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WÏLLESLEY, Ц miles S.W. from Ashbyde-la-Zonch. Popula. 6'¿.

WILLINGTON, б mile» S.W. from Derby. Popula. 411.

WILN and SHARDLOW, 6 miles S.E. from Derby. Popula. 993.

WILXE, in Sawley parish, and popula, included therein. 7 miles S.E. from Derby.

WINDLEY, in Duffield parish, and po

Îula. included therein. 4 miles from lerby.

WINGERWORTH, 5 miles S.W. from Chesterfield. Popula. 459.

WINGFIELD (South), 9 miles S. from Chesterfield. Popula. 1,051.

WINGFIELD (North), 3 miles S. from Chesterfield. Popula. 1,657.

WINSHILL, in Burton-on-Trent parish, Stafford, and popula, included therein. 1 \ mile from Burton.

WINSLEY, in Darley parish, and popula, included therein.

WINSTER, in Youlgrave parish, and popula, included therein. 8miles N.N.W. from Wirksworth. Market, Sat.; fair, Easter-Monday.

WIRKSWORTH, 140 miles N.W. from London. Popula.7,315. Market, Tues.;

fairs, Shrove-Tues., July 8, Sept. 8, third Tues, in Nov. for horned cattle.

WOODLAND-EYAM, in Eyam parish, and popula, included therein. 3 miles from Tideswell.

WOODLAND-HOPE, in Hope parish, and popula, included therein. 5 miles from Tideswell.

WOODTHORPE, in North-Wingfield parish, and popula, included therein. 5 miles E.N.E. of Chesterfield.

WORMHILL, in Tideswell psrish, and

Copula, included therein. 2 miles from ideswell.

WYASTON.—See Edlaston.

YEAVELEY, in Shirley parish, and popula, included therein. 4 miles from Ashborne. Here there was a Preceptory of Knights Hospitalers, founded iu the reign of Rich. I., by Ralph le Fun and Sir William Mevnill, in the year 1268; valued at 1071. 3s. 8J-Í. yearly, now worth 3,1431. 14s. 2d.; granted, 35 Hen. VIII., to Charles Lord Montjoy.

YELDERSLEY, in Ashborne parish, and popula, included therein. 3 miles E.S.E. from Ashborne."

YOULGRAVE, 2 miles S. from Bakewell. Popula. 3,593.


Devonshire is bounded on the North by the Irish sea, on the East by Somerset and Dorsetshire, on the South by the English channel, and on the West by Cornwall. It is 73 miles long, and 63 btoad. It is divided into 31 hundretU, namely, A xm ins ter, Bampton, Black - Torrington, Braunton, Budleigh, Cliston, Coleridge, Collyton, Crediton, Ermington, Exminster, Fremington, Haiburton, Hartland, Hayridge, Haytor, Hemiock, Lyfton, SouthMolton, St.-Mary-Ottery¡ Plympton, Roborough, Shebbear, Sherwill, Stanborough, Tavistock, Tawton and Winckley, Teigubridge, Tiverton, Witheridge,

and Wonford. The rivers of this county are the Tomar, the Ext, the Tow, the Lad, the Оке, the Teem, the Torridge, and the Burt. It has the city of Exeter, the boroughs of Ashburton, Barnstable, Dartmouth, Honitonf Plymouth, Plympton, Okehampton, Tavistock, and Totness; and the markettowns of Axminster, Bampton, Bideford, Bow, Chumleigh, Chudleigh, Collumpton, Crediton, Collyton, Devonport, Hartland, Hatheríeigh, Holdsworthy, Kingsbridge, Modbury, Moreton, South-Molton, Newton - Abbots, Tiverton, Ottery St. Mary, Topsham, and В lack-Torrington. The county

