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CRUWYS-MORCHARD, 3 miles W, from DUNSFORD, 7 miles S,W, from Exeter, Tiverton. Popula. 652.

Popula. 819. CULMSTOCK, 6 miles N.E. from Col-DUNTERTON, 5 miles N.W. from Ta

lumpton. Popula. 1,357. Fairs, May vistock. 21, Oct. 1, cattle.

EGGBUCKLAND, 2 miles N, from Ply, DARTMOUTH, 30 miles S. from Exeter, mouth, Popula. 954.

containing the three parishes of St. EGGESFORD, 2 miles S. from ChumPeter's, °St, Saviour's, and Townstall. leigh. Popula. 144. Popula. 4,485. This is a borough town,

ERMINGTON, 2 miles N.W. from Mod. and sends two members to parliament ; the right of election in the corporation

bury. Popula. 1,370. and freemen : number of voters, 40. EXBOURNE, 3 miles E. from Hather. DARTINGTON, 2 miles N. from Toto

leigh. Popula. 503. Fairs, third Mon, in ness. Popula. 602.

April, cattle of every kind and pedlary. DAWLISH À miles S DAWLISH, 4 miles S.E. from Chudleigh.

from Chudleich | EXETER, is situated about 24 miles from Popula. 2,700.

the south-eastern border of Devonshire, DEAN-PRIOR, 3 miles N.W. from Total

30 miles from Cornwall, 9 miles from

the sea towards the south, 30 miles from ness. Popula. 561.

the Bristol Channel, and 168 miles DENBURY, 2 miles S.W. from Newton W.S.W. from London. Some assert,

Abbots. Popula. 412. Fair, Sept. 8, and some dispute the fact, that it is a for cheese and soap.

place of great antiquity; that it was DEPTFORD, 4 miles S.W. from Totness,

one of the settlements of the Britons Popula. 653.

before the invasion of the Romans, and

was called Caer.Penhuelgoit. The RoDEVONPORT.-See Plymouth.

mans gave it the name of Isca-DanmoDITTISHAM, 2 miles N. from Dartmouth. niorum. When the Saxons, under Cer. Popula. 704.

dic, inclosed this within the territory DODBROKE, 8 miles S.W. from Dart. of Wessex, they christened it Eran. mouth. Popula. 885. Market, Wed.;

cestre, and thence the present name. In fair, Wed, before Palm-Sun.

the year 876, Alfred drove the Danes DODDISCOMLEIGH, 4 miles N. from

out of Exeter, by besieging them on

land, and by blockading the harbour at Chudleigh. Popula. 356.

the same time. It was besieged again DOLTON, 6 miles W. from Chumleigh. by the Danes 1003, taken and pillaged,

Popula. 748. Fair, March 20, Nov. 20, besides other damage being done by fire. for cattle,

In later times, Exeter has been several DOTTON, 6 miles Ni from East-Budleigh.

times besieged, but only in times of Popula. 13.

domestic disturbance. The last of these DOWN (East), 6 miles N.E, from Barn

was in the reign of Edward VI., and in

the year 1549, when the whole county staple. Popula. 422,

rose in rebellion against the changes in DOWLAND, 4 miles N. from Hather. religion that were then making, called leigh. Popula. 196.

the “ Reformation," and, marching to DOWN (St. Mary), 2 miles N.E. from

Exeter, they laid siege to it, and kept Bow. Popula. 400.

it up for 35 days, during which time the

inhabitants became so ill off, as to be DOWN (West), 5 miles N.W. from Barn.

reduced to the necessity of eating horsestaple. Popula. 562.

flesh. The besiegers were put down DREWSTEIGNTON, 12 miles W. from principally by Lord Russell, one of those Exeter. Popula. 1,188.

who had received large grants of the DUNCHIDEOCK, 4 miles N. from Chud.

property stolen by the “* Reformers," and

the besieged were, in consequence of leigh. Popula. 200.

their resistance, endowed by the King DUNKESWELL, 5 miles N. from Ho with the whole of the manor of Ex

niton. Popula. 441. Here was a Cis island. The cathedral of Exeter is the tercian Abbey, founded in the year most remarkable of the buildings in the 1201, by William Briwere ; yearly in town. It is described as “ a noble mecome 2981. 11s. 10d., now worth 5,9711. morial of the religious zeal of our Ca16s. 8d.; granted, 26 Hen. VIII., to tholic ancestors." It is said to have John Lord Russell.

