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NEWBOLD-GROUNDS, in Catesby. 13s. 4d. An Augustine Friart, founded

Abbey parish, and popula. included in the year 1392, by Jobn Longtile; therein.

granted, 32 Hen. VIII., to Robert NEWBOROUGII, 4 miles S. from Market

Dighton. A Black Friary, founded in

the year 1240, by John Dabington; Deeping. Popula. 199.

value 51. 7s. 100. yearly, now work: NEWBOTTLE, 31 miles W. from Brack 1071. 18s. 4d.: granted, 36 Hen. VIII., ley. Popula. 352.

to William Ramesden, A Grer Friart, NEWNHAM, 34 miles S.E. from Daven.

founded about the year 1994 ; revenues

61. 13s. 4d., now worth 1331. 63. 80.; try. Popula. 574.

granted, 36 Hen. VIII., to Ricban NEWTON, 3} miles N. from Kettering.

Taverner. A Carmelite Friars, built in Popula. 94.

the year 1271, by Thomas Cherwood

and Simon Montford ; value 101. 10. NEWTON-BROMSHOLD, 34 miles S.E.

Vearly, now worth 2301. ; granted, 36 from Higham-Ferrers. Popula. 115. Hen. VIII., to William Ramesden. NORTHAMPTON, 64 miles X.W. from NORTHBOROUGH, 9 miles S.E, from London. Popula. 10,793. It contains

Market-Deeping. Popula. 232. , the four parishes of All Saints, St. Giles, St. Peter, and St. Sepulchre.

NORTON, 14 mile N.E. from Daventry. Market, Sat.; fairs, Feb. 20, horses,

Popula. 474. horned cattle, and toys; April 6, May OAKLEY (Great), 54 miles N. from Ket. 4, June 19, Aug. 5, all great borse tering. Popula. 183. fairs; Aug. 20, all sorts of merchandise, and a great fair for cattle ; Sept.

| OAKLEY (Little), 54 miles N.S.E. from 19, chiefly cheese and sheep; first

Kettering. Popula. 121. Thurs. in Nov., Nov. 28, Dec. 19, all OLD or WOLD, 7 miles N.W. from W. sorts of cattle. A corporate town, Tingborough. Popula. 150. having a mayor, two bailiffs, a recorder, and forty-eight common-councilmen.

OLSEY.-See Barby. 24 miles distact Sends two members to parliament: right

11. of election in inbabitant householders | ORLING BURY, 4 miles N.W. from Wels not receiving alms: mumber of voters, 1 lingborough. Popula. 313. 1,300. Here there were, a Cluniac Pri.

ORTON, in Rothwell parish, and popula, orv, founded in the year 1070, by Simon Seinliz, Earl of Huntingdon; value

included therein, 14 milo distant 3.141. 13s. 7 d. yearly, now worth 6,8931, 11s. 8d.; granted,' Edw. 11., to SirOUNDLE, 83 miles N.N.W. from Londoo. Thomas Smith. An Augustine Priory, Popula. 4,979. Varket, Saturday; tais. founded, in the year 1112, by William Feb. 25, Whit-Monday, Aug. 21, horses. Peverell, natural son of William the sheep, and cows; Oct. 12, all sorts of Conqueror; value 2131. 17s. 2. vearly, stock ind cheese. now worth 4,3771. s. tel.; granted, 37 Hlen. VIII., to Nicholas Giffurd. A

OVERSTONE, 1 miles N.W, from lor. Cluniac Nunnery de Pratis, founded in

thampton. Popula. 192. the time of Stephen, by Simon Seinliz. OXENDEN (Great), 2 miles S. fron Earlof Northampton; value 1197.9s.Thin Market-llarborough. Popula. 277. yearly ; now worth 2,3891. 19. 67.;

OXENDEN (Little), in Little-Bowden granted, 31 llen. VIII., to John Vershe. A College, founded, 38 Den. 17.; value

parislı, in popula. included therein. 11. 195. 111. yearly; now worth 39. PAPER-MILLS.-See Far-Cotton. 6s, 8d.; granted, ? Edw, 11., to lile liam Ward and Richard l'enables, St.

