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faded glory, 153,


love, 61


virtues, 136, softness, 133,

on his absence, by Cleopatid,
CTIONS of the great, 138, to Cleopatra, at his re-

always talked of, 62 turn from victory, 151, his
Action, the power of it, 93 despondency, 152, his love
Actions,our, directed by provi and disposition, 141, on his

dence, 247,
Address, a mad one described, Antony's soldiership, 143

Apofiopesis, a fine one, 4.2
Advantage to be gained by Ariel's description of his ma-
foes, 77

naging the storm, 30
Advantages of travel, so Ariel, he enchants drunkards,
Affection, natural, akin to 51, his songs, 36, 56,

Army routed, 200
Affectation in speech, 72 Aufidius's hatred of Coriolan',
Affectionate child, 106

Affection, tender, 12 I
Afiction to a penitent minl
pleating, 129

Age, old, 223,
Ague-Check, Sir Toby's recom Ballad's a clown's love for 'em,

mendation of him, 63
Ambition, jealous of a success- Beauty, 6, 65, its effects, 126
ful friend, 148

Beautiful perfon petitioning in
Anarchy, the mischief of it, 164
Anguish of recollection for å Beauty neglected and loft, 93
Tost friend, 126

Boy, a beautiful one, 64.
Antony's ingenious acknow-

Braggart, 195
lexlgement, 143, vices and Bullying, its advantages, 75




vain, 90

him, 52

Calilai's curses, 34, 42

Coriolanus, his character, 165,
Culibu's exultation, 35

his abhorrence of Aattery,
Calibar's promises, 44

167, his mother's resolution
Caliban, the failors remarks on on his stubborn pride, ib,
him, 44,
a description of hiš detestation of the vulgar,

168, his prayer for his son,
Calumny, 105, 231

174, his mother's pathetic
Care, an enemy to life, 63 speech to him, 175
Care in a forest, 194

Cydnus described, 144
Challenge, 74
Character, an ill one renders
real desert useless, 127

Chastity, 173
Child, an affectionate one, 106
Child resembling a father, 107 Death, 154, 201, contempt of
Christmas time, the reverence it, 108, the delay of it al-
paid to it, 205

ways withed, 101,
Cleopatra, on the absence of An- Deformity of the mind, 76

lony, 138, her falling down Deities, transformed for love,
the Cydnus described, 144, 114
her contemptuous raillery, Departing greatness, 153
135, her infinite power in Despair of pardon, 109
pleasing, 146, her supposed Dirge, funeral, 199
death described, 153, her Disguise, 66
anxious tenderness, 136, on Diffimulation in a religious
the death of Antony, 154, habit, 76
wishes for Antony on parting, Dress, Petruchio's trial of his
136, her dream and descrip wife in that article, 9
tion of him, 155, her speech Drowning, Ophelia's, described,
on applying the asp, 156 244
Clown, his idea of a great man, Drunkards enchanted, 51

Duty, doing it merits no praise,
Clown's new gentility, 127

Clown's love of ballads, 120
Cominius, his speech in the se-
nate, 163

Conceited governor, 52
Confidence betrayed,
Conscience, guilty, 48

Early rising, the way to emi-
Continence before marriage, nence, 151

Effects of beauty, 126
Conceited love, 70

Effects of jealousy, 105
Courtier 123

English curiosity, a satire on it,
Court, virtue Itays not at it, 43

Evils of being in love, 81
Coriolan!ıs, an imaginary warn Exiles, reformed ones, 99
ing 161

Extremes cure each other, 6


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ing, 205


Garland for old men, 114
Fairies and magic, 53

Garland for middle aged men,
Faithful service, 103

Falsehood, the baseness of it to Garland for young men, ib.
a wife, 178

Gentleman, a worthy one, 98
Father, his fondness for his Ghost appearing in a dream,
child, 103

Father's tutorage, 30

Ghosts vanish at cock-crow-
Father the best guest at his
son's nuptials, 121

Gifts prevalent with women,
Father's advice to his son go 89
ing to travel, 212

Gold, 181
Favour, popular, the method Government, Utopian, satirized,

to gain it, 165
Feast, a sheep Theering one, Governor, a conceited one, 52

Gratitude and resignation, 40
Ferdinand's fwimming afhore Great man, a Clown's idea of
described, 40

one, 124
Ferdinand, his bearing a log, Great minds respect truth, 134

Great character of a noble gen-
Ferdinand, Miranda's offering to tleman, 65

carry the log for him pecu- Grey-hound, 13
liarly elegant, 46

Greatness, departing, 153
Firm refolution, 156

Grief, real, 206, immoderate
Flattery prevalent with wo discommended, ib.

