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sbire, and two for each of the boroughs The usual crops in this countr are phea, of Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Bishop's-Casa barley, oats, peas, and turnips. There tle, Wenlock, and Bridyenorth. It is are other green crops besides turun in the PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY, grown, some cabbages, and, in many partly in the DIOCESE OF HERE FORD), places, a good many potatoes. Haris and partly in that of LITCHFIELD AND also are grown in the neighbourhoo! 1 COVENTRY, and it is in the OXFORD CIR Ludlow, but not in great quantity. Pas CUIT. This county contains 1311 square turage is not found much, exceptio: ja miles, or 856,2-10 acres; and 216 pa the district between Bishop's-Castie und risbes. It had 31 monastic establish Ludlow, and by the sides of rivers. in ments, and 12 public charities; it has cattle the county of Salop does not *5. 10 parishes with no church, 20 parishes cel. It has no distinct breed of 1s c with less than 100 inhabitants; 53 pa of any sort. The neat catile of the rishes with no parsonage-houses; 38 pa northern parts of it are something vf rishes with parsonage-houses unfit to the long-borned Lancashire breed, bet dwellin; the Poor-RATES were, in 1818, for the dairies, to supply the mandira 139,0601. 13s. 9 d.; the number of pau turing towns with milk and butter: bu: pers 19,887 ; the rental of the county, ac about Drayton and Whitcburch, the cording to a return laid before parliament dairies are large, and chiefly for cherza, in 1818, was 1,037,9881. 6s. 9d.; the The sheep are very various in their bred. population, according to it return made Most farmers keep flocks; but espre to parliament in 1891, wils 206,15,3 ; the ally those who live near to con nos, nuinber of inhabited houses, in 1321, where they can send them. The partwas 53,603 ; the number of uninhabit factures of Shropshire are flannels 2. ed houses at the same epoch, 1,102 ; Welsh webs, at Shrewsbury and OLthe poor-rates bear the proportion of towns; garden pots, and other cours one-seventh of the rental; the number earthen-ware, and tobacco-pipes, * of paupers, compared with the number Broscler; china-ware at Caughlev, se of houses, is one to every two; the cotton-weaving at Coleham; besica poor-rates in 1776, were 21,5191.; the some other interior manufactures at OLT number of persons to prery square mile places. There are coal, iron, and liai of this county, is 153; the number of mines in this county: the first acres to a person, 1; the number of

almost from one end to the other of the acres to a house, 21 ; the male popula Western border of it, and the others tion in 1821, was 104,050 ; the families at Colebrook-Dale, on the Severn. + employed in agriculture were 18,114 short distance from Shrewsbury. in number ; the families employed in LABBERBURY or ALBERBURY, !! handicraft were 17, nuinber; the

miles W. from Shrewsbury. Popular number of other families wils 5.737.

1,940. The agricultural male population 13,1,35; able labourers 22,507 ; the number of

the wumber of ABDON, 8 miles N.E. from Ludlor. Po acres in this county to every alle-bodied l pulil, 19.. labourer is 57. Shropshire is a county | ACTON-BURVELL, 7 miles V.E. froa of uneven surface, but it is not moun-1 Church-Stretton. Populia, 505. titinous. The most hilly is the eastern side of it. The soil is various. There ACTON-SCOTT, 3 miles S. from Church are many commons and moors, but all Stretton. Popula. 187. of them are of small dimensions, the LACTOX. in Vorth-Lydburr parish, ar! largest being near Bridly north, called!

pogrular. included therein. 21 miles** the Mort: There is a great deal of vile

tant S.ll. luable coppice-wood, chiefly of ork. The soil is of a deep loam about Oswes.

TACTON-ROUND, 54 miles N.w. frumu try. In the northern parts of the county Bridgenorth. Popula. 214. generally, it is it good loam lying over | ACTON-REYNOLD. in Shawbury parish, a strata of coal and limestone; on the

and popula. included therein. 11 . south-east it is sandy; about Wenlock

distant X.W. and the heart of the county there is much pale-coloured clay; about Ludlow | 11

LADDERLEY, 3 miles N. from Drastie is somo red loam mixed with a red clay,

Popula. 378. and, to the north-West of Ludlow, bé. ALBRIGHTOX,5 miles S.E. from Shiffnill. tween that ard Bisbop's-Castle, is it Popula. 968. Fairs, May 23, Juis 18, good deal of slate and buildingstone. Nov.?, horned cattle, sheep, and swise.

