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· in the time of Stephen, by Roger Earl Abbot Gamages, in the 14th century,

of Hereford ; value 1121. 138. 1d. yearly, who removed the body of Edward II. now worth 2,2531. 1s. 8d.; granted, 36 from Berkeley.Castle after he had been

Hen. VIII., to Sir Antony Kingston. murdered there, and raised money FORTHAMPTON, 1 mile W. from Tewkes

enough from the offerings of the nubury. Popula. 474.

merous visitants to the body to repair

and rebuild the cathedral, which was FRAMCOTE, in Lower-Guyting parish,

originally the church belonging to a and popula. included therein. : 2 miles

monastery of Benedictine Monks called E. from Winchcombe.

St. Peters, and of which Gamages was FRAMPTON, in Sapperton parish, and the Abbot. In it are many curious and popula. included therein.

interesting specimens of Saxon, Norman, FRAMPTON.COTTERELL, 3 miles W.

and English architecture. There were from Chipping-Sodbury. Popula, 1,610.

formerly, besides the cathedral, eleven Fair, April 30, small pedlary ware.

churches in the city and suburbs, but

six only are now standing. Before the FRAMPTON-UPON-SEVERN, 5 miles devastation of the church, in the reign N.W. from Stroud. Popula. 996.

of Hen. VIII., there were in this city FRETHERNE, 10 miles S.W. from Glou the following five religious houses : cester. Popula. 210,

namely, the “ Benedictine Abbey, to FROCESTER, 5 miles W. from Stroud.

which the present cathedral belonged, Popula. 437.

and which, together with its revenues GEORGE (St.), 2 miles W. from Bristol.

(then 1,5501. per annum, now worth

31,0041.), were granted to the Bishop Popula. 5,334.

and his officers. An Augustine MonasGLOUCESTER is situated in the Vale of tery, in the year 660, worth then 901, 108.

Gloucester, on a rising ground on the pow worth' 1,8101., and granted, by east side of the Severn. It is 1044 Hen. VIII., to John Jennings. A Frimiles W.N.W. from London. It is said ary, near the Southgate, founded by to have been a fair city under the ancient Lord Berkeley; granted to John Jen. Britons, and to have been a favourite nings. A Monastery of Dominicans, post of the Romans till the time of their founded by Hen. III., near the Castlequitting the island. The number of yard, in 1239; granted, by Hen. VIII., Roman coins and other things found to Thomas Bell. A Carmelite Friary, immediately in the neighbourhood of by Queen Elenor, Sir Thomas Gifford, Gloucester corroborate this latter. and Sir Thomas Berkeley, in the subIt seems to have been surrendered to urbs, in the time of Henry III. ; granted the West Saxons about the year 577, by Hen. VIII., to Richard Andrews and to have been greatly indebted to and Nicholas Temple.” The walls of Wolphene, who, in 679, greatly en Gloucester remained in a dilapidated larged and adorned it. It then became state till about the restoration, when the residence of several successive they were completely demolished, leavSaxon kings; suffered considerably from ing only the west gate, which still rethe ravages of the Danes, and was sub mains. The ancient castle remained a sequently a place of residence of Wil complete ruin till within these few years, liam I. ; of Rufus, in 1087. Henry I. when it was taken down to make room held bis court at Gloucester in 1123 ; for a county jail. The streets of Glouand it is certain that, in the reign of cester are sufficiently spacious, the Edward I., a parliament was held at houses well-built, and the town geneGloucester, at which the acts called rally well-paved and lighted. Its trade the Statutes of Gloucester were passed. it owes principally to its close vicinity It has been said, thai Christianity was to the Severn. It has no manufactories first promulgated in this city, in the except of pins, and this is carried on to year 189, by a bishop chosen by Lucius, a very great extent. Its population is first Christian king of the island. This (including that part of the parishes of is not sufficiently authenticated, but it St. Catherine, St.-Mary-de-Lode, and, seems to bave become christian very St. Michael, which are without the city) early. In 679 it formed a part of the 11,585. It contains the ten parishes of see of Lichfield, and was not a see of St. Aldate, St. Catherine, St.-John-theitself till made so by Hen. VIII. The Baptist, St. Mary-de-Crypt, St.-Marypresent cathedral is said to have been de-Grace, St. Mary-de-Lode, St. Migreatly augmented and adorned by the chael, St. Nicholas, St. Owen, and Holy:


Trinity. It is under the control of a | HATHERLY-DOWN, 2 miles N.E. from mayor, twelve aldermen, a high steward, Gloucester. Popula. 170. a recorder, a town-clerk, two sheriffs, | HATHERLY-UP, I mile distant from the and a common council. It sends two members to parliament, the right of

above. Popula. 32. election being in the inhabitants and HARTPURY, 34 miles N.W, from Glou. freemen, of which there are about 3000. cester. Popula. 811. There is a market on Wednesday and on

HAW.-See Tirley. Saturday, and the fairs are, April 5, for cheese ; :July 5, Sept. 28, and Nov. 28, | HAWKESBURY, 3 miles N.E. from

for cattle, pigs, horses, and cheese. Chipping-Sodbury. Popula. 1,834. GOTHERINGTON, in Bishops-Cleeve pa- | HAWLING, ? miles N.E. from Winch.

rish, and popula. included therein." 4 combe. Popula. 227. i miles N. from Cheltenham.

HAZLETON, 24 miles N.W. from North. GRAFTON, in Beckford parish, and po.

leach. Popula. 267. pula. included therein. 6 miles N.E. HEATHEROP, 3 miles N. from Fairford. from Tewkesbury.

Popula. 290. GUYTING-TEMPLE, 7 miles E. from HEMPSTEAD, 14 mile S.W. from Glou. Winchcombe. Popula. 510.

cester. Popula. 598. GUYTING (Lower or Power), 5 miles E, HEMPTON, in Almondsbury parish, and from Winchcombe. Popula. 629.

popula. included therein. 3 miles from HAILS, 14 mile N.E. from Winchcombe. Chipping-Sodbury,

Popula. 136. Here there was a Cister- | HENBURY, 3 miles N. from Bristol. cian Monastery, founded, in the year Popula. 2,283. 1251, by Richard Earl of Cornwall, | HEWELSFIELD, 3 miles S. from Colford. afterwards King of the Romans and Em

Popula. 434. peror of Germany;valuation 3571.78.8 d., now worth 7,1471. 148. 2d.; granted, i

*HIGHAM (Over), in Churcham parish, Edw. VI., to Sir Thomas Seymour, and |

and popula. included thereia. 2 miles after his attainder, to William Marquis

N.W. from Gloucester. of Northampton, 4 Edw. VI.

HIGH-LEADON, in Rudford parish, and HAM, in Berkeley parish, and popula.

popula. included therein. 9 miles

N.N.W. from Gloucester. included therein. HAMBROOK, in Winterbourne parish,

HILL, 2 miles S.W. from Berkeley. Poand popula. included therein. 4 miles

pula. 259. N.E. from Bristol.

HILLCOTT, in Hawkesbury parish, and HAMFOLLOW, in Berkeley parish, and

I popula. included therein. popula. included therein. 3 miles S. HILLESLEY, in Hawkesbury parish, and from Cheltenham.

popula. included therein. 3 miles S. HAMPNETT, 1 mile N.W. from North

from Wootton-under-Edge. leach. Popula. 121.

HINTON, 3 miles W. from Marshfield.

See Dirham. HANHAM, in Bilton parish, and popula. included therein. *5 miles S. from

HINTON, in Berkeley parish, and popula. Bristol.

included therein. HARDWICK, 5 miles S.W. from Glou

HINTON-ON-THE-GREEN, 10 miles cester. Popula. 446.

N.E. from Tewkesbury. Popula. 195. HARESCOMBE, 5 miles S. from Glou

s S. from Glon. | HITCOAT-BATRIM, in Mickleton parish, cester. Popula. 104.

and popula. included therein. HARESFIELD, 5 miles S.W. from Glou- | HITCHCOAT-BOYCE, in Ebrington pacester. Popula. 662.

rish, and popula. included therein. HARFORD.-See Naunton.

HORFIELD, 24 miles N. from Bristol.