■ends 4 members to parliament, the city of Exeter sends 2, as do also the 10 boroughs of Ashhurton, Barnstable, Beeralston, Dartmouth, Honiton, Plymouth, Plympton, Okehampton, Tavistock, and Totness, making the number of members for the county 26. It is in the Province or Canterbury, in the Of Exeter, and it is in Western Circuit. It contains 2,579 square miles, or 1,650,560 ucres, and 465 parishes. It had 33 monastic institutions, 53 public charities; it has ij parishes with no church, 23 parishes containing less than 100 people, 80 parishes with no parsonage-house, 88 parishes in which the parsonage-house is unlit to lire in; the poor-rates of the county are 307,5361.14i. lfd., the number of paupers is 33,134, the rental is 1,897,5151. 6s. id., the population in 1821 was 439,040, the number of houses is 71,486; the rates, compared with the rental, one-sixth; the paupers, compared with the number of houses, 1 to every 3 houses; the poor-rates in 1776 were 61,0271.; the number of persons to a mile in this county it 170; the number of ucres to a person, 4; the number of acres to a house, 21 ; the male population, 208,229; the number of families employed in agriculture 37,037; the number of families employed in handicraft, 33,985; the number of other families, 19,692, the number of the agricultural male population, 58,257; the number of able labourers, 29,693, and the number of acres of land to each able labourer, 55. The soil of Devonshire is excellent in the south-eastern part of the county, producing tine corn and pasture, and having luxuriant orchards; the western parts of the county resemble the neighbouring one, Cornwall; the northern parts are generally sandy, and the midland parts are fenny, including a large tract called Dartmoor. The county is very hilly, in some places even mountainous; and the climate is remarkably mild und healthy. The chief produce of the county is butter and cider. The neat cattle peculiar to this county are rather small, of a deepred colour, with a tip of white to the end of the tail. The cows give excellent milk, though not in so great a quantity. The sheep are of no distinct breed, but a mixture of horned and hornless, coarse-woolled and finewoolled. ABBOTS-BICKINGTON, 6 miles N. from Uolswortby. J'opulu. 75.

ABBOTSKER9WELL, 2 miles S. from Newton-Abbots. Popula. 437.

ABBOTSHAM, 2 miles W. from Bideford. Popula. 386.

A LDKIDG E, in the parish of St. Thomasthe-Apostle, and popula. included therein.

ALLINGTON (East), 3 miles N. tram Kingsbridge. Popula. 615.

ALLINGTON (West), J mile from Krngsbridge. Popula. 778.

ALPHINGTON, 1 mile S. from Exeter. Popula. 1,070. Fairs, first Tburs. in June, for horned cattle; Oct. 2, for horses and horned cattle.

ALWINGTON, 3 miles S.W. from Bideford. Popula. 386.

ALVERDISCOTT, 3 miles N. from Torrington. Popula. 334.

ANDREWS (St.), in Plymouth. Popula. 12,444.

ANSTEY (East), 8 miles E. from South Molton. Popula. 171.

ANSTEY (West), 7 miles E. from South Molton. Popula. 220.

ARLINGTON, 5 miles N.E. from Bamr staple. Popula. 177.

ASHFORD, 1 mile N.E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 98.

ASHBURTON, 191 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 3,403. Market, Sat-; rain. first Tlmrs. in March, first Tburs., in June, Aug. 10, Nov. 11, for homed cattle. This is a close borough sending two members to parliament.

ASHBURY, 5 miles S. from Hatherleigh. Popula. 74.

ASHPRINGTON, 2 miles S.E. from Totness. Popula. 619.

ASHCOMBE, 3 miles E. from Chudluigl,. Popula. 283.

ASHTON, 3 miles N. from Chudleigh. Popula. 258.

ASHWATER, 5 miles S.E. from Holsworthy. Popula. 774. Fairs, first Tues. in May, first Mon. after Aug. 1.

ASHREIGNEY, or RINGSASH, 3 miles W. from Chumleigh. Popula. 858.

ATHERINGTON. 5 miles N.E. from Torrington. Popula. 535.

AYETON-GIFFORD, 2 miles S.E. from Modbury. Popula. 924.

W. from Ho

AWLI8-COMBE, 3 miles niton. Popula. 513.

AXMINSTER, 14? miles S.W. from London. Popula. 2,742. Market, Sat.; fairs, St. Mark, April 30, Wed. after June 24, first Wed. after Oct. 10. Here there was a College, founded by King Etbelston, for seven Priests, to pray for tlie souls of those who were slain in 8 battle which he fought against the Danes, at Bremaldewn, near this place.

AXMOUTH, б miles S.W. from Axminster. Popula. 529. Here was an Alien Priory, founded by lUchard de Rivers, Earl of Devonshire, in the reign of Henry II.; granted, 6 Edward VI., to Walter Erie.