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ALBRIGHTON, in St. Mary's parish, BATCHCOTT. See Moor. 1 mile E. from

Shrewsbury, and popula. included Richard's-Castle. · therein. 34 miles distant N.

BATTLESFIELD, 3 miles N.N.E. from ALKINGTON, in Whitchurch parish, and Shrewsbury. Popula. 64. Fair, Aug.

popula. included therein. 14 mile dis- | 2, horned cattle and sheep. Here there tant S.

was a College, a mile N. of Shrews. ALL-STRETTON, in Church-Stretton

bury, founded in the year 1403, by

Hen. IV.; yearly value 541. 18. 10d., parish, and popula. included therein. 11

now worth 1,0811. 16s. 8d. mile distant N.


miles S.S.E. from Bridgenorth. Popula. | BEARSTON, in Muckleston parish. Staf975.

ford, and popula. included therein. AMASTON.-See Rowton. 9 miles S. BECKBURY, 6 miles E. from Broseley. from Abberbury.

Popula. 285. ASH (Great), in Whitchurch parish, and | BEDSTONE, 8 miles S.E. from Bishop'spopula. included therein. 24 miles dis

Castle. Popula. 165. tant S.E.

BENTHALL, 24 miles W. from Broseley ASH (Little), in Whitchurch parish, and

Popula. 554. popula. included therein. 23 miles distant S.E.

BENTHALL and SHRAWARDINE, in ASHFÍELD.-See Ruthale. 1 mile N.W.

Abberbury parish, and popula. included from Ditton-Priors.

therein. 23 miles distant E.S.E.

BERRINGTON, 4 miles S. from Shrews: ASHFORD - CARBONELL, 24 miles S.S.E. from Ludlow. Popula. 316.

bury. Popula. 657.

BESFORD, in Shawbury parish, and poASHFORD-BOWDLER, 3 miles S. from Ludlow. Popula. 89.

pula. included therein. 24 miles dis

tant N. ASTLEY-ABBOTTS, 2 miles N. from BETTUS. 6 miles N.W. from Knighton Bridgenorth. Popula. 664.

Popula. 341. ASTLEY, in St. Mary's parish, Shrews.

so | BILLINGSLEY, 5 miles S. from Bridge. bury, and popula. included therein. I

north. Popula. 176. . ASTON, in Oswestry parish, and popula.

BING-WESTON, BEACHFIELD, and included therein. 24 miles distant S.E.

WALTON, in Worthen parish, and ASTON, in Wem parish, and popula. in popula. included therein. 2 miles discluded therein.

tant W. ASTON-ROGERS, in Worthen parish, BISHOP'S-CASTLE, 157 miles N.W. from

and popula, included therein. 14 mile London. Popula. 1,880. Market, Fri.; distant N.

fairs, Fri. before Feb. 13, Fri. before ASTON-BOTTERELL, 64 miles N.W.

Good-Friday, first Fri. after May-day, from Cleobury-Mortimer. Popula. 230.

July 5, Sept. 9, Nov, 19, sheep, horn

ed cattle, and horses. The day preASTON-PIGOTT, in Worthen parish, and ceding the last three fairs is for sheep

popula. included therein. i mile dis. and pigs. A corporate town, having a tant N.

bailiff, fourteen other aldermen, and a ASTON-EYRE, in Morvill parish, and

recorder. Sends two members to par

liament: right of election in the bailiff popula. included therein.

and inhabitant burgesses; number of ATCHAM, 7 miles W.S.W. from Wel. voters, about 60. lington. Popula. 489.

BITTERLEY, 4 miles N.E. from Ludlow, BADGER, 6 miles N.E. from Bridge Popula. 1,064. north. Popula. 132.

BLACK-PARK, in Whitchurch parish, BARROW, 21 miles E. from Wenlock. and popula. included therein,' 14 mile Popula. 462.

distant N.E. BASCHURCH, 74 miles N.W. from BOLASS-MAGNA and MEESON, 6 milee Shrewsbury. Popula. 1,277.

N.W. from Newport.

