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HENLOW, 1 mile S.E. from Shefford. Po. | MARSTON-MORETAINE, 3 miles S.W. pula. 688.

from Bedford. Popula. 899. HIGHAM-GOBION, 25 miles S.E. from | MELCHBORN, 10 miles N. from Bed. Selsoe. Popula. 86.

ford. Popula. 244. At this place ibere HOCKLIFFE, 3 miles N.E. from Leighton.

was a Preceptory of Knights Hospitalers, Buzzard. Popula. 393.

with a Manor and a Church, settled by HOLCUTT, 4 miles N. from Woburn.

Lady Alice, or Adelize, de Claremonte,

Counless of Pembroke, in the reign of Popula. 62.

Henry I. The Lands belonging to this HOLME.-See Biggleswade.

Preceptory were valued at 2411. 9s. 10d., HOLWELL, 4 miles S. from Shefford. ||

now worth 4,8291, 16s. 8d. Granted, 3 Popula. 179.

Edward VI., to John Earl of Bedford. HOLYWELL, in Shetlington parish. and MEPPERSHALL, 4 miles S.W. from popula included therein.

Shefford. Popula. 397. HOUGHTON-CONQUEST, 24 miles N.

N MILLBROOK, 2 miles N.W, from Ampt. from Ampthill. Popula. 651.

hill. Popula. 405. HOUGHTON-REGIS, 2 miles N.E. from

MILLO.--See Dunton. Dunstable. Popula. 1,283.

MILTON-BYANT, 2 miles S.E. from Wo. HUMBERSHOE, in Studham parish, and

burn. Popula. 346. popula. included therein.

MILTON-ERNEST, 4 miles N.W, from

Bedford. Popula. 364. HUSBORN-CRAWLEY, 2 miles N.E. from Woburn. Popula. 572.

MAULDEN, 14 miles N.E. from Ampthill.

Popula, 1,017. HYDE (East and West), in Luton parish, MOGGERHANGER, in Blunham parish, and popula. included therein.

and popula. included therein. KEMPSTON, 2 miles S.W. from Bedford. | NORTHILL, 3 miles N.W. from BigglesPopula. 1,419.

wade. Popula. 1,001. At this place there KEYSOE, 8 miles N. from Bedford. Po was a Collegiate Church, founded, 6 pula. 619.

Hen. IV., by Sir Gerard Braybroke,

Knt., Thos. Pevre, John Harvey, John KNOTTING, 11 miles N.W. from Bed. |

Ward, Edm. Hampden, and John Hertsford. Popula. 155.

horne, for the souls of Sir John Traylly LANGFORD, 2 miles S. from Biggleswade and son. Yearly value at the dissolu. Popula. 631.

tion, 611.5s.5d., now worth 1,2251.8s. 4d.; LEEGRAVE. or LIGHTGRAVE, in

granted, 2 Edward VI., to William Fitz

william. Luton parish, and popula. included therein.

OAKLEY, 3 miles N.W. from Bedford.

Popula. 486. LEIGHTON-BUZZARD, situated on the

ODELL, 7 miles N. W. from Bedford. Po. River Lyssel, 41 miles N.W. from Lon: don. Popula. 4,421. Market, Tues.

pula. 439. Fairs, Thurs. in Whit-week,

cattle of all sorts. Fairs, Feb. 5, second Tues. in Apr. for horses and cattle. Whit. Tues, for OLD WARDEN, 3 miles W. from Biggleshorses. July 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 17, for wade. Popula. 670. At this place i here cattle. Near this place there were, an

was an Abbey of Cistercian Monks, Hospital, founded by Henry II. Grant fouoded, in the year 1135, by Waller ed, 20 Henry VIII., to the Provost and Espec. Yearly value 4421. 11s. 11d., Fellows of Cambridge College, and a now worth 8,8511. 18s. 4d. ; surrendered, Priory of Aliens, whose possessions still

by the abbot and fourteen monks, Deremain. Revenue uncertain.

cember 4, 1558. LIDLINGTON, 3 miles N.E. from Wo. PAVENHAM, 5 miles M.W, from Bedford. burn. Popula. 739.

Popula. 455. LIMBURY CUM BISCOTT, in Luton PERTENHALL, 10 miles N.E. from Bedparish, and popula. included therein.

and popula. included therein. I ford. Popula. 324. LUTON. 31 miles N.W. from London. Si. POTSGROVE, 2 miles S.E. from Woburn.

tuated on the River Lea. Popula. 4,529. | Popula. 183. Mar. Mon. Fairs, April 18, Oct. 18, for POTTON, 43 miles N.E. from London. cattle.

