Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

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Linkgua digital, 1922 - Language and languages - 189 pages

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1 The world is all that is the case
3 A logical picture of facts is a thought
4 A thought is a proposition with a sense
5 A proposition is a truthfunction of elementary propositions
6 The general form of a truthfunction is p E NE This is the general form of a proposition
7 What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence

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______________________________________________________________76 _____________________________________________________________113 __________________________________________________________83 __________________________________________________________94 _________________________________________________________109 _______________________________________________________99 ______________________________________________________101 affairs affix argument axiom of infinity axiom of reducibility clear combination common completely conceptual notation connexion constructed corresponds depict describe elementary propositions essential example existence and non-existence expressed by means fact follows from q formal concept formal properties Frege and Russell function give given gramophone record identical impossible inference internal property internal relation language laws of logic limits logical constants logical form logical propositions logical space modus ponens names natural science negated proposition nonsensical objects p z q philosophy pictorial form primitive propositions primitive signs priori propo propositional form propositional sign propositional variable propositions of logic question reality represent Russell’s sense series of forms sign-language simple signs sitions spatial stand structure symbols Tautologies and contradictions tence things thought tions truth-conditions truth-function of elementary truth-grounds truth-possibilities values visual field yield a tautology

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