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OTTERTON, 6 miles N.W. from Topsham. | PLYMSTOCK, 3 miles S.W. from Plymp.

Popula. 1,071. Fairs, Wed. in Easter- ton-Earl. Popula. 2,735. week, first Wed. after Oct. 10, cattle.

PLYMPTON (St. Mary), 1 mile N. from Here was an Alien Priory, founded in

Plympton-Earl. Popula. 2,044. the reign of William the Conqueror, by the Monks of St. Michael, in Normandy, PLYMPTON-EARL, 216 miles S.W. from income 871, 108. 4d. yearly, now worth London. Popula. 762. Market, Sat.; 1,7501. 6s. 8d.; granted, 31 Hen. VIII., fairs, Feb. 25, April 5, Aug. 12, Oct.

as parcel of Sion, to Richard Duke. 28, for horned cattle and woollen cloth. OTTERY (St. Mary), 161 miles S.W.

Here was a Free Chapel of Augustines,

founded in the year 1121, by William from London. Popula. 3,522. Market, Tues.; fairs, Tues. before Palm-Sun.,

Warlewast, bishop of Exeter; value

9121.125.84d., now worth 18,2521.14s.2d.; Whit-Tues., Aug. 15, cattle, sheep, &c. Here was a College, founded in the year

granted, 2 Eliz., to Arthur Champer1337, by John Gradison, of Exeter;

noun. This is a corporate town, sending income 3031. 2s. 9d. yearly, now worth

two members to parliament. It has nine 6,0621. 15s.; granted, s7 Hen. VIII.,

aldermen, from among whom the mayor

and recorder are chosen. The right of to Edward Earl of Hertford.

election is disputed between the made. PAINGTON, 5 miles E. from Totness. freemen and those who are so by birth, Popula. 1,796.

Number of voters, 40, most of whom PAHEMBURY, 4 miles N.W. from Ho

are non-resident, niton. Popula. 507.

PLYMPTREE, 3 miles S.W. from Cola PANCRASWEEK, 3 miles N.W. from

lumpton. Popula. 381. Holsworthy. Popula. 529.

POLTIMORE, 3 miles N.E. from Exeter. PARACOMBE, 9 miles N.E. from Barn

Popula. 270. staple. Popula. 364.

POOL (South), 7 miles S.W. from Dart

mouth. Popula. 973. PARKHAM, 5 miles S.W. from Bideford. Popula. 967.

PORTLEMOUTH (East), 10 miles S.W. PETROCKSTOW, 6 miles S.E. from

from Dartmouth, Popula. 391. Torrington. Popula. 571.

POUGHILL, 6 miles S.W. from Tiverton.

Popula. 321. PETROX (St.), I mile $. from Dartmouth. Popula. 976.

POWDERHAM, 6 miles N.E. from Chuda

leigh. Popula. 216. PETERS.MARLAND, 4 miles S. from

PUDDINGTON, 8 miles S.E. from Chum Torrington. Popula, 343. PILTON, mile N. from Barnstaple. Po

leigh. Popula. 176. pula. 1,230. Here was a Benedictine PUTFORD (East), 6 miles W. from Tor Cell, founded by King Ethelstan; va. rington. Popula. 194. luation 561. 12s. 8 d., now worth PYWORTHY, 2 miles S.W. from Hols. 1,1321. 14s. 2d.

worthy. Popula. 630. PINHOE, 2 miles N.E. from Exeter. RAKENFORD, 6 miles N.W, from Ti. Popula. 477.

verton. Popula. 395. PLYMOUTH, 221 miles from London. RATTERY, 3 miles N.W. from Totness.

Popula. 61,212. It contains the two Popula. 559. parishes of Stoke-Damerell and East

st- | RAWLEIGH, partly in the parisbes of Stonebouse, and part of those of St.

| Bicton, Rockbear, and Whimple. Andrew and Charles-the-Martyr. Mar. | ket. Thurs. : fairs. Feb. 5.' Oct. 2. | REVELSTOKE, 4 miles S. from Plymphorned cattle and woollen-cloth. This ton-Earl. Popula. 484. is a corporate town, having a mayor, REWE, 44 miles N.E. from Exeter. Po. recorder, twelve aldermen, and twenty- pula. 280. four common council. It sends two | RINGMORE. 3 miles S. from Modbury. members to parliament: the right of

Popula. 328. election is in the corporation and freemen: the number of voters, about 200.

ROBOROUGH, 4 miles E. from Torringe Here was a Friary, in the east part of

ton. Popula. 523. the town; granted, 38 Hen. VIII., to ROCKBEAR. 5 miles N.E, from Ottery. Giles Iselham.

