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the Evangelical party was the liberal senti-, he became from that time almost wholly deprived ments he entertained towards some whose creeds of further use of the limb; great pain and were at variacce with his own, and especially suffering came on, and it was not until many were they offended at his high appreciation of weeks after, that he could be removed home. the life and writings of Channing. He had During this afflicting dispensation, whilst laid risen above the various bouods of sectarianism, up at the house of a Friend at Melksham, wbo, and rejoiced in the contemplation of every with his wife, were very kind and most attennoble character, whether within or without the tive to him, he wrote thus :-) pale of his own church.

I hope there is no cause for discouragement Writing to a friend, he says:—" Dr. Chan-on my account up to this time : Oh, I trust I ning's lite is full of interest, but of a calm, have some sense of the tender mercies of Him, thoughiful kind.” .

“ The purest who deals gently with me! But I think there love for man, the most unconquerable trust in is no need to express much to thee, as to iny human nature, seem to have been the very basis feelings and state of mind, in reference to this of his being. He was a Unitarian; but that is dispensation of Providence. Thou knowest I a very wide term, including a vast variety of wish to bope the best, and to prepare for what persons thinking very differently on essentials may seem the worst,—to be prepared for all I can only say that I should be very glad if that may be in store for me: and this is what I half of those who recognize the hereditary long for all who are near and dear to me."0! claims of the son of God to worship, bowed how much occasion there is to possess, as d»wn before his moral dignity with an adoration though we possessed not, and as those thai are bulf as profound, or a love half as enthusiastic liable to be cut off from any of these enjoyments as Dr. Channing's. I wish I, a Trinitarian, at a moment! May we be strengthened to take lored and adored Him and the Divine goodness every cup as at the Lord's hand, and he will in him, anything near the way in which that not fail to sweeten it.

J. B. Voitarian felt. A religious lady found the book on my table a few days ago, and was

To borror struck. I told her that if she and I 26th of Eleventh month, 1835.-"Day unto ever got to heaven we should find Dr. Chan- day uttereth speech ;” and while every day ning revolving round the central Light in an brings with it its peculiar duties and trials, orbit immeasurably nearer than ours, almost there is enough of mercy and help manifested, invisible to us, and lost in a blaze of light; to give abundant occasion for the engagement which she has, po doubt, duly reported to the While I live will I praise the Lord; I will Brighton inquisition for heretics."

rejuice and give thanks while I have any (To be continued.)

being." 0! that you may have found, and

may always fiod, the Lord near to you in the The great secret of Christian usefulness is to time of need, as your bow and battle axe, your be awake to opportunities, and intent on doing shield and refuge! I feel persuaded the Lord what we can, rather than bewailing that it is would do wonderfully for you, and make you a in our power to do so little; and, in this res- blessing to many; that he waits and watches pect, he who faithfully improves the one talent over you for good to build you up, and to enbids fair to be intrusted with the five or ten. able you to build one another up in the most

holy invincible faith,-to animate and strengthSELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN en each other in the good work,—to hold the BARCLAY.

beginning of your confidence steadfast unto the (Continued from page 69.)

end, -to endure hardness—ruo with patience [Io the Third Month of this year he became -war a good warfare, and win the unspeakable very ill with a severe attack of influenza, and prize of salvation. Faithful is he that hath was reduced to such a feeble state of health, as called, who also will accomplish all that He to afford little hopes of his recovery, either to hath promised, if we do but cleave close to himself, or to those around him. In this very Him, and trust in Him at all times, pouring out weak condition, he was desirous of being re- our hearts before Him, and giving up all, even moved to the Isle of Wight for change of air, what is most near and most dear to flesh and wbicb was accomplished by slow degrees and blood. How much hath he brought about, how great care; and at the end of ten days the in- great things bath He wrought ;--the stroog provement was surprising. During the summer min, the high towers and fenced walls, and of this year, by frequent change of air, he was pleasant pictures hath he marred, and the lofty favored to regaio nearly his former state of city laid low. He hath in exchange given to health ; but in the Niath Month, in returning apprehend the simplicity, the excellency there with his wife from a journey in the west of is in the Truth. 0! what a bigh calling, what Englaud, be was again attacked with talent is consigned to us! See that thou tion in the koee joint, which was so severe, that i magnify His work, said one: and Oh, that our




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desires may be from day to day renewed, that, members in our Yearly Meeting were greatly Christ and his thorougb work may be exalted diminished or even swept away. Oh! the Lord over all, in and by us,- -come life or death, can turn the fruitful field into barrenness, and come wintry storms or genial sunshine across make the desert to blossom as the rose. our path. J. B.

