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MARGARET'S (St.), 11 miles S.W. from ORCOP, 9 miles S.W. from Hereford. Hereford. Popula. 317.

Popula. 491. MARLOW, in Lentwardine parish, and | ORLETON, 5 miles

and | ORLETON, 5 miles W. from Tenbury. popula. included therein. 14 mile dis

Popula. 574. Fair, April 24, horned tant N.

catt e. MARSTONE-STANNETT, in Pencombo

PARKHOLD, in Ledbury parish, and parish, and popula. included therein.

popula. included therein. 24 miles distunt N.W.

PAYTON, in Lentwardine parish, and MARSTOW, 5 miles S.W. from Ross. I popula, included therein. Popula. 132.

PEDWARDINE, in Brampton-Bryan paMICHAEL-CHURCH-ESKLEY, 13 miles rish, and popula. included therein. 29 S.W. from Hereford. Popula. 424. 1

miles distant s. MICHAEL-CHURCH.-See Tretire. 1+ | PEMBRIDGE, 7 miles W. from Leo. mile distant N.

minster. Popula. 1,203. Market, Tues.; MIDDLETON-ON-THE-HILL, 6 miles fairs, May 12, Nov. 22, horned cattle.

N.E. from Leominster. Popula. 369. PEMBERS-OAK, in Kington parish, and MOCCAS, 9 miles S.W. from Hereford. popula. included therein. Popula. 185.

PENCOMBE, 3 miles W. from Bromyard, MONKLAND, 3 miles S.W. from Leo.

Popula. 453. minster. Popula. 187.

PENCOYD, 5 miles S. from Ross. PoMONNINGTON, in Vowchurch parish,

161. and popula. included therein. 14 mile | PETER-CHURCH, 11 miles S.W. from distant E.

Hereford. Popula. 686. MONNINGTON-UPON-WYE, 8 miles PETERSTON, 4 miles S.W. from Ross.

N.W. from Hereford. Popula. 116. Popula. 277. MORDIFORD, 5 miles S.E. from Here- | PIPE and LYDE, 3 miles N. from Here." ford. Popula. 638.

ford. Popula. 141. MORTON-JEFFRIES, 8 miles N.E. from PIXLEY, 3 miles N.W. from Ledbury. Hereford. Popula. 64.

Popula. 132.
MORTON-UPON-LUGG,4 miles N. from PRESTEIGN.-See Radnor.
Hereford. Popula. 110.

PRESTON-WYNNE, in Withivgton pa. MUNSLEY, 34 miles N.W. from Ledbury. I rish, and popula, included therein. 24 Popula. 182.

miles distant N. NASH, in Presteign parish, and popula. / PRESTON-UPON-WYE, 8 miles N.W.

included therein. 2 miles distant S. from Hereford. Popula. 272. NEWCHURCH, in Kinnersley parish, PUDDLESTONE with WHILE, 6 miles and popula, included therein.

E. from Leominster. Popula. 316. NEWTON, in Lentwardine parish, and PUTLEY, 4 miles W. from Ledbury, popula. included therein,

Popula. 163. NEWTOWN, in Clodock parish, and po. | PUTLEY, in Woolhope parish, and popula. included therein.

pula. included therein. 9 miles dis. NEWTOWN, in Croft parish, and popula.

tant E.N.E. included therein.

RICHARDS-CASTLE.-See Salop. .. NEWTOWN, in Leominster parish, and RISBURY, in Stoke-Prior parish, and

popula. included therein. 31 miles dis popula. included therein. 14 mile dis.

tant S. NORTON, in Bromyard parish, and po- | RISBURY, in Humber parish, and popula. pula. included therein.

included therein. 1 mile distant S. NORTON-CANON, 10 miles N.w. from ROCHFORD, 2 miles E. from Tenbury. Hereford. Popula. 347.

Popula. 264. OCLE-PITCHARD, 6 miles S.W. from | ROD, in Presteign parish, and popula. Bromyard, Popula. 294.

included therein.. 11 mile distant's

tant S.E.