been five hundred years in building, but

it seems more likely (as is also stated) i together. The whole population of the that it was at first but a small church, city, 18,896. It contains 19 parishes, and that, by degrees, it became the namely: Allballows-on-the-Walls, All, magnificent building that it now is. It hallows, Goldsmith-street, St. David, is in many different styles of architec St. Edmund-on-the-Bridge, St. George, ture, and it is therefore supposed, that St. John, St. Kerrican, St. Lawrence, many different architects were, from St. Martin, St. Mary-Arches, St. Marytime to time, employed in it. Bislop Major, St. Mary-Stepps, St. Olave, St. Quivil, living in the year 1281, seems Pancras, St. Paul, St. Peterock, St. Seidto bave been the greatest contributor to well, St. Stephen, Holy Trinity. It is this building. Besides the cathedral, a port of considerable trade with Spain, there are now 15 churches within the Portugal, and Germany, to which it city, and 4 in the suburbs. At the time sends woollens in great abundance. of the “ Reformation," against which Market, Wed., Fri., Sat.; fairs, Ashthe people of this county were so violent, Wed., Whit-Mon., Aug. 1 ; if the 1st there were maoy religious houses in this Aug. fall on Sun. or Mon., it is kept on city. The precise number is not cor Tues.; Dec. 6, horned cattle, borses, rectly known; but there were, a Nun and almost every commodity. NERY, now the Dean's house ; a Mo

ouse; MO- EXMINSTER, 6 miles N.E. from Chud. NASTERY, founded by Ethelred, in the

leigh. Popula. 928. Fair, first Thurs. year 868, and a MONASTERY, founded in 932, by Ethelstan, and endowed with

in May. 26 parishes. Besides these 3, more | EXMOUTH-See Littlebam. particulars are known as to the follow. FARRINGDON, 3 miles N.E. from Toping :-"A Benedictine Priory, founded sham. Popula. 379. by William the Conqueror. Yearly in

FARWAY, 4 miles N.W, from Colyton. come, 1451. 12s., now worth 2,9121.; granted by Hen. VIII., to Sir Thomas

Popula. 346. Dennys."' « Boneville's Hospital, FENITON, 3 miles W. from Honiton. Po. founded in 1407, by Sir William Bone pula. 321. ville, for 12 poor people, with 50 marks

FILLEIGH, 6 miles S.E. from Barnstaple. per annum. Granted to Newton." Esq. St. Mary Magdalene Hospital.

Popula. 307. Granted away by Hen. VIII. A Domi. FREMINGTON, 2 miles S.W. from Barnnican Friary, on the north side of the staple. Popula. 1,099. cathedral. Granted, by Edw. VI., to

FRITHELSTOCK, 1 mile W. from Tor. John Lord Russell. A Franciscan Fri. ary, founded in the reign of Edw. I. :

rington. Popula, 632. Here was an granted to Humpbrey Rolles." The si

Augustine Friary, founded, 8 llen. III.,

by Sir Robert Beauchamp, Knt.; yearly tuation of the town of Exeter is com

income 1271. 2s. 44d,now worth manding and pleasant. It stands on an eminence on the eastern bank of the

2,5421. 7s.6d. ; granted, 29 Hen. Vill, river Exe, which flows in a semicircular

to Arthur Viscount Lisle. direction round the south-west side of FULFORD, in Crediton parish, and poit. There are still some ruins of the pula, included therein. ancient Saxon building called Rouge- GEORGEHAM, 5 miles N.W, from Barn. mont-Castle, and from the ramparts of

staple. Popula. 811. this there is an extensive view over the country, including the city, the river | GEORGE-NYMTON, 2 miles S. from Exe and harbour, Torbay, the north- South Molton. Popula. 259. east coast, towards Sidmouth and Lyme, I GERMANS-WEEK, 7 miles W. from Oak. beside a fertile and rich tract of country. / hampton. Popula. 324. The streets and houses have the appear. ance of considerable antiquity, though

GIDLEY, 4 miles N.W. from Moretonthere are many handsome modern build. Hampstead. Popula. 121. ings. The city is governed by a mayor, GILES (St.), 2 miles E. from Torrington, 24 aldermen, a recorder, chamberlain, Popula. 786. town-clerk, sheriff, and 4 stewards, be

GILES-ON-THE-HEATH (St.), 7 miles sides inferior officers. It sends 2 members to parliament; the right of election

S. from Holsworthy. Popula. 301. being in the magistrates and freemen, GITTISHAM, 2 miles N.E. from St. Mary, and there being about 1200 of these al- Ottery, Popula, 351,

GOODLEIGH, & miles E. from Barnstaplo. HOLCOMBE-BURNELL, 3. miles W. - Popula. 351.

from Exeter. Popula. 237. HACCOMBE, 2 miles S.E. from Nowton. HOLCOMBE-ROGUS, 6 miles S.W. from Abbots. Popula. 27.