J. B. To Thomas E

То Stoke NEWINGTON, First month, 1836. STOKE-Newingtox, 2d of Second month, 1836. My dear friend.--I have delayed, longer I can truly say, that with me often there bas than I wished, to answer thy brotherly commu. been no want of feeling and sympathy, where I nication of Eighth Month last: one indirect have been but litile drawn forth into expression, cause of which, perhaps I may say, has been my perhaps checked in myself from it : not that own invalid condition ; wbich has laid me by ihere are in the mind unpleasant reserves in on the sofa for more than three months, a crip- such cases; but, on the contrary, this course ple reduced to crutches; and suffering some naturally leads to great plaidness, undisguised considerable pain at times, but far more from simplicity, and honesty towards all. It is in restlessness, helplessness, and various feelings my view of much importance, to endeavor to of infirmity, pot readily enumerated. Inilam. maintain entire the “uncorruptness,” the genmation which had attacked my knee joint near uineness, the unsophisticated artlessness, which three years ago, and by which I had been great- is of the Trutb. Every little habit, every comly tried, was renewed upon me; and notwith pliance with custom in things that are thought standing all means used, I have not been able indifferent, and which trencbes upon these, en. to bear any weight upon the leg, nor to lift it dangers the tender principle of life; and indioff the other when lying across it, except by rectly, perhaps almost imperceptibly, lauds us band. Thus situated, wearisome days and in bondage, impedes us in a straightforward, nights having been my portion ; attentions to unaffected course of acting, thinking and judge the poor body hare much taken me up, and ing. Thus the mind and character becomes in. perhaps shut me out from much active partici. volved and prejudicially affected. The characpation in many things that have been passing. ter of George Fox is as good an illustration as Yet this only in a certain way;--for never have I can give of what I desire in this respect for I had a livelier interest, and as I think a clearer myself and for my friends. If I might venture sense of the state of things up and down. As to throw in a little counsel, who am sensible “the tidings' reach me in my chamber, of dif that I also am not above the need of is most cer. ferent movements and circunstances that tran- taiply, I would say, in a very tender feeling spire, my wiod seems permitted to travel on with thee, under whatever occasion of disquietinto the future, and to see what some are conude,-Look not so much at them, as for the triving and concerting to strengthen their poor mind to be much taken up therewith ; encause, and to possess themselves as it were of deavor to look over them up to llim, who orthe strongholds and the passages. Oh, the de- ders all things that concern us, and will not lay ceit and the workings of that spirit, in those anything out for us to pass through, but what that despise and forsake the light of Christ io is really needful for us. Do not let us dweil too their own

consciences ! Yet through all, much upon anything that happens to us; but though I have sorrowful cause to believe some let us simply seek to be conducted through the of understanding diust and will fall, yea, many circumstances that attend us, and our allotted tall and beautiful cedars, -I never felt more conflicts, with filial simplicity of submission, strongly confirmed in the ground taken by our and in a cheerful surrender of our all into the early Friends, and in the belief that all will be hands of our tender Shepherd and Preserver, made (as thou expressest it) to work together our Father, and ever constant Friend. When for the good of the poor little remnant, who are se reflect upon the low condition we are in, it concerned through all sufferings to keep to this is seen to be a great mercy, that we are not ground. 0! I often feel inwardly cheered and left to ourselves ; but are led about and instrucanimated, in the midst of the most gloomy ted by many painful dispensations. And when prospects': for the power of Truth is the same we look at the trials of the faithful in all ages, ihat ever it was; and the Lord can confound, bitter almost in proportion to their fairbfulness, eren by feeble instruments and uplikely means. -also at the sufferings of the Church as well It matters not through whom help comes, 80 as of the Head of tbe Churcb; what are we that it comes from Him who made heaven and that we should be spared, or rather what are earth, and has set a bound to the roaring wares. we, that we should be bonored with them? Ah! I often think of the language of one of How light are our grievances, how great are our apcients on his death-bed, The Spirit our privileges and mercies, how gently are we that now lives and reigos in me, shall yet break dealt with : we are as wegward children, that forth in thousands :'-and this is my full belief, are ready to complain, if aught be taken from even if the dumber of active and influential 08, with which we might have injured ourselves.

