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• BERDON, 7 miles S.W.from Saffron-Wal-1 and popula. included therein. Fairs,

den. Popula. 338. Here was an Au- July 11, Oct. 15 and 16, for horses and
gustine Friary, founded in the reign of horned cattle.
Hen. III.; yearly income 31l. 5s. 14d. ; | BRIGHTLINGSEA, 17 miles S.E. from
now worth 6251. 28. 6d. ; granted, 30

Colchester. Popula. 1,528. Fairs, first
Henry VIII., to Henry Parker.

Thurs. in June, Oct. 15, for horses. BERGHOLT (West), 2 miles N.W. from

BROOK-STREET, in South-Weald parish, Colchester. Popula. 694. Fairs, June

and popula. included therein. At this 22, cattle and toys.

place there was a Free Chapel, founded BIRCH (Great and Little), 3 miles S.W. in the reign of Edw, I. ; granted, 7 from Colchester. Popula. 662.

Edw. VI., to Sir Anthony Brown and BIRCHANGER, 3 miles N.W. from Dun. Richard Weston.

mow. Popula. 336. Here was an BROOMFIELD, 3 miles N. from Chelms. Hospital, founded in the reign of King ford. Popula. 624. John, by Richard Serlo; valuation | BROMLEY (Great), 4 miles E. from Col231. 108. 8d., now worth 4701. 13s. 4d.;

chester. Popula. 693. granted, by Hen. VIII., to Sir Martin

BROMLEY (Little), 44 miles N.E. from Bowes.

Colchester. Popula. 349. BIRDBROOK, 3 miles S.W. from Haverhill. Popula. 460.

BROXTED, 3 miles N.W. from Dunmow.

Popula. 597. BISHOP-STORTFORD.-See Herts.

BULMER, 1 mile W. from Sudbury. BLACKMORE,5 miles S.W. from Chelmsford. Popula. 657. Fair, Aug. 21,

Popula. 628. Fair, two days before for cattle in general. Here was an

Holy-Thurs., for cattle, hops, &c. Augustine Monastery, founded, in the BULPHAM, 4 miles W. from Rochford. reign of King John, by Adam and Jor Popula. 242. dan de Samford ; income 851. 9s. 7d. BUMPSTEAD-HELION, 14 mile S.W. yearly, now worth 1,7091. 118. 8d.; from Haverhill. Popula. 773.

granted, 32 Hen. VIII., to John Smith. | BUMPSTEAD-STEEPLE, 2 miles S. BOBBINGWORTH, 24 miles N.W. from from Haverhill. Popula. 961. Chipping-Ongar. Popula. 277.

BURES, 3 miles S.E. from Sudbury. Po. BOCKING, 2 miles N. from Braintree.

pula. 455. Popula. 2,786.

BURES (St. Mary).-See Suffolk. BOREHAM, 34 miles N.E. from Chelms

BURNHAM, 5 miles S. E. from Rochford. ford. Popula. 918,

Popula. 1,371. Fairs, April 25, Sept. BORLEY, 24 miles N.W. from Sudbury. 24, for toys. Popula. 195.

BURSTEAD (Great), 1 mile S. from BOWERS-GIFFORD, 54 miles N.W. from

Billericay. Popula. 1,861.
Rochford. Popula. 221.

BURSTEAD (Little), 14 mile S. from BOXTED, 1 mile S.E. from Neyland.

Billericay. Popula. 201.
Popula. 793.
BRADFIELD, 9 miles N.E. from Colches-

BUTTSBURY, 5 miles S. from Chelms.

ford. Popula. 522. ter. Popula. 822. BRADWELL-NEAR-THE-SEA, 8 miles

CANFIELD (Great), 24 miles S.W. from
S.E. from Maldon. Popula 904. Fair,

Dunmow. Popula. 434.
June 24, for toys.

CANFIELD (Little), 1 mile W. from DunBRADWELL-NEXT-COGGESHALL, 1 | mow. Popula. 249. mile W. from Coggeshall. Popula.

