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was a Templar's Hospital, founded by STANTON-HARCOURT, 4 miles S.E. Maud, Queen of King Stephen ; grant from Witney. Popula. 606.

ed, 33 Hen. VIII., to Edward Powell. I STANTON (St. John's), 4 miles N.E. SANFORD, 3 miles S. from Oxford. from Oxford. Popula. 468. Popula. 193.

STOKE-LYNE, 34 miles N, from Bicester. SARSDEN, 2 miles S.S.W. from Chip Popula. 509. ping Norton. Popula. 128.

STOKE-TALMAGE, 3 miles N. from Wat. SHELSWELL, 54 miles N.E. from Bices- lington. Popula. 140. ter. Popula. 51.

STOKEN-CHURCH, 41 miles E. from SHIFFORD, in Bampton parish, and po Watlington. Popula. 1,102 Fair,

pula. included therein. SI miles July 10, horses. E.S.E.

STOKEROW, in Ipsden parish, and SHIPLAKE, 3 miles s. from Henley. popula. included therein. 2 miles Popula. 528.

E.S.E. SHIPTON-UPON-CHERWELL, 2 miles STONESFIELD, 34 miles W. from Wood.''

E. from Woodstock. Popula. 147. 1 stock. Popula. 428. SHIPTON-UNDER-WHICHWOOD, 4STOW.WOOD, 3 miles N.E. from Ox..

miles N.N.E. from Burford. Popula. ford. Popula. 26. 2,275..

STRATTON-AUDLEY, 24 miles N.E. SHIRBURN, 1 mile N.E. from Watling from Bicester. Popula. 342. ton. Popula. 332.

STUDLEY with HORTON, in Beckley SHOTOVER, 34 miles E. from Oxford. parish, and popula. included therein. Popula. 85.

2 miles distant E. Here there was a

Benedictine Nunnery, built in the reign SHUTFORD, in Swalcliff parish, and po.

of Henry II., by Bernard de St. Walerpula. included therein, 14 mile dis

ico; yearly value 1021. 6s. 7 d., now tant N.

worth 2,0461. 12s.6d.; granted, 31 SIBFORD-GOWER, in Swalcliff parish, Hen. VIII., to John Croke.

and popula. included therein. 11 mile SWALCLIFFE, 5 miles W.s.w. from · distant W.

Banbury. Popula. 1,798. SIPFORD-FERRIS, in Swalcliff parish, SWERFORD, 54 miles W. from Ded

and popula, included therein. 11 mile dington. Popula.395. distant S.W.

SWINBROOK, 24 miles E. from Burford. SIGNET.-See Upton. 1 mile s. from Popula. 208. Burford.

SWINCOMBE, 4 miles E, from WallingSOMERTON, 3 miles S.E. from Ded ford. Popula. 345. dington. Popula. 400.

SYDENHAM, 3 miles S. from Thame. SOULDERN, 34 miles E. from Dedding- Popula. 367. ton. Popula. 491.

TACKLEY, 23 miles N.E. from Wood. SOUTHSTOKE with WOODCOTE, 34 stock. Popula. 478.

miles S. from Wallingford. Po- | TADMARTON, 4 miles S.W. from Banpula. 739.

bury, Popula. 401. SOUTHROPE, in Hook-Norton parish, TASTON, in Spelsbury parish, and poand popula, included therein,

pula. included therein. mile disSPELSBURY, 4 miles S.E. from Chip tant N.E. ping-Norton. Popula. 610.

TAYNTON, 2 miles N.W. from Burford, STADHAMPTON, 6 miles N.W. from Watlington, Popula. 234.

TETSWORTH, 27 miles S.W. from STANDHILL, in Pirton parish, and po

Thame. Popula. 495, pula. included therein,

TEW (Great), 44 miles S.W. from DedSTANDLAKE, 5 miles E. from Bampton.

dington. Popula. 760. Popula. 643.

TEW (Little), in the above parish, and

popula. included therein. 1 mile dis- | WESTON-ON-THE-GREEX, 4 miles tant S.W.