St.-Mary. Popula. 443,

ROMANSLEIGH, 3 miles S. from South-SOURTON, 4 miles S.W. from OakhampMolton. Popula. 214.

ton. Popula. 546. ROOSDOWN, 6 miles S. from Axminster. SPREYTON, 4 miles S. from Bow. PoPopula. 14.

pula. 398. ROSE-ASH, 4 miles S.E. from South- SIDMOUTH, 4 miles S. from OtterburyMolton. Popula. 436.

St.-Mary. Popula. 2,747. Fairs, EasterRUDGE, in Crediton parish, and popula. Tues., Sept. 2, cattle. included therein.

SIDBURY, 6 miles N.E. from Colyton. SALCOMBE-REGIS, 7 miles N.E, from Popula. 1,612. Fairs, July 5, Sept. 4, Colyton. Popula. 436.

cattle. SALCOMBE, in Malborough parish, and SII

chond SILVERTON, 4 miles S.W. from Colpopula. included therein.:

lumpton. Popula. 1,308. Fairs, July SAMPFARD-SPINEY, 3 miles E. from

5, Sept. 4, cattle. E. from


SOWTON, 34 miles E. from Exeter. PoTavistock. Popula. 333.

pula. 339. SAMPFORD-COURTNEY, 5 miles S.E. STAVERTON, 2 miles N. from Totness. from Hatherleigh. Popula. 1,017.

Popula. 1,049. SAMPFORD-PEVERELL, 4 miles N. STOKE-DAMERELL, 1 mile W. from from Collumpton. Popula. 739. Fairs,

Plymouth. Popula. 33,578. last Mon, in April, Sept. 8, cattle. | STOKE-GABRIEL, 3 miles S.E. from SANDFORD, 1 mile N. from Crediton. Totness. Popula. 638. Popula. 1,906.

STOKE-FLEMMING, 1 mile S.W. from SATTERLEIGH, 3 miles S.W. from Dartmouth. Popula. 686. South-Molton. Popula. 55.

STOKEINTINHEAD, 3 miles from Net. SEATON, 2 miles S. from Colyton. Po ton-Abbas. Popula. 610.

pula, 1,745. Fair, March 1, cattle. STOKE-RIVERS, 4 miles E. from Barn. SHAUGH, 4 miles N. from Plympton-Earl.

staple. Popula. 291. Popula. 551.

STOKINGHAM, 6 miles S.W. from Dart. SHEBBEAR, 7 miles S. from Torrington.

mouth. Popula. 1,487. Popula. 1,006.

STOKINTINHEAD.-See Cobintinhead. SHERFORD, 5 miles S.W. from Dart STOCKLEY-ENGLISH, 5 miles N. from mouth. Popula. 429.

Crediton. Popula. 127. SHELDON, 5 miles N.E. from Collumpton.

STOCKLEY-POMEROY, 4 miles N.E. Popula. 186.

from Crediton. Popula. 226. SHEEPSTOR, 9 miles N.E. from Ply.

STOKE-CANNON, 4 miles N. from Ex. mouth. Popula. 129.

eter. Popula. 357. SHEEPWASH, 7 miles S. from Torring

STONEHOUSE (East), 1 mile S.W. from ton. Popula. 436. Fairs, April 10,

Plymouth. Popula. 6,043. Aug. 12, Oct. 10, for cattle. When any STOODLEY with HIGHLEY (St. Mary), of these days happen on Sat., the fair 4 miles N. from Tiverton. Popula. is held on Mon.

466. SHERWELL, 4 miles N.E. from Barn- STOWFORD, 10 miles S.W. from Oakstaple. Popula. 645.

hampton. Popula. 394. SHILLINGFORD (St. George), 3 miles SUTCOMBE, 4 miles N. from Holsworthy. S. from Exeter. Popula. 70.

Popula. 405. SHOBROKE, 2 miles N.E. from Crediton. SYDENHAM-DAMERELL, 4 miles W. Popula. 737.

from Tavistock. Popula. 288. SHUTE, 2 miles N. from Colyton. Po- SWIMBRIDGE, 5 miles N.W. from South

Molton. Popula. 1,374. SLAPTON, 3 miles S.W. from Dartmouth. I TALLATON, 5 miles W. from Honiton.

Popula. 689. Here was a College, founded in the year 1373, by Sir Guy

Popula. 393. de Brien ; granted, 37 Hen. VIII., to TAMERTON-FOLIATT, 4 miles N. from Thomas Arundel.