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(To be continued.)

Ab! like as a father or a mother pitieth her there shall thy right band lead me, and help
babe, so doth be who watcheth over us for good ! me, and save me. It is in my best moments,

J. B. when such considerations as these weigh duly

and fully upon my poor weak spirit, that I feel 8th of Second month, 1836.-" I will show that the present afflictions are comparatively him how great things he must suffer for my light indeed. However dark may appear to be name's sake;" -and great tribulation must be the heavens above,-however inclement the elepassed through, in order to have our garments ments around,-though the proud waters may washed and kept clean, in and by the blood of seem to come in unto our own souls as individthe Lamb :—and these have often the sentence uals, -and the church laboriog aud tossing like of death in themselves, that they should not a little vessel in the mighty deep ;-yet the trust in themselves, nor in any other, but in Governor being on board--the Controller of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bonds and afflictions winds and waves, He is engaged to conduct her may, and must await them; yet none of these safely through all that He permits or appoints ; things move them, for they know they are ap. and not one of those who commit themselves to pointed thereunto, even as it was appointed Him is made desolate. Doubtless many will unto their Captaiu to be made perfect through fall on the right hand, and on the left: for it suffering. Indeed it is by these dispensations seems a time of sisting and shaking, and but they live; that is through thưir submission and only just begun. But I must not distress thee, faithfulness under them; and in all these no, no, cheer up; for if Jerusalem become things, the spiritual life is exercised, main as heaps, our holy invincible Head can raise up tained, and even raised; though they, as poor stones of the street to be children, can comfort worms, may be trampled upon and be very low all her waste places, and make the streets therein their own estimation, and may be ready often of full of boys and girls playing, as the prophet to say, 'Surely I shall go softly all my days, in says:-“therefore,” adds he, "love the Truth the bitterness of my spirit.' Well, I long and peace;" —so will I save you, and ye shall greatly for thee, as for my own soul, and for be a blessing : “ fear not, but let your bands be every one that is raised up, to stand as a monu strong."

J. B. ment of mercy, truth and righteousness, in and onto the Church; that neither heights, nor depths, principalities, nor powers, things pres- spring, than there will be apples in autumo.

There are many more blossoms on a tree in eat, nor ibings to come, inay ever be able to Yet we are glad to see blossoms, because we separate us from that clear manifestation of Di. vine love, in which we have felt near to flim, be no fruit.

koow that if there are no blossoms, there can who has visited our souls, and one to another. May we, my dear friend, and all that are dear

LETTERS FROM SARAH G. RICH. and dear to each of us in the covenant of light

(Continued from page 71.) and life, go onward in that faiih which gives the

PHILADELPHIA, 1st mo. Ist, 1854. victory; laying aside every weight, every hinder- My dear friend :-Thy letter by ing thing, every discouragement; enduring and acceptable; but I felt discouraged about anbolding out to the end of all these bonds, trials, swering it, as the great and increased suffering temptations, huu.iliations, fastings, bruises, or in my head weakens and affects my eyes so occasions of disquietude, that may attend; es much that writiog is difficult, and often impracteeming nothing strange, which may prove ticable; and while indulging in those feelings, even as a fiery trial; but rather counting it all our beloved friend, S. D., made me a visit, jog, that we are found worthy to suffer in any which so nearly brought theo to my best feel wise for flis cause, who suffered so much before ings, that while she sat by my bedside I resolved us and for us, that fle might open us a way out to make an effort to let her be the bearer of this pris-house and place of proving.' 0 of another letter to my dear friend M.; another by dear friend, my mind is enlarged, and my testimonial of the true and deep sympathy I feel eye opened to see something of the excellency for thee in the path of trial presented for thee to of that quiet habitation, where none can make walk io. For however right thou believest thy afraid ; where the Lord is “ our peace," hav- dearest friends thought it was for them to pursue ing ordained



us, and being the portion the course they have taken, still, a keen trial I have of our cup; though the earth be removed, and believed it to be to thy feelings; and thus I have the mountains carried away, our hearts are then felt that I could better enter into thy state, than fixed and stayed; though a host encamp with those full of health and bouyant of hope. against us, though thou thyself slay me, yet will I trust in the;"_" though I walk in the

But some of my dear friends are not permit midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me;"- ted to rise upon the wings of hope. This may " though I pass through the valley of the be caused in some by a timidity of nature, inshadow of death, I will fear no evil," for even I creased by iw paired health and relaxed perves;