Bampton. Popula. 829. HALBERTON, 4 miles N. from Col. HOLLACOMBE, 2 miles E. from Hols. lumpton. Popula. 1,598.

worthy. Popula. 96. HALWELL, 5 miles S.E. from Holsworth. HOLNE, 3. miles W. from Ashburton. Popula. 216.

Popula. 410. HALWELL, 5 miles N.W. from Dart. | HOLSWORTHY, 214 miles S.W. from mouth. Popula. 468.

London. Popula. 1,440. Market, Sat.; HARBERTON, 1 mile S. from Totness.

fairs, April 27, July 10, Oct. 2, cattle. Popula. 1,425.

| HONEYCHURCH, 5 miles E. from Ha. HARFORD, 5 miles N. from Modbury.

therleigh. Popula. 66.

HONITON, 156 miles S.W. from London. Popula. 199.

Popula. 3,296. This is not a corporate HARPFORD, 2 miles S. from St. Mary.

town, but it sends two members to par, Ottery. Popula. 262.

liament. The right of election is in the HARTLAND, 215 miles S.W. from Lon inhabitants, housekeepers within the

don Popula. 1,968. Here was an borough 'not receiving alms of the pa. Augustine Monastery, founded in the rishes. The number of voters, 350. reign of Henry II., by Githa, wife to Market, Sat.; fair, July 20, cattle. the Earl Godwin ; yearly income 3061. HORWOOD, 4 miles N. from Torrington.. 13s. 2 d., now worth 6,1331. 4s. 2d.;| Popula. 144. granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to William

| HUISH, 5 miles S.E. from Torrington. Abbot. Market, Sat.; fairs, Easter

Popula. 118. Wed., Sept. 25, cattle.

HUISH (North), 5 miles W. from TotHATHERLEIGH, 900 miles S.w, from London. Popula. 1,499. Mar., Fri.; fairs,

ness. Popula. 440. - May 9; June 22, Sept. 7, Nov.9, cattle. HÚISH (South), 9 miles S.W. from Kings. When May 21 or Nov. 9 falls on Sat., 1 bridge. Popula. 383. . Sun., or. Mon., the fair is held on the HUNTSHAM, 3 miles E. from Bampton. Tues. The great market is Fri. before

Popula. 153. third Sat. in March.

HUNTSHAW, 2 miles N. from Torrington. HEANTON-PUNCHARDEN, 3 miles

Popula. 291. W. from Barnstaple. Popula. 485.

HUXHAM, 3 miles N.W. from Exeter. HEAVYTREE, 1 mile E. from Exeter.

Popula. 172. Popula. 1,253.

HYGHBRAY, 7 miles E. from Barnstaple. HEMIOCK, 7 miles N. from Honiton. Popula, 278. Popula. 1,159.

IDDESLEIGH, 7 miles S.E. from Tor. HENNOCK, 4 miles S.E. from Moreton- rington. Popula. 482. · Hampstead. Popula. 678.

IDE, 1 mile S.E. from Chudleigh, PoHIGH-BICKINGTON, 8 miles N.W. from

pula. 724. Chumleigh. Popula. 748. Fairs, May

IDEFORD, 1 mile S.E. from Chudleigh. 3, Dec. 21, cattle.

Popula. 356. HIGHAMPTON, 3 miles W. from Ha

ILFRACOMBE, 8 miles N. from Barntherleigh. Popula. 282.

staple. Popula. 2,622. Fairs, April HIGHLEY (St. Mary).-See Stoodley. 14, and first Sat, after Aug. 22, cattle. HIGHWEEK, 1 mile W. from Newton-ILSINGTON, 4 miles N. from Ashburton. Abbots. Popula. 907.

Popula. 1,122. HITTISLEIGH, 6 miles S.W. from Cre. INSTOW, 6 miles N. from Torrington. diton. Popula. 163.

Popula. 353. HOCKWORTHY, 5 miles S.W. from INWARDLEIGH, 2 miles S. from HaBampton. Popula. 354.

therleigh. Popula. 540.. HOLBETON, 3 miles W. from Modbury. IPPLEPEN, 3 miles S, from Newton." Popula. 1,083.

