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μευ, ουράνιοι, φωτός γένος αιθερίοιο, Κουρανίαι, δυνάμεις τε, θρόνοι τ', αρεταί τε, κράτη τε, Κλυτε θεού βούλευμα, το και τετελεσμένον έσται. Σήμερον εξ ημών φύεται, τον Παϊδ' ονομάζω, Μούνoν Παϊδ’ αγαπητόν έχρισα δε κατά κλιτύν Τήνδ' ιερήν δν εμοίχε παρήμενον εισoράασθε Δεξιτερή τούτον δ' υμίν άρχοντ' επέθηκα Και κεφαλή κατένευσ' επί δε μέγαν όρκον όμoσσα. Τούτον γουνυπετείς πάντων γένος ουρανιώνων Υμνήσουσιν άνακτα πατρός δ' αρχήν διέποντι Πειθόμενοι, μάκαρες και όμοιοι πάντες έσονται, Ως μία τις ψυχή δυσδαίμων δ' ός καπίθηται Κείνος έμοι μάχεται, θείην θ' ομόνοιαν ατίζει Και μάλα τούτο κατ' ήμαρ εμού τάπο και μακαριτών Νόσφιν απορριφθείς, υπό τάρταρον είσιν άπειρον Εις βάθεα σκοτόεντα, και αυτόθι δώμα κιχήσει Μόρσιμον ουδ' έκ τώνδε λύσις πέλετ' ουδε τελευτή.


Here is verdure and bloom on the bush and the tree,

And many a flower sweetly blows: But one is the dearest of all to me;

'Tis the joy of my heart, 'tis the Rose. The snowdrop is fair, and the pansies are gay,

The daisy with smile cheers the ground; And sweet in the bush is the white-thorn of May,

And woodbine that clusters around :
But the flower of my soul hath a lustre more bright,

And a loveliness deeper than those ;
The pride of the garden, the summer's delight,

Oh! the queen of them all is the Rose.

The lily with grace doth her petals unfold,

The tulip with rich scarlet glows, The daffodil wears a mantle of gold,

But all these must yield to the Rose.


Rus mihi pandit opes ; viret hic et germinat arbor,

Larga mihi florum copia, largus odor;
Sed tamen ex omni numero carissimus unus,

Cordis amor nostri deliciæque, Rosa.
Primula vere nitet; redolent violaria dumi;

Exhilarat risu candida bellis humum ; Suavis et in spinâ qui flos diffunditur albâ,

Amplexumque rubos suave periclymenon : At facies, dilecta, tibi formosior illis,

Lumen amabilius, gratia major inest; Hortorum decus, æstatis lectissima proles,

Tu mihi flos florum, tu, Rosa, noster amor.

Lilia regalem tollunt illustria formam,

Tulpia coccineâ fulget amicta toga, Miraturque suo sese narcissus in auro;

Cedere sed nostræ cuncta necesse Rosæ.


She blushes like fairest of maidenkind,

She laughs like the Goddess of day;
She sheds pearly tears, and the beam and the wind

Contend who shall kiss them away.
Then, virgins, your posies, your garlands entwine,

Mingle hues of each flower that grows; ;
But none shall compare with this flowret of mine:

Thee I wear next my heart, lovely Rose.

The summer is short, and the winter must come,

With her hail, and her storm, and her snows,
And things that are fairest in our pleasant home

Must wither alike with the Rose :
O'er glade and o'er valley the glories of June

Bleak winds of December shall sweep,
And leaves, now that glitter, on earth shall be strewn,

And flowers in their cold bed shall sleep:
But whilst I have life my love shall endure;

Like a fountain for ever that flows,
Like a sunbeam that shines immortal and pure,

Is the love of my heart for the Rose.

Illa puellarum rubet ut pulcherrima, ridet

Ut Dea quæ croceum fundit ab ore diem; Flet similes gemmis lachrymas; at basia siccant, Æmula


teneræ sol dat et aura genæ. Vos igitur, nymphæ, varios miscete colores,

Nectite virgineis florea serta comis;
Noster enim veneres superabit flosculus omnes;

Proxima tu cordi, tu, Rosa cara, meo.

Heu, brevis est æstas; venient et tempora brumæ

Horrendæque nives et glaciale gelu; Jucundæque domus pulcherrima quæque videbo

Cum tenerâ pariter deperiisse Rosâ : Sole sub æstivo quicquid florescit ameni

Arva per et valles turbine verret hyems;
Et frondes sternentur humi, et viduabitur arbor,

Dormiet in tristi gemma calyxque toro :
Sed meus hic durabit amor, dum vita manebit ;

Ut scatet e vivo fonte perennis aqua,
Ut jubar æternæ lucis quod origine manat,
Sic mea mens puro

fervet amore Rosæ.

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