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ANINLAND COUnty, bounded on the North

by Worcestershire and Warwickshire ;
on the East by Warwicksbire, Oxford-
shire, and Wiltshire ; on the South by
Somersetshire, and on the West by the
Severn, by Monmouthshire, and Here-
fordshire.' It is 65 miles long, and 25
broad. It is divided into 27 hundreds ;
Damely; Berkeley, Bisley, Blidesloe,
Botloe, Bradley, St. Briavells, Brighi-
well, Barrow, Cheltenham, Cleeve,
Crowthorn, Deerhurst, Dudstone and
Kingsbarton, Grimbalds Ash, Henbury
Kiftsgate, Duchy of Lancaster, Langley
and Swineshead, Longtrees, Puckles
Church, Rapsgate, Slaughter, Tewkes.
bury, Thornbury, Tibaldstone, West-
bury, Westminster, and Whitestone.
The principal RIVERS of this county are,
the Frome, the Isis, the Severn, and the
Wye. It has one city (Gloucester),
two boroughs (Cirencester and Tewkes.
bury), and 23 Market-Towns; namely,
Berkeley, Campden, Cheltenham, Col-
ford Dean, Dursley, Fairford, Horsley,
Lechlade, Marshfield, Minchinbampton,
Morton-in-Marsh, Newent, Newnham,
Northleach, Painswick, Sodbury, Stowe,
Stroud, Tetbury, Thornbury, Wickwar,
Winchcomb, and Wootton under-Edge.
The County returns 2 members to parlia.
ment, and the boroughs of Tewkesbury and
Cirencester send 2 each. It is in the
in that of BRISTOL ; and it is in the
Oxford Circuit. This County con-
tains 1,256 square miles, or 803,840
acres ; and 339 parishes. It had 22 mo-
nastic institutions, 71 public charities;
it has now 4 parishes with no church,
34 parishes containing less than 100
people, 72 parishes with no parsonage-
bouse, 61 parishes in which the parson-
age-house is unfit to live in ; the Poon- |
RATES of the county are220,1431. 158. 8d.,
the number of PAUPERS is 26,678, the
rental is 1,463,2591. 11s. 8d., the popu-
lation in 1821 was 335,843, the number
of houses is 60,881 ; the rates, compared
with the rental, one-sixth; the paupers, 1
compared with the number of houses,
1 to every 3 houses; the poor-rates in

1776 were 52,8731.; the number of persons to a mile in this county is 267 ; the number of acres to a person, 2; the number of acres to a house, 13; the male population, 160,451 ; the number of families employed in agriculture, 23,170; the number of families employed in bandicraft, 35,907; the number of other families, 13,709; the number of the agricultural male popula. tion, 47,078; the number of able labour. ers, 23,539, and the number of acres of land to each able labourer, 34. Glou. cestershire is a mixture of hill, vale, and forest ; and of open, and enclosed, land. The high, or hill, district is that known by the names of the Cots. wold, and the Stroudwater hills. These hills are very high, bleak, and almost unenclosed, having scarcely any enclosures but stone walls, and these enclosures being very large. The soil of these hills is a chalky loam, mixed with yellow stone or shrave. The farms here are large, the corn grown is wbeat, barley, and oats; but the great produce is sheep, which are of a peculiar breed, and in great abundance. The vale district, is that tract of low land which runs along by the side of the Severn, and it is divided into three by these appellations, tbe Vale of Berkeley, of Evesham, and Gloucester, These vales are rich in corn, in fruit, and in cattle ; the latter being grazed in the richest of pastures, and producing fat carcasses, and excellent butter and cheese, in which latter article the county carries on a considerable trade. The woodland district is that called the Forest of Dean; but, besides this forest, which was formerly much more extensive than it is now, there is, in the Western district of the county, a good deal of private property in woodland. There is lead ore in some parts of the county, but not in sufficient quantity to tempt the proprietors of the land to open mines. Coal is found of good quality, and in great store, in the Forest of Dean, and the neighbouring country is supplied thence with fuel. In the manufacture of cloth, Gloucestershire has long been

held the most famous of all the clothing ARLINGHAM,2 miles S.E. from News counties of England, Its manufactories ham. Popula, 715. are at Wootton-under-Edge, Bisley, | ARLINGTON, in Bibury parish, and poe Hampton, Stroud, Painswick, Wood

pula. included therein. chester, Stonehouse, Stanley, Uley, Dursley, and Horsley.

