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King John, in the year 1904, for thirty, Nov. 13, cattle. Market, every other monks ; income 4281. 16s. 80. yearly, Monday. now worth 8576l. 4s. 2d.; granted, 30 | BOWCOMB, in Carisbrooke parish, and Hen. VIII., to Thomas Wriothesley, popula. included therein. 1 mile dis

tant. South. BEAWORTH, in Cheriton parish, and BRADING, 99 miles S.W. from London.

popula. included therein. 5 miles S.E. Popula. 2,023. Fairs, May 12, Oct. 2, from Winchester.

toys. BEDHAMPTON, 1 mile N.W. from BRADLEY, 64 miles N.E. from WhiteHavant. Popula. 413.

church. Popula. 100. BEECH-HILL, in Strathfield-Say parish, BRAMDEAN, 34 miles S. from Alresford. and popula. included therein. 6 miles

Popula. 232. from Reading.

BRAMLEY, 5 miles N. from Basingstoke. BENTLEY, 34 miles S.W. from Farnham.

Popula. 455. Popola. 690.

BRAMSBURY, in Barton-Stacey parish, BENTWORTH, 58 miles S.W. from Odi.

and popula. included therein. i mile bam. Popula. 548.

distant N.N.W. BIGHTON, 3 miles E. from Alresford. BRAMSHAW, 5 miles from Lyndhurst. Popula. 231.

Popula. 726. BILLINGHAM, in Carisbrooke parish, and popula. included therein. i mile

BRAMSHILL (Great), in Eversley parish, N. from Kingston.

and popula. included therein. 14 mile

distant South. BINSTEAD, 6 miles N. from Brading. Popula. 225.

raumg BRAMSHILL (Little), in Eversley parish,

and popula. included therein. i mile BINSTED, 3 miles N.E. from Alton. distant South. Popula. 946.

BRAMSHOTT, 7 mile S.E. from Alton. BISHOPS-STOKE, 44 miles S. from Win Popula. 1,006. chester. Popula. 1,007.

BREAMORE, 2 miles N. from FordingBISHOPS-SUTTON, 2 miles S. from Al bridge. Popula. 549. Here was an

resford. Popula. 474. Fairs, Trinity Augustine Monastery, founded, by

Tues., for toys, Nov. 6, a pedling fair. Baldwin de Reveriis, and his uncle BISHOPS-WALTHAM, 72 miles S.W.

Hugh, in the reign of Hen. I.; valued from London. Popula. 2,126.

at 2001. 5s. 1 d. yearly, now worth,

40051. 2s. 6d.; granted, 28 Hen. VIII., BISTERN, 24 miles S. from Ringwood.

to Henry, Marquis of Exeter. . See Burley.

BRIGHTMINSTONE, or BADMINBITTERN, in South Stoneham parish, STONE, in Fawley parish, and popula.

and popula. included therein. 1.4 mile included therein. of a mile distant N.E. from Southampton.

South. BLENDWORTH, 64 miles S. from Peters. | BRIXTON, 6 miles S.W. from Newport. field. Popula. 249.

Popula. 686. BOARHUNT, 2 miles N.E. from Fare.

BROCKENHURST, 45 miles N. from ham. Popula. 205.

Lymington. Popula. 818. BOLDRE, 2 miles N. from Lymington.

BROOK, 4 miles S.W. from Yarmouth.

Popula. 123.
Popula. 2,180.
BONCHURCH, 8 miles S.E. from New-

BROUGHTON, with the Tything of

FRENCH-MOOR, 3 miles w. from port. Popula. 122.

Stockbridge. Popula. 821. Fair, first BORDEAN, in East Meon parish, and po- | Mon, in July, for toys.

pula. included therein. 14 mile distant | BRUSHFIELD, in Mitchelmersh parish, N.E.

and popula. included therein. 2 miles BOSSINGTON, 3 miles S. from Stock distant S. E. bridge. Popula. 75.

BULLINGTON, 8 miles N.E. from StockBOTLEY, 76 miles S.W. from Lon

bridge. Popula. 160. don. Popula. 690. Fairs, Feb. 20, | BURE, in Christchurch parish, and po. May 28, cheese, July 23, Aug. 20,1 pula. included therein.

