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Page 224 - When I left the duchess, I went to a house which Evans had found out for me, and where she promised to acquaint me where my lord was. She got thither some few minutes after me, and told me, that when she had seen him secure, she went in search of Mr. Mills, who by this time had recovered himself from his astonishment ; that he had returned to her house, where she had found him; and that he had removed my lord from the first place, where she had desired him to wait, to the house of a poor woman, directly...
Page 198 - Wilmot, in case we went anywhere else, and that would be very inconvenient both to him and me. So we rode directly into the best inn of the place, and found the yard very full of soldiers. I alighted, and taking the horses, thought it the best way to go blundering in among them, and lead them through the middle of the soldiers into the stable, which I did ; and they were very angry with me for my rudeness.
Page 220 - Everybody in the room, who were chiefly the guards' wives and daughters, seemed to compassionate me exceedingly; and the sentinel officiously opened the door. ' When I had seen her out, I returned back to my lord, and finished dressing him. I had taken care that Mrs Mills did not go out crying as she came in, that my lord might...
Page 218 - Tower, having so many things on my hands to put in readiness ; but in the evening, when all was ready, I sent for Mrs. Mills, with whom I lodged, and acquainted her with my design of attempting my lord's escape, as there was no prospect of his being pardoned ; and this was the last night before the execution. I told her...
Page 157 - This is an unspeakable mercy. I trust the Lord will follow it until He hath perfected peace and truth. We can truly say, we were gone as far as we could in our counsel and action ; and we did say one to another, we knew not what to do.
Page 220 - I perceived it was growing dark, and was afraid that the light of the candles might betray us ; so I resolved to set off. I went out, leading him by the hand ; and he held his handkerchief to his eyes. I spoke to him in the most afflicted and piteous tone of voice; bewailing bitterly the negligence of Evans, who had ruined me by her delay. Then said I, My dear Mrs.
Page 140 - Because they expect many bodies of men more out of the North of Scotland ; which when they come, they give out they will then engage. But I believe they would rather tempt us to attempt them in their fastness, within which they are entrenched ; or else hoping we shall famish for want of provisions ; — which is very likely to be, if we be not timely and fully supplied. I remain, ' My Lord, Your most humble servant, OLIVER CROMWELL.
Page 28 - Hugh Macdonald of Armadale, in the Isle of Sky ; and has by him two sons and two daughters. This gentleman was esteemed the strongest man of the name of Macdonald. Miss Flora was...
Page 65 - ... levelled with earth and gravel. There were betwixt the trees, growing naturally on their own roots, some stakes fixed in the earth, which, with the trees, were interwoven with ropes, made of heath and birch twigs...
Page 219 - Mills was then with child; so that she was not only of the same height, but nearly of the same size as my Lord. When we were in the coach, I never ceased talking, that they might have no leisure to reflect. Their surprise and astonishment, when I first opened my design to them, had made them consent, without ever thinking of the consequences. On our arrival at the Tower, the first I introduced was Mrs.

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