ASHCHURCH, 6 miles N.E. from Tewkes.

bury. Popula. 643. ABING HALL, 2 miles S.E. from Mitcheldean. Popula. 215.

ASHTON-UNDER-HILL, 6 miles N.E. ABLINGTON, in Bibury parish, and po.

from Tewkesbury. Popula. 301. pula. included therein. 6 miles N.E. | ASHELWORTH, 6 miles N. from Gloufrom Cirencester.

cester. Popula. 498. ABSOM with WICK, 4 miles N.W. from ASTON-BLANK, 5 miles N.E. from Chipping-Sodbury. Popula, 715.

Northleach. Popula. 296. ACTON-TURVILLE, 4 miles E. from ASTON-SOMERVILLE, 5 miles N. from Chipping-Sodbury. Popula. 215.

Winchcomb. Popula. 110. ADLESTROP, 4 miles N.E. from Stow. ASTON-SUBEGE, 1 mile N. from Campo Popula. 229.

den. Popula. 116. ADMINGTON, in Quinton parish, and ASTON.UPON-CARRON, in Ashchurch popula. included therein.

parish, and popula. included therein. ALDERLEY, 2 miles S. from Wootton. 2 miles E. from Tewkesbury. Popula. 235.

AURE, 2 miles S.E. from Newnham, ALDERTON with DIXON, 6 miles E. Popula. 1,138.

from l'ewkesbury. Popula. 312. AUST, in Henbury parish, and popula. ALDSWORTH, 5 miles W. from Burford. included therein. 8 miles from Bristol. Popula. 347.

AVENING, 2 miles S. from Minching. ALKERTON, in Eastington parish, and hampton. Popula. 1,118. popula, included therein.

AYLBURTON, in Sidney parish, and ALKINGTON, in Berkeley parish, and popula. included therein. 75 miles

popula. included therein. 1 mile S.E. S.W. from Newnham. from Berkeley.

AYLWORTH,, in Naunton parish, and ALMONDBURY, 44 miles S.W. from popula. included therein. Thornbury. Popula. 1,408.

| BADGEWORTH, 2 miles E. from Glou. ALNEY (Isle of), is situated in the river cester. Popula, 715. Severn, 1 mile from the West-Gate of

BADINGTON, 3 miles N. from Cirences. Gloucester.

ter, Popula. 137, ALSCOTE..See Preston-upon-Stow. 2 miles distant to the North.

BADMINTON (Great), 2 miles E. from

Chipping-Sodbury. Popula. 464. ALVESTON, 2 miles S.W. from Thornbury. Popula. 657.

BADMINTON (Little), in Hawkęsbury

parish, and popula. included therein, ALVINGTON, 84 miles S.W. from Newn

mile from the above. ham. Popula. 272.

BANKFEE.-See Longborough. 2 miles AMPHNEY-CRUCIS, 2 miles E. from

from Stow, Cirencester Popula. 590.

BARNSLEY, 4 miles E. from Cirencester. AMPHNEY (St. Peter), or EASTING.

Popula. 318.
TON, 24 miles E. from Cirencester.
Popula, 177.

BARNWOOD, 14 mile E. from Glouces. AMPHNEY (St. Mary), or ASHBROOK,

ter. Popula. 392. 14 mile E. from Cirencester, Popula. BARRINGTON (Great), 4 miles E. from 130.

Northleach. Popula. 462. AMPHNEY-DOWN, 6 miles E. from BARRINGTON (Little), 2 miles S.E. from Cirencester. Popula. 365.

Burford. Popula. 159. APPERLEY, in Deerhurst parish, and po- BARTON (St. Mary), in St.Mary-de-Lode

pula. included therein. 4 miles S. from parish (Gloucester),and popula, included Tewkesbury.

therein. Adjacent to Gloucester.

BARTON (S. Michael), in St. Michael | BOURTON-ON-THE-WATER, 5 miles

parish (Gloucester), and popula. in- N.E. from Northleach. Popula. 758.

cluded therein. Adjoining the city. BOXWELL with LEIGHTERTON. 9 BATSFORD), mile X.W. from Moreton. | miles W. from Tetbury. Popula. 297. Popula. 108.

