Drug Abuse Handbook

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Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM
CRC Press, Dec 21, 2006 - Law - 1288 pages
Following the well-received first edition, the Drug Abuse Handbook, Second Edition is a thorough compendium of the knowledge of the pharmacological, medical, and legal aspects of drugs. The book examines criminalistics, pathology, pharmacokinetics, neurochemistry, treatment, as well as drugs and drug testing in the workplace and in sports, and the ethical, legal, and practical issues involved.

Dr. Karch gathers contributions from 80 leading experts in their respective fields to update and revise this second edition with more than 40 percent new material. New topics include genetic testing in drug death investigation, the neurochemistry of nicotine and designer amphetamines, genetic doping in sports, and the implications of the Daubert ruling on the admissibility of scientific evidence in federal court.

Packed with the latest information in an easily accessible format, the book includes tables of all Scheduled Drugs, methods of Drug Quantitative Analysis, and a glossary of forensic toxicology terms. Vivid pictures and diagrams illustrate the pathological effects of drugs and the chemical make-up and breakdown of abused drugs. It includes more than 6000 references to the best sources in medicine, pharmacology, and the law.

This book addresses specific problems in drug testing, drug-related medical emergencies, and the physical, neurochemical, and sociological phenomenon of addiction. With unparalleled detail and the highest level of authoritative information, The Drug Abuse Handbook, Second Edition is the definitive resource for drug related issues.

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Well, what is there to say about an 1100 pg. tome that falls apart by pg. 4?
It immediately fa;lls into a pattern of academic abuse by engaging in the same set of blatant falsehoods and outright
lies once told by a certain Anslinger fellow; a Carrie Nation of drug use. His cadre of Puritans engaged in religiously inspired oppression of the Blacks who playeed that new "Jazz" sound that was corrupting pre-WW2 America. At the time, marijuana was popular with artists and other musicians, especially..or at least so Anslinger claims...blacks. Jazz and the saxaphine were "pure evil", and Harry was going to rid us of this sin even if he had to use the force of law to do it. Which he promptly set out to do with a series of lwectires and films that were pure lies,unfounded hysterical exaggeration and racism that was barely even attempted to be disguised.
Once he managed to become what would be the precursoir to the modern "Drug Czar" (which was a Nixon creation) he found it withuin his duty to describe Mexicans and axaphone players "Niggers and lazy scoundrels who would like nothing better than to rape or simply pervert the morals of our Christian women and their heritage".
He was, of course the insane mind behind "Reefer Madness". A classic of antique foolishness that brings to mind leeches and Barber-Surgeons. It somehow managed to survive however as the model or paradigm that still exists within law-enforcemnt circles to incite unfounded fears anmong the more gullible of our society, and has been sufficient to maintain the massive increase that LE received to fight alcohol during it's Prohibition, and do maintain that level despite the plunge in crime rates that immediately folowed Repeal.
But just as it;s enactment caused a steep increase in Alcohol crime, drugs otoh were barely used in society at large, so it took many years of police programs entering our schools and TV programs to raise the drug levels high enough that Prohibition against them served to spike crime similar to Alcohol, thereby justifying the maintenance of drug Prohibition. That the black-market causes the majority of damage is a secret that men like the author refuse to divulge, proffering instead to ride the Prohibition gravy-train no matter the cost to society.
I am a mycologist-toxicologist. Psilocin has caused 0 deaths, is non-addictive, requires no supervision while under it's influence, and in fact was completely legal throughout the world and most of history until a couple decades ago. Few people ever heard of them due their lack of reason to grab lurid headlines.
But now that they are illegal, drug-busts and black-market money are producing crime and victims, blood and ink galore for police and Puritan alike. Shame on this despicable person whom I shall not honor with a name, nevertheless a title of academic scholarship. He is a charlatan or a fool, but not an expert at anything involving rigorous proof and honesty.

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