The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, and All Useful Discoveries and Improvements in Rural Affairs

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Hovey and Company, 1853 - Country life

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Page 247 - Some drill and bore The solid earth, and from the strata there Extract a register, by which we learn, That he who made it, and reveal'd its date To Moses, was mistaken in its age.
Page 516 - September and the middle of the next month, when the maple, the elm, the hornbeam, the hickory, the beech and the chestnut are in their full splendor. During this period the yellow, orange and scarlet hues predominate in the tints of the foliage. The second period occupies a space of about two weeks from the end of the first, when the oaks have fully ripened their tints, and many of the trees just named have become leafless. This period is remarkable for a predominance of red, crimson and purple...
Page 200 - It consists of a small metal cylinder, three and a half inches long, and two and a half in diameter.
Page 203 - Northumberland County. Size large ; roundish ; red, sometimes blended with yellow on the shaded side; stem variable in length, of medium thickness; cavity rather wide, moderately deep; basin uneven, shallow; flesh yellowish, crisp; flavor pleasant, agreeably saccharine, and resembles, in some measure, that of the Carthouse...
Page 177 - The annual meeting for the election of officers, was held on the 7th March, when the following were elected for the year:— President—Dr.
Page 168 - ... very good."—From WG Waring. The Hector.—A seedling apple of Chester County : large, oblong, conical, striped and mottled with red on a yellow ground ; stem three-quarters of an inch long, slender, inserted in a deep, open, russeted cavity; basin narrow, deep, furrowed ; flesh crisp; texture fine; flavor pleasant; quality
Page 549 - Bunch, of medium size, tolerably compact, and sometimes shouldered. Berry, below medium, five-eighths of an inch in diameter; form round; color, greenish white with occasionally a faint salmon tint, and thickly covered with white bloom; flesh, juicy with but little pulp; flavor, pleasant; quality "very good.
Page 48 - ... over connecting roads. The greater number concur in the statement that such arrangements are the subject of special agreement, as to which the corporations interested claim and exercise the absolute authority of natural persons in the daily affairs of business. The evidence discloses what is fully known to all who have given any attention to the subject, that, as to business intercourse, railway companies assume to be absolutely independent of each other. In the strife of competition it is not...
Page 78 - Busehur, in all of which he has frequently met with it. It grows in rich black mould, the bulb close to the surface, at from 7500 to .9000 feet above the level of the sea, where it is covered with snow from November to April, or thereabouts. The hollow stems are commonly from six to nine feet high, and are used for musical pipes. The fruit ripens in November and December.
Page 214 - Cold Grapery. From direct American Practice: being a' concise and detailed Treatise on the Cultivation of the Exotic Grape Vine, under Glass without artificial heat By Wm, Chorlton, Gardener to JC Green, Esq., Btaten Island, NY Price SO cents.

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