Popula. 1,493. Market, Sat. Fairs, third Tues. in Jan. 0.S.; a large horse | parish, and popula. included therein. fair last Wednes. in April, first Tues. in 2 miles S.E. from Leighton-Buzzard. July, Tues. before Oct. 29, cattle in ge- STANFORD, in Southill parish, and poneral.

pula. included therein. PUDDINGTON, 10 miles N.W. from Bed-STAUGHTON, LITTLE, 10 miles N.W. ford, Popula. 581.

from Bedford. Popula. 406. PULLOXHILL, 24 miles S.W. from Selsoe.

1 Selsoe. | STEPPINGLEY, 2 miles S.W.from Ampt. Popula. 475.

hill. Popula. 323. RADWELL, in Felmersham parish, and popula, included therein. 54 miles from

STEVINGTON, 44 miles N.W. from BedBedford.

ford. Popula. 485. RAVENSDEN, 4 miles N.E. from Bedford.

STONDON (Upper), 24 miles S. from Popula. 263.

Shefford. Popula. 33. REACH, in Leighton-Buzzard parish, and STONDON (Lower), in Shetlington parish, popula. included therein.

and popula. included therein. 44 miles RENHOLD, 3 miles N.W. from Bedford. N.E. of Selsoe. Popula. 340.

STOPSLEY, in Luton parish, and popula. RIDGMONT, 4 miles S.W. from Ampt. included therein. hill. Popula. 810.

STOTFOLD, 4 miles S.E. from Shefford. RISLEY, 9 miles N. from Bedford. Po. Popula. 693. pula. 790.

STRATTON.-See Biggleswade. ROXTON, 7 miles N.E. from Bedford,

STREATLEY with Sharpenhoe, 34 miles Popula. 537.

S. from Selsoe. Popula. 309. , SALFORD, 4 miles N.W. from Woburn.

STUDHAM, 4 mileg S.W. from Dunstable. Popula. 312. SANDY with Girtford, 24 miles N.W.

Popula. 774. from Biggleswade. Popula. 1,592.

SUNDON, 4 miles N.W. from Luton. PoSELSOE with Flitton, 41 miles N.W.I

pula. 387. from London. Popula. 1,069. Market,

SUTTON, 14 miles S. from Potton. PoMon. May 13. Sept. 21 for cattle of all pula. 369. sorts.

TEMPSFORD, 4 miles N.W. from Potton. SHADWELL, in Felmersham parish, and Popula. 577.

popula. included therein. 54 miles from | THORNCOTE, in Northill parish, and poBedford.

pula, included therein. SHARNBROOK, 8 miles N.W. from Bed- THURLEIGH, 54 miles N. from Bedford. ford. Popula, 691.

Popula. 477. SHARPENHOE.-See Streatley.

TILBROOK, 2 miles N. from Pertephall. SHEACH, in Leighton-Buzzard parish, and

Popula. 297. popula. included therein.

TILSWORTH, 4 miles S.E. from LeightonSHEFFORD, in Campton parish, and po

Buzzard. Popula. 246. pula. included therein. 9 miles from

TINGRITH,4 miles E. from Woburn.' Poo Bedford. Fairs, Jan. 23, Old Lady

pula. 155. Day, May 19, cattle ; Oct. 29, holiday

TODDINGTON, 4 miles N.W, from Dunfair.

stable. Popula. 1,665. Fairs, April SHELTON, 12 miles N. from Bedford. Po.

25, first Mon. in June, Sept. 4, Nov. 2, pula. 129.

Dec. 16, for all sorts of cattle. SHETLINGTON (Hundred of Flitt), 3

TOTTERNHOE, 2 miles S.W. from Dunmiles S. E. from Selsoe. Popula. 1,149.

stable. Popula. 450. SHETLINGTON (Hundred of Clifton), 34

TURVEY,7 miles W. from Bedford. Po.

pula. 882. miles S.W. from Shefford. Popula. 470.

WESTONING, 4 miles S.E. from DunSOULDROP, 9 miles N.W. from Bed.

stable. Popula. 634. ford. Popula. 223.