PASSENUAM, 1 mile S.ll. from Stors. John's Hospital, for the sick, foundeul Stratforil. Popula. 733. in the rear 1137, by Willier Archdeacon PISTON, 9! miles N. from Peterborough. of Northampton ; value 251. 6s. Pl. Popula. 701, yearly, now worth 5101.15.211.; granted 20 llen. V111, St. Leonard's Hospital.

grante LTTISILILL, 11 miles X. from Towces. in East-Cotton, founded outside the

. ter. Popula.095. town, by William the Conqueror; value | PALLERS-PURY, 3 miles S.E. from 111. os. 8d. yearly, now wortlı 2701. Turcester. Popula. 1,009,

PEAKIRK, 3 miles S.E. from Market ill-used woman and honour to womanDeeping. Popula. 180.

kind, Catherine, queen of the ferocious

tyrant Henry VIII. To the infamy of PETERBOROUGH (City), is in the Pro that ruffian, and the shame of after ages,

vino of Canterbury, distant 814 miles there is no monument to record her virN.N.W. from London, and 44 miles tues and ber sufferings; and the remains N.E. from Northampton. It is situated of this daughter of the wise Ferdinand, on the river Nen, in the liberty, or soke, of and of the generous Isabella, who sold Peterborough, formerly Medehampsted. ber jewels to enable Columbus to disThe neighbourhood partakes of the flat cover the new world, lie under the ness of the fenny countries adjoining ; floor of the cathedral, commemorated but, being divided by live hedges, it by a short inscription on a plate of brass. forms an assemblage of the most lux All men, protestants or not protestants, uriant water-meadows that I ever beheld; feel as I feel upon this subject : search just like those near Huntingdon, and the hearts of the bishop, and of his dean not inferior, either in beauty or richness, and chapter, and these feelings are to the meadows on the banks of the there ; but to do justice to the memory Severn, in Worcestershire. The town of this illustrious victim of tyranny itself is small, and though ancient, would be to cast a reflection on that clean. It has one principal street, with event to which they owe their rich several smaller ones intersecting this ; possessions. From this cause, and and it has a good market-house and a no other, it is that the memory of the good church, besides its exquisitely virtuous CATIIERINE is unblazoned, beautiful cathedral. This last, I have while that of the tyrannical, the cruel, great pleasure in saying, is, contrary and the immoral Elizabeth, is recorded to the more magnificent pile ‘at Ely, with all possible veneration, and all kept in good order. It is of Norman possible varnishing-over of her disgustarchitecture, and singularly handsome ing amours and endless crimes. They of its kind. This is not, however, that relate, at Peterborough, that the same ancient building of which we read in sexton who buried Queen Catherine, the history of the Anglo-Saxons ; for also buried here Mary Queen of Scots. the foundation of Peterborough was laid The remains of the latter, of very quesby Peada, the son of Penda, a Saxon tionable virtue, or, rather, of unquesking, in the year 656. He began, and tionable vice, were removed to Westcaused to be endowed, a large monas minster-abbey, by her son, James I.; tery, of which it is said, that the walls but those of the virtuous queen were were constructed of stones so large that suffered to remain unhonoured! Good it took eight oxen to draw one. In God! what injustice, what a want of 868, the Danes attacked and destroyed principle, what hostility to all virtuous this, amongst other places. They feeling! The tyrant whose wife lies slaughtered the Abbot and his Mooks, buried here, seized upon the monastery and the women and children who had and church in 1539, and ponsioned off fled to the monastery for protection. the abbot'at 2601. a year; and, in 1541, They then sacked it and burned it to be made Peterborough a bishop's see, the ground. In 970, bowever, Athel giving the government of it to a bishop, wold, bishop of Winchester, restored a dean, and six prebendaries. The reit by the assistance of Edgar and his venues he divided into three shares, one queen; and, from Medehampsted, its for himself, one for the bishop, and the name was changed to Gildenburgh (Gold other for the dean and chapter. The en-city), from its riches; and again river Nen is navigable for 40 miles from that to Peterborough, in honour of above Peterborough, and, therefore, the the saint to whom it was dedicated. It trade carried on in corn, timber, and became a celebrated and extremely rich other produce of the soil, is considermonastery, but it was once more pil. able. The only manufacture carried on laged and partly destroyed by the Danes. in the town is that of stockings. The In 1116 it was nearly destroyed by fire; city is governed by a mayor, six 'alderso that, in 1118, a new church was men, and a common-council chosen out begun under the auspices of the Abbot, of the principal inhabitants. The soke John de Salisbury, and this was the of Peterborough is a jurisdiction ex. origin of the present cathedral, which tending over thirty-two towns and hamwas finished in 1144, under Martin de lets in the neighbourhood, and the maVesci. It is the burial-place of that gistrates who rule over it are appointed by the king, and they have the same | Sept. 25, horses, cows, sheep, and hogs, power as judges of assize. They sit pewter, black hats, and cloths. quarterly for the purpose of hearing and