CANEW DON,2 miles N.E.from Rochford. 317.

Popula. 732. Fair, June 24, for toys. BRAINTREE, 40 miles N.E. from London. CANVEY, in Canvey-Island, in Laindon

Popula. 2,983. Market, Wed.; fairs, parish, and popula. included therein. May 8, Oct. 2 and 3, for cattle, butter, 6 miles S.W. from Rochford, Fair, cheese, &c.

June 25, for toys. BRAXTED (Great), 3 miles E. from CHADWELL, in the 'parish of Barking, Witham. Popula. 508.

and popula, included therein. 8 miles BRAXTED (Little), 1 mile E. from E.N.E. from London. Witham. Popula. 117.

CHADWELL (St. Mary's), 1 mile X.E. BRENTWOOD, in South-Weald parish, from Grays-Thurrock Popula. 902.

CHAPEL or PONTISBRIGHT, 4 miles | parishes of All Saints. Popula. 105.. S.E. from Halstead. Popula. 331.

Bere-Church. Popula. 122.' Botolph. CHATLEY, in Great Leigh's parish, and

Popula. 2,130. St. Giles. Popula. popula. included therein.

1,326. Greenstead. Popula. 510. CHELMSFORD with MOULSHAM, 29

St. James. Popula. 1,265. St. Leo

nard, Popula. 844. Lexden. Popula. miles N.E. from London. Popula. 4,994.

932. St. Martin. Popula. 813.' St. Market, Fri. ; fairs, May 12, Oct. 12, Mary-at-the-Walls. Popula. 1,147, for cattle. Here was a Dominican

St. Michael, Miles-End. Popula. 447. Friary, founded at an early date, or

St. Nicholas. Popula. 980. St. Peter. in the adjoining hamlet of Fulsham ;

Popula. 1,647. St. Runwald. Popula. income 91. 6s. 5d. yearly, now worth

426. Holy-Trinity. Popula. 521. Mar. 1861, 8s. 4d.; granted, 34 Hen. VIII.,

kets, Wed, and Sat.; fairs, Easterto Antony Bonvixi.

Tues., wholesale tailors; July 5, horses; CHESTERFORD (Great), 3 miles N.W. July 23, cattle and horses; Oct. 20,

from Saffron-Walden. Popula. 755. Fair, cattle, borses, butter, and toys. A corJuly 5, for horses, &c.

porate town, having a mayor, recorder, CHESTERFORD (Little), 2 miles N.W. eleven aldermen, town-clerk, eighteen from Saffron-Walden. Popula. 192.

assistants and 18 common councilmen. CHICKNEY, 5 miles N.W. from Dun

Sends two members to parliament: right

of election in the mayor, aldermen, mow. Popula. 66.

common council, and free burgesses not CHIGNAL-SMEALY, 3 miles N.W. from

receiving alms: number of voters, 1,400. Chelmsford. Popula. 74.

Here there was a Benedictine Abbey, CHIGNAL (St. James), 2 miles N.W. from founded, in the year 1095, by Eudo, Chelmsford. Popula, 217.

courtier of William the Conqueror; inCHIGWELL, 9 miles S.W. from Chipping come 5231. 17s. 04d. yearly, now worth Ongar. Popula. 1,696. Fair, Sept.

10,4771. Os. 10d. ; granted, 1 Edw. VI., So, for hiring servants.

to John Earl of Warwick. An Augustine CHILDERDITCH, 4 miles W. from Bil.

Friary, founded, in the reign of Hen. I.,

in the south part of the town, by Erlericay. Popula. 289.

nulphus, who became afterwards Prior CHINGFORD, 4 miles N. from Waltham

of it; income 1131. 12s. 8d. yearly, now Abbey. Popula. 837.

worth 2,2721. 13s. 4d.; granted, 28 CHISHALL (Great), 6 miles N.W. from Hen. VIII., to Sir Thomas Audley. A Saffron-Walden. Popula. 353.

