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Page 190, line 19, for evinced, read convinced.

282, 24, for common, read canon.
420, 5, read principle of free election,
495, 10, for thar, read that.
551, 7, for Martin, read Matin.
579, 3, for unlawful, read lawful.

Of the Authors and Books quoted or referred

to in this Work. . .

6 ACCOUNT of Church Government and Governors," Cincerte

auctore) by some attributed to Bishop Fleetwood. Acherley, “ Britannic Constitution.” “ Axta regia, an Abridgment of Rymer's Foedera." “ Antiquitates Parliamentaria." Aquinas, St. Thomas, “ De Regimine Principum.” soʻArchainomia, sive de priscis Anglorum Legibus," a Gul. Lambert. Atkyns, Sir Robert, “Enquiry into the Power of dispensing with

Penal Statutes."

Bacon, Nathaniel, “ Discourses upon the Laws and Government of

England.” Bag baw “ Readings." Baldwyn, Francis, « Refponfio altera ad Joannem Calvinum." Barrington, Hon. Daynes, “ Observations on the ancient Statutes." Bancroft, Archbishop, “ Dangerous Positions." Beda,« Ecclefiafticæ Historiæ Gentis Anglorum,” Lib. V. Bellarmine, Cardinal, “ De Laicis." Beza, Theodore, Vindiciæ contra Tyrannos.”

ao Reveille Matin."

.“ De Jure Magistratûs." Blackstone, “ Commentaries of the Laws of England.” Bodinus, " De Republicâ." Bohun, Will. Collection of Debates, Reports, &c. in Parliament.** « Book of Common Prayer.” Braeton, “ De Legibus & Consuetudinibus Angliæ." Brady, Dr. “ Tracts."

“ History of the Succession of the Crown of England." Brès, Guy de, “ Erreurs des Anabaptistes." Britton, “ Concerning the Ancient Pleas of the Crown." Buchannan Of the due Privilege of the Scots Government." Burke, “ Reflections on the Revolution in France.”

" Appeal from the New, to the Old Whigs." Burnet, Bishop, “ History of the Reforination." Busenbaum, Father, “ De Homicidio." Calvin, John, Institutions.” : Cambden, « Britannia." Case of the Regale and Pontificale stated," (incerto auctore) by some

attributed to Dr. Lelly. Cæfar, “ Commentaria de Bello Gallico." Cicero, “ Fragmenta de Republicâ.” ..

« Oratio pro Sexto Roscio." Clarendon, Lord, “ History of the late Rebellion,"

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Coke, Sir Edward, “ Reports from 14 Eliz. to 13 James I.” '

- « Institutes.” to Cooper, Rev. Mr. ( First Principles of Civil and Ecclesiastical Govern..

ment.” Collier, Rev. Mr. “ Church History.". .. . Cotton, Sir Robert, Pofthuma."

- " Abridgment of the Records of the Tower," published by Prynne. Crompton, “ Of Courts.” Differtation upon Parties," incerto au&ore. Dolman, i. e. Parson, “ Conference about the next Succession of the

Crown of England.” Dugdale, “ Short View of the late Troubles." Dyer, Sir James, “ Reports temp. Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mar.

& Eliz.” Eden, William, (now Lord Auckland) “ Principles of Penal Laws:"" Erskine, Hon. Mr. “ Argument upon the Rights of Juries.*' #colampadius, “ Epistolæ.”. ; Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray. Finch, “ Nemotecnia.” Fitzberbert, Father, " Treatise concerning Policy and Religion;" .

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" Calendar."

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of Sir Edward Hales." Heylin, Dr. “ Reformation of England justified.”

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