121 miles W. from London. Popula. minster. Popula. 48. 2,957. Market, Thurs.; fairs, Holy- | STRETFORD, in Leominster parish, and Thurs., horned cattle and sheep; Cor.

popula. included therein. 4 miles dispus Christi, horned cattle and cheese ;

tant S.W. July 20 to 25, borned cattle, horses, sheep, and wool; Tburs. after Oct. 10, | STRETTON-GRANDSOME,7miles N.W. horned cattle, cheese, and butter; Dec.

from Ledbury. Popula. 150. 11, horned cattle and pigs.

STRETTON-SUGWAS, 4 miles N.W. ROWLSTONE, 13 miles S.W. from Here- ! from Hereford. Popula. 151. ford. Popula. 145.

SUTTON (St. Michael), 5 miles N.E. RUSTROCK, in Kington parish, and po- ! from Hereford. Popula. 51.

pula. included therein. 14 mile distant | SUTTON (St. Nicholas ), 4 miles N.E. N.N.E.

from Hereford. Popula. 202. SAPEY (Upper), 5 miles N.E. from TARRINGTON, 5 miles N.W. from Led. Bromyard. Popula. 323.

bury. Popula. 500. SARNESFIELD, 8 miles from Kington. TEDSTONE-DELAMERE, 3 miles N.E. Popula. 102.

from Bromyard. Popula. 246. SELLACK, 3 miles N.W. from Ross. TEDSTONE-WAFER. 4 miles N.E. from Popula. 301.

· Bromyard. Popula. 98. SHELWICK.-See Holmer. 1 mile dis- THORNBURY, 3 miles N.W. from tant E.

Bromyard. Popula. 183. SHOBDON, 9 miles N.W. from Leomin- THRUXTON,6 miles S.W. from Hereford. ster. Popula. 536.

Popula. 54. SOLLERS-HOPE, 8 miles N. from Ross. TIBERTON, 8 miles W. from Hereford. Popula. 187.

Popula. 146, STAGBATCH, in Leominster parish, and TILLINGTON, in Burgbill parish, and

popula. included therein. 2 miles dis popula. included therein. 14 mile distant s.w.

tant N.W. STANFORD-BISHOP, 2 miles S.E. from TITLEY, 3 miles N.E. from Kington. Bromyard. Popula. 317."

Popula. 304. STANFORD-REGIS, in Stanford-Bishop

TOOTHOG, in Cwmyoy parish, Monparish, and popula. included therein.

mouth, and popula. included therein,


6 miles W. from Ross. Popula. 126. N.W. from Leominster. Popula. 385.

TREVILLE (Extra Par.), 7 miles from STAPLETON, in Presteign parish, and

Ross. Popula. 74. popula. included therein. If mile distant N.

TRIPPLETON, in Lentwardino parish, STANTON-UPON-WYE, 9 miles N.W.J

and popula. included therein. from Hereford. Popula. 514.

TUPSLEY, in Hampton-Bishops parish,

and popula. included therein. 14 mile STOKE-BLISS, 5 miles N. from Brom- E.S.E. from Hereford. yard. Popula. 303.

TURNASTONE, 11 miles S.W. from Here. STOKE-EDITH, 7 miles E. from Here- ford. Popula. 60. ford. Popula. 495.

ULLINGSWICK, 4 miles S.W.from BronSTOKE-LACY, 3 miles S.W. from Brom. yard. Popula. 254. yard. Popula. 358.

UPLEADON.-Seo Bosbury. STOKE-PRIOR, 3 miles S.E. from Leo- UPTON.-See Little-Hereford. 9 miles minster. Popula. 477.

distant S. STOTTESDEN.See Salop.

| UPTON-BISHOP, 4 miles N.E. from STRADDLE, in Vowchurch parisi., and Ross. Panula. 613.

popula. included therein. 14 mile dis- VOWCHURCH, 10 miles S.W. from Heretant E.

ford. Popula. 367.

VOWMINE, partly in Clifford parish, and , WHITTON, in Lentwardine parish, and

partly in that of Dorstone, and popula. popula. included therein. i mile disreturned with them accordingly. 23 tant E. miles W. from the latter.