Friary, without the walls of the town, CHISHALL (Little), 5 miles N.W. from

on the southward; founded, in the year Saffron-Walden. Popula. 71.

1244, for the crutched Friars; value

71.7s.8d. yearly, now worth 1471. 135.4d.; CHRISHALL, 5 miles N.W. from Saffron

granted 35 Hen. VIII., to Thomas Lord Walden. Popula. 411.

Audley. Monastery of Grey Friars ; CLACTON (Great), 10 miles S.E. from founded, in the year 1309, by Robert

Colchester Popula. 1,075. Fair, Lord Fitzwalter, near the east gate, who
June 29, for toys.

became a Friar before his death, in 1325; CLACTON (Little), 9 miles S.E. from granted, 36 Hen. VIII., to Francis

Colchester. Popula. 494. Fair, July Jobson and Andrew Audley, and by 25, for toys.

King Edw. VI., to John Earl of War.

wick. CLAVERING, 5 miles S.W. from Saffron.

COLD-NORTON, 4 miles S. from Maldon. Walden. Popula. 1,081.

Popula. 226. COGGESHALL (Great), 44 miles N.E.

COLNE (Earle's), 1 mile S.E. from Halfrom London. Popula. 2,896. Market,

stead. Popula. 1,229. Fair, March 28, Sat.; fairs, Whít.-Tues, and Wed.,

cattle and toys. Here was a Benedictine for toys, and horses. Here was a Cis

Priory, founded in the reign of Hen. I., tercian Abbey, founded in the year

by Albericus de Vere, who became a 1142, by King Stephen; yearly income

Monk there; yearly value 1751.14s. 8 d., 2981. 8s., now worth 5,9681. ; granted,

now worth 5,5141. 14s. 2d.; granted, 28 29 Hen. VIII., to Sir Thomas Seymor.

Hen. VIII., to John Earl of Oxford. COGGESHALL (Little), 1 mile S. from COLNE-EUGAIN, 1 mile S.E. from Coggeshall. Popula. 362.

Halstead. Popula. 547. COLCHESTER, 51 miles N.E. from Lon-I COLNE-WAKES, 34 miles S.E. from

don. Popula. 14,016. It contains the Halstead. Popula. 417.


COLNE-WHITE, 3 miles S.E. from EASTHORPE, 1 mile S.E. from CoggesHalstead. Popula. 298.

hall. Popula. 175. COPFORD, 4 miles S.E. from Coggeshall. EASTWOOD, 1 mile S. from Rochford. Popula. 592.

Popula. 530. CORRINGHAM, 5 miles N.E. from Grays

ELMDON, 5 miles N.W. from SaffronThurrock. Popula. 235.

Walden. Popula. 601.

ELMSTEAD, 4 miles N.E. from ColchesCRANHAM, 4 miles S. E. from Romford.

ter. Popula. 693. Fair, May 4, toys. Popula. 289.

ELSENHAM, 4 miles N.W.from Dunmow. CREEKSEA, 6 miles S.E. from Maldon.

Popula. 434. Popula. 152.

EPPING, 16 miles N.E. from London. CRESSING, 2 miles S.W. from Coggeshall. Popula. 2,146. Market, Fri.; fairs, Popula. 489. Here there was a Pre

Whit-Tues., Nov. 13, horses, cows, ceptory of Knights Templars, founded

and sheep. by King Stephen, in the year 1150; granted, 35 Hen. VIII., to Sir W.

EPPING-UPLAND with RYHILL, in Hughes, Knt.

Epping parish, and popula, included

therein. DANBURY, 4 miles S.E. from Chelmsford.

· FAIRLOP-OAK, 2 miles E. from Wood. Popula. 1,005. Fair, May 29, toys. I

ford, in Henault-Forest. A pleasure DANGENHAM, 3 miles E. from Barking. fair, on the first Fri. in July. Popula. 1,864.