-- Abbots. Popula. 815.

JACOBSTOWE. 3 miles S.E. from Ha- | LEONARDS (St.), a small village near therleigh. Popula. 269.

Exeter, 169 miles from London. PoKELLY, 6 miles N.W. from Tavistock. | pula, 206. Popula. 218.

LEWTRENCHARD, 10 miles S.W. from KENN, 5 miles N.E. from Chudleigh.

Oakhampton. Popula. 344. Popula. 906.

LIDFORD, 9 miles S.W. from OakhampKENNERLEY, 4 miles N. from Crediton..

ton. Popula. 73+. Popula. 93.

LIFTON, 8 miles N.W. from Tavistock. KENTISBURY, 7 miles N.E. from Barn

Popula. 1,214. Fairs, Feb. 2, May 4,

Oct. 28, cattle. staple. Popula. S07. KENTON, 5 miles E. from Chudleigh.

LINTON, 12 miles N.E. from Barnstaple.

Popula. 632.
Popula. 1,891.

LITTLEHAM, 2 miles S. from Bideford. 3 miles E. from Collumpton. Popula.

Popula. 367. 1,143. Fair, Whit.. Wed.

LITTLEHAM and EXMOUTH, 5 miles KIGBEAR, in Oakhampton parish, and

S.E. from Topsham. Popula. 2,841. popula. included therein.

LITTLE-HEMSTON, 1 mile N.E. from KILMINGTON, 3 miles E. from Honiton.

Totness. Popula. 323. Popula. 484. Fair, first Wed. in Sept., LODDISWELL, 3 miles N.W. from cattle.

Kingsbridge. Popula. 762. KINGSBRIDGE, 207 miles S.w. from | LOXBEAR, 3 miles N.W. from Tiverton.

London. Popula. 1,430. Market, Sat., Popula. 138. fairs, July 20, horned cattle, cloth and LOXHORE, 4 miles N.E. from Barnstaple. shoes.

Popula. 241. KINGSKERSWELL, 3 miles S. from LUFFINCOTT, 5 miles S. from Hols. Newton-Abbots. Popula. 679.

worthy. Popula. 90. KINGS-NYMTON, 3 miles N. from LUPPITT, 4 miles N. from Honiton. Pos Chumleigh. Popula. 623.

pula. 739. KINGSTEIGNTON, 2 miles N.E. from LUSTLEIGH, 3 miles S.E. from Moreton. Newton-Abbots. Popula. 1,131,

Hampstead. Popula. 325. KINGSTON, 3 miles S.W. from Modbury. | LYMPSTON, 2 miles S. from Topsham. Popula. 525.,

Popula. 1,020. KINGSWEAR, 1 mile E. from Dartmouth. MALBOROUGH, 3 miles S.W. from Popula. 328.

Kingsbridge. Popula. 1,552. KNOWLE, in Crediton parish, and popula. | MAMHEAD, 3 miles E. from Chudleigh. included therein.

Popula. 320. KNOWSTONE, 5 miles S.E. from South.

MANATON, 3 miles S. from MoretonMolton. Popula. 444.

Hampstead. Popula. 403. LAMERTON, 2 miles N.W. from Tavi- MARI-ANSLEIGH, 2 miles S. from stock. Popula. 1,069.

South-Molton. Popula. 289. LANDCROSS, 2 miles S. from Bideford. MARLLON, 4 miles N.E. from Totness. Popula. 83.

Popula. 384. LANDKEY, 2 miles S.E. from Barnstaple. MARTINHOE, 10 miles N.E. from Barn. Popula. 683.

staple. Popula. 204. LANGTREE, 3 miles S.W. from Torring- MARWOOD, 3 miles N. from Barnstaple. ton. Popula, 778.

Popula. 869. LAPFORD, 4 miles S.E. from Chumleigh. MARY-CHURCH (St.), 6 miles S.E, from Popula. 674. .

Newton-Abbots. Popula. 1,005. LEIGH (North), 3 miles N.W. from Co. MARY-STOW, 6 miles N.W. from Ta. lyton. Popula. 214.

vistock. Popula. 376. LEIGH (South), 3 miles W. from Coly. MARY-TAVY, 3 miles N. from Tavistock. ton. Popula. 327.

Popula. 933. LEIGH (West), 4 miles N.W. from Tor- MEAVY, 7 miles N. from Plymouth. Po. rington. Popula. 452.

pula. 321.

