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The tyrant of the Chersonese

Was freedom's best and bravest friend;

That tyrant was Miltiades !

Oh! that the present hour would lend Another despot of the kind !

Such chains as his were sure to bind.

Fill high the bowl with Samian wine!

On Suli's rock, and Parga's shore,

Exists the remnant of a line

Such as the Doric mothers bore ; And there, perhaps, some seed is sown

The Heracleidan blood might own.

Trust not for freedom to the Franks

They have a king who buys and sells ; In native swords, and native ranks,

The only hope of courage dwells ; But Turkish force, and Latin fraud,

Would break your shield, however broad. ώλένας φοίνιξ, μαλακών σκίαμα, τείνεν εις φάος δε φανέντ' έραννών τέκνα προσγέλαξεν, αμαχάνω τ' ό

ρέγματι χειρών

θέλγε ματρώον κέαρ. Α, τίς έχω τυμπάνων έπληξέ μ'; ιδού, πέδoνδε Ναξίου κατώρεος εύμαρεί σκιρ

τήματι πίπτει

κισσοχαϊτ' άναξ, Βρόμιος και ευοί Μαινάδες τον εύιον άμβοώσιν, ευίοις βοάμασιν αντιπληξ βακ

χεύεται ακτά.

ρίπτε νύν κώμου νόμον, Ορφέως δε ένθεον στάθεσσιν έγειρε φωνάν. θρακίων ανδύσά μ' απ' ωρέων έ


και τις αυδά σεμνόν εκάς, βέβαλοι δεύρ' ός ευδαίμων, πραπίδεσσιν αγναΐς δρέψαι άρρήτων τελετών άωτον


Fill high the bowl with Samian wine,

Our virgins dance beneath the shadeI see their glorious black eyes shine ;

But gazing on each glowing maid, My own the burning tear-drop laves,

To think such breasts must suckle slaves.

Place me on Sunium's marble steep,

Where nothing, save the waves and I, May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;

There, swan-like, let me sing and die : A land of slaves shall ne'er be mine

Dash down yon cup of Samian wine !

ά μάται' ονείρατα τίς γαρ ανήρ φαίνεται Πάτμου κατ' έρημον άλσος; όλβιος δή τις περί δ' οι πρόσωπον

ίσταται αστήρι

προπρό δ' οφθαλμών μέγα φάσμόρωρεν ήνι, χρυσαις λαμπάσιν έμπρέπει Τις χαλκόπους, πυρωπός, έχει δ' άρ' ώρα

νολο και αδου

έν χερούν κλαΐδας όρημο, όρημι παμφαές Πατρός σέβας, ίρισίν τε τον θρόνον στίλβοντας κλύω, κλύω σάλ

πιγγος αύταν

άσχετον τρέμ' ώρανός, έτρεμαιθήρ, και θάλασσα συντεταραγμένα, γα δ' ερράγη βροντησι διαμπερές. θαυ


καρδίαις πιστών θεός' αλλά νύν

μοι χαιρέτω' πάντ' έσσεται, είτε θνατούς λάμψεται το κύριον υψόθεν τε

λεσφόρον αμαρ.


Book V.

Hear, all ye angels, progeny of light,
Thrones, dominations, princedoms, virtues, powers,

Hear my decree, which unrevoked shall stand.

This day I have begot, whom I declare
My only Son, and on this holy hill
Him have anointed, whom ye now behold
At my right hand; your head I him appoint;
And by myself have sworn; to him shall bow

All knees in heaven, and shall confess him Lord :

Under his great vicegerent reign abide
United, as one individual soul,

For ever happy: him who disobeys,
Me disobeys, breaks union, and that day,
Cast out from God and blessed vision, falls

Into utter darkness, deep ingulf’d, his place
Ordain'd without redemption, without end.

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