WIGMORE, 7 miles S.W. from Ludlow. WACTON, 3 miles N.W. from Bromyard.

Popula. 429. Fairs, April 16, May 6, Popula. 113.

Aug. 5, horned cattle, horses, and WALFORD, 2 miles S.W. from Ross.

sheep. Here there was an Augustino

Monastery, founded, in the year 1100, Popula. 1,060.

by Ralph de Mortimer ; but, for want WALFORD, in Lentwardine parish, and of water and convenience, shifted up

popula, included therein. 2 miles dis and down, and finally settled into a tant S.W.

stately monastery, a mile beyond the WALTERSTONE, 14 miles S.W. from

town; valued at 3021. 12s. 3 d. yearly,

now worth 6,0521. 5s. 100.; granted, Hereford. Popula. 176.

2 Edw. VI., to Sir Thomas Palmer, WALTON, in Bishops-Froome parish, and WILLERSLEY, a parish containing only popula. included therein.

one house, 13 miles from Hereford. WELLINGTON, 54 miles N. from He- WILLEY, in Presteign parish, and poreford. Popula. 672.

pula. included therein. 2 miles disWELSH-NEWTON, 9 miles S.W. from tant N. Ross. . Popula. 220,

WICKTON, in Stoke-Prior parish, and WEOBLEY, 9 miles S.W. from Leomin popula. included therein.

ster. Popula. 739. Market, Thurs.; | WINFORTON, 14 miles S. from Here. fairs, Holy Thurs., horned cattle and ford. Popula. 169. horses ; three weeks after Holy-Thurs., ditto, and coarse linen cloth. Not al

WINSLOW, in Bromyard parish, and pocorporate town, but sends two members pula. included therein. to parliament: right of election in the WINTERCOTT, in Leominster parish, inhabitants of the ancient vote-houses and popula, included therein. paying scot and lot : number of voters,

voters, WITHINGTON, 5 miles N.E. from Here.

ford. Popula. 806. WEONARDS (St.), 9 miles W. from WOLFERLOW, 4 miles N.E. from Bromo Ross. Popula, 642.

yard. Popula. 117. WESTHIDE, in Stoke-Edith parish, and popula. included therein. 24 miles N. 1

WOOLHOPE, 10 miles N. from Ross.

Popula, 825. WESTWOOD, in Thornbury parish, and

com Here. popula. included therein. I mile distant S.W.

ford. Popula. 95. WESTON-BEGGARD, 5 miles E. from

WORMSLEY, 8 miles N.W. from Here. Hereford. Popula. 270.

ford. Popula. 131. Here was an Au

gustine Abbey, founded, in the time of WESTON-UNDER-PENYARD, 21 miles King John, by Gilbert Talbot; valued S.E. from Ross. Popula. 674.

at 831. 10. 2d. yearly, now worth WHARTON, in Leominster parish, and

1,6701. 35. 4d.; granted, 37 Hen. VIII., popula. included therein. 2 miles dis

to Edward Lord Clinton. tant S.S.E.

YARKHILL, 7 miles N.E. from HereWHILE.-See Puddlestone. 14 mile dis ford. Popula. 435. tant N.

YARPOLE, 4 miles N.W. from Leomin. WHITBOURNE, 4 miles N.E. from Bromnyard. Popula. 821. ,

| YATTON, in Marcle-Much parish, and WHITCHURCH, 7 miles S.W. from Ross. popula. included therein. i mile N.E. Popula. 730.

from How-Capel. WHITNEY, 84 miles S. from Kington. YAZOR, 84 miles N.W. from Hereford Popula. 268.

Popula. 181.

about 45.