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but my trust is, that all things shall work to-, many of my Sabbaths, which I trust will account gether for good to all those who are desirous for my laygard movements. to be found at their post; whether that is ac. 21st.-1 abruptly laid aside my writing a actively to go forward, or to remain in the re-week ago to receive a call from a friend, and tired, obscure walks of life; if only the spirit, feit unable to resume it when she left, as I was the life of Christ, dwell in us, all shall redound suffering severely at the time, and ever since to the praise of Him, whose spirit is indeed the have felt unlike any exertion. “ light of the Gentiles, and the glory of his For the last two days suffering of another people Israel.”

kind has increased so greatly, that night before Afternoon.—A very sweet visit did our dear last I felt that it was not improbable the time Mother in Israel, S. Ď., make us two days ago, had come when disease had arrived at that though I was not in a condition sufficiently point when relief would no longer be found. free from pain to enjoy it as at some other times. The attack was of that pature which I have I was then suffering the premonitory symptoms long thought probable would be the winding of an attack of my head, which, by yesterday, up; an entire giving way of the internal strucwas very severe, and even now far from well. ture, which has so long suffered so acutely. Thou queries as to my comforts. I can say, 1 But by recourse to the usual remedies, some rehave everything I can ask for in that way; and lief has been obtained, so that probably in a with true thankfulness, can say with Paul, few days I may feel as well as usual again, "That my own hands, in part at least, have which 1 desire strength to acquiesce in, till the ministered to my necessities.”—(She could use tull purpose of my being placed in and kept her hands to knit, which she said was a double through so much suffering in this state of exsource of comfort to her, as it occupied time, istence shall be accomplished. But to mainwhich otherwise would have been wearisome, as tain that disposition wherein no rebellious feel. well as assisting in her support.) That althoughlings shall arise, through so long a season of nine years have rulled on since my confinement suffering as is mine, requires a greater subjugato this bed, I can truly say to the question, tion of self than is always mine to feel. But “ Lacked ye anything ?”Nothing. For my I hope that Power that could redeem the thief

"every want has been supplied. Thou, o! Lord, upon the cross, will not be deaf to the cries of hast bad compassion, shielding and protecting the poor and needy, who desire not only at the me from every want; a good home, kind re- last moment to exemplify a penitent, contrite lations, and a faithful, kiod sister, ever with spirit, but whose desire is, that our whole lives me; for all which, I do feel unbounded grati- may speak forth, if not by words, yet by their tude is called for; and that a most salutary les spirit and tenor, that our highest joy and wish son bas been taught me of fuith in God, and lis, to abide in that holy and Divine love, man. I must now stop, for I am very weary; which, though the ways of Iufinite goodness and when, without too much effort, thou can may be inscrutable to our finite vision, breathes write, I shall be glad to hear from thee. But forth the prayer, “ Strengthen us, O! Father, to if we cannot write, we can remember each other suffer, and grant us that spirit which can enable in that love which I trust at this moment fills us to say, for all I bless thee, most fur the semy heart, for both thee and thy W., hoping vere." when it is well with you, you will remember

Thy friend in love unchangeable, S. G. R. your suffering sister,

S. G. R.

(To be continued.) 9th mo. 23d, 1855. My dear Friend.-Thy letter of some weeks since was received with pleasure and, as ever, read with interest; and though some weeks may faithful in little things is something great."

Little things are little things, yet to be elapse before this sheet leaves my room, yet I ['We little know how much good we may thereby feel like making an attempt to commence a leto do in our daily intercourse anicng men.

We ter to thee,

read in the ci Good Book" that a few words 10th mo. 14th.--Three weeks have passed "firly spoken are like apples of gold in pictures since I attempted to reply to my friend's kind of silver ;” and haviug, I trust, known them letter, and as yet scarce half a page written, so verified in my own experience, I feel induced uncertain are the circumstances of my life. I to give them publicity, hoping the recital may seldom write through the week, except mere be an encouragement to some who may chance notes, for I am so liable to interruptions that, to read these lines to give expression to words perbaps, by the time I have arranged my writ- which might arise in the lite, while mingling ing waterials, some one enters, or something daily with our fellow beings. By so doing, occurs, and I have to lay them aside, which for who knows but that we may band a cup of cold one of my disabilities is no trifle. Then the water in the name of a disciple, and be as much I write to my brother and family takes " ministeriog angels" wherever we go.

