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of Clun; yearly value 2941. 12s. 9d., | KEMBERTON, 3 miles S.W. from Shiffnow worth 5,8921. 15$. ; granted, 32 nall. Popula. 260. Hen. VIII., to Edmund Littleton.

| KENLEY, 4 miles W.N.W. from MuchHEATH, in Stoke-St.-Milborough parish, Wenlock. Popula. 321.

and popula, included therein. 2 miles distant N.

KINLET, 5 miles N.E. from Cleobury

Mortimer. Popula. 552. HEATH (Nether and Upper), in Worthen parish, and popula. included therein.

KINNERLEY, 6 miles S.E. from Oswes. 3 miles distant S.E.

try. Popula. 1,167. HIGH-HATTON, in Stanton-upon-nine-KINNERSLEY, 44 miles W.S.W. from

Heath parish, and popula. included Newport. Popula. 253. therein. 24 miles distant E.

| KNOCKIN, 54 miles S.E. from Oswestry. HIGHLEY, 6 miles S. from Bridgenorth. Popula. 225. Popula. 424.

LACON, in Wem parish, and popula. inHINSTOCK, 54 miles S. from Drayton. cluded therein. Popula. 671.

LANGLEY.-See Ruckley. 14 mile S. HINTON, in Whitchurch parish, and po

from Acton-Burnell. pula. included therein. 1 mile dis

LAWTON, in Diddlebury parish, and potant N.E.

pula. included therein.“ 2 miles N.E. HISLAND and WOOTON, in Oswestry

from Great-Sutton. parish, and popula. included therein.

LEATON, in St. Mary's parish, Shrews. HOBENDRID, in Clun parish, and po

bury, and popula. included therein. pula. included therein. 4 miles dis

4 miles N.W. from Shrewsbury. tant S,

LEDBURY and TOTTERTON, in NorthHODNET, 6 miles S.W. from Drayton. Popula. 2,117. Fairs, May 15, Oct. 20,

Lydhury parish, and popula. included inconsiderable fairs.


| LEE-BROCKHURST, 24 miles S.E. from HOLDGATE, 74 miles S.E. from Church

Wem. Popula. 162. Stretton. Popula. 238. HOLLYHURST, in Whitchurch parish. | LEEBOTWOOD, 3 miles N. from Churchand popula. included therein.

Stretton. Popula. 204. HOPE-BAGGOT, 34 miles N.N.W. from

LEIGHTON, 5 miles S.W. from WelTenbury. Popula. 71.

lington. Popula. 375. HOPE-BOWDLER, 14 mile E. from LILLESHALL, 24 miles S.S.W. from New. Church-Stretton. Popula. 179.

port. Popula. 3,143. Here there was

an Augustine Priory, built in the year HOPESAY, 54 miles S.E. from Bishop's

1145; yearly value 3271. 108., DOW Castle. Popula. 612.

worth 6,5501.; granted, 31 Hen. VIII., HOPTON-CASTLE, 7 miles S.E. from to James Leveson. Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 150.

LINLEY, 3 miles S. from Broseley. PoHOPTON-IN-THE-HOLE, 4 miles N.E.

pula. 96. from Ludlow. Popula. 24.

LLANFORDA, in Oswestry parish, and HOPTON-WAFERS, 2 miles N.W. from

popula. included therein. 24 miles disCleobury-Mortimer. Popula. 459.

tant W. HORDLEY, 4 miles S.S.W, from Elles

tes. LLANVAIR-WATERDINE, 34 miles W. mere. Popula. 308.

from Knightou. Popula. 477. Wem parish, and popula. | LLANYBLODWELL, 44 miles S.W. included therein.

from Oswestry. Popula. 850. HUGHLEY, 4 miles W. from Wenlock.

w. from Wenlock. LLANYMYNECH, 6 miles S. from Os. Popula. 101.

westry. Popula. 454. Fairs, May 29, IFTON.RHYN, in St. Martin parish, and Sept. 29, sheep, horned cattle, and popula. included therein.

horses. IGHTFIELD, 4 miles S.E. from Whit-LLWYNTLANAN, in Llanymynech pa. church. Popula. 261.

rish, and popula. included therein.



