Music from the Tang Court: Volume 7: Some Ancient Connections Explored

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Cambridge University Press, Jan 31, 2007 - Music - 328 pages
The series of volumes of Music from the Tang Court considers a repertory of music at least 1400 years old. During the two centuries before 841 the Japanese Court borrowed a large amount of secular entertainment music from China. This 'Tang Music' (Togaku) survives in Japan in a substantial body of manuscripts, but is transformed in character in contemporary performance. This edition transcribes and comments on the music as it survives in its earliest sources. This process has revealed surprising evidence for ancient interconnections in Asian musics, and the essays in this seventh volume present aspects of this research to date. They provide evidence, for example, of music in a scale of four notes only from Bali and from Ancient China, as well as, most significantly, for the transportation from the Tang capital to Japan of 'several tens of scrolls of music in tablature'.

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How the Togaku Repertory was acquired by the Japanese and the
In search of the music of preNara Japan
Old Music New Music and other classificatory terms in the
Locational and functional names of notes in modal notesets
Modal notesets and related matters
in Ancient and Modern India and Persia
in Ancient Greece
The Modal System of Togaku as a Vestige of the 28 ModeKeys

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