Popula. 198. HARNHILL, 24 miles S.E. from Ciren

HORSLEY, 3 miles S.W. from Minching. cester. Popula. 75.

hampton. Popula. 3,565. Here was HASFIELD, 7 miles E. from Newent. an Alien Priory, endowed, in the time Popula. 237.

of William the Conqueror, by Roger

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Earl of Shrewsbury; granted, 7 Edw. | LEACHLADE, 76 miles S.W. from LonVI., to Sir Walter Dennys.

don. Popula. 1,154. Market, Tues.; HORTON, 2 miles N.E. from Chipping

fairs, Aug. 5 and 21, cattle and toys; Sodbury. Popula. 385.

Sept. 9, cheese and cattle. Here was

an Hospital, founded, 30 Hen. III., by HUCKLE-COT, in Churchdown parish, Lady Isabel Ferrers ; granted, 14 Eliz.,

and popula. included therein. 3 miles to Denis Tappes. E. from Gloucester.

| LECKHAMPTON, 3 miles S. from Chel. HUNTINGFORD, in Wootton-under-Edge tenham. Popula. 318. parisb, and popula. included therein.

LEIGH with EVINGTON, 41 miles S. HUNTLEY, 6 miles S.W. from Glou from Tewkesbury. Popula. 340. cester. Popula. 405.

LEIGHTERTON.-See Boxwell. 4 miles ICCOMB.-See Gloucester.

S.W. from Tetbury. IRON-ACTON, 2 miles N.W. from Chip-LEMINGTON (Lower), 3 miles N.E.

ping-Sodbury. Popula. 1,122. Fairs, I from Moreton. Popula. 67... April 25, Sept. 13, cattle, pigs, horses, LEONARD (Stanley St.), 4 miles S.W. and cheese.

from Stroud. . Popula, 757. ITCHINGTON, in Tytheringham parish, and popula. included therein. 2 miles

LEVERTON.-See Buckland. from Wickwar.

LIDNEY, 5 miles S.W. from Newnham. KEMERTON, 4 miles N.E. from Tewkes. Popula. 1,393. Market, Wed.; fairs, bury. Popula. 520.

May 4, Nov. 8, horned cattle. KEMPLEY. 3 miles S.W. from Ledbury. LINHILL, locally situate in Oxfordshire, Popula. 301.

but included in the return of Leachlade

parish. 1 mile distant N. KEMPSFORD, 1 mile S. from Fairford. Popula. 838.

LINTON, in Cburcham parish, and poKILLCOT, in Newent parish, and popula.

pula. included therein. included therein.

LITTLETON-UPON-SEVERN, 2 miles KINGSCOTE, 1 mile S. from Horsley.

W. from Thornbury. Popula. 133. Popula. 226.

LITTLETON (West), 4 miles S.E. from KING - STANLEY, 4 miles W. from

Chipping-Sodbury. Popula. 109. Stroud. Popula, 2,269.

LITTLEWORTH.-Near Gloucester. Po. KINGS-WESTON, in Henbury parish,

pula. 237. and popula, included therein. 5 miles LONGBOROUGH with BANKFEE, % N.W. from Bristol.

miles S. from Moreton. Popula. 526. KINGTON, in Thornbury parish, and LONGFORD (St. Catherine), in St. Ca

popula. included therein. 1 mile dis therine parish, Gloucester, and popula. tant to the W.

included therein. 1} mile from GlouLARK-STOKE, in Ilmington parish, War

cester. wick, and popula, included therein. 3 LONGFORD (St. Mary), in St. Mary-demiles W.N.W. of Shipston.

Lode parish, Gloucester, and popula. LASHBOROUGH.-See Weston-Birt. 5

included therein. Nearly adjoining the miles from Tetbury, 19 from Gloucester.


LONGHOPE (Upper and Lower), 2 miles LASSINGTON, 24 miles N.W. from Glou.

E. from Mitchel. Deao. Popula, 790. cester. Popula. 52. LAWRENCE-WESTON, in Henbury pa

LONGNEY, 4 miles S.W. from Glou. rish, and popula, included therein. 5

cester Popula. 443. miles from Bristol.

MAISMORE, 3 miles N.W. from GlouLEA (one half of this parish is locally

cester. Popula. 404. situate in Hereford), 1 mile N. from MALSWICK, in Newent parish, and po. Mitchel-Dean. Popula. of the part pula. included therein. here situate, 89. See Hereford.

