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Copyright 1908,

Topeka, Kansas.


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ON account of the demand for the first volume of the “WINNING ORATIONS" of the Inter-State Oratorical Association, we have decided to publish another volume, containing the first- and second-prize orations from 1891 to the present time. In addition to these we have included an article on the “Qualities of a Winning Oration,” by Prof. Thomas C. Trueblood, of the University of Michigan, and the subjects of all the orations of the Inter-State Oratorical Contests for the last seventeen years and of the first- and second-prize orations from 1874 to 1890 inclusive, -making over 200 in all.

We hope in the study of these orations that the student will not only find in them pleasure, profit, and instruction, but will also gain an idea of what constitutes a good oration and will be materially assisted in writing a good one himself. The article by Prof. Trueblood, on the “Qualities of a Winning Oration,” is from a teacher who has been most successful, and holds the record in America for training winning orators and debaters. He is eminently in position to know what are the “Qualities of a Winning Oration," and to all who are interested in oratory there will be found many suggestions that will prove helpful, and especially to those who are aspiring to oratorical



honors. The choosing of a suitable subject is a difficult task that confronts almost every student, and the long list of subjects included will no doubt prove suggestive and help the individual orator to select something that is peculiarly adapted to himself.

We respectfully submit this volume to the public in the belief that it will not only prove helpful to all students of oratory, but cherish the fond hope that it shall serve to awaken that slumbering power of American students, and arouse them to action in that useful art which has proved such a blessing to the human race.

The portraits of the orators are the reproductions of photographs of them made as near the time the oration was delivered as it was possible for us to secure them.

There has been for some years past a demand that this second volume be published. But in the very nature of the work will be found the reason for the delay. There are but two orations each year to be included.

The publication of this work will be continued by this house, and a third volume will be issued as soon as the material for it shall accumulate.

We have brought out the third edition of Vol. I, being the first- and second-prize winners 1874–1890. Price, $1.75. The work is uniform in style and quality with this volume.


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