The Works of ... Sir David Lindsay of the Mount: Alias Lion King of Arms ...

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P. Williamson, and C. Elliot, 1776 - English poetry
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Page 16 - Lawes of this Region : Then would there not be halfe so great debate Among us people of the low estate. If every man the verity did knaw, We needed not to treat these men of Law.
Page 14 - Latin schools their glore for to advance, That their language might be over all common, To that intent, by mine opinion, Trusting that their empire should aye endure ; But of fortune always they were not sure.
Page 6 - And in that tree she did so high ascend, That, by no way, I might her apprehend. ' Sweet bird,' said I, ' beware ! Mount not over high!
Page 62 - ... aghast Through danger of the seis rage, Wald tak ane child of tender age, Whilk never had bene on the sea, And to his bidding all obey, Giving him haill the governall Of ship, marchand, and marinall. For dreid of rockis and foreland, To put the rudder in his hand. Without Goddis grace is no refuge : Gif there be danger, ye may judge. I give them to the Devil of Hell, Whilk first devisit that counsell. I will nocht say that it was treason, Bot I dar swear, it was no reason. I pray God let me never...
Page 16 - Evangell sung, Not knowing what the priest doth sing or say, But as a Bell when that they hear it rung, Yet would the Priests in their mother tongue, Passe to the Pulpet and that doctrine declare, To Laicke people, it were more necessare.
Page 15 - Leedes of every Land, Saying there have been more edification In five words, that folk do understand, Then to pronounce of words ten thousand, In strange language, and knows not what it means; I think such pratliag is not worth two preans.
Page 4 - On whom I did my diligence and cure. To learn her language artificial, To play platfute and quhissill foot before: But, of her inclination natural, She counterfeited all fowls, less and more.
Page 57 - To them ay babbling on our beeds That they may help us in our needs, What differs this, declare to me From the Gentiles idolatrie ? If this be true that thou reports It goes right near the self-same sorts; But we by counsel of Clergy Have license to make Imagery.^ • P.
Page 117 - Unmentionable, nefandam libidinem, "that sin which should be neither named nor committed,"27 the "detestable and abominable sin, amongst Christians not to be named," Whose vice in special, if I would declare, It were enough for to perturb the air, "things fearful to name...
Page 147 - Take a crowat, a pint-stoup, and a quart, A gallon pitcher, a punsion, and a tun. Of wine, or balm, give every one his part, And fill them full till they be over-run, The little crowat, in comparison. Shall be so full, that it can hold no more, Of such measures, though they were twenty XXXIV.

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