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For Friends' Intelligencer.

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I remember many years ago,


hus- I

may further add that this dear mother, too, band bad gone from home on a gospel mission, has gone to her eternal home; but being dead, a dear “mother in Israel” came to see me, as - she yet speaketh.”

M. an evidence of her love and sympathy in my 3d month 30th, 1867. loneliness During the course of time we were together I made allusion to my situation, feeling

For Friends' Intelligencer. it keenly, and expressing concern how I might

Wood Lawn, Va., 3d mo. 30th, 1867. fulfil my duties, my health being frail, and In the turbinys and overturnings of Provi. many obstacles appearing to be in the way. dence I find myself in this pleasant neighborAfter I bad finished my remarks, she observed, hood. After attending Baltimore Yearly Meetafter a little pause, M

" Be a woman.

ing last fall, myself and wife came to this place, It was all she said, and I may acknowledge I and finding a great many freedmen here that Dever had words to make a derper impression needed assistance in their education, and being on my miod than these ; and while we sat si anxious to assist if possible in elevating this lently, I pondered on the magnitule of them, downtrodden people ; after spending some time and made a firm resolution (my Heavenly among them, we started a writing school in the Father assisting me) to rise above the weakness evening for the benefit of those who could not of nature, and endeavor to assume the


and go to day school. Becoming convinced that dignity of my stution. And I can testify these the most that was needed in their behalf was to were a great strength and support to me in encourage them personally by helping them to gettiog along comfortably during his absence. learn the rudiments of a common education, Since that time this dear one has passed away, and also being convinced that it was necessary aod in addition protracted and e.c'reme illness, for some willing bands to take hold of the and other trials of an afflictive character, have matter, we felt it right to leave our pleasant falleo to my lot; yet through times of the Western home and settle, for a time at least, greatest discouragement and weakness the lan- where we could lend a helping hand to the guage, "Be a woman! be a woman !” would great work. We would wish here to say a word ever and anon be ringing in mine ears, producto all the kind friends of the freedmen in the ing new life, strength and resolution, still to North. You are doing a noble work in helpbear my spirit up to struggle on through every ing to lift up from degradation a people long difficulty which might be in my path way, look- trodden under foot; and we verily believe that iog unto Him, who is able to make hard things the language will be sounded in your ears : easy and bitter things sweet to the resigned i “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the minil

. He can give contentment in any con- kingdom prepared for you from the foundation dition in which we may be placed, and will ever of the world, for I was an hungered and ye fulfil His gracious promises to those who seek gave me meat, thirsty and ye gare me drink, His face in humility and sincerity of heart. naked and ye clothed me, sick and in prison

Having been willing to be taught by the les- and ye visited me,” for surely you are helping 8008 banded forth to me, endeavoring to look in some respects the least of all Christ's brethren. on the bright side, and not consider that I had Let us encourage all to go on in the good more to bear than many others of the rational work, for you are receiving the hearty thanks family, I feel a desire to urye .upon my fellow of those you are aiding. probationers that they strive to improve by the We found it necessary to return to our circumstances which surround them, and, as Western home and arrange things there in the Apostle sayeth, "In all things to be in order to carry out our plan; and having, on structed,” and not give way to any childish dis our journey, occasion to stop among friends in couragements and reasonings, or consultations Ohio, we visited a neighborhood that we wish with flesh and blood, but stand vp nully for to call particular attention to as being worthy the right, as true men and women ucho love the of the notice of rightly concerned minds. truth, and whose greatest delight is in serving There are several families of Friends tbere bethe Lord. Thus shall we become vessels of sides several that are not members, but having honor, and “pillars in His Holy temple," to go been raised among Friends, and as their families Do more out, upon whom “ He will write His are growing up around them, they feel an inDew pame," wbich pode can know but those creasing interest in the Society. There is the who reerive it and are prepared to do the work material for a nice meeting if a start could only He may allot unto us; and wben His time be made. Will Friends travelling West please sball coine which is the best, be uble to lay down notice them ? they are located on the railroad our heads in peace with the blessed assurance leading from Columbus, Ohio, to Richmond, that “ we have finished the work He has given Indiana, by way of Piqua, at Cable Station in os to do,” and that “ a crown of righteousness” Champaign county, Post-office Chalfant. We is laid up for us, of wbich we shall become the would refer any Friends interested to Samuel blessed in heritors,

Peapington, Joseph Townsend or Haines Lin

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