BRADLEY, in Wootton-under-Edge pa. BALNTON, 14 mile N. from Cirencester. ' rish, and popula. included therein. Popula. 129.

i mile distant West. BECKFORD, 54 miles N.E. from Tewhes- | BRADSTONE, in Berkeley parish, and

bury. Popula. 142. At this place popula.included therein. 11 mile dis. there was an Alien Priory, given, in tant to the N.E. the reign of Hen. I., to the Abbey BREEM, in Newland parish, and popula. of St. Martin in Normandy; value

included therein. 3 miles S.E. from 531. os. 8d. yearly, now worth 1,0661.

Colford. 13s. 4d. ; granted, 1 Edw. Vl., to Sir

BRIAVELLS (St.), 2 miles S. from Col. Richard Lee.

ford. Popula. 1,119. BENGRAVE, in Beckford parish, and

BRIMPSFIELD, 6 miles N.E. fron Stroud. popula. included therein.

Popula.3-18. BERKELEY, 114 miles S.W. from London, and 15 miles S.W. from Gloucester,

BROADWELL, 1 mile . from Stor, Popula. 3,835. Market, Wed.; fair, i

Popula. 296. May 14, for cattle and pigs.

BROCHAMPTON, in Bishops-Cleere BERRINGTON, in Chipping-Campden

den parish, and popula. included therein. parish, and popula. included therein.

2} miles from Cheltenham. 11 mile distant.

RROCKWORTH, 2 miles S.E. from BEVERSTONE, 1 mile N.W'. from Tet.

Gloucester. Popula. 386. bury. Popula. 160.

BROOKTHROP, 4 miles S. from Glou. BIBURY, 7 miles N.E. from Cirencester.

cester. Popula. 160. Popula. 990.

BROMSBERROW. 9 miles S.E. from

Ledbury. Popula. 335. BICKNOR-ENGLISH, 5 miles S.W. from

' BUCKLAND with LEVERTON, 6 miles Mitchel-Dean. Popula. 531.

N.E. from Winchcombe. Popula. 382. BISHOPS-CLEEVE, 4 miles N. from Cheltenham. Popula. 1,548.

BULLEY, 4 miles N.W. from Gloucester,

Popula. 237. BISLEY, 1 mile E. from Stroud. Popula. .),121. Market, Thurs.; fairs, May 4,

CALUSDEX, in North Cerney parish, Nov. 12, for cattle, sheep, and horses.

and popula. included therein. 4 miles BITTON, 4 miles S.E. from Bristol. Po

N.E. from Cirencester. pula. 7,171.

CAM, 1 mile N.E, from Dursley. Popula. BLAISDON, 4 miles S.E. from Mitchel

1,383. Dean. Popula. 243.

I CAMPDEN-BROAD, in Chipping.( ampBLAKEVEY, in Aure parish, and popula.: den parish, and popula. included there.

included therein. 3 miles s. from in. mile distant South. Newnham. Fairs, May 12, for horned | CAMPDEN-CHIPPING, 904 miles S.W.

cattle, Nov. 12, for ditto and fat hogs. from London. Popula. 1,798. Mar. BLEDINGTON, 4 miles S.E. from Stow. ket, Wed.; fairs, Ash-Wed., April 93, Popula. 340.

August 3, Dec. 10, for horses, cows, BLIDESLOE, in Aure parish, and popula.

sheep, linen cloth, and stockings. included therein. 61 miles from Newn. | CERVEY (North), 3 miles N. from Cir. bam.

encester. Popula. 562. BODDINGTON, 6 miles S. from Tewkes.CERNEY (South), 31 miles S.E. from bury. Popula. 413.

Cirencester. Popula. 922. BOULSDON, in Newent parish, and po- CHARFIELD), 25 miles N. from Chippula. included therein.

ping-Sodbury. Popula. 344. BOURTON-ON-THE-HILL, 1 mile W. CHARINGWORTH, in Ebrington parish, from Moreton-in-the-Mársh.

and popula. included therein. 2 miles 334,

from Campden.