BURGHCLERE, 3 miles S.W. from CHINEHAM, in Monk-Sherboum parish, Kingsclere. Popula. 763,

and popula. included therein. 2 miles BURLEY with BISTERN-CLOSES, in N.E. from Basingstoke.

Ringwood parish, and popula. included CHOLDERTON, in Amport parish, and therein. 4 miles distant E.S.E.

popula. included therein. mile disBURLEY-LODGE, in Ringwood parish,

tant North, and popula. included therein. 5 miles CHRISTCHURCH, 100 miles S.W. from distant E.

London. Popula. 4,644. Market, Mon.; BURITON, 2 miles S. from Petersfield. fairs, June 13, Oct. 17, horses and bul. Popula. 767.

locks. A corporate town, havings BURSLEDON, 6 miles S.E. from South

mayor, recorder, aldermen, bailiffs, and

a common council. Sends two memampton. Popula. 173.

bers to parliament: right of election at BURTON, in Christchurch parish, and present assumed and exercised by the

popula. included therein. 1 mile dis corporation only. Number of voters, tant North.

24. An Augustine Priory, founded in CADNAM, partly in Eling and partly in |

the time of Edward the Confessor ; Minstead parishes, and the popula.

valued at 5411. 168. yearly, now worth returned with them. 2 miles N.E. 10,8961. ; granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to from Minstead.

Joseph Kirton. CALBOURN, 34 miles S.W. from Yar- | CHURCH-OAKLEY, 4 miles W. from mouth. Popula. 767.

Basingstoke. Popula. 246. CANDOVER-BROWV,7 miles S.W. from CLANFIELD), 31 miles S, from PetersBasingstoke. Popula. 274.

field. Popula. 196, CANDOVER-CHILTON, 68 miles S.W. CLANVILLE, in Weyhill parish, and from Basingstoke. Popula. 87.

popula. included therein. CARISBROKE, 2 miles S.W. from New- CLATFORD (Upper), 5 miles N. W. from port. Popula. 4,67 0.

Andover. Popula. 370. CATHERINGTON, 6 miles S. from CLIDDESDEN, or CUDESDEN, 2 miles Petersfield. Popula. 798.

S.E. from Basingstoke. Popula. 264. CHALE, 7 miles S. from Newport. Po COLD-HENLEY, in Whitchurch parish, pula. 473.

and popula. included therein. 2 miles CHALTON, 44 miles S. from Petersfield. distant North. Popula. 559.

COLEMORE, 4 miles N.E. from PetersCHARFORD (North), 3 miles N. from field. Popula. 123. Fordingbridge. Popula. 132.

COMBE, 94 miles N.W. from Kingsclere. CHARFORD (South), in the above parish, 1 Popula. 188.

and populu, included therein. 21 iniles COMPTON, 2} miles S.W. from Winches. N. from Fordingbridge.

ter. Popula. 267. CHARLCOTT, in Whitchurch parish, COOMBE, in East Meon parish, and and popula. included therein.

popula. included therein. 14 nile disCHAWTON, 2 miles S. from Alton. Po

tant S.W. pula. 417.

CORIJAMPTON, 5 miles N.E. from CHERITON, 8 miles S.E. from Win Bishops-Waltham. Popula. 168. chester. Popula. 599.

COSUAJI, a small bamlet at the foot of CHIIDDEN, in Itumbledon parish, and Portsdown-Hill. 4 miles N.N.E. from popula. included therein.

Portsmouth. CHILBOLTON, 44 miles N. from Stock-COTE, in Yately parish, and popula. inbridge. Popula. 356.

cluded therein, CHILCOMBE, 5 miles S, from Winches-COWES (West), in Northwood parish, ter. Popula. 158.

and popula. included therein. 12 miles CHILLAND, in Martyr-Worthy parish,

W.S.'. from Portsmouth. and popula. included therein. ) a mile

| CRAWLEY, 34 miles E. from Stockbridge. distant East.