FAIRSTED, 2 miles N.W from Witham. DEBDEN, 3 miles S.E. from Saffron Popula. 263. Walden. Popula. 940.

FARNBRIDGE (North), 5 miles S, from DEDHAM, 6 miles N.E. from Colchester. Maldon. Popula, 147,

Popula. 1,651. Fair, Easter-Tuesday, FARNBRIDGE (South), 2 miles N. from toys.

Rochford. Popula. 107, DENGIE, 8 miles S.E. from Maldon. FARNHAM, 8 miles S.W. from SaffronPopula. 234.

Walden. Popula. 470. DODDINHURST, 2 miles S.E. from FAULKBOURN, 1 mile N.W. from Chipping-Ongar. Popula. 336.

Witham. Popula. 168. DONYLAND (East), 1 mile S.E. from

FEELSTEAD, 3 miles S.E. from Dunmow, Colchester. Popula. 562.

Popula. 1,724. DOWNHAM, 1 mile N.E. from Billericay.

FEERING, 1 mile S. from Coggeshall. Popula. 315.

Popula. 615.

FINCHINGFIELD, 7 miles W. from DUNMOW (Great), 37 miles N.E. from London. Popula. 2,409. Market, Sat. ; | FINGRINGHOE. 3 miles S.E. from Col.

Halstead. Popula. 2,007. fairs, May 6, Nov. 8, cattle.

chester. Popula. 472. Fair, Easter. DUNMOW (Little), 1 mile E. from Mon., toys.

Dunmow. Popula. 342. Here was an FOBBING, 5 miles N.E. from Grays. Augustine Monastery, founded, in the

Thurrock. Popula. 407. year 1104, by Lady Juga; revenue

FORDHAM, 3 miles N.W. from Col. 1731. 28. 4d., now worth 3,4621. 6s. 8d.; granted, 28 Hen. VIII., to Robert Earl

chester. Popula. 696. of Sussex.

FOULNESS, 5 miles S.E. from Rochford. DUNTON, 4 miles S.W. from Billericay.

Popula. 565. Fair, July 10, toys. Popula. 133.

FOXEARTH,2 miles N.W. from Sudbury. EASTER (Good), 5 miles S. from Dun

Popula. 436. mow. Popula. 478.

FRATING, 5 miles S.E. from Colchester,

Popula. 263. EASTER (High), 3 miles S. from Dunmow.

FRINTON, 12 miles S.E. from Colchester, Popula. 819.

Popula. 45. EASTON (Great), 2 miles N. from Dun- | FRYERNING, 5 miles S.W. from Chelmsmow. Popula. 755.

ford. Popula. 612, EASTON (Little), 1 mile N.E. from FYFIELD, 14 mile N. from Chipping. Dunmow. Popula, 303,

Ongar. Popula. 583.

GESTINGTHORPE, 24 miles S.W. from HATFIELD-BROAD-OAK, or REGIS, Sudbury. Popula. 694.

5 miles S.W. from Dunmow. Popula, GOLDHANGER, 4 miles N.E, from Mal

1,693. Fair, Aug. 5, lambs. Here don. Popula. 459. Fair, May 14, toys.

there was a Benedictine Priory, founded,

in the year 1140, by Aubrey de Vere, GOSFIELD, 1 mile w. from Halstead.

father of the Earl of Oxford ; revenues Popula. 598.

1571, 3s. 24d., now worth 3,1431.4s. 2d.; GRAYS.-See Thurrock.

granted, 32 Hen. VIII., to Thomas GREENSTEAD, 1 mile S.W. from Chip Noke. piog-Ongar. Popula. 131.

HATFIELD-PEVERELL, 2 miles S.W. HADLEIGH, 34 miles N.W. from Roch from Witham. Popula. 1,101. Fair,

ford. Popula. 329. Fair, June 24, Whit-Tues., toys. toys.

| HAVENGORE-MARSH, 4 miles S.E. HADSTOCK, 4 miles W. from Haverhill.

from Rochford. Popula. 23. Popula. 392. Fair, June 28, horses, &c.