CHARLTON-ABBOTS, 2 miles S. from COALEY, 3 miles N.E. from Dursloy. Winchcombe. Popula. 37.

| Popula. 1,117. CHARLTON, in Henbury parish, and po COATES, 24 miles W. from Cirencester.

pula. included therein. 2 miles dis Popula. 309. tant N.E.

CODRINGTON.-See Wapley. 23 miles CHARLTON-KINGS, 2 miles S.E. from from Chipping-Sodbury. Cheltenham. Popula. 1,607.

COLD-ASHTON, 14 mile W. from Marsh. CHEDWORTH, 5 miles N.E. from Cir. field. Popula. 284. encester. Popula. 975.

COLD (St. Aldwins), 3 miles N. from CHELTENHAM, 95 miles S.W. from Fairford. Popula. 393.

London. Popula. 13,396. Market, COLDSBORNE, 7 miles' N.E. from Ci. Thurs.; fairs, second Thurs. in April,

rencester. Popula. 245. Holy Thurs., second Thurs. in Sept., Dec. 7 and 18, for all sorts of cattle and

COLEFORD, in Newland parish, and pedlary; August 5, for lambs only,

popula. included therein. 8 miles S.W. and pedlary.

of Mitchel-Dean and 124 W. of Lon

don. Market, Fri.; fairs, June 20, wool; CHERRINGTON, 2 miles S.E. from Dec.5. Minchinghampton. Popula. 215.

COLN-ROGERS, 3 miles S.W. from CHILDS-WICKHAM, 64 miles N.E. from Northleach, Popula. 139. Winchcombe. Popula. 428.

COLN (St. Dennis), 24 miles S.W. from CHIPPING-SODBURY, 114 miles S.W.

Northleach. Popula. 179. from London. Popula. 1,059.

COMBE, in Wootton-under-Edge parish, CHURCHAM, 4 miles S.E. from Newent. and popula. included therein. Popula. 733,

COMPTON-ABDALE, 34 miles N.W. CHURCHDOWN, 1 mile E. from Glou- from Northleach. Popula. 184. cester. Popula. 954.

COMPTON-GREENFIELD, 5 miles N. CIRENCESTER, 89 miles S.W. from from Bristol. Popula. 42. London. Popula. 4,987. Market, Mon.

COMPTON (Little), 3 miles S.E. from and Fri.; fairs, Easter-Tues., July 18, Mon, before and after Old Michaelmas,

Moreton. Popula. 314. statute. Nov. 8, for cattle, sheep, COMPTON, in Newent parish, and poborses, wool, oil, and leather. Not a pula. included therein. 2 miles discorporate town, but sends 2 members to tant N. parliament. Right of election is in the

COMPTON, in Henbury parish, and poinhabitants, householders, legally settled. Number of voters, 600. Here

pula. included therein. there was an Augustine Monastery, CONDICOTE, 3 miles N.W. from Stow. magnificently built, in the year 1117, Popula. 165. by Hen. I.; yearly value 1,0511.7s. 14d.,

COOMBE, in Chipping-Campden parish, now worth 21,0271. 2s.6d.; granted, 1 Edw. VI., to Sir Thomas Seymour ; 6

and popula. included therein. Eliz., to Richard Masters.

CORSE, 5 miles E. from Newent. Po

pula. 446. CLAPTON, 3 miles N.E. from Northleach. Popula. 118.

COW-HONEY-BORNE, 3 miles N.W. CLAPTON (Upper and Lower), in Mic

from Campden. Popula. 333. kleton parish, and popula. included COWLEY, 8 miles N.W. from Cirencester. therein.

Popula. 273. CLEARWELL, in Newland parish, and I CRANHAM, 4 miles N.E. from Stroud.

popula. included therein. 14 mile S.E. | Popula. 321. distant.

CROMHALL-ABBOTTS, with Cromball.. CLIFFORD-CHAMBERS, 7 miles N. Lygon. 2 miles N.W. from Wickwar. from Campden. Popula. 305.

Popula. 703. CLIFTON, 1 mile w, from Bristol. Po- CROMHALL-LYGON.- See Cromhall. pula, 8,811.



CUBBERLEY, 8 miles N.E. from Stroud. / DUNTSBOURNE-LEER,in DuntsbournePopula. 237.