AYLESBEAR, 3 miles S.W. from St.Mary-Ottery. Popula. 854.

BAMPTON, 164 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 1,633. Market, Sat.; fairs, Whit-Tues., last Tues, in Oct., cattle.

BARNSTAPLE, 193 miles S.W; from London. Popula. 5,079. Market, Fri.; fairs, Sept. 19, Fri. before April 21, second Friday in Dec, for cattle. These are considerable as fairs, but are called great markets, as there is no charter to hold fairs on these days. This is a corporate town, having a mayor, recorder, two aldermen, and twenty-two capital burgesses. It sends two members to parliament: the light of election is in the corporation and common burgesses. The number of voters, 400. Here there was a Cluniac Priory, founded in the reign of William the Conqueror, by Johel, of Totness; yearly value 129/. 15s. 3J<¡., now worth 2.595Í.5». 10d.; granted, 29 Hen. V1IL, to William Lord Howard.

BEAFORD, 4 miles S.E. from Bideford. Popula. 582.

BEAWORTHY, 6 miles S.W. from Hatherleígh. Popula. 299.

BEER, 3 miles S. from Colyton. Popula. 1,256.

BEER, in Sentón parish, and populo, included therein. 9 miles from Lyme.

BEERALSTON, in (he parish of Beerferris, and popula, included therein. 3 miles J\. from Saltash. This a close burough, sending two members to parliament.

BEERHALL, in Axminster parish, and popula, included therein.

BEER-FERRIS, 5 miles N.E. from Plymouth. Popula. 2,198.

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BELSTONE, 2 miles S.E. hampton. Popula. 157.

BERRVN-ARBOR, 6 miles N. from

Barnstaple. Popula. 648. BERRY-POMEROY, 2 miles E. from

Totness. Popula. 1,255. BICKINGTON, 3 miles N.E. from Ash

burton. Popula. 301. BICKLEIGH, 5 miles N. from Plymouth.

Popula. 457. BICKLEIGH, 4 mile» W. from Collumpton.

Popula. 273.

BICTON, 4 miles S.E. from Topeham. Popula. 204.

BIDEFORD, 201 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 4,053. Market, Tues.; fairs, Feb. 14, July 18, Nov. 13, cattle.

RIGBURY, 3 miles S. from Modbury. Popula. 536.

BISHOPS-NYMTON, 2 miles E. from South-Molton. Popula. 1,096. Fairs, third Mon. in April, and Mon. before Oct. 25.

BISHOPS-TAWTON, 2 miles S. from Barnstaple. Popula. 1,200.

BISHOPS-TEIGNTON, 3 miles S. from Chudleigh. Popula. 946.

BITTADAN, 5 miles N. from Barnstaple. Popula. 52.

BLACK BOROUGH, a small parish, the population of which is returned with Kentisbere.

BLACKAUTON, 3 miles W. from Dart■ im >u th. Popula. 1,227.

BLACK-TORRINGTON, 4 miles W. from Hatherleigh. Рорц1а. 880.

BOVEY (North), 1 mile S. from MoretonHampstead. Popula. 603.

BOVEY-TRACEY, 4 miles S.E. from Moreton-Humpstead. Popula. 1,685. Fairs, Holy-Thurs., sheep; first Tues, in July and in Nov., wool.

BOW, 187 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 872. Market, Thurs.; fairs, HolyThurs., ,\üv. 22, cattle.

BRADFORD, 5 milea N.E. from Holsworthy. Popula. 384.

BRADLEY, in Crediton parish, and popula, included therein.

BRADN1NCH, 2 miles S.W. from Collumpton. Popula. 1,511.

BRADSTONE, 6 miles N.W. from Tavistock. Popula. 115,

BRADWORTHY, 5 miles N. from Holeworthy. Popula. 978. Fair, Sept. 9, cattle.

BRAMPFORD-SPEKE, 3 mile» N. from Exeter. Popula. 303.

BRANSCOMBE, 4 miles S.W. from CoJyton. Popula. 773.

BRATTON-CLOVELLY, 9 miles N. from Tavistock. Popula. 705.

BRATTON-FLEMING, 5 milesN.E.from Barnstable. Popula. 490.

BRAUNTON, 4 miles W. from Barnstaple. Popula. 1,699.