KINGSTEAD, 55 miles N.N.E. from determining civil suits, and also for that of the jail delivery. This city

Higham-Ferrers. Popula. 583.. sends two members to parliament; the ROTHERSTHORPE, 34 miles S. W. from right of voting being in those who pay : Northampton. Popula. 272. scot and lot, and the number of voters

ROTHWELL, 79 miles N.W. from L90400. Its population is 4,598. Fairs,

don. Popula. 1,845. Market, Mon.; July 10, and Oct. 2, for horses, stock

fair, Trinity-Monday, horses, horned of all sorts, and timber. Market on Sa

cattle, and pedlary all the week, and turday. The population of the city is

leather the last day only. Here was an 4,598, but the parish of St. John-the

Augustine Nunnery, supposed to have Baptist, which is in fact the city of

been founded by the Clare family; value Peterborough, exterds beyond the limits

101. 10s. 4d. yearly, now worth $101. of the city, and contains altogether 5,315

68. 8d.; granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to inhabitants.

Henry Lee. PIDDINGTON, 5 miles S.E. from Nor- | RUSHDEN, 18 mile s. from Highamthampton. Popula. 871.

Ferrers. Popula. 1,077. PILSGATE, in Barnack parish, and po- | RUSHTON (All-Saints), 24 miles N.E. pula. included therein.' 1 mile distant

from Rothwell. Popula. 366. N.W. PILTON, 4 miles N.E. from Tbrapston.

SCALDWELL, 64 miles S.W. from Roth.

well. Popula. 323. Popula. 116.

SHUTTLEHANGER, in Stoke-Bruerne PISFORD, 54 miles N. from Northamp

parish, and popula. included therein, 1 ton. Popula. 506.

inile distant w. PITCHLEY, 5 miles N.N.W. from Wel. I SIBBERTOFT, 5 miles S.W. from Market. lingborough. Popula. 452.

Harborough. Popula. 406. PLUMPTON, 54 miles W. from Towces- SILVERSTONE, 4 miles S. from Tor. ter. Popula. 63.

cester. Popula. 837. POLEBROOK, 2 miles S.E. from Oundle.

SLAPTON, 34 miles W.S.W. from Tom. Popula. 339.

cester. Popula. 201. POTTERS-PURY, 23 miles N.W. from

SLIPTON, 3 miles W.N.W. from Tbrap. Stony-Stratford. Popula. 1,410.

ston. Popula. 135. PRESTON-CAPES, 5 miles S. from Da- SOUTHROPE, in Barnack parish, and ventry. Popula. 441.

popula, included therein. 11 mile disPRESTON-DEANERY, 4 miles S.E. from Northampton. Popula. 67.

SOUTHWICK, 3 miles N. from Oundle. PURSON, in King's-Sutton parish, and

Popula. 109. popula. included therein. 24 miles dis. SPRATTON, 61 miles N.N.E. from Nor. tant N.

thampton. Popula. 945. QUINTON, 4 miles S.S.E. from Nor STANFORD, 104 miles N.E. from Daterthainpton. Popula. 115.

try, and 61 miles S.E. from LutterRADSTON, 24 miles N. from Brackley.

worth. Popula. 20. Popula. 212.

STANION, 64 miles N.E. from Kettering, RAUNDS, 44 miles N.E. from Higham

Popula. 297. Ferrers. Popula. 1,301.