S.W. from Bicester. Popula. 462. TIIAME, 16 miles N.ll: from London. | WESTON (South), 24 miles N.X.E. from

Popula. 2,479. Market, Tuesday; Watlington. Popula. 108.
fairs, Easter-Tuesday, all sorts of cat. |
tle ; Old Michaelmas, Oct. 10; horses,

: | WESTWELL, 2 miles S.W. from Burford. fat hogs, and hiring servants. Here

Popula. 160. there was a Cistercian Abbey, founded / WHEATFIELD, 3 miles N, from Wate in the year 1137, by the bounty of lington. Popula. 79. Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln; yearly

| WHEATLEY, in Cuddesden parish, and value 2561. 135. Hd., now worth 5,1331. 125. od.; granted, 1 Edw. VI.,

popula. included therein. 14 bile

distant N. Fair, Sept. 29, catile and to Edward Duke of Somerset.

biring servants. TIDDINGTON, in Albury parish, and popula, included therein. I mile dis

WIITCHURCII, 84 miles S.W. from Hea

ler. Popula. 647. tant. · THRUP, in Kidlington parislı, and po.

| WIGGINTON, 44 miles N.W. from Dedpuls, included therein. 13 mile dis

dington. Popula. 291. tant N.W.

WILCOTE, in Cogges parish, and popula. TUSMORE, in llardwicke parish, and included therein.

popula. included therein. 1 mile dis- | WILLASON. in Mixbury parish, and tant N.W.

popula. included therein. UPTON and SIGNET, in Burford parish,

: | WILLSCOTT, in Cropredy parish, and poand popula. included therein. mile

pula. included therein. . 14 nile disdistant ll.

tant S.E. WALLCOT, in Charlbury parishi, and popula. included therein. if mile!

" ) WITNEY, 65 miles W.N.W. from Londistant N.W.

don., Popula. 4,784. Market, Thurs:

dav; fairs, Thursday in Easter-week, WARBOROUGH, 3 miles N. from Wal

cattle of all sorts; Thursday after July lingford. Popula. 684.

9; Aug. 24; Thursday following the WARDINGTON, in Cropredy parish, Sunday after Sept. 8; Thursday before

and popula. included therein. 14 mile Oct. 10, and Thursday after Doc. 1, distant E.

for ditto and cheese. WARMSCOMB, in Watlington parish, WOODCOTE.-See Southcote. Fairs, and popula. included therein.

Aug. 9, and Monday after Nov, 11, WARPSGROVE, I miles N.W. from

sheep, &c. 3 miles distant S.E. Watlington. Popula. 27.

WOODEATON, 34 miles N, from Oxford'. WARTON (Over), 24 miles S.W. from

Popula. 69.
Deddington. Popula. 50.

WOODSTOCK, 62 miles N.W. fron

London. WATERPERRY, 7 miles E. from Oxford.

Popula. 1,455. Market.

Tuesday ; fairs, April 5, cheese, cattle Popula. 219.

and sheep; Tuesday in Whitsun-week, WATERSTOCK, 44 miles W. from for pleasure, hardware, and horses, &c.; Thame. Popula. 132.

Aug. 2, cherries, &c. ; Oct. 2, a great WATER-EATON, in kidlington parish,

fair for cheese ; Tuesday after los. and popula. included therein. 11 mile

1, cattle, sheep, and cheese ; Dec. 17,

fat hogs and other cattle; Tuesday distant S.E.

alter Candlemas-day, a very large WATLINGTON, 15 miles W.M.W. from market for cattle. A corporate towa,

London. Popula. 1,479. Market, Sac having a mayor, recorder, four alder. turday; fairs, April 5; and Saturday nen, and sixteen common-councilmen: before Oct. 10, cattle and hiring ser. sends two members to parliament: vants.

right of election in the corporation and WEALI).-See Bampton. 5 mile dis- |

freemen : number of voters, less than tant S.

200. WENDLESBURY, 24 miles S.W. from WOOLVERCOTT, 24 miles N. from Oss Bicester Popula, 200,

ford. Popula. 193.

WOOTON, 2 miles N. from Woodstock. | an Augustine Priory, founded in the Popula. 1,084.

reign of Henry II1., by Mr. Michael WORTON, in Cassington parish, and po

Belet; yearly value 781. 14s. 3d., now

worth 1,5741. 55. ; granted, 36 Hen. pula. included therein. mile dis

VIII., to Sir Thomas Pope, who gave tant N.E.

a part to Trinity College, Oxford. WORTON (Nether), 24 miles S.W. from YARNTON or YARRINGTON, 54 miles Deddington. Popula. 96.

S.S.E, from Woodstock. Popula. 273. WROXTON, 21 miles N.W. from Ban- / YELFORD, 34 miles N.E. from Bampton. bury. Popula. 792. Here there was

Popula. 16.