Popula. 476. CHILWORTH, 6 miles S.w, from Win-CRONDALL, 4 miles S.E. from Odibam. chester. Popula. 147.

Popula. 1,894.

CROOKHAM, in Crondall parish, and | ELLISFIELD, 4 miles S. from Basing

popula. included therein. S miles N.E. stoke. Popula. 218, from Odiham,

ELVETHAM, 7 miles N.E. from Odiham.. CROSS (St.), 14 mile 8.8.W. from Win- | Popula. 497. chester,

EMBLEY, in East-Wellow parish, and CRUX-EASTON, 8 miles N.E. from And popula. included therein. & miles W. over., Popula. 74,

from Romsey. DEAN, 5 miles W. from Basingstoke. Popula. 157.

EMPSHOT, 1 mile S, from Selborne. Po

pula. 139. DEAN (East), 9 miles S.w, from Stockbridge. Popula, 160,

EMSWORTH, in Warblington parish, DENMEAD, in Hambledon parish, and

and popula. included therein. 3 miles

E. from Hayant. popula. included therein. 9 miles E.

Fairs, April 15,

July 18, toys. from Bishops-Walthan. DIBDEN, 9 miles S.W. from Southampton.

ENHAM-KNIGHTS, 27 miles N. from Popula. 443.

· Andover. Popula. 77. DIPPENHALL, in Crondall parish, and EVERSLEY, 11 miles N.E, from Basing, popula. included therein.

stoke. Popula. 767. Fairs, May 16, DOCKINGFIELD, in Frensham parish

Oct. 18, toys. (Surrey), and popula. included therein. EWHURST, 34 miles S.E. from Kings14 mile N. from Headley,

clere. Popula. 18. DOGMERSFIELD, 34 miles N.E. from EWSHOTT, in Crondall parish, and po. : Odiham. Populs. 213.

pula. included therein, 18 mile distant DRAYTON, in Barton-Stacey parish,

North, and popula. included therein. 14 mile | EXBURY with LEAP, 71 miles E. from distant North,

Lymington. Popula. 311, DROXFORD, 34 miles N.E. from Bi

| EXTON, 3 miles N.E. from Bishopsshops-Waltham, Popula. 1,410.

Waltham. Popula. 293. DUMMER, 44 miles S.W. from Basing

FACCOMBE, 84 miles W, from Kings, stoke. Popula. 393.

clere. Popula. 305, DURLEY, 8 miles N.W. from BishopsWaltham. Popula. 319.

PAREHAM, 73 miles S.W. from London,

Popula. 9,677. Market, Wed.; fair, EARLSTON, in Burghclere parish, and

June 29, cheese and toys. popula. included therein. 14 mile distant North.

FARINGDON, 22 miles S, from Alton. EARVILS, in Hambledon parish, and po

Popula. 479. pula. included therein,

| FARLEY-CHAMBERLAYNE, 6 miles S. EASTLEY, in South Stoneham parish, and

from Stockbridge. Popula. 201. popula. included therein. #mile N.E. FARLEIGH-WALLOP, 34 miles S. from from North Stoneham.

Basingstoke. Popula. 84. EAST-MEON, 4 miles W.S.W. from FARLINGTON, 2 miles W. from Hayant.

Petersfield. Popula, 1,286. Fair, Sept. Popula. 553. 19, for horses.

FARNBOROUGH, 8 miles N.E. from EASTON, 54 miles N. from Winchester. Odiham. Popula. 287. Popula. 427.

FAWLEY, 12 miles N.E. from LymingEASTROP, 1 mile N. from Basingstoke. ton. Popula. 1,684. Popula. 67.

FORDINGBRIDGE, 92 miles S.W. from EFFORD, in Milford parish, and popula, London. Popula. 2,602. Market, Sat.,

included therein. '14 mile E. from fair, Sept. 9, pedlary and forest colts. Lymington.

FOXCOTE, in Andover parish, and po. ELING, 5 miles W. from Southampton. pula. included therein. 4 miles dis.

Popula. 4,314. Fair, July 5, toys. tant N.W. ELLINGHAM, 64 miles N, from Fording FREEPOLK, 1 mile N. from Whitchurch. bridge. Popula. 397.