WHIPSNADE, 24 miles S.W. from DunSOUTHILL, 3 miles S.W. from Biggles stable. Popula. 199. wade. Popula. 1,165.

WILDEN, 4 miles N.W, from Bedford. STAGSDEN, 4 miles W from Bedford. Popula. 447. Popula. 542.

WILLINGTON, 6 miles N.W. from Big. STANDBRIDGE, in Leighton-Buzzard I gleswade. Popula, 286.

· WILSHAMPSTEAD, 4 miles N.E. from WOOTTON, 4 miles S.W. from Bedford. Ampthill. Popula. 749.

Popula. 944. WOBURN, 43 miles N.W. from London. WRESTLINGWORTH, 24 miles S.E.

Popula. 1,656. Market, Friday; fairs, from Potton. Popula. 400. Jan. 1, Mar. 23, July 13, Sept. 25, for WYBOSTON, united with Eaton Socon, cattle. At this place there was a Cis.

which see. tercian Abbey, founded, in the year 1145, by Hugh de Bolebec. Valued at

| WYMINGTON, 12 miles N.W. from Bed4801.135.11fd, now worth 8,6131. 19s. 2d.: 1 ford, Popula. 262. granted, 1 Edward VI., to John Lord | YIELDING, or YELDEN, 10 miles N.W. Russell.

from Bedford, Popula. 279.


An Inland County of England, bounded |

on the North by Oxfordshire and Buck-
inghamshire, being separated from them
by the river Thames; on the East by
Surrey; on the South by Hampsbire ; on
the West and North-west by Wiltshire
and Gloucestershire. Its length is about
40 miles, and its breadth about 30. Its
form is uncommonly irregular; but it is
taken to be about 140 miles in cireum.
ference. It contains 756 square miles,
and 483,840 acres, statute measure ;
about one half is estimated as arable,
two-thirds of the remainder pasture,
and the rest woodlands and waste, of
which latter, and of a very poor de-
scription, that is a considerable tract,
beginning, on the east, near to Windsor
Great Park, and, with little intermission.
continuing on nearly to Hungerford ;
that is to say, from one end of the county
to the other. This tract is a strip of
sandy and gravelly land, all along on
nearly the southern edge of the county.
With the exception of this tract, the
land of Berkshire is generally good :
and especially in the Vale of Berkshire,
in nearly the centre of which lies the
ancient town of WANTAGE, the name of
which (it being the birth-place of Al-
FRED) ought to be dear to every En-
glishman. This is a pleasant county,
very beautifully wooded, salubrious for
the far greater part, well watered and as-
sisted by the RIVERS Thames, Kennett,
Loddon, Ock, and Lambourn, and by the
canals, which have been made in the
county. As to the products of this!
county, they are chiefly agricultural,
there being hardly any manufacturing
carried on in any part of it; and, the
soil being generally good, these pro- i

ducts are abundant in proportion, and rather of superior quality. Berkshire is in the PROVINCE OF CANTERBURY; in the DIOCESE OF SALISBURY; and is one of the counties of the OXFORD Cır. cuit. It is divided into 20 Hrendreds, named as follows :Beynhurst, Bray, Charlton, Compton, Cookham, Faircross, Farringdon, Ganfield, Hormer, Kintbury-Eagle, Lambourn, Moreton, Ock, Reading, Ripplesmere, Shrivenham, Sonning, Theale, Wantage, War. grave. There are in the county 148 PARISIES; there are 12 MARKET-TOWNS, namely, Abingdon, Farringdon, Hungerford, Ilsley, Lambourn, Maidenhead, Newbury, Oakingham, Reading, Wal. lingford, Wantage, and Windsor. Of these Abingdon, Reading, Wallingford, and Windsor, are boroughs, the first sending 1 member to parliament, and the last three sending % members each, which, together with the 2 members for the county, make 9 members for this county. READING is generally looked upon as the CAPITAL of the county ; but, as the scene of elections and other county affairs, Abingdon shares with it. Before the Protestant “ Reformation," or devastation, there were 14 Monastic establishments, at the following places; Abingdon, Bisham, Chaddleworth, Farringdon, Henley, Newbury, Reading, Donnington, Shot. tesbrook, Steventon, Strathfield-Say, and Wallingford ; under the names of which places, a particular account of these establishments is given. There are 57 Public CHARITIES (most of them very ancient) in this county, 8 of which are at Abingdon,and 12 at Newbury. Of the 148 parishes wbich the county contains, there