AN INLAND County, bounded on the North

east by Lincolnshire ; on the Southeast and South by Northamptonshire; and, on the West, by Leicestershire. It is about 18 miles in length, and 15 in breadth. It is divided into 5 hundreds ; Alstoe, East, Martinsley, Oakhamsoke, and Wrandike. The RIVERS of tbis county are, the Guash, or the Wash, and the Welland. The MARKET-TOWNS are, Oakham and Uppingham. The county sends only 2 members to par. liament, being those for the shire. It is in the ProVINCE or CANTERBURY, partly in the DIOCESE OF PETERBOROUGH, and partly in that of Lincoln; and in the Midland Circuit. It contains 149 square miles, or 95,360 acres ; and 52 parisbes. It had 4 monastic establishments, and 6 public charities; it has 3 parishes with no churches ; 8 parishes with less than 100 inhabitants ; 7 parishes with no parsonage-houses; 14 parishes with parsonage-houses unfit to live in; the Poor-RATES were, in 1818, 18,0951. Os. 710.; the number of PAUPERS 1,042 ; the rental of the county, according to a return made to parliament in 1818, was 133,4871. 5s. 6d.; the population, according to a return laid before parliament in 1821, was 18,487 ; the number of inhabited houses, in 1821, was 3,589; the number of uninhabited houses at the same epoch was 61; the poorrates bear the proportion of one-seventh of the rental; the number of paupers, compared with the number of houses,

is 1 to every 3; the poor-rates, in 1776, were 2,6411.; the number of persons to every, square mile of this county is 123 , the number of acres to a person, 5 ; the number of acres to a house, 26. The male population, in 1821, was 9,223; the families employed in agriculture were in number 2,410; the families employed in handicraft were 1,034 in number; the number of other families was 492 ; the agricultural male popu. lation, 5,647 ; able labourers, 2,823 ; the number of acres in this county to every able-bodied labourer is 33. This county is exceedingly pretty to the eye; consisting, with but little exception, of handsome valleys. The whole county, with the exception of the north-western part, bordering ou "Lincolnshire, consists of gently-rising hills with vales between. The proportion of arable and pasture land is very nearly equal ; and there is some woodland. This latter is chiefly about the ancient forest of Leafield, on the western border of the county. The waste land is not exten. sive; Empinghom-heath, in the eastern part of the county, being the most extensive waste in Rutlandsbire. The soil is very various. There is much good red soil, some good clay, some bad clay, and some white stoney soil. The vale of Catmose, a district lying to the west of Oakham, is reckoned as good as any land in the county. The husbandry is not of the best, the old system of two crops and a fallow being still the usual method of cultivation,

Cattle are but little bred in the county, COTTESMORE, 4 miles N.N.E. fra the farmers prefer buying Scotch and Oakham. Popula. 602. Irish cattle to raising their own stock ; |

| EDITII-WESTON, 5 miles S.E. from and these they feed for the London

Oakham. Popula. 301. Here there markets. The sheep of the county are

were, an Alien Priory, built in the triga long-woolled and unthrifty animals ; but

of Ilen. I., by William de Tankervile: Mr. Bakewell's Leicestershire breed has

granted, 4 Edv. VI., to William liatbeen introduced br the gentry, and is

quis of Nortbampton, A Colles. becoming general. There are no mines in

founded, 25 Edw. 111., by Willi. this county, and its manufactures are

Wade and John Wade, chaplain ; restit but of rery little consequence. The

value 921.185.6d., now worth 4581.105.; poor women carry on some spinning of

granted, i Elizabeth, to John Lord S. linen, wbich is woven into tammies bv

John. the wearers of the southern parts of the county; and some kuitting of stock | EGLETON, 14 inile S.E. from Oakhil. ings is also carried on by the poor Popula. 131. women.

EMPINGHAM, 6 miles W.X.W. from ASUIWELL, 3 miles X. from Oahham. Stamford. Popula. 759. Populi. 220.

ESSENDINE, 4 miles N.X.E, from sin AYSTON, 1 mile N.W. from Upping lam.

ford. Popula. 175. Popula. 110.

EXTON, 5 miles N.E. from Oalbum. BARLEYTITORPE.- Soelikham-Deans

Popula. 753. hold. 2 miles distant N.W.

GLASTON, I miles E.N.E. from lppinz.

ham. Popula. 188. BARROW, in Cottesmore parish, and po

pula. included therein.' 1 mile dis. | GREETHAM, 54 miles N.E. from Oal. tant N.

ham. Popula. 541. BARROWDEN, 6 miles E. from Upping. | GUNTHORPE, in Belton parish, and peham. Popula. 52 1.

pula, included therein. 11 mile s.

from Oakham. BELTON, 44 miles W. from Uppingham. Popula. 101.