HAVERHILL.-See Suffolk, HALLINGBURY (Great), 6 miles S.W. HAVERING-ATTE-BOWER, 2 miles N.

from Dunmow. ' Popula. 678. Fair, I from Romford. Popula. 352. Whit-Tues., toys.

HAWKWELL, 1 mile N. from Rochford, HALLINGBURY (Little), 6 miles S.W. Popula. 362. from Dunmow. Popula. 470.

HAYDON, 6 miles N.W, from Saffron. HALSTEAD, 46 miles N.E. from London.

Walden. Popula. 272. Popula. 3,858. Market, Fri.; fairs, May 6, Oct. 29, cattle. Here there HAZLELEIGH, 2 miles S. from Maldon. was a Benedictine Cell, founded, in the Popula. 128. reign of William the Conqueror, by Ingelrica, wife of Ranulf 'Peverell;

HEDINGHAM (Castle), 3 miles N.W. income 831. 195. 7d. yearly, now worth

from Halstead. Popula. 1,163. Here 1,6791. 115.8d.; granted, 29 Hen. VIII.,

there was a Benedictine Nunnery, to Giles Leigh.

founded, in the year 1190, by Aubrey

de Vere, first Earl of Oxford, or rather HANNINGFIELD (East), 5 miles S.E.

by biş Countess Lucia, who became the from Chelmsford. Popula. 398.

first Prioress; revenues, at the suppresHANNINGFIELD (West), 3} miles S.E. sion, 291. 12s. 10d., now worth 3921. from Chelmsford. Popula. 468.

16$. 8d.; granted, 28 Hen. VIII., to

John Earl of Oxford. HANNINGFIELD (South), 5 miles S.E.

from Chelmsford. Popula. 176. HEDINGHAM (Sible), 3 miles N.W. HAM (East),

from Halstead. Popula. 2,060. mile w. from Barking. Popula. 1,424.

HEMPSTEAD, 6 miles E. from SaffronHAM (West), 4 mile W. from Barking.

Walden. Popula. 635. Popula. 9,753.

HENHAM, 5 miles S. from Saffron Walden. HARLOW, 9 miles S.W. from Dunmow. Popula. 804.

Popula. 1,928. Fairs, May 13, wool; HENNY (Great), 2 miles S.W. from Sud. Sept. 9, Nov. 28, horses and cattle.

bury. Popula. 368. HARWICH, 72 miles N.E. from London. | HENNY (Little), 27 miles S.W. from

Popula. 4,010. It contains the two pa Sudbury. Popula. 59. rishes of Dover-Court and St. Nicholas.

HEYBRIDGE, 14 mile N. from Maldon. Market, Tues, and Fri.; fairs, May 1, Oct. 18, toys. A corporate town, hav.

Popula. 868. ing a mayor, seven aldermen, recorder. HOCKLEY, 2 miles N.W. from Rochford. and twenty-four capital burgesses. Sends Popula. 78+. two members to parliament: right of election is in the mayor. aldermen, and | HOLLAND (Great), 10 miles S.E. from capital burgesses : number of voters,

Colchester. Popula. 413. Fair, June 32.

22, pedlary. HASTINGWOOD, in North-Weald-Basset HOLLAND (Little), 11 miles S.E, from

parish, and popula. included therein. Colchester. Popula. 73.


HOLYFIELD, in Waltham-Abbey parisb, LANGDON-HILLS, 7 miles S. from Bil. and popula. included therein.

lericay. Popula. 205. HORKSLEY (Great), 1 mile S. from Ney. LANGENHOE, 4 miles S. from Colchesland. Popula. 623.

ter. Popula. 131. HORKSLEY (Little), 2 miles S.W. from LANGFORD, 2 miles N. from Maldon.