is 1 which has no church; 4 which returned to the crown, it was granted, have less than 100 inhabitants each ; 7 in the 5th Edw. VI. to Sir Thomas which have no parsonage-houses ; and Wrath. It has two parishes, St. He21 which have parsonage-houses, which, len's and St. Nicholas. It is a corporate in a return made to parliament in town, having a mayor, nine aldermen, 1818, the incumbents represent as unfit and sixteen assistants. It sends one for them to live in. The Poor-RATES member to parliament. The number of of this county amounted annually, voters is about 500. Markets, Mon. agreeably to a return made to parliament and Fri, Fairs, first Mon, in Lent; in 1818, to 185,1721. 178. 10d.; the num May 6, June 20, and Aug. 5, for cattle ; ber of PAUPERS was 19,013; the An Sept. 19, and Mon. before Old Michael. NUAL RENTAL of all the real property of mas, for hiring servants, and Dec. 11 the county amounted to 652,0821. 10s.; for horses and cattle. Popula. 5,137. the Population, by return of 1821, | ALDATES (St.)-See Oxford. was 131,977, and the number of houses

ALDERMASTON, 7 miles S.E. from New. 24,705. So that, the poor-rates amount. ed to within a fraction of a fourth part

bury. Popula. 653. Fairs, May 6, July of the rental, and there were, on an

7, for horses and cattle ; October 11, average, 3 paupers to every 4 houses

horses and pedlary. throughout the county. According to ALDWORTH, 3 miles S,E, from Ilsley. the same return of 1818, the annual | Popula. 293, poor-rates of this whole county amount- APPLEFORD, in Sutton-Courtney parish, ed, in 1776, to only 35,9891., while

6 miles S. from Abingdon. Popula. those of the town of Reading alone now

included in Sutton-Courtney. amount annually to about 12,0001. There are in this county 175 persons to

APPLETON, 3 miles N.W. from Abingeach square mile ; that is, about 4 acres

don. Popula. 389. of land to every person; and there are,

ARBORFIELD, 3 miles Ş.W. from Oakwithin a fraction, 19 acres of land to ingham. Popula. 245. Pairs, Oct. 5. every inhabited house, not excepting the ARDINGTON, 2 miles N.E, from Wan. most miserable of places in the poorest tage. Popula. 403, of towns, and not even excepting alms- ASCOT.-See Winkfield. houses. The malo population of the county is 65,546. The return states

ASHAMSTEAD, 4 miles S. E, from E. Ilsley. 14,759 families to be employed in agri

Popula. 337. culture; 8,773 families in trade and ASHBURY, 7 miles S.W. from Wantage. handicraft, and 4,158 families to consist Popula. 683. of all other descriptions of persons. | ASTON TIRROLD, 3 miles S.W, from The male agricultural population must,

Wallingford. Popula. 355. therefore, be 34,924 : of these, about one half must be children, must be past | ASTON-UPTHORPE, in Blewberry palabour, or infirm ; there, then, remain, rish, and popula. included therein. 4 including the farmers themselves, 17,462 miles S, from Wallingford. agricultural labourers; that is to say, I AVINGTON, ġ miles W. from Newbury. one labourer, on an average, to every | Popula. 77. 28 acres of land.

BACKLAND with Carswell, 3 miles N.E. ABINGDON, seated on the Isis, in the

from Farringdon. Popula. 893, hundred of Hormer, 56 miles N.W. from London, 17 miles N.W. from Read

| BAGLEY-WOOD (Extra Pa.) Popula. 4. ing. It derives its name from an Abbey BALGRAVE and Hadley', in the parish of Benedictine Monks, 500 in number, of Lambourn. Popula. included therein. in the time of the Ancient Britons,

BARKHAM, 2 miles S. from Oakingham. where Constantine the Great is said to have been educated; it was destroyed

Popula. 215. by the Danes, A.D, 955; but after- BASSILDON, 6 miles S.E, from E. Ilsley, wards rebuilt by the Abbot Ethelwold, Popula. 686. through the bounty of King Edred and

BAULKING, in Uffington parish, and poKing Edgar. Valued, at the dissolution, at 2,0421. 2s. 8 d. vearly, now worth

pala. returned therein. 5 miles from

Wantage. 40,8421. 148. Ad. ; granted 1 Edw. VI. to Sir Thomas Seymour; and, he having BEEDON, 2 miles S.W. from East Ilsley, been attainted, and the estate having Popula, 313.

