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This is a very informative and eye opening book containing sensitive information about Pakistan, Pakistani Politics, role of judiciary and Establishment in decision making of very sensitive matters. Pakistanis are very patriotic, very energetic, very talented, very ambitious, very simple, very innocent but very emotional and unlucky people. They love their Leaders and their unconditional love for the country's Armed Forces is without any doubt. They trust their leaders but their leaders make them fool. In their innocence they become facilitators of those powers who are working against Pakistan, its ideology and its sovereignty. Specially, Dictators, when in power are very happy to have a foolish nation who distribute sweets and welcome Military Dictators and they make them fool very easily and continue their dictatorship for decades with the facilitation of innocent peoples, judiciary and other pressure groups. This book reveals that the actual role of our favorite spy agency is always in favour of big powers. I feel very shameful on Mr. Pasha's "Patichar" role. They always make the nation fool that they are guardians of our security. They blame politicians and called them traitors in the events of Memo Gate, Dawn Leaks and Panama Leaks but they will not answer the nation about Mr. Pasha's dirty role in releasing Raymond Davis. I have not yet read this book completely, so I am unable to give a complete and comprehensive review on this book. However, I really appreciate Mr. Raymond Davis (although he is a selfish man, a Killer, American Spy who was working against Pakistan, its people and national security of Pakistan) that he has truly described the emotions, tears, helplessness, inability and pressure of Mr. Pasha upon the 18 legal heirs of the deceased two men.
A few days have passed but Electronic Media in Pakistan is silent about this breaking news of Mr. Pasha's deep involvement in releasing Mr. Raymond. I remember, in the recent past, when Mr. Hussain Haqani's article was published regarding grant of Pakistani visas to American CIA personnel with the approval of Civil Government, a hue and cry was spread all over the Electronic Media criticizing the then civil Government. Daily every News Channel approached Mr. Haqani and he was seen on every channel one by one and explaining his article. ISPR also reacted on his article. But in the instant case of Mr. Ramond Davis all concerned quarters are silent.
I also intend to write a book on Pakistan's Politics, its rulers and role of judiciary and Establishment in Pakistan's becoming a failed nation. If Google sponsor me I'll try to write the truth.

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