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An Inland County, bounded on the North / the families employed in agriculture

by Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, were in number 13,485; the families on the East by Essex, on the South by employed in bandicraft were 7,395 in Middlesex, and on the West by Buck. number ; the number of other families inghamsbire and Bedfordshire. It is was 4,750; the agricultural male popuabout 36 miles long, and 16 broad. It lation, 33,041 ; able labourers, 16,520; is divided into the eight hundreds of the number of acres in this county to Braughin, Broadwater, Cashio, Da every able-bodied labourer is 20. corum, Edwintree, Hertford, Hitchin Hertfordshire has no considerable hills, and Picton, and Odsey. Its RiveRS nor has it any deep vales; it is, for the are, the Lea, the Maran, the Rib, the Quin greater part, inclosed; and, if the (these four form the New River, which woods are not extensive, they are nu. supplies so large a part of London with merous, besides the great quantits of water), the Coln, the Stort, and the wood grown in the hedge-rows. The Verlam. It has 16 Market-towns ; northern part of the county is the most namely, St. Albans, Baldock, Barnet, hilly, a range of hills extending from Berkhampstead, Bishop-Stortford, Hat the neighbourhood of King's-Langley field, Hertford, Hitchen, Hoddesden, towards Berkhampstead and Tring. The Rickmansworth, Royston, Standon, Ste most general soils of Hertfordshire are venage, Tring, Ware, Watford. It is loam and clay, with, very frequently, in the ProviNCE OF CANTERBURY, in a mixture of sand, and, as often, of the DIOCESES of LONDON AND LINCOLN, fints ; but in the northern part of the and it is in the Home Circuit. It county, a great deal of chalky land is sends 6 members to parliament; 2 for found. Indeed, a considerable part of the county, and 2 for each of the bo. | the county has an under stratum of roughs, St. Albans and Hertford. Hert-1 chalk. The produce is chiefly grain fordshire contains 528 square miles, of the three principal kinds; wheat, or 337,920 acres; and 132 parishes. It barley, and oats; and, in the prohas 20 monastic establishments, 29 pub duce of these, it is esteemed little lic charities; it has 8 parishes with inferior to any county in England, good less than 100 inhabitants, 8 parishes crops of turnips also are produced ; with no parsonage-house, 33 parishes and, in the neighbourhood of Rick. with parsonage-houses unfit to live mansworth, Sanet, Kings-Langley, Abin; the Poor-RATES of this county bots-Langley, Flaunden, Bovington, were in 1818, 115,9201, 78. 114d., the and Watford, there are good and pronumber of PAUPERS is 12,274, the ductive orchards. The cattle fattened rental of the county, by a return here are principally those brought out made to parliament in 1818, was of Wales, Devonshire, or Hereford571,1071. 4s., the population, accord shire, and the sheep are, for the greater ing to a return laid before parliament

part, a breed between the Cotswold and in 1821, was 129,714; the number of the New Leicester; and, in many parts inhabited houses in 1821 was 23,178 ; of the county, these are fed on oil cake. the number of uninhabited houses There are no mines in the county, and at the same epoch, 509; the poor the manufacturing carried on is of the rates are one-fourth of the rental, best possible kind; individuals mapethe number of paupers, compared facture cotton and silk, or straw plait, with the number of houses, is one and dispose of it at the weekly markets to two; the poor-rates in 1776 were

for their own profit, and in these mann25,2411.; the number of persons to every factures, a large part of the female posquare mile of this county is 245; the pulation of many neighbourhoods find a number of acres to a person, 2; the good living. number of acres to a house, 14 ; the ABBOTS-LANGLEY, 4 miles S.W. frue male population, in 1821, was 64,121; 1 St. Albans. Popula. 1,733,

ALBANS (St.), 21 miles N.W. from Aug. 5, Oct. 2, Dec. 11, large fairs for

London, containing the three parishes | cheese, housebold goods, and cattle. of St. Albans, or the Abbey, St. Mi- | BARKWAY. 9 miles N. from Standon. chael, and St. Peter. Popula. 6,650.