Popula. 68.


FREEFOLK, in Whitchurch parish, and HARBRIDGE, 3 miles S. from Fording.

popula. included therein. 1 mile dis- bridge. Popula. 352. tant N.E.

HARTLEY-MAUDIT, 14 mile N. from FREEFOLK-PRIOR, in Whitchurch pa- | Selborne. Popula. 56. rish, and popula. included therein.

HARTLEY-WESTPOLE, 54 miles N.E. FRENCH-MOOR, 1 mile N. from East from Basingstoke. Popula. 272. Dean. See Broughton.

HARTLEY-WINTNEY, 3 miles N.E. FRESHWATER, 4 miles S. from Yar from Odiham. Popula. 935. Here there mouth. Popula. 876.

was a Cistercian Nunnery, founded, in

the time of William the Conqueror, by FROXFIELD, 24 miles N, from Peters

the son of Peter Jeffrey; valued at field. Popula. 548.

591. 1s. yearly, now worth 1,1811. ; FROYLE, 2 miles N. from Alton. Po

granted, 30 Aen. VIII., to Richard pula. 734.

Hill, Esq., Serjeant of the King's

FYFIELD, 74 miles W. from Andover. |
Popula. 207.

| HARTLEY-ROW, a small hamlet, 1 mile

N.N.W. from Hartley-Wintney. Fairs, GATCOMB, 2 miles S.W. from Newport. Feb. 27, June 29, pedlary. Popula. 247.

HAUGHTON, 14 mile W. from StockGLIDDEN, in Hambledon parish, and

bridge. Popula. 365. popula. included therein. 1 mile distant E.

HAVANT, 66 miles S.W. from London.

Popula. 2,099. Market, Sat.; fairs, GODSFIELD (Extra Par.), 38 miles N.

June 22, Oct. 17, toys. from Alresford. Popula. 8.

HAWKLEY, 11 mile S. from Selborne. GODSHILL, 4 miles S.E. from Newport. Popula. 253." Popula. 1,214.

HAWLEY, in Yately parish, and popula. GODSHILL, in Fordingbridge parish, and included therein. 'Near Blackwater,

popula. included therein. 2 miles dis 14 miles W. from Staines. tant E.N.E.

HAYLING (North), 4 miles S. from HaGOODWORTH-CLATFORD, 3 miles S.

vant. Popula. 295. Here was an Alien from Andover. Popula. 382.

Priory, founded by King William, and GOSPORT, in Alverstoke parish, and afterwards by King Henry I.; granted,

popula. (6,184) included therein. 78 33 Hen. VÍII., to the College of miles S.W. from London. Market, Arundel. Tues., Thurs., and Sat.; fairs, May 4, | HAYLING (South), 5 miles S. from Oct. 10, toys.

Havant. Popula. 443. GRATELY, 8 miles S.W. from Andover. HAZELEY-HEATH, in Heckfield parish, Popula. 142.

and popula. included therein. i mile GREATHAM, 2 miles S. from Selborne. ' E. from Harford-Bridge. Popula. 177.

HEADBOURN-WORTHY, 9 miles N. GREWELL, 13 mile W. from Odiham

from Winchester. Popula. 176. Popula. 230.

HEADLEY, 6 miles S.E. from Alton. Po. HALE, 3 miles N.E. from Fordingbridge.!

pula. 1,093.

P # Popula. 181.

HECKFIELD, 7 miles N.E. from Ba. HAM, in Baughurst parish, and popula. |

1 singstoke. Popula. 1,149. Fair, Goodincluded therein.

Fri., a pedling fair. HAMBLEDON, 6 miles S.W. from Peters

HELENS (St.), 9 miles E. from New. field. Popula. 1,886. Market, Tues.;

port. Popula. 804. fairs, Feb. 13, horses; May 7, toys;

HERRIARD or HARCOT, 2 miles S. Oct. 2, horses.

from Basingstoke. Popula. 369. HAMBLE-EN-LE-RICE, 5 miles N. from HIGHCLERE, 4 miles W. from KingsSouthampton. Popula. 421.

clere. Popula. 457.. HANNINGTON, 4 miles N.W. from Ba- | HILLSIDE, in Odiham parish, and po. singstoke. Popula. 245.

pulu, included therein,

HINTON-AMPNER, 6 miles S.E. from KILMESTON, 5 miles S.W. from Alres. Winchester. Popula. 325.

ford. Popula. 212. . HINTON, in Christchurch parish, and KIMPTON, 8 miles W. from Andover.

popula. included therein. 4 miles dis Popula. 366. tant N.E.