LONGDON, in Pontesbury parish, and | MADELEY, 148 miles N.W. from Lon

popula. included therein. 31 miles I don. Popula. 5,379. distant N.E.

MANLIUS-LEE, in Dawley parish, and LONGDON - UPON - TERNE, 3 miles N.W. from Wellington. Popula. 93.

popula. included therein.

MAINSTONE, 41 miles W.s.w. from LONGFORD, 2 miles S.W. from Drayton.

Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 131.
Popula. 231.
LONGNOR, 14 miles N.N.E. from Church-

MARTIN (St.), 5 miles N.N.E, from Strettou. Popula. 222.

Oswestry. Popula. 1,832.

MEESOY.-See Bolas-Alagna. 9 miles LOPPINGTON, miles S.E. from Ellos

distant E.N.E. mere. Popula. 622. LOLGITON, in Cherton parish, and po.

MELTERLEY, 10 miles W. from Shrew's. pula. included therein.

bury. Popula. 225. LOTTE and DITCHES, in Wem parish,

che MERRINGTON, in Preston-Gubbals paand popula. included therein.

rish, and popula. included therein. 1

mile distant N.W. LCDFORD, mile S. from Ludlow. Popula. 280.

| VICKLEY, in Prees parish, and popula.

included therein. 4 miles distant LUDLOW, 115 miles X.W. from London.

E.S.E. It contains the one parish of St. Lawrence, and the population is 1,820.

| MIDDLE, 8 miles S.E. from Ellesmere. Market, Monday ; tairs, Monday before !

Popula. 1,190. Feb. 13, Tuesday before Easter. Wed. MIDDLEJOPE, in Diddlebury parish, nesday in ll bitsun-wech, horned cattle, and popula. included therein. 1 mile horses, woollen and linen cloth, and pigsi! NE. from Mumslow. Aug. 21, Sept. 28, Dec.6, ditto, hops, | and fat logs. Here there was an Hos- |

MIDDLETON, in Oswestry parish, and pital, built in the reign of John; yearly

popula. included therein. 91 miles value 271. 16s. 10d., Now worth 5.07.

distant E. 105. 81. i granted, 1 Edw.ll., to John WIDDLETON-SCRIVEN, 5 miles W.S.W. Earl of Warwick. An Augustine Pri. I

from Bridgenorth. Popula. 86. ory, built about the rear 1982; granted to George Cotton and William an. | VILLENHEATII, in Prees parish, and A Carmelite l’riory, founded in the year popula. included therein. 13!!, by Litwrence of Ludlow; granted, I MINSTERLEY, in Westbury parish, and Eliz., to Richard llacket and Thomas

popula. included therein. 3 miles disTrentham. A corporate town, baving

tant S.E. two bailiffs, ten other uldermen, twentyfive common-councilmen, a recorder, MILSON, 3 miles N.E. from Tenbury. town-clerk, steward, chamberlain, and Popula. 12.). other officers. Sends two members to VINDTOWX,5 miles N.E. from Bishop's. parliament: right of election is in all the resident coumon burgesses, as well

Castle. Popula. 31. is the twelve kind twenty-five: number VIINTON, in Church-Stretton parisb, and of voters, nearly 500.

popula. included therein. 3 miles disLCTIVITCII, in Rushbury parish, and

tant S. popula, included therein.

MONKTIOPTON, 4 miles S. from Wes

lock. Popula. 163. LYDBURY (North), } miles SE, from Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 892.

MONTFORD, 5 miles W.N.W. from LYDILAN, 11 mile V. from

Shrewsbury. Popula. 517.

Bishop'sCate. Populi. W.

VOOR with BATCHCOTT, in Richard's. LYNYMON, in Oswestry parishi, and po

Castle parish, and popula, included pula. included therein. 14 mile dis.

therein. tant ".sll.

VORE, 3 miles N. from Bishop's-Castle. MAESBURY, in Oswestry parish, and

Popula. 277. popula. included therein, 2 miles dis MORETON-CORBETT, 14 iniles S.E. tant S.E.

from Wom. Popula. 235.

