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Now Laura's image haunts his soul,

In woe's dark tints arrayed;
While to his breast compassion stole,

And all her charms displayed.

For me, her native home (he said),

For me, each weeping friend, For me, a father's arms she fled

And shall not love attend ?


Say, for a chosen lover's sake,

What more could woman do ? And now that health and peace forsake,

Shall I forsake her too ?

Now stretched upon the naked ground,

Oppressed with pain and fear, She casts a languid eye around,

Nor sees Cabeysa near.


Now, now she weeps at my delay,

And shall neglect be mine? Submit, ye fears, to pity's sway,'

He spoke--and crossed the line.

Soon at his sight the fair resumed

Each captivating grace: On her pale cheek the rose re-bloomed,

And smiles illumed her face.

Yet to that cheek returned in 'vain

Bright health's vermillion dye, For bitter tears that cheek shall stain, And dim her brilliant


The youth returning thro' the gloom,

At midnight's secret hour, Was seized and to dishonour's tomb

Doomed by the martial power.

To meet his fate at wake of day

(Love's victim), he was led : No weakness did his cheek betray,

While to the chief he said,

• If in the battle death I've dared,

In all its horror drest, Think not this scene, by thee prepared, Sheds terror on my

breast :

Yet then at Laura's hapless fate,

My fortitude impairs,
Unmanned I sink beneath the weight

Of her oppressive cares.

Ah! when her grief-torn heart shall bleed,

Some little solace grant;
Oh guard her in the hour of need

From the rude hand of want.'

Now, kneeling on the fatal spot,

He twined the darkening band;
The twelve who drew the unwelcome lot,

Reluctant took their stand.

And now the murmuring throng grew dumb,

'Twas silent all-save where, At intervals the mournful drum,

Struck horror on the ear.

Now, with their death-fraught tubes up-reared,

The destined twelve were seen-
And now the explosion dire was heard,

That closed Cabeysa's scene.

Another scene remained behind,

For Laura to supplyShe comes ! mark how her tortured mind

Speaks thro' th' expressive eye.

Forbear-will ye in blood (she said),

Your cruel hands imbrue ?
On me-on me your vengeance shed,

To me alone 'tis due.

* Relent and to these arms again

The valiant youth restore ; I rave-already on the plain

He welters in his gore..

Advancing now, she pierced the crowd,

And reached the fatal place, Where, lifting from the corse the shroud,

No semblance could she trace.

• Is this—Oh blasting view ! (she cried),

The youth who loved too well ? His love for me the law defied,

And for that love he fell !

• When will the grave this form receive ?

The grave to which he's fled !
• There only there, I'll cease to grieve,'
She spoke and joined the dead.



Mark yon old mansion, frowning thro' the trees,
Whose hollow turret woos the whistling breeze ;
That casement, arched with ivy's brownest shade,
First to these eyes the light of heaven conveyed.
The mouldering gateway strews the grass-grown court,
Once the calm scene of many a simple sport ;
When nature pleased, for life itself was new,
And the heart promised what the fancy drew.
See through the fractured pediment revealed,
Where moss inlays the rudely sculptured shield,
The martin's old hereditary nest :
Long may the ruin spare its hallowed guest !
As jars the hinge, what sullen echoes call !
Oh haste, unfold the hospitable hall !

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