MANGERSBURY, in Stow-in-the-Wold LEA-BAILEY, in Newland parish, and parish, and popula. included therein, popula. included therein.

1 mile S.'



MANGOTSFIELD, 3 miles N.E. from NEWENT, 113 miles S.W. from London, Bristol. Popula. 3,179.

Popula. 2,660, Market, Fri.; fairs, MARSHFIELD, 103 miles S.W. from

Wed, before Easter, Wed. before Whit

Sun., Aug. 13, Fri, after Sept. 12, catLondon. Popula. 1,569. Market, Tues.;

tle, horses, and cheese. Here was an fairs, May 24, horned cattle ; Oct. 24,

Alien Priory, founded on the manor sheep, horses, and cheese.

given by William the Conqueror to the MATSON, 2 miles S. from Gloucester. Convent of Cormeili in Normandy; Popula. 35.

granted, 1 Edw. VI., to Sir Richard MARSTON-SICCA, 5 miles N. from Campden. Popula. 272.

NEWLAND, 8 miles W. from Colford.

Popula. 3,383.
MEYSEY-HAMPTON, 2 miles W. from
Fairford. Popula, 362.

| NEWNHAM, 116 miles S.W. from Lon

don. Popula. 1,012. Market, Fri.; MICKLETON, 24 miles N. from Camp- fairs, June 11, Oct. 18, horses and den. Popula. 574.

sheep MINCHINHAMPTON, 99 miles S.W.NEWINGTON-BAGPATH, 2 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 7,843. Market,

I from Horsley. Popula. 247. Tues.; fairs, Trinity-Mond., Oct. 29, cattle, pigs, horses, and cheese. Here

NEWTON, in Ashchurch parish, and pothere was an Alien Priory, accord pula. included therein. ing to some authors, founded very | NIBLEY (North), 1 mile S.W. from early, but others say, that this idea

Dursley. Popula. 1,553. took rise from the fact that the manor was given to the Nuns or Minchins of | NORTHLEACH, 82 miles s.w. from the Holy Trinity, in Normandy, by London. Popula.773. Market, Wed.; William the Conqueror; revenues va

fairs, Wed. before May 4, cows and lued at 1171. 165. 11d., now worth sheep; last Wed. in May, cheese and 2,3561.185.4d.; granted, 34 Hen. VIII.,

cattle; first Wed. in Sept., sheep; to Andrews Lord Windsor.

Wed. before Oct. 10, horses and small

ware. MINETY, 6 miles S. from Cirencester. Locally situate in Wilts. Popula. 562. | NORTHWAY, in Ashchurch parish, and

popula. included therein. 14 mile from MINSTERWORTH, 5 miles S.W. from

Tewkesbury. Gloucester. Popula. 462.

NORTHWICK, in Hepbury parish, and MISERDEN, 4 miles N.E. from Stroud.

popula. included therein. 4 miles from

Bristol. MITCHEL-DEAN, 117 miles S.W. from NOTGROVE, 3 miles N. from Northleach.

London. Popula. 556. Market, Mon.; fairs, Easter-Mon.,

Popula. 198. Oct. 10, cattle, sheep, and horses.

NORTON, 3 miles N.E, from Gloucester. MOORTON, in Thornbury parish, and

Popula. 349. popula. included therein. '1 mile dis. | NYMPHSFIELD, 11 mile N.w. from tant N.N.W.

Horseley. Popula. 462. MORETON-IN-THE-MARSH, 83 miles ODDINGTON, 1 mile S.E. from Stom.

S.W. from London. Popula. 1,015. Popula. 458. MORETON-VALENCE, 7 miles S.W.OLDBURY-UPON-SEVERN, in Thore.

from Gloucester. Popula. 348. Market, bury parish, and popula. included thereTues. ; fairs, April 5, Oct. 10, small in. 2 miles to the N.W., near Aust

fair for cattle. NAILSWORTH, in Minchinhampton pa- OLDBURY-ON-THE-HILL, 4 miles

rish, and popula. included therein. 21 S.W. from Tetbury. Popula. 371. miles S.W. from Minchinhampton.

OLDLAND, in Bilton parish, and popula. NATTON, in Ashchurch parish, and po- included therein. 6 miles E.S.E. from pula. included therein.