MORETON-SEA, 4 miles W. from Dray- NORTON-IN-HALES, 4 miles N.N.E. ton. Popula. 762.

from Drayton. Popula. 241. MORVILL, 3 miles N.W. from Bridge- OAKENGATE.-See Priors-Lee. A mile north, Popula. 430.

distant N.W. MORTON, in Oswestry parish, and po- OBLEY.-See Clunbury. 14 mile S.E. from

pula. included therein. 3 miles dis- Clun. tant S.

OLDBURY, 2 miles S. from Bridgenorth. MOSTON, in Stanton-upon-nine-Heath | Popula. 110. parish, and popula. included therein,

OLLERTON, in Stoke-upon-Tern parish, 15 mile distaut N.

and popula. included therein. MUCKLESTON-See Edgbolton. 2 miles N. from High Ercall.

ONIBURY, 5 miles N.W. from Ludlow.

Popula. 445.
MUCKLEWICK, in Hyssington parish,
Montgomery, and popula. included

OSWESTRY, 180 miles N.W. from Lon. therein.

don., Popula. 7,523. Market, Wed.;

fairs, March 15, horses, horned cattle, MUNSLOW, 6 miles S.E. from Church sbeep, pigs, home-made linen cloth, Stretton. Popula. 708.

&c.; May 12. ditto, and pedlary; NASH, in Burford parish, and popula. in.

Wednesday before June 24, ditto ; Aug. cluded therein. *2 miles distant N.E.

15, ditto ; Wednesday before Michael

mas-day, ditto ; Dec. 10, ditto, tub. NEEN-SAVAGE, 1 mile N.E. from Cleo butter. bury-Mortimer. Popula. 485.

OVERTON, in Richard's-Castle parish, NEEN.SOLLORS, 2 miles S.S.W. from and popula. included therein. 11 mile Cleobury-Mortimer. Popula. 231.

W. from Ashford-Bowdler.' NEENTON. 6 miles S.W. from Bridge- | PARKS (Upper and Lower), in Diddlenorth. Popula. 119.

bury parish, and popula. included

therein. NESS (Great), 7 miles N.W. from Shrews

s- | PEATON, in Diddlebury parish, and pobury. Popula. 333.

pula, included therein. NESS (Little), in the foregoing parish,

"PETTON, 6 miles S.E. from Ellesmere. and popula. included therein. 1 mile distant N.E.

Popula. 48.

PITCHFORD, 6 miles S.E. from ShrewsNEWCASTLE, in Clun parish, and popula. included therein. '1 mile N. from

bury. Popula. 226. Bettus.

PLOW DEN.See Eyton. 1 mile disNEWPORT, 140 miles N.W. from Lon

tant S.E. don. Popula. 2,343. Fairs, first Tues PONTESBURY, 64 miles S.W. from day in Feb., Saturday before Palm Shrewsbury. Popula, 2,458. Here Sunday, May 28, July 27, horned cat there was a College, built before the tle, horses, and sheep; Sept. 25, cattle, reign of Edw. I. ; yearly value 401. 17s. sheep, and hogs; Dec. 10, ditto, and 3d., now worth 8171. 38. fat cattle. When the 10th falls on Sun

| PONTREGAER, in Oswestry parish, day, it is kept on Saturday, the 9th. Here there was a College, founded, 20

and popula. included therein. Hen. VI., by Thomas Draper, granted, POSENHALL (Extra Par.), in Wenlock 13 Eliz., to Edmond Dowing and Peter liberties. Popula. 14. Ashton.

POSTON, in Diddlebury parish, and poNEWTOWN, in Wem parish, and popula. pula. included therein. included therein,

PRESTON-BROCKHURST, in ShawNORBURY, 3 miles N.E. from Bishop's-1 bury parish, and popula. included Castle. Popula. 377.

therein. 24 miles distant N. NORDLEY-REGIS.--See Alveley. 2 PREEN-CHURCH, 5 miles N.E. from miles distant N.E.

Church-Stretton. Popula. 73. NORTHWOOD, in Wem parish, and po- PREES, 5 miles S. from Whitchurch. · pula. included therein.

Popula. 3,190.

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PRESTON-GUBBALS, 6 miles N. from SANDFORD, in Prees parish, and popula. Shrewsbury. Popula. 369.

included therein. 14 mile distant E. PRESTON - UPON THE. WILD. SELATTEN, S4 miles N.W. from Osves.