Abbotts parish, and popula. included CUGLEY, in Newent parish, and popula. included therein.

| DURSLEY, 108 miles S.W. from London,

Popula. 3,186. Market, Thurs.; fairs, DAGLINWORTH, 3 miles N.W. from May 6, Dec. 4, cattle and pedlary. Cirencester Popula. 253.

DYMOCK, 3 miles S. from Ledbury. DEAN (Little), 5 miles S. from Mitchell Popula. 1,558.

Dean. Popula. 807. Fairs, Whit- | EASTINGTON, in Naunton parish, and Mon., Nov. 26, pedlar's ware.

popula. included therein. i mile S.W. DEAN (Forest of), a large tract'of land, I from Northleach.

containing 30,000 acres, lying 12 miles EASTINGTON, 4 miles N.W. from Stroud. S.W. from Gloucester, and 116 from Popula. 1,681. London. It is bordered on the one side

EAST . LEACH - MARTIN, or BURby the Severn and Monmouth, and on

THORPE, 3 miles N. from Leachlade. the other by Mitchel. Deon and Chep

Popula. 231. stow. The extra-parochial population ascribed to the forest exceeds 5,500. EAST-LEACH

EAST-LEACH-TURVILLE, 4 miles N. Its chief produce is coals and timber. from Lechlade. Popula. 333, DEERHURST, 2 miles S.W. from Tewkes.

EBRINGTON, $ mile E. from Campden. bury. Popula. 742. Here there was an

Popula. 535. Alien Priory, founded, about the year EDGE, in Painswick parish, and popula. 980, by Doddo Duke of Mercia; granted, 34 Hen. VIII., to William Throckmor. | EDGEWORTH, 3 miles E. from Stroud. ton.

Popula. 134. DEERHURST-WALTON, in Deerhurst ELBERTON, 2 miles S.W. from Thornparish, and popula, ineluded therein.

bury. Popula. 203. DIDBROOK, 3 miles N.E. from Winch. ELKSTONE, 6 miles N.W. from Ciren. combe. Popula. 291.

cester Popula. 296. DIDMARTON, 44 miles N.E. from Chip. ELMORE, 4 miles S.W. from Gloucester, ping-Sodbury. Popula. 101.

Popula. 355. DIRHAM and HINTON, 9 miles E.N.E.

ELMSTONE-HARDWICK, 5 miles S.E. from Bristol. Popula. 526.

from Tewkesbury. Popula. 179. DIXON.-See Alderton. 3 miles N.E.

ETLOE, in Aure parish, and popula. in

cluded therein. * 6 miles S. from Newof Winchcombe.

ham. DODDINGTON, 1 mile s. from Chip-| ETLOE-DUCHY, in Aure parish, and ping-Sodbury. Popula. 106.

popula. included therein. DONNINGTON, in Stow-in-the-Wold EVINGTON.-See Leigh. parish, and popula. included therein. 14

| EYFORD, 2 miles W. from Stow. Pomile distant.

pula. 67. DORSINGTON, 6 miles N.W. from FAIRFORD, 81 miles S.W. from London. Campden. Popula. 121.

Popula. 1,547. Market, Thurs.; fairs, DOWDESWELL, 74 miles N.W. froin May 14, Nov. 12, sheep and cattle. Northleach. Popula. 181.

FALFIELD, in Thornbury parish, and DOYNTON, 3 miles N.W. from Marsh popula. included therein. 21 miles dis. field. Popula. 415.

tant to the N.E. DRIFFIELD, 2 miles S.E, from Ciren

FARMINGTON, mile N. from Northcester. Popula. 144.

leach. Popula. 245.

FIDDINGTON, in Asbchurch parish, od DUMBLETON, 4 miles N. from Winch

popula. included therein. 24 miles from combe. Popula. 374.

Tewkesbury. DUNTSBOURNE-ABBOTTS, 5 miles | FILTON, 3 miles N. from Bristol. Popula.

N.W. from Cirencester. Popula. 256. 210. DUNTSBOURNE-ROUSE, 4 miles N.W.FLAXLEY, 2 miles N. from Newnbsm. from Cirencester. Popula, 100,

Here was a Cistercian Abbey, founded,

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