Plymouth. Popula, 1,101,

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TAVEY (St. Peter), 3 miles N.E. from THURLESTONE, 4 miles W. from KingsTavistock. Popula. 444.

bridge. Popula. 426. TAVISTOCK, 205 miles S.W. from Lon- TIVITCHEN, 6 miles N.E. from South

don. Popula. 5,483. Market, Fri.; Molton. Popula. 162. fairs, Jan. 17, May 6, Sept. 9, Oct. TIVERTON, 163 miles S.W. from London. 10, Dec. 11, cattle. When any of these

Popula. 8,631. Market, Tues.; fairs, happen on Sat., the fair is held the Fri.

second Tues, after Trin-Sun., Sep. 29, before. When they fall on Sun. or

for cattle. If it fall on Sun., it is kept Mon., the fair is kept on Tues. Here

on Tues. This is a borough town, sendwas a Benedictine Abbey, founded, in

ing two members to parliament. The the year 961, by Ordgar, earl of Devon

right of election is in the corporation shire, and his son ; valued at 9021. 55.

only, and the number of voters 24. 7 d. yearly, now worth 18,0451. 12s. 6d.; granted, 31 Hen. VIII., to John Lord

TOPSHAM, 170 miles S.W. from London. Russell. This is a close borough, send Popula. 3,156.

ing two members to parliament. TORBRYAN, 3 miles S.E. from Ashburton. TAWTON (South), 4 miles E. from Oak Popula. 277. ham. Popula. 1,878.

TORRINGTON (Great), 197 miles S.W. TAWTON (North), 3 miles W, from Bow. from London. Popula. 2,538. Market,

Popula. 1,563. Fairs, 3rd Thurs. in Sat. ; fairs, May 4, July 5, Oct. 10, for April, Oct. 3, Dec. 18, for cattle, sheep,

cattle. cloth, &c.

TORRINGTON (Little), 1 mile S. from TAWSTOCK, 3 miles S. from Barnstaple. Torrington. Popula. 505. Popula. 1,237.

TORBAY. See TOR-MOHAM. TEDBURN (St. Mary), 7 miles W. from TOR-MOHAM with TORBAY, 5 miles S. Exeter. Popula. 709.

from Newton-Abbots. Popula. 1,925. TEIGNGRACE, 2 miles N.W. from New TOTNESS, 195 miles S.W. from London. ton-Abbots. Popula. 131.

Popula. 3,128. Market, Sat.; fairs, TEIGNMOUTH (West), 4 miles S.E. from first Tues. in every month for cattle. Chudleigh. Popula. 2,514.

Easter-Tues., May 12 (a great market), TEIGNMOUTH (East), 5 miles S.E. from

July 25, Oct. 28, for horses, sheep, and Chudleigh. Popula. 1,466. Fairs, 3rd

horned cattle. This is a corporate town, Tues. in Jan., last Thurs. in Feb., Sep.

having a mayor, recorder, thirteen 29, woollen cloth.

capital members, two counsellors, and

twenty burgesses. It sends two memTEMPLETON, 3 miles W. from Tiverton.

bers to parliament. The right of elecPopula. 198.

tion in the corporation and freemen, reTETCOTT, 4 miles $. from Holsworthy. sident and non-resident. The number Popula. 256.

of voters 78, 50 of whom are non-resi. THELBRIDGE, 5 miles E. from Chum

dent, and only 28 resident. Here was leigh. Popula. 168.

an Alien Priory, founded, in the reign

of William the Conqueror, by John THOMAS (St. the Apostle), Popula. 3,245.

Aluredi ; value 1241. 108. 24d. yearly, THORVETON, 6 miles S.W. from Col now worth 2,4901. 2s. 6d.; granted, 35 lumpton. Popula. 1,317.

Hen. VIII., to Catherine Champernoun

and others. THORNCOMBE, 6 miles N.E. from Ax

minster Popula. 1,329. This parish, TOWN, in Axminster parish, and popula. including Ford-Abbey, is a detached

included therein. portion of the county, being surrounded | TOWNSTALL, & mile W. from Dartmouth. by Dorsetshire. Market, Sat.; fairs, Popula. 1,220. Easter-Tues., for cattle of all sorts, and

TRENTISHOE, 9 miles N.E. from Barnpedlary.

- staple. Popula. 130. THORNBURY, 3 miles N.E. from Hols

TRUSHAM, 2 miles N. from Chudleigh. worthy. Popula. 517.

Popula. 192. THROWLEY, 6 miles N.E. from Moreton UFFCULME, 9 miles S.E. from Bampton. Hampstead. Popula. 386.

Popula. 1,979. Market, Wed.; fairs, THURSHELTON, 9 miles S.W. from Wed. before Good-Fri., July 6, Aug. Oakhampton, Popula. 397.

12, for cattle.