Neyland. Popula. 238. Here there Popula. 251. was a Cluniac Priory, founded, in the LANGHAM, 3 miles S.E. from Neyland. reign of Hen. I., by Robert Fits Gode

Popula. 725. bold; revenues 381. 145. 7d., now worth 7745. 118. 8d.

LANGLEY, 5 miles S.W. from Saffron: HORNCHURCH, 1 mile S.E. from Rom.

Walden. Popula. 320. ford. Popula. 1,938.

LATTON, 5 miles S. from Bisbop-Stort. HORNDON (East), 3 miles S.W. from

ford. Popula. 378. Here was an Au. Billericay. Popula. 459. Market, Sat.; I

gustine Priory, founded, before 20 Edx. fair, June 29, wool.

1., by some person whose name is not HORNDON (West), 24 miles N.W. from

known; granted, 28 Hen. VIII., to Sir

Henry Parker. Grays-Thurrock. Popula. 45.

LATCHINGTON, 5 miles S.E. from Mal. HORNDON-ON-THE-HILL, 3 miles

don Popula. 414. Fairs, June ?, N.E. from Grays-Thurrock. Popula.

toys; Aug. 27, a great lamb fair. 420. HUTTON, 1 mile W. from Billericay. Po

LAYER (High), 4 miles N.W. from Chippula. 418.

ping-Ongar. Popula. 464, ILFORD (Little), 1 mile N.W. from LAVER (Little), 4 miles N. from ChipBarking. Popula. 87.

ping-Ongar. Popula. 107. ILFORD, in Barking parish, and popula. | LAVER-MAGDALEN, 3 miles N.W.

included therein. miles N... from from Chipping-Ongar. Popula. 236.

London, on the Chelmsford road. LAWFORD, 1 mile S.W. from Manning, INGATESTONE, 5 miles S.W. from tree. Popula. 688.

Chelmsford. Popula. 747. Fair, Dec. | LAWRENCE (St.), 6 miles S.E. from 1, all sorts of cattle. Near this place

Maldon. Popula. 229. there was an Augustine Priory, founded early, by Michael Capra, and wife, and | LAYER-BRETON, 4 miles S.W. from son; value 751. 10s. 60. yearly, now Colchester. Popula. 259. worth 1,5101. 108. ; granted, 22 Hen. | LAYER-DE-LA-HAY. 3 miles S.W. (rom VIII., to Sir Richard Page, Knt.

Colchester. Popula. 603. INGRAVE, 2 miles S.W. from Billericay. LAYER-MARNEY, 6 miles S.W. from Popula. 427.

Colches er. Popula. 246. Here were, a INWORTH, 24 miles S. from Coggeshall.

College, founded, in the year 1330, by Popula. 437.

William de Morney, Lord of the Manor.

An Hospital, or Almshouse, erected, in KELVEDON, 2 miles N.E. from Witham,

the year 1523, in pursuance of the will Popula. 1,328. Fair, Easter-Monday,

of Henry Lord Norney ; granted, by toys.

Queen Elizabeth, to William Tipper KELVEDON-HATCH, 2 miles S. from and Robert Dawe. Chipping-Ongar. Popula. 336.

LEE (East or Chapel), in East-Tilbury KIRBY, 11 miles S.E. from Colchester. parish, and popula. included therein. Popula. 85. Fair, July 26, toys.

LEIGH, 14 miles S. from Rochford. Po. KITTON or KEDDINGTON.-See Suf pula. 903. Fair, second Tues, in May, folk.

toys. LAINDON. 24 miles S. from Billericay. | LEIGHS, 69 miles N. from Chelmsford. Popula. 544.

Popula. 667. Here was an Augustine

Priory, founded, in the reign of Hen. LAMBOURNE, 9 miles S.W. from Chip.

III., by Sir Ralph Gernoun; Fearly reping-Ongar. Popula. 729.

venua 1411. 14s. Bd., now worth 2,8341. LAMARSH, 3 miles S. from Sudbury. | 13s. 4d.; granted, 27 Hen. VIII., to Popula. 331.

Sir Richard Rich. '

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