BRENDON, 12 miles N.E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 275.

BRENT (South), 5 miles W. from Totness. Popula. 1,401. Market, Sat.; fairs, May 13, Oct. 10, horned cattle.

BRENTOR, 3 miles N. from Tavistock. Popula. 151.

BRIDESTOWE, 6 miles S.W. from Oak. hampton. Popula. 787.

BRIDFORD, 3 miles E. from MoretonHampstead. Popula. 491.

BRIXHAM, 7 miles S.E. from Totness. Popula. 4,503.

BRIXTON, 1 mile S. from PlymptonEorl. Popula. 854.

BROADCLYST, 5 miles N.E. from Exéter. Popula. 1,885. Fair, May 3, cattle.

BROADHEMBURY, 5 miles E. from Collumpton. Popula. 892. Fair, Dec. 11, cattle.

BROADHEMPSTON, 3 miles S.E. from Ashburton. Popula. 789.

BROADWOOD-KELLY, 5 miles E. from Hutherleigh. Popula. 389.

BROADWOOD-WIDGER, 9 miles N.W. from Tuvistock. Popula. 748.

BRUSHFORD, 4 miles N.E. from Bow. Popula. 134.

BUCKFASTLEIGH, 4 miles N.W. from Totness. Popula. 2,240. Fairs, June 29, sheep; Aug. 24, horned cattle. Here was a Cistercian Abbey, founded in the year 1137, by Ethelwerd, son of William Pomerei; income 4<io7.1 Is. 'Ц<1.; now worth 9.331Í. 4«. 2d.; granted, 31 Hen. VIII., to Sir Thomas Oennys.

BUCKLAND (East), 6 miles E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 165.

BUCKLAND (West), 5 miles E. from Barnstaple. Popula, 288.

BUCKLAND-BREWER, 5 miles S. fron Bideford. Popula. 1,043.

BUCKLAND-FILLEIGH, 6 miles S. from Torrington. Popula. 274.

BUCKLAND-MONACHORUM, 8 mile« N. from Plymouth. Popula. 1,177. Here there was a Cistercian Abbey, founded in the year 1278, by Amicia*, Countess, of Devonshire; yearly income 341/., now worth 6.820Í.; granted, 33 Hen. VIIL, to Richard Grevnfeld.

BUCKLAND-IN-THE-MOOR, 3 milfs N.W. from Ashburton. Popula. 137.

BUCKLAND-TOUTSAINTS,6milesS.\Y. from Dartmouth. Popula. 40.

BUCKERELL, 2 miles W. from Honiton. Popula. 315.

BUDEAUX (St.), 3 miles N.W. from Plymouth. Popula. 689.

BUDLEIGH (East), 4 miles S.E. from Topsham. Popula. 1,706.

BULKWORTHY, 6 miles S.W. from Torrington. Popula. 155.

BUNDLEY, 4 miles N.W. from Bow. Popula. 335.

BURLESCOMBE, 9 miles S.E. from Bampton. Popula. 1,073.

BURRINGTON, 3 miles N.W. from Chumleigh. Popula. 939.

BUTTERLEIGH, 3 miles S. from Tirerton. Popula. 144.

CADBURY, 6 miles W. from Collumpton. Popula. 242.

CADELEIGII. 5 miles W. from Collumpton. Popula. 236.

CALVERLEIGII, 1 mile N.E. from Tiverton. Popula. 93.

CHAGFORD, 3 miles N.W. from Monton-Hampstend. Popula. 1.ЛОЗ. Fairs, March 25, May 4, Sept. 28, Oct, 2J. cattle.

CHALLACOMBE, 8 miles N.E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 240.

CHARLES, 6 miles E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 322.

CHARLES-THE-MARTYR, in Plymouth. Popula. 9,500.

CHARLETON, 7 miles S.W. from Dirtmouth. Popula. 618.

CHAWLEY, 1 mile S.E. from Chumleigh. Popula. 792. Fairs, May 6, Dec. 11, cattle. When either of these daVsfalls on Sat., Sun., or Mon., the fair is held on Tues.

CHELDON, 2 miles E. from Chumleigh.

