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With zeal, if ought religion seem concern'd; 1420
No less the people on their holy-days
Impetuous, insolent, unquenchable:
Happen what may, of me expect to hear
Nothing dishonorable, impure, unworthy
Our God, our Law, my Nation, or myself, I425
The last of me or no I cannot warrant.
Chor. Go, and the Holy One

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Send thee the Angel of thy birth, to stand
Fast by thy side, who from thy father's field
Rode up in flames after his message told
Of thy conception, and be now a shield
Of fire; that Spirit that first rush'd on thee I435
In the camp of Dan
Be efficacious in thee now at need.
For never was from Heav'n imparted
Measure of strength so great to mortal seed,
As in thy wondrous actions hath been seen. 1440
But wherefore comes old Manoah in such haste
With youthful steps? much livelier than ere while
He seems: supposing here to find his son,
Or of him bringing to us some glad news? (hither
Man. Peace with you, Brethren; my inducement
Was not at present here to find my son, 1446

By order of the lords new parted hence To

To come and play before them at their feast.
I heard all as I came, the city rings,
And numbers thither flock, I had no will, I450
Lest I should see him forc'd to things unseemly.
But that which mov'd my coming now, was chiefly
To give ye part with me what hope I have
With good success to work his liberty. I455
Chor. That hope would much rejoice us to partake
With thee; say, reverend Sire, we thirst to hear.
Man. I have attempted one by one the lords
Either at home, or through the high street passing,
With supplication prone and father's tears,
To accept of ransome for my son their pris'ner. 1460
Some much averse I found and wondrous harsh,
Contemptuous, proud, set on revenge and spite;
That part most reverenc'd Dagon and his priests:
Others more moderate seeming, but their aim
Private reward, for which both God and State 1465
They easily would set to sale: a third
More generous far and civil, who confess'd
They had enough reveng'd, having reduc’d
Their foe to misery beneath their fears,
The rest was magnanimity to remit, 1470
If some convenient ransome were propos'd.
What noise or shout was that? it tore the sky.
Chor. Doubtless the people shouting to behold :
Their once great dread,captive,and blind before them,
Or at some proofofstrength before them shown. 1475
K 2 Man.

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Chor. Thy hopes are not ill founded nor seem vain

Of his delivery, and thy joy thereon I505
Conceiv'd, agreeable to a father's love,
In both which we, as next, participate. (noise!

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