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With clouds incompass'd round;
I try'd thee at the water sleep
Of Meriba renown'd. -
8 Hear, O my People, hearken well,
I testify to thee, .
Thou ancient stock of Israel,
If thou wilt list to me,
9 Throughout the land of thy abode
No alien God shall be,
Nor shalt thou to a foreign God
In honor bend thy knee.
Io I am the Lord thy God which brought
Thee out of Egypt land;
Ask large enough, and I, besought,
Will grant thy full demand.
11 And yet my people would not hear,
JNor hearken to my voice;
And Israel, whom I lov’d so dear,
Mislik'd me for his choice.

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12 Then did I leave them to their will,
And to their wand'ring mind; 50
Their own conceits they follow'd still,
Their own devices blind.
13 O that my people would be wise,
To serve me all their days,
And O that Israel would advise 55
To walk my righteous ways.
14.Then would I soon bring down their soes,
That now so proudly rise,
And turn my hand against all those
That are their enemies. 6o
15 Who hate the Lord should then be fain
To bow to him and bend,
But they, his people, should remain,
Their time should have no end.
16 And he would feed them from the shock 65
With flow'r of finest wheat,
And satisfy them from the rock
With honey for their meat.

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