men, 89,
Flattery, the abhorrence of it,

H н
Flattery, its ill effects, 73
Foes, the advantage to be gained Hamlet's soliloquy on his mo-
by them, 77

ther's marriage, 207, solilo-
Fool hardiness, 196

quy on the appearance of his
Fortunate moments, 30

father's ghoft, 213
Fortune forms our judgment, Hamlet on his father's ghost, the

mischief it might tempt him
Fortune, ill one, precepts a to, 214
gainst it, 168

Hamlet and the ghost confer
Fortitude and innocence, 106 strongly together, 216
Friendship, martial, 170, com Hamlet's mad address described
mon, 169, between kings, by Ophelia, 222, account of

his own melancholy, and re-
Friend, the anguish of recol-

flections on man, 223
lection for a loft one, 126 Hanilet on the player and him-
Fury expels fear, 150

self, 224



N 2


ful, 105


Hanki's directions and advice

to the players, 232, reflec-
tions on the king's foliloquy, Kng in Hanlet, his despairing
234, conferrence between

soliloquy, 234
him and his mother, 237 Kings, friendship between
Howlet on his own irresolution, them, 101

King-killing detestable, 104
l'avili on lorick's skull, 246 Kings, their divinity, 243.
Happiness consists in opinion, Knowledge, sometimes hurt-
Happiness attained, 12
Harmless innocence, 195
Health, 248

Hermione pleading her inno-
cence, 107

Labour, 195
Honest wooing, 119

Ladies, young, cautions to
Honesty and honour, 106

them, 210
Honour and policy, 165

Launce leading a dog,
Hope, 90

Life, loathed, 151
Hope, the lover's staff, ib. Life and death weighed, 227
Hounds, I

Light of foot, 52
Humanity on repentance, 52

Loathed life, 151
Hypocrity, 227

Love in idleness, 70, conceited,
ib. refolved, 65,

at first
fight, 4, true, 68, 119, in
referrence to hunting, 61,

unfought, 73, extreme, 65,
Fahimo rising from the trunk, commended and dispraised,

81, evils of being in it, ib.
Jealousy, 104, its effects, 105 forward and diilembling, 82,
Jester, 72

fed by praise, 86, compared
Ignorance of ourselves, 78 to an April day, 83, true,
Iriogen's bedchamber, 179 jealous, 86, contempt of it
Inconstancy in man, 98

punished, 84, true,93, com-
Infant to be exposed, 107, III pared to a waxen image, 86,
Infant innocence, 29

deities transformed for it,
Infidelity in a friend, 98

114, more rich for what it
Ingratitude 75

gives, 125, it encreases when
Innocence, youthful, 102

opposed, 87, compared to a
Innocence, its silence eloquent, figure on ice, 91, unre-

106, harmless, 195, and turned, 97, prosperity the
fortitude, 106

bond of amiction the loser
Judgment formed by fortune, of it, 123, the nobleness of

life, 133, banishment, 89,
Ivy, an ufurping substitute his protestation, 49
compared to it, 29,

Lovers wealth, 86


Lovers reit, 92

Music, serious, molt agreeable
Lover in folitude, 97

to lovers, 67
Lover's praife, 134

Mafic and love, 59
Lover's speech, 38, their un Mutability of the people, 135

fettied humour, 146, part-
ins, 177,


Lover, a faithful and constant

Nature, human, its vanity, 50
Loyalty, 149

Nature and art, 115
Lying, fit only for tradesmen, Nature, its force, 191,

Nature, 103

Nuptials, a father the best guest

at his son's, 121

One, 88

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Man in love, a comical de-

scription of one, 83, a fel-
fith old one, 122, a complete Oitavia's entrance, what it
one, 209, and even minded

should have been, 148
one and flattery, 233 Ophelia's description of Hamlet's
Master taking leave of his ser mad address, 222
vants, 150,

Ophelia, her drowning, 244,
Melancholy described, 247 Others measured by ourselves,
Messengers from lovers grate 13
ful, 140

Outward appearance a token
Midnight, 234

of inward worth, 63
Mind alone valuable, il
Mind, a noble one disordered,

Miranda's compassion 28
Miranda offering to carry the Painting, 2

log, 46, her amiable fimpli- Parting lovers, 177
city on the death of Ferdinaid, Pardon despaired of, 109
37Prospero's boast of her, Pastors, ungracious ones, a fa-

tire on them, 211
Mirth and merriment, its ad- Passion too strong for vows, 49
vantages, 2

Patience, 56
Mistress of the sheep-Theering, Peace after a siege, 176

Penitent mind, amiction pleaf-

ing to it, 129
Money purchases the praise of People their mutability, 135
fools, 76

Petruchio's trial of his wife, 9
Money an inducement to mar Poetry, its power with women,

Morning, 206

Pompey's wish for Antony's cap-
Music, 6, 6

tivity in pleasure, 143


Mob, 159

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