The madman of St. James', tr. from the Germ. of Philip Galen, by T.H.

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Page 174 - ... and what we ought to do and what we ought not to do, whoever came into the world without having an innate idea of them?
Page 50 - ... follow back his own trail, and at the worst I should only have to walk to the camp. I should have the satisfaction of punishing the buffalo for the trick he had served me ; and with this design I turned towards him. I saw that he had not followed the horse, but was again heading himself in my direction. Now, for the first time, it occurred to me that I was in something of a scrape. The bull was coming furiously on. Should my shot miss, or even should it only wound him, how was I to escape ? I...
Page 87 - Once, roused by the taunts of his brother officers, he had taken it into his head that he should like to be captain in reality, instead of only in name.
Page 285 - The first outburst of joy, of surprise, and thankfulness towards Him who is the author and giver of all good things...

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