BONINGALE, 6 miles S.E. from Shiff- / and popula. included therein. 11 ml nall. Popula. 160.

distant E. BOOLEY, in Stanton-upon-nine-Ileath BROUGHTON, 8 miles N. from Shress,

parislı, and popula. included therein. I bury. Popula. 177. BOSCOBEL (Extra Par.), 6 miles E. from BRUNSLOW, in Edgton parish, and price Shiffnall. Populi. 30.

pula. included therein. BOULDOX, in Holdgate parislı, and po

| BUCKNILL, 94 miles S. from Bishor's pula. included therein.

Castle. Popula. 465. BRIDGEVORTH, 1394 miles N. W. from BUILDWAS, 4 miles S.W, from Wellia London. It consists of the two pan

ton. Popula. 240. Here there ses 2 rishes of St. Leonard and St. Mary. /

Cistercian Abbey, founded in the re. Magdalen. Popula. 1,315. Market,

115), by Roger Bishop of Chestra Sat.; fairs, Thurs. before Shrove-tide,

vearly value 1991. 6s. 10d., now on borned cattle, horses, sheep, cheese,

2,5801. 10s. 8d. ; granted, 29 Hen. VIII, wick, varn, linen and woollen cloth;

to Edward Lord Powis. May 1, June 30, ditto, and consider- BURASTON and WHET MORE, in Busable for sheep's wool; Aug. 9, ditto, ford parish, and popula. included there. and lamb's-wool; Oct. 29, borned 9 miles N.E. frow Tenbury. cattle, horses, sheep, salt butter, and B

na | BURFORD, 14 mile W. from Teobut,

RIO cheese. A corporate town, having two

l'opula. 1,036. Here there was a ia. bailifis, twenty-two other aldernen,

legiate Church, founded in the reinir forty-eight cominon-councilmen, a town!

Edw. I.; granted, 13 Eliz., to Willie clerk, and other oficers. Sends two members to parliament; right of election

James, and John Grey. in the burresses and fr emen: number BURWARTON, 9 miles S.W. free of voters, about 700. Here there was Bridgenorth. Popula. 123. a College, founded in the reign of Wil

CAINILIJI, SĮ miles E. from Lud!.. liam Rutus, by Robert Earl of Shrews: bury; granted, 21 Eliz., 10 Sir Christo

Popula. 136. pher Ilatton, and an Hospital, founded in CALIERILALL, in Prees parish, and paine The reign of Richard L., by Ralph le pula. included therein. Strange; granted, 31 llen. I111., to ICARD ESTON with WAT LESBO. Leonard Edwards.

ROTGII, 6 miles W. from Shrewsburt. BROCKTON, in Worthen parish, and po- | Popula. 297. pula. included therein. mile distant s.

CARDINGTON, 34 miles E. from Church BROCKTON, in Vorth-Lydbury parish, i Stretton. Popula. 687. and popula. included therein. 2 niles

CHIELLARSII, 4 miles S. from Bridges distant S.W.

north. Popula. 458. BROMFIELD), 3 miles will. from Ludlow. Popula. 07 1. llere there was it

CHERRINGTON, in Edgmond para Benedictine Cell, built abont the time and popula. included therein. 5 mies of Hen. I.; vearly value 77s. 185. 3d., distant 11.X.N. How worth 1,5587.js.; granted to Charles CHESTARDINE, 41 miles S.S.E. fra Fox.

Drayton. Popula. 938. BROUPTON with RISTON, in Church

I CILTTON, 34 miles S.W. from Bridge Stuke parisli, Montgomery, and popula. included therein. 3 miles S.E. from

norih. Popula. 373. Montgomery.

CHETIIVI), 14 miles X. from Sere BRON-Y-GATII.- Weston-Rbyn. port. Popula. 500. { mile distant N.

CHETWIND-ASTON, in Edgmond pa. BROOKILAMITOX, in Holdgate parish, rislı, ond popula. included therein. 11

ind popular, included therein. i mile mile S. from Newport. distant W.E.

CHILD'S-ERCALL, 6 miles S. fra EROSELEY, 145 miles N.W, from Lon. | Dravion. Popula. 389.

don. Popula, 1,814. Market, Wed. i TCHILMICK, in Hope-Bowdler parish, fair, Easter-Monday.

and popula, included therein. i mile BROUGHALL, in Whitchurch parish, distant S.