Bristol. NAUNTON and HARFORD, 5 miles W.OLVESTON, 3 miles S.W. from Thorn. from Stow. Popula. 471.

bury. Popula. 1,351,

POPULEL-DEAN 1556. Market, a


OVER, in Almondsbury parish, and po- granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard

pula. included therein. *5 miles N. from Morisine and to Sir Anthony Kingston. Bristol.

QUINTON, 4 miles N.E. from Campden. OWLPEN, 1 mile N.W. from Horseley. Popula. 598. Popula. 232.

RANDWICK, 2 miles N.W. from Stroud. OXENHALL, 1 mile N. from Newent. Popula. 984. Popula. 323.

RANGEWORTHY, in Thornbury parish, OXENTON, 3 miles S.E. from Tewkes- and popula. included therein. 2 miles bury. Popula. 178.

S.S.E. fron Wickwar. OZLEWORTH, 3 miles S.W. from Woot- REDWICK, in Henbury parish, and poton. Popula. 134.

pula, included therein. Near the Severn, PAINSWICK, 4 miles N. from Stroud.

9 miles N.N.E. from Bristol. Popula. 4,044. Market, Tues.; fairs, RENDCOMBE, 4 miles N. from CirenWhit-Tues,, Sept. 19, borned cattle cester. Popula. 190. and sheep.

RISSINGTON (Great), 5 miles S. from PANNINGTON, in Ashchurch parish, Stow. Popula. 446.

and popula. included therein. 2 miles | RISSINGTON (Little), 4 miles S, from from Tewkesbury.

Stow. Popula. 229. PATCHWAY, in Almondsbury parish, and RISSINGTON-WICK, 3 miles S. from popula, included therein. i mile dis.

Stow. Popula. 231. tant S.

ROCKHAMPTON, 1 mile N. from ThornPAUNTLEY, 2 miles N.E. from Newent.

bury. Popula. 159. Popula. 280.

RODBOROUGH, in Minchinhampton PEBWORTH, 4 miles N.W. from Camp

parish, and popula. included theroin i den. Popula, 620.

mile S.W. from Stroud. PINNOCK, 3 miles E. from Winchcombe. RODLEY, in Westbury-upon-Severn paPopula. 33.

rish, and popula, included therein.' % PITCHCOMBE, 6 miles S. from Glou. I miles distant S.E. cester. Popula. 187.

RODMARTON, 2 miles S.E. from MinPRESCOTT (Extra Par.), 4 miles from chinhampton. Popula. 357. Tewkesbury. Popula. 56.

| ROWELL, in Hawling parish, and poPRESTBURY, 54 miles S.E. from Tewkes. pula. included therein. 4 miles S.E. bury. Popula. 906.

from Winchcombe.

RUARDEAN, 1 mile W. from Mitchel. cester. Popula. 160.

, Dean. Popula. 729. PRESTON, near Gloucester. Popula. / RUDFORD, 4 miles S.E. from Newent. 87

Popula. 189. PRESTON-UPON.STOWER with ALS-. SADDLEWOOD, in Hawkesbury parish,

COTE, 54 miles N.E. from Campden. and popula. included therein. 5 miles Popula. 334.

distant S.E. PRINKNASH-PARK, 34 miles S.E. from SAINTBURY, 1 mile S.W. from Camp. Gloucester. Popula. 9.

den. Popula. 156. PUCKLE-CHURCH, 5 miles N.W. from SALPERTON, 34 miles N.W. from Marshfield. Popula. 612.

Northleach. Popula. 173. QUEDGLEY, 4 miles S. from Gloucester. SANDHURST, 2 miles N. from Glou. Popula. 263.

cester. Popula. 473. QUENNINGTON, 2 miles N. from Fair- SAPPERTON, 4 miles S.E. from Stroud.

ford. Popula. 345. Here there was Popula. 476. a Preceptory of Knights Hospitalers,

SAUL, 5 miles S.E. from Newnham. Pofounded through the bounty of Agnes

pula. 467. de Lacy and her daughter, before the reign of John; valued at 1371. 7s. 11d. SEASON-COTE, 1 mile S.W. from Moreyearly, now worth 2,7471. 28. 6.; ton. Popula, 86. P or



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