 7: ther. 25°, 30°, 25°: wind S.E., strong breeze.

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