MOORS, 3 miles N.E. from Welling. I try. Popula. 959. ton. Popula. 209.

SIIAWBURY, 5 miles S.S.E. from Wen. PRIORS-DITTON.-See Ditton-Priors. 1 Popula. 1,113. PRIORS.LEE with OAKENGATE. in SIELTE, 6 miles N. from Bishop's-Castle.

Shiffnall parish, and popula. included | Popula. 55. therein. 3 miles distant N.W.

SHIFFNALL, 113 miles N.W. from LogPULVERBATCH-CHURCIT, 7 miles don. Popula. 4,111. Market, Fr.; S.W. from Shrewsbury. Fair, Sept. 27,

fairs, Aug. 5, horned cattle, horses, horned cattle, borses, and sheep.

sheep, and swine; Nov. 92, ditto and

hops. QUATFORD, 2 miles S.E. from Bridge

Dridge-SIINETON, in Stoddesdon hundred. Por north. Popula. 411.

pula. 189. QUAT-MALTERN, 4 miles S.E. from SHIPTON, 07 miles S.W. from Wenlock. Bridgenorth. Popula. 3-12.

Popula. 126. RAGDOX, in llope-Bowdler parish, and SHRAWARDINE, 6 miles N.W. from popula. included therein.

Shrewsbury. Popula. 177. RATLINGHOPE, 6 miles N.E. from

from SHRANJARDINE (Little).-See BerBishop's-Castle. Popula. 977. llere

thall. I mile S. from the above, there was an Augustine Cell, built in the reign of John; granted, 37 llen. | SHREWSBURY, 162 miles S.W. from VIII., to Robert Long.

London. It contains the six parishes

of St. Alkmond, St. Chad, St. Julian, REMPTON.-See Clunton. 31 miles N.E.

Holy Cross and St.Giles, St. Mary and from Clun.

Meole-Brace. The whole population is RICHARD'S-CASTLE, 3 miles S.W. from 20,139. Markets, Wed., Fri.. Sat, : Ludlow. Popula. 490.

fairs, Feb. 28, horned cattle, horses,

&c.; Sat. after March 15, Wed. after RISTON.-See Brompton.

Easter-week, Wed. before Whit-Sun., RODDINGTON, 41 miles N.W. from horned cattle, horses, sheep, cheese, Wellington. Popula. 445.

and linen cloth ; July 3, Aug. 12, hornROMSLEY, in Alvelev parish, and popula.

ed cattle, horses, pigs, cheese, linen, included therein. 24 miles distant E.

sheep and lamb's wool; Oct. 2, Dec.

12, borned cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, ROWTON and AMASTOX, in Abherbury butter, cheese, and linen. At this

parish, and popula. included therein. place were the following religious 1 mile distant S.E.

houses :--a Benedictine Monastero, RUCKLEY and LANGLEY, in Acton

founded, in the year 1083, by Roger de

Montgomery, Earl of Arundel; vearly Burnell parish, and popula. included

value 6151. 15. 3d., now worth 12,304. therein. 1 mile distant S.W.

5s. ; granted, 33 iden. VIII., to Edward RUDGE, in Pattingham parislı, Stafford, Watson and Henry Herdson. St. C'hada's

and popula. included therein. 9 miles College, founded before the time of distant S.W.

William the Conqueror; yearly value

111, 1.1s. 1d., now worth 2941. 6$.. 81. ; RUSHBURY, 4 miles E. from Church

granted, Edw. 11., to John Southcoti Stretton. Popula. 178.

and John Chadderton. St. Michael's RITIALE and ASHFIELD, in Ditton ('ollege, founded prior to the time of

Priors parish, and popula. included Edward the Confessor; rents and titbes therein.

made 131. 1s. 8d., now worth 2611. RUYTON, in the Eleven Towns, 8 miles

13s. 4d.; granted to Thomas Reere and

George Cotton. St. Chadd's Hospital, N.W. from Shrewsbury. Popula. 862.

for poor persons, founded by the Society Fair, July 3, horned cattle, horses, and

of Mercers in the town. St. John's sheep.

