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In the present edition of the MINOR POEMS OF COWPER, it will be perceived that some regard has been paid, both to selection and classification. The whole of the Poems hitherto arbitrarily distributed at the end of the first two volumes, with the exception of the Translations and the Latin Poems, together with a copious selection from bis POSTHUMOUS POETRY, (which from its bulk, seems to have been received with less favour by the public than was expected,) are included in this arrangement. The rejected pieces, though they might deserve insertion in a biographical memoir, as illustrative of the Author's character, did not, for the most part, appear to the Editor worthy of permanently occupying a place among the productions of the Poet. The Translations are omitted for a different reason; as belonging, together with the Homer, to a distinct portion of Cowper's Works. An exception has, however, been made in favour of the elegant Versions of VINCENT BOURNE's Poems, of which the entire collection will be found in the present volume.

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Page Sonnet to Henry Cowper, Esq.

48 to John Johnson

49 to William Hayley, Esq.

50 to Dr. Austin.

50 to George Romney, Esq.

51 to Mrs. Unwin

52 To Mary...

53 On the Death of Mrs. Throckmorton's Bulfinch 55 The Poet's New Year's Gift, to Mrs. Throckmorton.. 58 To Mrs. Throckmorton, on her Transcript of Horace 59 Catharina, to Miss Stapleton

60 Catharina, the Second Part....

63 Gratitude. To Lady Hesketh...

65 To my Cousin Anne Bodham

67 To Mrs. ing...

68 To Lady Austen.

70 On Mrs. Montagu's Feather-hangings

74 To an Afflicted Protestant Lady in France

76 To Joseph Hill, Esq...

78 To the Rev. Mr. Newton..

81 To the same

82 To the Rev. W. Cawthorne Unwin

To a Young Friend ....
On the Barning of Lord Mansfield's Library
On the same

85 On the Promotion of Lord Thurlow

86 The Diverting History of John Gilpin

87 The Yearly Distress ...

98 On the Queen's Visit to London, 1789

102 Annus Memorabilis, 1789...




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