BEENHAM, 7 miles S.W. from Reading. I a Priory of Augustine Canons, founded, Popula. 437.

in the year 1160, by Ralph de ChaddleBENHAM, in the parish of Speen, 3 miles

worth. Valued at 711. 10s. 7d., now from Newbury. Popula. included in

worth 1,4301. 11s. 8d. Speen.

CHALLOW (East), in the parish of LetBESSELSLEIGH,3 miles N.E.from Abing

comb-Regis, 2 miles N.W. from Wan.

tage. Popula. returned with Letcombdon. Popula. 118.

Regis. BETTERTON and West Ginge, in Lock |

CHALLOW (West), in the parish of inge parish, and popula. included |

Letcomb-Regis, 1 mile from the above, therein.

and popula. included therein. BINFIELD, 3 miles N.W. from Oaking: cu

Daking. | CHARLTON, in Wantage parish, and poham. Popula. 1,057.

pula. included therein. I mile from BISHAM, 2 miles N.W, from Maidenhead. Wantage. Popula. 707. Here was a Priory of

CHARNEY, in the parish of Longworth, Augustine Canons, founded by Hugh de

6 miles from Abingdon. Popula. reSpencer, jun., originally for the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Valued, at

turned with Longworth. the dissolution, at 6611. 14s. 9d. yearly, CHAWLEY, in the parish of Cumner, 3 now worth 13,2341. 155., granted 7 Edw. miles from Oxford. Popula. returned VI. to Sir Edward Hoby.

with Cumner. BLEWBERRY, 4 miles S.W. from Wal- | CHIEVELEY, 4 miles N. from Newbury. lingford. Popula. 941.

Popula. 1,842. BOCKHAMPTON.-See Eastbury. CHILDREY, 1 mile W. from Wantage BOTLEY, in the parish of Cumner, 1: Popula. 478. miles from Oxford. Popula. included in

CHILSWELL, in the parish of Cumner, Cumner.

j miles from Abingdon. Popula. inBOURTON, in Shrivenham parish, and cluded in Cumner.

popula. included therein. 10 miles S.W. from Farringdon.

CHILTON, 2 miles N. from East Ilsley.

Popula. 229. BOXFORD with Westbrook, 3 miles N.W. from Newbury. Popula. 563.

CHOLSEY, 14 mile S.W. from WaHing.

ford. Popula. 975. BRADFIELD, 6 miles S.W. from Reading. Popula. 946.

CLAPCOT, in the parish of Allhallows, BRADLEY, in the parish of Cumner. Po

Wallingford. Popula. included therein. pula. included therein.

CLEWER, 1 mile W. from Windsor. BRAY, 1 mile S. from Maidenhead. Po. Popula. 2,113. pula. 3,159.

COLESHILL, 9 miles S.W. from FarringBRIGHT-WALTHAM, 4 miles S.W. from don. Popula. 321. East Ilsley. Popula. 450.

COMPTON, 1 mile S.E. from Ilsley East. BRIGHTWELL, 1 mile N.W. from Wal Popula. 482. lingford. Popula. 546.

COMPTON-BEAUCHAMP, 4 miles S. BRIMPTON, 4 miles S.E. from Newbury. from Farringdon. Popula. 103. Popula. 464.

COOKHAM, 3 miles N. from Maidenhead. BUCKLEBURY, 4 miles N.E. from New | Popula. 2,734. Fairs, May 16 cattle bury. Popula. 1,143.

and pedlary, Oct. 11 statute. BURGHFIELD), 4 miles S. from Reading. COXWELL (Great), 1 mile S.W. from Popula. 881.

Farringdon. Popula. 306. BUSCOT, 3 miles N.W. from Farring- COXWELL. (Little), in the parish of don. Popula. 121.

Farringdon, mile from Farringdon, CARSWELL.-See Backland.

and popula. included therein. CATMERE, 2 miles S.W. from East Ilslev. / CUMNER, 34 miles N.W. from Abingdon. Popula. 89.

Popula. 1,303. CHADDLEWORTH with Woolev, 6 miles

DENCHWORTH, 2 miles N. from Wan. S.W. from East Ilsley. Popula. 448. tage. Popula. 254. At Poughley, in this parish, there was | DONNINGTON.-See Shaw,

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