KINGSCLERE, 554 miles S.W. from HODDINGTON, in Upton-Gray parish,

London. Popula. 2,695. Market, Tu.; and popula, included therein. 1 mile

fairs, April 2, Oct. 15, sheep. distant S.

KINGSLEY, 3 miles E. from Alton. PoHOLDENHURST, 13 mile N.W. from

pula. 373. Christchurch. Popula. 580.

KINGSTON, 44 miles S.W. from New.

port. Popula. 68. HOLY BOURN, 1 mile N. from Alton.

Anton. KINGSWORTHY, 4 miles N. from WinPopula. 482.

chester. Popula. 344. HORDLE. 6 miles E. from Christchurch. LAINSON, in Sparsholt parish, and popu. Popula. 517.

la. included therein. f a mile distant N. HOUND, 44 miles S.E. from Southampton. LANGRISH, in East-Meon parish, and Popula, 387.

popula. included therein. HUNTON, in Crawley parish, and popula.

LASHAM, 34 miles S.W. from Odiham. included therein. 9 miles N.E. from

Popula. 188. Stockbridge.

LAVERSTOKE, 14 mile N. from WhitHURN, in Christchurch parish, and po

church. Popula. 101. pula. included therein.

LAWRENCE (St.), 7 miles S.E. from

* Newport. Popula. 96. HURSTBOURN-PRIORS, 2 miles W.. from Whitchurch. Popula. 404.

LEAP.-See Exbury. 1 mile distant E. HURSTBOURN-TARRANT, 54 miles N.

LECKFORD,' 2 miles N. from Stockfrom Andover. Popula. 766.

bridge. Popula. 200. HURSLEY, 3 miles S.W. from Winches

LINKENHOLT, 94 miles N.W. from

Whitchurch. Popula. 73. ter. Popula. 1,302. IBSLEY, 3 miles S. from Fordingbridge.

LINWOOD, 4 miles N. from Fording

bridge. This is extra parochial, and Popula. 317.

is situate half-way between Minstead IDSWORTH, in Chalton parish, and po- | and Ringwood; but no certain intel

pula. included therein, 14 mile dis ligence could be obtained as to the tant S.

return of its present population. IFORD, in Christchurch parish, and po

LIPHOOK, in Bramshott parish, and pula. included therein. 13 mile dis

popula. included therein. * 1 mile dis. tant.

tant S. Fairs, March 6, June 11,

horned cattle and horses. INHURST, in Baughurst parish, and po

pula. included therein. 1 mile dis LITCHFIELD, 54 miles S.W. from Kingstant W.

clere. Popula. 85. ITCHIN-ABBAS, 7 miles N.E, from Win- LITTLETON, 34 miles N.W. from Winchester. Popula. 254.

chester. Popula. 108. ITCHIN-STOKE with ABBOTSTON. 2 LOCKERLEY, 7 miles S.W. from Stock

miles N.W. from Alresford. Popula. bridge. Popula. 504.. 248.

LONGPARISH alias MIDDLETON, 3 ITCHINGSWELL, in Kingsclere parish,

miles S.E. from Andover. Popula. 693. and popula. included therein. it mile LONGSTOCK, 1 mile N. from Stockdistant to the N.E.

bridge. Popula. 397. KEMPSHOT.-See Winslade. 2 miles LONG-SUTTON, 3 miles S. from Odiham. · S.W. from Basingstoke.

· Popula. 328. KEYHAVEN, in Milford parish, and po, LYMINGTON, in Boldre parish, and po

pula. included therein. 1 mile dis, pula. (3,164) included therein. Situate tant E.

on a creek of the English Channel called

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