STANWICK, 24 miles N.E, from HighamRAVENSTHORPE, 8 miles N.E. from

Ferrers. Popula. 424. Daventry. Popula. 710.

STAVERTON, 2 miles S.W. from Da. ROADE, 5 miles N.E. from Towcester,

ventry. Popula. 474. Popula. 480,

STEAN, 3 miles W.N.W, from Brackley. ROCKINGHAM, 9 miles N. from Ket

Popula. 33. tering, and 5 miles S. from Upping ham. STOKE-ALBANY, 4 miles E. from Popula, 278, Market, Thurs.; fairs, Market-Harborough. Fopula. 363.

tant s.

STOKE-BRUERNE, 3 miles N.E. from THORPE - MANDEVILLE, 64 miles Towcester. Popula. 732.

N.W. from Brackley. Popula. 187. STOKE-DOYLE, 14 mile S.W. from THORPE-UNDERWOOD, in Rothwell Oundle. Popula. 141.

parish, and popula. included therein, 14 STOW-NINE-CHURCHES, 5 miles S.E.

mile distant W. from Daventry. Popula. 395.

THORPE, in Norton parish, and popula. STRATFORD (Old), in the parishes of

included therein. mile distant N. Cosgrove. Furtho. Passenham, and THRAPSTON, 75 miles N.W. from Potters.Pury, and the popula. returned

London. Popula. 854. Market, Tues.; with them accordingly. 1 mile W. from fairs, first Tuesday in May, Aug. 5, the foregoing.

pedlary, shoes, &c., and hiring harvestSTRIXTON, 6 miles S.W. from Higham.

men; and first Tuesday after Michael

mas, a large market. Ferrers. Popula. 56. STUTCHBURY, 44 miles N.N.W. from

TIFFIELD, 2 miles N.E. from Towcester.

Popula. 127.
Brackley. Popula. 32.
SUDBOROUGH, 3 miles N.E. from

TITCHMARCH,2 miles N.E. from Thrap

ston. Popula. 748. Thrapston. Popula. 294. SULBY, 6 miles S.W. from Market-Har.

TOWCESTER, 60 miles N.W. from Lon

don. Popula. 2,554. Market, Tues.; borough. Popula. 59. Here tbere was

fairs, Sbrove-Tuesday, May 12, Oct. 29, a Premonstratensian Abbey, founded

all sorts of cattle and inerchandise. Here about the year 1155, by William de

there was a College, founded in the Wideville ; rents 3051. 8s. 54d., now

time of Hen. VI., by William Sponne, worth 6,1081. 9s. 2d.; granted, 10 Eliza, D.D., pastor of the town; rents 191, to Sir Christopher Hatton.

6s. 8d., now worth 3861. 13s. 4d.; SULGRAVE, 6 miles N.N.W. from Brack granted, 4 Edw. VI., to Richard Hey. ley. Popula. 578.

bourn and William Dalby. SUTTON, in Castor parish, and po- | TWYWELL, 5 miles E. from Kettering.

pula. included therein. 14 mile distant Popula. 200. W.

UFFORD, 5 miles S.w. from Market. SUTTON-BASSETT, 3 miles N.E. from Deeping. Popula. 279. Market-Harborough. Popula. 142.

| UPTON, 24 miles W. from Northampton. SYRESHAM, 4 miles N.E. from Brackley.

Popula. 45.
Popula. 725.
SYWELL, 4 miles W. froin Wellingbo-

UPTON, in Castor parish, and popula, in

cluded therein. 2 miles distant N. rough. Popula. 265. TANSOR, 27 miles N.E. from Oundle.

WADENHOE, 4 miles N.E, from ThrapPopula. 234.

ston. Popula. 243. TEETON, 7 miles N.W. from Northamp

WAKERLEY, 7 miles S.W. from Stamton. Popula. 90.

ford. Popula. 209. THENFORD, 4 miles N.W. from Brack

WARKTON, 2 miles N.E. from Kettering. ley. Popula. 234.