Popula. 995. Fair, July 20, pedlary Market, Sat.; fairs, March 25 and 26,

ware. Oct. 10 and 11, servants, horses, cows, and sheep. A corporate town, having

BARLEY, 24 miles S.E. from Royston. a mayor, high steward, recorder, twelve

Popula. 695. aldermen, a town-clerk, and twenty- | BARNET (Chipping), 11 miles N. from four assistants. Sends two members to London. Popula. 1,755. Market, Mon., parliament: right of election in the

fairs, April 8, 9, 10, linen drapery, mayor, aldermen, and freemen, and mercery, toys, &c. The harvest fair, householders only as pay scot and lot: or Welsh fair, Sept. 4, 5, Welsh cattle number of voters, 650. . Here there and borses ; Sept. 6, mercery, &c., and were, a Benedictine Abbey, founded, in

sometimes a few horses, pigs, &c. the year 793, by King Ofta, for 100

| BARNET (East), 14 mile S. from Barnet. monks, in honour of St. Alban, the first Briton who suffered martyrdom; va

Chipping Popula. 507. lued 2,5101. 6s. 14d. yearly, now worth | BAYFORD, 44 miles W. from Hoddesdon. 50,2061. 25. 6d.; granted, 7 Edw. VI., Popula. 307. to the mayor and burgesses. St. Julian's BENGEO, 1 mile N.E. from Hertford. Hospital, founded, in the time of Hen.

Popula. 731. I., by Jeffrey, the Abbot, near this

| BENNINGTON, 41 miles S.E. from Stetown, on the London-road, for leprous persons ; granted, 36 Hen. VIII., to

venage. Popula. 658. Fair, July 10, Richard Lee. And at Pree, near St.

pedlary ware. Albans, there was a Benedictine Nun.

BERKHAMPSTEAD (Great), 26 miles nery, founded, in the year 1190, by

N.W. from London. Popula. 2,310. Garinus, Abbot of St. Albans; granted, Market, Sat.; fairs, Shrove-Mon., 32 Hen. VIII., to Ralph Rawlet, Esq.

Whit-Mon., a small fair for cattle ;

Aug. 5, cheese ; Sept. 29, statute fair; ALBURY, 34 miles N.E. from Standon.

Oct. 11, statute. Two Hospitals stood Popula. 596. Fair, July 17, toys.

here in the reign of King John, for ALDBURY, 2 miles N.E. from Tring. Poor Lepers; revenues granted, 36 Popula, 676.

Hen. VIII., to Robert Hordem. ALDENHAM, 24 miles N.E. from Wat.

BERKHAMPSTEAD (Little), 4 miles

S.W. from Hertford. Popula. 439. ford. Popula. 1,399. AMWELL (Great), 14 mile Ş.E. from


from London. Popula. 3,358. Market, Ware. Popula. 1,110.

Thurs.; fairs, Holy-Thurs., Thurs. AMWELL (Little), in All Saints parish, after Trinity.Sun., and Oct. 10, horses

Hertford, and popula. included therein. and cattle.

mile distant N. from the foregoing. BOVINGDON, in Hemel-hempstead paANSTEY, 64 miles N. from Standon. rish, and popula. included therein. 34 Popula. 440.

miles distant S.W.

BRAINTFIELD, 3 miles N.W. from ASHWELL, 4 miles N.N.E. from Baldock. Popula. 913.

Hertford. Popula. 232. ASPENDEN, 54 miles N.N.W. from

BRAUGHIN, 14 mile N. from Standon.

Popula. 1,228. Fair, Whit-Mon., for Standori. Popula. 455.

toys. ASTON, 24 miles S.E. from Stevenage. BRICKENDON, in All Saints parish, Popula. 509.

Hertford, and popula. included therein. AYOTT (St. Lawrence), 6 miles N.N.W. 24 miles S. from Hertford. from Hatfield. Popula. 160.

BROADFIELD, 1f mile X.N.E. from AYOTT (St. Peter), 44 miles N. from Cottered. Popula. 93. Hatfield. Popula. 233.

BROXBURN, 14 mile S. from HoddesBALDOCK, 374 miles N.W. from Lon- don. Popula. 1,888. · don. Popula. 1,550, Market, Thurs.; BUCKLAND), 45 miles S. from Royston.

fairs, March 7, last Thurs., in May, Popula. 343.

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