Hospital, built prior to the time of RYTON, 4 miles S. from Shiffnall. Por Edward II.; rents 11. 10s, 4d., now pula. 131.

worth 901. 6s. 8d. An Augustine Friary,

founded by the Staffords; granted, 53 | STONE-ACTON, in Rushbury parish, and
Hen. VIII., to Richard Andrews and popula. included therein. . 14 mile dis-
Nicholas Temple. A House of Black' tant W.
Friars, founded by Lady Genevile;

| STOTTESDEN,5 miles N. from Cleoburygranted, 35 Hen. VIII., to Richard Andrews and Nicholas Temple. A

Mortimer. Popula. 1,608. , House of Grey Friars, founded in the STOW, 1 mile N.E. from Knighton. Po. reign of Hen. III., by Hawise Countess pula. 157. of Powis; granted, 35 Hen. VIII., to

STRETTON-CHURCH, 159 miles N.W. Richard Andrews and Nicholas Temple.

from London. Popula. 1,226. Market, A corporate town, having a mayor, re

Thurs.; fairs, March 8, May 14, Sept. corder, steward, town-clerk, twentyone aldermen, and forty-eight common

25, horned cattle, horses, and sheep. councilmen. Sends two members to STRETTON (Little), in tbe above parish, parliament: right of election in the and popula. included therein. 14 mile burgesses paying scot and lot, and not distant S.

receiving alms: number of voters, 900. | SUTTON, in Diddlebury parish, and poSIBDON-CARWOOD, 6 miles S.E. from pula. included therein. 5 miles N. from Bishop's-Castle. Popula. 61.

Ludlow. SIDBURY. 54 miles S.W. from Bridge. | SUTTON, 2 miles S.E. from Shrewsbury. north. Popula. 93.

Popula. 71. SILVINGTON, 8 miles N.E. from Lud.

SUTTON-MADDOCK, 5 miles S.W. from

Shiffnall. Popula. 417. low. Popula. 38. SMETHCOTT, 3 miles N. from Church

SWEENEY, in Oswestry parish, and po

pula. included therein.24 miles disStretton. Popula. 347.

tant S. SPLASHFORD, in Diddlebury parish,

| TASLEY, 2 miles N.W. from Bridgenorth. and popula. included therein. 14 mile

Popula. 95. distant S.E.

TIBBERTON, in Edgmond parish, and SOUGHTON, in Llansillin parish, Den

popula. included therein. 2 miles dis. bigh, and popula, included therein.

tant N.W. SOULTON, in Wem parish, and popula. TILLEY, in Wem parish, and popula. included therein. 23 miles distant N.E.

included therein. STANTON LACY, 3 miles N.W. from TILSOP, in Burford parish, and popula. Ludlow. Popula. 1,267.

included therein. STANTON (Long), 9 miles S.W. from Much-Wenlock. Popula. 261.

| TILSTOCK, in Whitchurch parish, and

popula. included therein. 24 miles dis. STANTON - UPON - NINE - HEATH, 5 tant S. miles S.E. from Wem. Popula. 700.

TONG, 4 miles E. from Shiffnall. Popula. STANWAY, in Rushbury parish, «and po 536. Here there was a College, founded in pula. included therein.

the year 1410, by Isabel, widow of Sir

Fulk Pembroke, and the Rev. William STAPLETON, 6 miles S. from Shrews.

Swan, and Rev. William Mosse; valued bury. Popula. 240.

yearly at 221. 8s. 1d., now worth 4481. STEEL, in Prees parish, and popula. in is. 8d.; granted, 1 Edw. VI., to Sir cluded therein. 2 miles distant N.

Richard Manners. STIRCHLEY, 14 mile N. from Madeley- TOTTERTON.-See Ledbury. 24 miles Market. Popula. 172.

E. from Bishop's-Castle. STOCKTON, 4 miles N. from Bridge: TREFARCLAWDD, in Oswestry parish, north. Popula. 500.

and popula. included therein. STOKE-UPON TERN, 54 miles S.W. TREFLACH and TRESONNA. in Os. from Drayton. Popula. 985.

westry parish, and popula. included STOKE (St. Milborough), 6 miles N.E.

therein. from Ludlow, Popula, 554.

TREPRENAL, in Llanymynech parish, STOKESAY, 6 miles N.W, from Ludlow. and popula. included therein. 14 mile Popula. 564,

distant N.E.

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