CHIMNELL, in Whitchurch parish, and CRICKHEATH, in Oswestry parish, and

popula, included therein. 14 mile dis popula. included therein. tant N.E.

· CROFTON, in Diddlebury parish, and CHIRBURY, 9 miles N.W. from Bishop's-1 popula, included therein. if mile N.

Castle, and 3 miles N.E. from Mont-| from Great Sutton. gomery. Popula. 1,442. Here there CRUCKTON, in Pontesbury parish, and was an Augustine Priory, founded 11 popula. included therein. 34 miles Hen. III.; yearly value 871. 78. 4d., S.W. from Shrewsbury. now worth' 1,7471, 6s. 8d.; granted, 57 | DARLESTON, in Prees parish, and poHen. VIII., to Edward Hampton.

pula. included therein, 14 mile disCHOULTON.-See Eaton. 14 mile dis tant S.E. tant S.E.

| DAWLEY-MAGNA, 3 miles S.S.E. from CHURCH-ASTON, in Edgmond parish, Wellington. Popula. 5,147.

and popula. included therein. 1 mile DAWLEY (Parva), in the foregoing paS. from Newport.

rish, and popula. included therein. CHURCH-STRETTON.- See Stretton- DEUXHILL, 4 miles S.S.W. from BridgeChurch.

north. Popula. 49. CLAVERLEY, 5 miles E. from Bridge I DIDDLEBURY, 5 miles S. from Churchnorth. Popula. 1,305.

Stretton. Popula. 987. CLEE (St. Margaret's), 7 miles N.E. from DINCHOPE, in Bromfield parish, and Ludlow. Popula. 229.

popula. included therein. 44 miles CLEOBURY-MORTIMER, 137 miles

distant N.N.W. N.W. from London. Popula. 1,602. DINMORE (Extra Par.), in Purslow Market, Thurs.; fairs, April 21, Oct. hundred. Popula. 12.

27, horned cattle, sheep, and pigs. DITCHES.-See Lowe. CLEOBURY (North), 7 miles S.W. from DITTON-PRIORS, 74 miles S.W. from Bridgenorth. Popula. 173.

Bridgenorth. Popula. 685.' CLIVE, in St. Mary's parish, Shrewsbury, DODINGTON, in Whitchurch parish, and and popula. iocluded therein.

popula. included therein. mile disCLUNBURY and OBLEY, 64 miles S.E. tant S.

from Bishop's Castle. Popula. 800. DONNINGTON, 4 miles S.E. from ShiffCLUNGUNFORD, 8 miles S.E. from nall. Popula. 330. Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 474.

DORRINGTON, in Muckleston parish, CLUN, 5 miles S. from Bishop's-Castle. 1 Stafford, and popula. included therein.

Popula. 1,781. Fairs, Wbit-Monday, DOWLES, 1 mile N. from Bewdley. Nov. 22, sheep, horned cattle, and Popula. 61. horses.

| DOWN, in North-Lydbury parish, ayd CLUNTON and REMPTON, in Clunbury

popula. included therein, St miles parish, and popula. included therein. 21

distant S.W. miles distant W.N.W.

DRAYTON-IN-HALES, 159 miles N.W. CONDOVER, 44 miles S. from Shrews from London. Popula. 4,426. Market, bury. Popula. 1,378.

Wed.; fairs, Wed. before Palm-Sunday, COTTON, in Wem parish, and popula.

Sept. 19, Oct. 24, horned cattle, horses, included thereia. . 14 mile S.E. from

sheep, hempen and woollen cloth, and Hodnet.

pigs. Here there was a Premonstra.

tensian Abbey, founded, 16 John, by COUND, 6 miles S.E. from Shrewsbury.

Peter de Rupibus, Bishop of WinchesPopula. 799.

ter; yearly value 3371. 15s. 64d., now CORELY, 34 miles W. from Cleobury worth 6,7551. 10s. 10d. ; granted, 30 Mortimer, Popula, 566.

Hen. VIII., to Sir John Dudley. CULMINGTON, 44 miles N. from Lud-EARDINGTON, in Quatford parish, and low, Popula. 569.

popula. included therein, 14 mile S. CRESSAGE, in Cound parish, and po

from Bridgenorth. pula. included therein. 3 iniles N.W.EAST-WALL, in Rushbury parish, and from Much-Wenlock.

popula. included therein.