Popula. 247. THORNBY, 8 miles S.W. from Market. WARKWORTH, 2 miles E. from Ban: Harborough. Popula. 176.

bury. Popula. 426. THORNHAUGH, 51 miles S. from Stam. WALGRAVE, 6 miles N.W. from Wel. ford. Popula. 266.

lingborough. Popula. 529. THORPE-ACHURCH, 34 miles N.E. from WALTON, in Paston parish, and popula. Thrapston. Popula. 239.

included therein. 14 mile distant N.W. THORPE-LUBBENIAM, in Marston- WALTON, in King's-Sutton parish, and

Trussel parish, and popula. included popula. included therein. 1 mile distherein. . 14 mile distant N.E.

tant S.E. THORPE-MALSOR, 2 miles S.E. from WAPPENHAM, 44 miles S.W. from Rothwell. Popula. 299.

Towcester. Popula. 566.

WANSFORD, 5 miles S. from Stamford. / WHITTERING, 34 miles S. from Stam. Popula. 179.

ford. Popula. 183. WARMINGTON, 3 miles N.E. from WICKEN, 2 miles S.W. from Stont. Oundle. Popula. 519.

I Stratford. Popula. 471. WATFORD, 4 miles N.E. from Daventry. | WILBARTON, 5 miles N. from Rothwell. Popula. 331.

• Popula. 697. WEEDON-BECK, 44 miles S.E. from Da- (WILBY, 18 mile S.W. from Wellingboventry. Popula. 1,178.

rough. Popula. 317. WEEKLEY, 2 miles N.E. from Kettering. WINWICK, 8 miles N.E. from Daventri. Popula. 255.

Popula. 137. WELDON (Great), 7 miles N.W. from WOLLASTON, 34 miles S. from We Oundle. Popula. 339. Market, Wed.;

lingborough. Popula. 991. fairs, first Thursday in February, May, August, and Noveinber, for brass, pow - WOOD-BURCOTT, in Towcester parish,

ter, hats, linen and woollen cloth. 1 and popula. included therein. WELDON (Little), 75 miles N.W. from woonCROFT.-See Etton. 1 mile disOundle. Popula. 480.

tant S. WELFORD, 8 miles S.W. from Harbo WOODFORD, 24 miles S.W. from Thraprough. Popula. 1,003.

ston. Pupula. 572. WELLINGBOROUGH, 68 miles N.E. WOODFORD with MEMBRIS, 64 miles from London. Popula. 4,454. Market,

S. from Daventry. Popula. 766. Wed., fairs, Easter-Wednesday, horses and hogs; Whit-Wednesday, horned

nesday.''horned / WOODEND, in Blakesley parish, and pcattle and sheep; Oct. 29, ditto, and

pula. included therein. '1 mile distan: cheese.

S.W. WELTON, 2} miles N.E. from Daventry. W

ventry WOOD-NEWTON, 4 miles N. from Out· Popula. 567.

dle. Popula. 362. WERRINGTON, in Paston parish, and

WORTHORPE, in St. Martin's-Stan. popula. included therein. 2 miles N.

ford-Baron parish, and popula. included from Paston.

therein. 1 mile S. from Stamford. Al

this place there was a Benedictine No. WESTON by WELLAND, 4 miles N.E.

nery, founded in the time of Hen. I.; from Market-Harborough. Popula. 220.

granted, S2 Hen. VIII., to Richard Ceci. WESTON-FAVELL, 2 miles N.E. from

WOOTTON, 24 miles S. from NorthampNorthampton. Popula. 389.

ton. Popula. 581. WESTON and LOYS-WEEDON, 63 | YARDLEY-GOBION. in Potters-Purs miles W. from Towcester. Popula.

parish, and popula. included therein. l. 477.

mile distant N. WHILTON, 4 miles E.N.E. from Daven-YARDLEY-HASTINGS, 74 miles S.E. try. Popula. 370.

from Northampton. Popula. 917. Fair, WHISTON, 58 miles E.S.E. from Nor Whit-Tuesday, horned cattle and borse thampton. Popula. 47.

furniture. WHITFIELD, 2 miles N.E. from Brack- | YARWELL, 7 miles N.E. from Ourdk. ley. Popula. 297.

Popula. 312. WHITTLEBURY, 3 miles S. from Tow. | YELVERTOFT, 8 miles N. from Dared. cester. Popula. 642.

try. Popula. 654.

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