MEETH, 6 miles S.E. from Torrington. MISBURY, 4 miles S.W. from Axmin. Popula. 270.

ster. Popula. 375. MEMBURY, 6 miles E. from Honiton. NETHER-EXE, 4 miles N. from Exeter.

Popula. 837. Fair, Aug. 10, cattle. Popula. 103. MERTON, 4 miles S.E. from Torrington.

| NEWTON-ABBOTS, in Woolborough pa. Popula. 697.

rish, and popula. included therein. 15

mile from King's Teinton, and 13 miles MESHAW,4 miles S.E.from South-Molton.

S, from Exeter. Market, Wed.; fairs, Popula. 163.

last Wed. in Feb., June 24, for horned MILTON-ABBOT, 5 miles N.W. from cattle ; first Wed. in Sept., cheese ; Nor. Tavistock. Popula. 1,151, Fairs, Easter

6, woollen cloth. Tues., first Wed. in August.

| NEWTON-FERRERS, 4 miles S. from MILTON-DAMERELL, 4 miles N.E.

Plympton. Popula. 719. from Holsworthy. Popula. 661.

NEWTON-TRACEY, 4 miles N. from MILTON (South), 2 miles W. from Kings

Torrington. Popula. 84. bridge. Popula. 356.

| NEWTON (St. Cyres), 2 miles S. E. from

Crediton. Popula. 1,083. MODBURY, 207 miles S.W. from London.

Popula. 2.194. Market. Thurs. : fairs. NEWTON (St. Petrock). 6 miles S.W. May 4. If Sun. or Mon, kept on Tues, from Torrington. Popula. 278. horned cattle, cloth, and shoes. Here NEWTON-POPPLEFORD), in Arlesbear there was an Alien Priory, founded in

parish, and popula. included therein, the reign of Stephen, by Sir Peter sur

Near Sidmouth. Fair, Oct. 18, cattle. Dive, in Normandy.

NICHOLAS (St.), an island on the coast MOLLAND, 5 miles N.E. from South-|

of Devonshire, of about three acres, Molton. Popula. 456.

lying before the mouth of Plymouth and MOLTAN (North), 3 miles N. from Devonport harbour.

South-Molton. Popula. 1,8-17. Fairs, NORTHCOTT, in Borton parish, Corn. May 12, Nov.12, for cattle.

wall, and popula. included therewith. MOLTON (South), 176 miles S.W. from NORTHAM, 1 mile N. froin Bideford.

London. Popula. 3,31-4. Market, Sat.; Popula. 2,550. fairs, Sat. after Feb. 13, April 27, Wed. NORTHPETHERWIN, 9 miles S. from before June 29, Wed. after Aug. 20,1 Bolsworthy. Popula. 995. Sat, before Oct, 10, Sat. before Dec, 12,

| XORTHLEW, 3 miles S.W. from Ha. for cattle.

therleigh. Popula. 868. MONK-OAKIIAMPTON, 193 miles S.W. NYMET-ROWLAND, 4 miles S. from from London. Popula. 229.

Chumleigh. Popula. 102. MONKLEIGH, 2 miles W. from Torring: OAKHAMPTON, 195 miles S.W. from ton. Popula. 509.

London. Popula. 2,023. This is a MONKTON, 6 miles N.W. from Colyton. corporate town, sending two members Popula. 136.

to parliament. The corporation consists MORCHARD-BISHOP, 5 miles N.W.

of eight principal burgesses, from whom

the mayor is annually chosen, and of as from Crediton. Popula. 1,935,

many assistants. The number of roters, MOREBATH, 2 miles X. from Bampton. 220. Market, Sat.; fairs, second Thurs.

Popula. 415. Fair, Mon. after Aug. 24, after March 11, May 17, first Wed. for cattle.

after July 5, Aug. 3, cattle. When MORELEIGH, 4 miles S. from Totness.

May 11, or Aug. 5, falls on Sat., Sun.,

or Mon., the fair is held on Tues. Popula. 202. MORETON - HAMPSTEAD, 184 miles

OAKFORD), 2 miles W. from Bampton.

Popula. 474. S.W. from London. Popula. 1,932. Market, Sat.; fairs, first Sat. in June, OFFWELL, 4 miles N.W. from Colyton.

July 18, Nov. 30, cattle. Called great Popula. 379. • markets, there being no charter for fairs OGIELL (East), 1 mile S. from Newton. on these days.

Abbots. Popula. 293. MORTHOE, 7 ntiles N.W. from Barn- OGWELL (West), 2 miles S.W. from staple. Popula. 280.

Newton Abbots. Popula. 42.

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