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Page 43 - as you shall receive from me, or any other superior officers, according to the rules and discipline of war, in pursuance of the trust reposed in you. Given at Williamsburgh, under my hand, and the seal of the Colony, this fourth , and in the eleventh year of His Majesty's reign, Anno
Page 462 - in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses. JOHN WALTERS, JACOB HARMER, OBED WAITE. Whereas, I Daniel Morgan of Winchester, in the county of Frederic and Commonwealth of Virginia, on the seventeenth day of March in the year of
Page 227 - We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your patriotism, valor, conduct, and fidelity, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to be Colonel of the 7th Virginia regiment in the army of the united States, to take rank as such from the 12th day of November, AD
Page 118 - Esq.:— We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your patriotism, valor, conduct and fidelity, do, by these presents, constitute and appoint you to be Colonel of the
Page 462 - our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one. DANIEL MORGAN. Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the said Daniel Morgan as and for his last will and testament in presence of us, who in his pre-
Page 157 - This army has not been able to oppose General Howe with the success that I wished, and needs a reinforcement. I therefore request, if you have been so fortunate as to oblige Gen. Burgoyne to retreat to Ticonderoga, or if you have not, and circumstances will admit, that you will order Col. Morgan to join me again with his corps. I
Page 226 - log houses and the spoiled herrings had been destroyed, he remarks : " Thus ended this notable expedition, which was conducted in the preparation with so much secrecy, that all the flag boats to and from the city were stopped, and not a mouse permitted to creep within their lines." * Th only effect which this
Page 310 - Such was the inferiority of our numbers, that our success must be attributed to the justice of our cause and the gallantry of our troops. My wishes would induce me to name every sentinel in the corps. In
Page 117 - valuable officer for the sort of troops he is particularly recommended to command. Should Congress be pleased to appoint Captain Morgan in the instance I have mentioned, I would still beg leave to suggest the propriety and necessity of keeping the matter close, and not suffering it to transpire until
Page 312 - Colonel Pickens and all the officers in his corps behaved well ; but from their having so lately joined the detachment, it has been impossible to collect all their names or rank, so that the general is constrained not to particularize any, least it should be doing injustice to others. By orders B. GEN. MORGAN, (Copy.) EDWARD

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