Plants that Fight Cancer

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Spiridon E. Kintzios, Maria G. Barberaki
CRC Press, Jan 15, 2004 - Science - 312 pages
An increasing amount of cancer research is being directed towards the investigation of plant-derived anticancer compounds, many of which have been used in traditional herbal treatments for centuries. Plants that Fight Cancer is an up-to-date, extensive review of plant genera and species with documented anti-tumor and anti-leukaemic properties. Following an overview of the disease and the diverse methods of therapy and clinical testing, the book provides a detailed examination of the plants whose compounds are currently used in conventional cancer treatment, the species which show the greatest potential as future candidates, and other species with established anticancer properties. The third section explores each of more than 150 terrestrial plant genera and species, with a review of their traditional uses, mythology, botany, active ingredients, and product applications, along with photographs and illustrations and an analysis of expected results and risks. The text closes with a discussion of algal extracts and isolated metabolites with anticancer activity, a summary of published research for each species, and chemical structures of the most important compounds.

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