HAMBLETON, 34 miles E.S.E. from

Oakham. Popula. 308. DELMISTHORPE.-See Ryall. 1 mile distant S.E.

HORN, 6 miles X.W. from Stamford. BISBROOKE, 1} mile E. from Upping

Popula. 10. ham. Popula. 223.

TINGTHORP. - See Tinwell. 9 miks

distant N.S.W. BRAUNSTON, 2 miles S.W. from Oak: ham. Popula. 423.

KETTON, 4 miles S.W. from Stamford.

Popula. 797. BROOKE, 9 miles S.S.l. from Oakham.

LANGILAN, 3; iniles N.W. from Oaklan. Popula. 110, Jlere there was an Augustine Priory, founded by Iluyla Fera

Popula. 571. rers, in the räign of Richard l.; vearly | LEIGIL-FIELDS. -- See Oaklam-Lonis. value 131. 13s. fil., now worth' 8751. I hold. 4 miles distant S.W. os. 81.; grinted, 2llen. VIII., to i LIDDINGTOX, 3 miles S. from Uppii.. Antony Coope.

hum. Popular. 394. BURLEY, 24 miles N.N.E, from Oakhan. LUFFEYILAN (North), 54 miles V.I. Populi. 2:22.

from l'ppingham. Popula. 421. CALDECOTT, 5 miles S. from Upping-LIFFENHAM (South), 5 miles E.VE. ham. Popula. 274.

from Uppingham. Popula. 274. CASTERTON (Great), 9 miles N.W. from LINDOX, 4 miles N.E. from Uppin". Stainford. Popula. 335.

ham. Popula. 106. CASTERTON (Little), 14 mile N. from JAYTON, 9 miles $. from Oakham. Stamford. Popula. 81.

Popula. 299. CLIPSTIAN, 7! miles N.XII from Stam. | MARKET-OVERTON, 5 miles X..S.E. ford. Popula. 21,

from Oilblam. Popula, 108.

MARTINSTHORPE, 24 miles S. from SEATON, 3 miles S.E. from Uppingham. Oakham. Popula. 4.

Popula. 457. MORCOTT, 41 miles E.N.E. from Upping- ISTOKE (Dry), 3 miles S.W. from Upham. Popula. 443.

pingham. Popula. 59. NORMANTON, 57 miles S.E. from Oak- I STRETTON, 74 miles N.W. from Stamham. Popula. 26.

ford. Popula. 195. OAKHAM- DEANSHOLD with BAR.

TEIGH, 51 miles N. from Oakham. Po. LEYTHORPE, I mile N. from Oak

pula. 178. : ham-Lordshold. Popula. 796. OAKHAM-LORDSHOLD with LEIGH.

THISTLETON, 71 miles N.E. from Oak

ham. Popula. 181. FIELDS, 96 miles N.N.W. from Lon. don. Popula. 1,364. Market, Sat.; THORPE (by-Water), in Seaton parish, fairs, May 15, horned cattle and sheep; and popula. included therein. 14 mile second Sat. in April, cattle ; May 9, distant s. ditto, and a show of stone-horses; Sat. in Whitsun-week, Sat. after Oct. /TICKENCOTE, 3 miles N.W. from Stam10, Nov. 19, Dec. 15, cattle and sheep;

ford, Popula. 126. Sept. 9, ditto and swine. Here there | TINWELL with INGTHORP. 2 miles was a College for poor people, built in "

W.S.W. from Stamford. Popula. 245. the year 1398, by William Dalby of Exton ; yearly value 261. 13s. 4d., now | TIXOVER, 8 miles E. from Uppingham. worth 5331. os. 8d.; granted, 26 Hen, · Popula. 108. VIII., to Richard Flower, of Whit. 'UPPINGHAM. 90 miles N.N.E. from well.

London. Popula. 1,630. Market, Wed.; PICKWORTH, 6 miles N.N.W. from

fairs, March 7, July 7, horses, horned Stamford. Popula. 140.

cattle, and coarse linen. PILTON, 5 miles N.E. from Uppingham. I WARDLEY, 3 miles W.S.W. from UpPopula. 66.

pingham. Popula. 52. PRESTON, 2 miles N. from Uppingham. WHISSENDINE, 57 miles N.W. from Popula. 295.

Oakham. Popula, 701. RIDLINGTON, 3 miles N.W. from Up WHITWELL, 4 miles E. from Oakham. pingham. Popula. 247.

Popula. 112. RYALL with BELMISTHORPE, 23 WING, 4 miles N.E. from Uppingham, iniles N.N.E. from Stamford. Popula.

Popula. 273. 439.

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