EASTHOPE, 5 miles S.W. from Much-GATTON, in Rathlinghope parish, and Wenlock. Popula. 93.

popula. included therein. 24 miles dis. EATON, 14 mile N.W. from Bridgenorth.

tant N.W. Popula. 566.

GLAZELY, 34 miles S.W. from BridgeEATON-CONSTANTINE, 44 miles S.W.

porth. Popula. 46. from Wellington. Popula. 251. GRAVENHANGER, in Muckleston parish, EATON and CHOULTON, in North-Lyd , Stafford, and popula. included therein.

bury parish, and popula. included there- 1 GREET. 2 miles N.W. from Tenbury.

in. 31 miles N.E. from Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 79. EATON, in Stoke-upon-Tern parish, and

GRETTON, in Rushbury parish, and popopula. included therein. 24 miles dis

pula. included therein. 14 mile distant S. .

tant N. EDECLIFT, in Clun parish, and popula. I GRINSHILL. 64 miles N.N.E. from included therein.

Shrewsbury. Popula. 214.

HABBERLEY, 7 miles S.W.from Shrews. parish, and popula. included therein. 1

bury. Popula. 151. mile distant N.E.

HABBERLEY, in Worthen parish, and EDGE, in Pontesbury parish, and popu

popula. included therein. 31 miles des. ·la. included therein. 24 miles distant N.

tant E.S.E. EDGEBY, in Whitchurch parish, and po

HADNALL-EASE, in Middle parish, and pula. included therein.

popula. included therein. 4 miles dis

tant S.E. EDGMOND, 14 mile W. from Newport. Popula. 2,163.

HALES-OWEN, locally situate in Stafford

shire, 34 miles E. from Stourbridge. EDGTON, 34 miles S.E. from Bishop's

Market, Monday; fairs, Easter-Mondas, Castle. Popula. 220.

horses, toys, &c.; Whit-Mon., horses EDSTASTON, in Wem parish, and po cattle, sheep, and cheese.

pula. included therein. 15 mile dis- | HALFORD in Bromfield narish and tant N.

pula, included therein. 45 miles disELLESMERE, 179 miles N.W. from tant N.W. London. Popula. 6,056. Market, Tues.;

HALSTON, 24 miles E. from Oswestry. fairs, first Tuesday after Feb. 2, third

Popula. 39. Here there was a TeamTuesday in April, Whit-Tuesday, Aug.

plar's Hospital ; yearly value 1601. 14. 25, Nov. 14, horses, sheep, and horned

10d., now worth 3,2141. 165.8d.; granicattle.

ed, 5 Eliz., to William Horne. ERCALL-MAGNA, 5 miles N.W. from

HANWOOD (Great), 34 miles S.W. from Wellington. Popula. 1,952.

Shrewsbury. Popula. 157. EYTON-UPON-THE-WILD-MOORS, 2 miles N. from Wellington. Popula. 390.

| HANWOOD, 34 miles S.W. from Shrews

hury. Popula. returned with PontesEYTON, in Abberbury parish, and popula.

bury. included therein. 14 mile distant E.

HARCOURT, in Stanton-upon-nine-Heath EYTON and PLOWDEN, in North-Lyd parish, and popula. included therein. i

bury parish, and popula. included mile distant N. therein. 14 milé distant N.E.

HARDERLEA (Extra Par.), in Pursler FAULS, in Prees parish, and popula. in- hundred. Popula. returned with Edgta cluded therein. 24 miles distant S.E.

HARLEY, 2 miles N.W. from Muck FELTON (West), 4 miles S.E. from Os.

Wenlock. Popula. 235. westry. Popula. 1,035.

HATTON, in Shiffnall parish, and poput FITZ, 4 miles N.E. from Shrewsbury. I

included therein. 2] miles distant s. Popula. 229.

HAUGHMOND (Extra Par.), S4 mily FORD, 41 miles W. from Shrewsbury.

N.E. from Shrewsbury. Popula. Popula. 212.

turned with Upton-Magnu. Here the FRODESLEY, y miles S. from Shrews. was an Augustine Priory, founded a bury. Popula. 179.

the year 1110, by William Fitz-Abs

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