Popula. 96. CHKR1TON-BISHOP, 9 miles W. from

Exeter. Popula. 753. CHERITON-FITZPAINE, 5 miles N.

from Crediton. Popula. 1,002. CHITTLEHAMPTON, б miles S.E. from

Barnstaple. Popula. 1,748. CHIVELSTONE, 9 miles S.W. from Dartmouth. Popula. 637. CHRISTOW, 6 miles S.W. from Exeter.

Popula. 331. CHUDLEIGH, 182 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 2,053. Market, Sat.; fairs, June 22, sbeep; Oct. 2, horned cattle. CHUMLEIGH, .193 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 1,506. Market, Thurs.; fairs, last Wed. in July, cattle. Here was a College, said to have been founded before the time of Edw. I., by the Lady of the Manor, for seven children, whom she saved from being drowned by their own father, who looked upon himself as unable to maintain them; vearlv income 241. 8s. id., now worth 488/. 6s. 1W. CHURCH-STANTON, 9 miles N. from

Honiton. Popula. 862. CHURCHSTOW, 2 miles N. from Kingsbridge. Popula. 316. CHURSTÔN-FERRERS, 6 miles S.E.

from Totness. Popula. 726. CLANABOROUGH, 2 miles E. from Bow.

Popula. 56. CLAWTON, 3 miles S. from Holsworthy.

Popula. 534. CLAYHEDON, 9 miles N. from Honiton.

Popula. 822. CLAYHANGER, 4 miles N.E. from

Bampton. Popula. 342. CLIST-HYDON, 7 miles E.from Honiton.

Popula. 297. CL1ST-ST.-GEORGE, 1 mile N. from

Topsham. Popula. 345. CL1STST.-LAURENCE, 5 miles S. from

Collumpton. Popula. 149. CLIST-HONITON, 3 miles N. from Topsham. Popula. 383. CLIST-ST.-MARY, lj mile N. from Topsham. Popula. 145. CL1ST-SACKVILLE, in St.-Mary-Clist parish, and popula, included in Sowton and in Farringdon. CLOVELLEY, 4 miles E. from Hartland. Popula. 941.

COCKINGTON, 5 miles N.E. from Tot

ness. Popula. 280. COFFINSWELL, 3 miles S.E. from Newton-Abbots. Popula. 255. COLATON-RAWLEIGH, 4 miles S.W.

from St.-Mary-Ottery. Popula. 770. COLEBROKE, 3 miles W. from Crediton.

Popula. 875. COLERIDGE, 3 miles W. from Crediton.

Popula. 632. COLLUMPTON, 162 miles S.W. from

London. Popula. 3,410. Market, Sat.;

fairs, May 12, Oct. 28, cattle.

COI.YTON, 150 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 1,945. Market, Thurs.; fairs, first Wed. in May, Nov. 30, cattle.

COMBINTINHEAD, 2 miles E. from Newton-Abbots. Popula. 403.

COMB-MARTEN, 8 miles N. from Barnstaple. Popula. 1,032.

COMBPYNE, 4 miles S. from Axminster. Popula. 132.

COMBRAWLEIGH, 1 mile N. from Honiton. Popula. 285.

COMPTON-GIFFORD, in Charles-theMartyr parish, and popula, included therein.

COOKBURY, 4 miles N.E. from Holsworthy. Popula. 282.

CORNWORTHY, 3 miles N.W. from Dartmouth. Popula. 607. Here there was an Augustine Nunnery, founded bv the Edgecomb family: income 6SI. 3s. 10((., now worth 1,263/. 16i.8d.; granted, 2 Eliz., to Edward Harris and John Williams.

CORNWOOD, 6 miles N.W. from Modbury. Popula. 1,057.

CORYTON, 5 miles N. from Tavistock. Popula. 258.

COTLEIGH, 5 miles N. from Colyton. Popula. 239.

COUNTISBURY, 6 miles N.E. from Barnstaple. Popula. 118.

CREACOMBE, 7 miles N.E. from Chumleigh. Popula. 40.

CREDITON, 180 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 5,515. Market, Snt.; fairs, May 11, Aug. 1, Sept. 21, cattle. Here was a College, founded in the Saxon times, but underwent afterwards man v alterations; vearlv income, at the dissolution, 332/. Í7s. 5J</., now worth 6,657/. 9s. Id. yearly; granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to Elizabeth" Countess of Bath, and to Sir Thomas Darcy.

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