UFORD, in Crediton parish, and popula. | WHITREY, in Uplowman parish, and poincluded therein.

pula. included therein. UGBOROUGH, 3 miles W. from Modbury. WHITSTONE, 3 miles W. from Exeter. Popula. 1,429.

Popula. 585. UPLOWMAN, 3 miles N.E. from Tiver- / WIDECOMBE-IN-THE-MOOR, 6 ton. Popula. 425.

miles N.W. from Ashburton. Popula. UPLYME, 3 miles S. from Axminster. 934. Popula. 848.

WIDWORTHY, 4 miles N.W. from ColyUP-OTTERY, 4 miles W. from Honiton. | ton. Popula. 274. Popula. 886. Fairs, tbird Sat. in Mar.,

WILLAND, 2 miles N.E. from Collumpton. Oct. 24, for bullocks, sheep, and toys.

Popula. 289.
UPTON-HILLIONS, 3 miles N. from
Crediton. Popula. 168.

| WILLSWORTHY, in St. Peter-Tary paUPTON-PYNE, 3 miles N. from Exeter.

rish, and popula. included therein. 7

miles N.E. from Tavistock. Popula. 431. UTON, in Crediton parish, and popula. in

| WINKLEY, 4 miles S.W. from Chumleigh. cluded therein.

Popula. 1,456. VAULTERSHOME, in Maker parish,

ish. WITHERIDGE, 6 miles E. from ChumCornwall, and popula. inciuded therein.

leigh. Popula. 1,121. Fairs, June 24, VENN-OTTERY, 3 miles S.W. from Ot

Wed, before April 16, for cattle. Called

great markets, as there is no charter tery St. Mary. Popula. 120.

for fairs on these days. VIRGINSTOW, 12 miles W. from Oak | WITHYCOMBE-RAWLEIGH, 4 miles hampton. Popula. 116.

S.E. from Topsham. Popula. 1,054. WALKHAMTON, 4 miles S.E. from Tavistock. Popula. 670.


from Hartland. Popula. 755. WARE-GIFFORD, 2 miles N. from Torrington. Popula. 469.

WOODBURY, 2 miles S.E. from TopsWARKLEY, 4 miles S.W. from South

ham. Popula. 1,494. Molton. Popula. 268,

WOODLAND, in Ipplepen parish, and WASHFIELD, 2 miles N. from Tiverton. popula. included therein. 2 miles from Popula. 457.

Ashburton. WASHFORD-PINE, 6 miles S.E. from WOODLEIGH, S miles N. from KingsChumleigh. Popula. 139.

bridge. Popula. 298. WELLCOMBE, 4 miles S. from Hartland. WOOLBOROUGH, 1 mile S. from NewPopula. 247.

ton-Abbots. Popula. 1,859. WEMBURY, 4 miles S. from Plympton- | WOOLFARDISWORTHY, 8 miles SE. Earl. Popula. 564.

from Chumleigh. Popula. 213. WEMBWORTHY, 3 miles S. from Chum- | WORLINGTON (East), 5 miles E. from leigh. Popula. 349.

Chumleigh. Popula. 253. WERRINGTON, 10 miles S. from Hols- |

WORLINGTON (West), 5 miles E. from worthy. Popula. 635.

Chumleigh. Popula. 172. WESTPUTFORD, 6 miles N. from Holsworthy. Popula. 425.

| WYKE, in Axminster parish, and popula. WESTON-PEVEREL, in St. Andrew's I.

included therein. parish, and popula. included therein. YARCOMBE, 7 miles N.E. from Honiton.

Popula. 793. WEST-WATER, in Axminster parish, and popula. included therein.

YARNSCOMBE, 3 miles N.E. from Tor

rington. Popula. 463. WHIMPLE, 7 miles N.E. from Exeter. Popula. 557. Fair, Mon. se'nnight af. |

| YEALMPTON, 2 miles S. E. from Plymp ter Sept. 1, for cattle.

ton-Earl. Popula. 1,235. WHITECHURCH, 1 mile S, from Tavi. ZEAL-MONACHORUM, 1 mile N. from stock. Popula. 692.

Bow. Popula. 681.

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This County is bounded on the North by i and the number of acres of land to each Wiltshire and Somersetsbire, on the

able labourer, is 38. This county is in. East by Hampshire, on the South by the a great part level. It has some high English Channel, and on the West by

lands on the North, dividing it from Devotishire ; being about 50 miles long

Somersetsbire, and it has also a ridge of and 27 broad. It is divided into five downs extending from East to West great divisions, of Blandford, Bridport, along the coast, from about Encombe to Dorchester, Shaston, and Sherborne; and

Lyme-Regis ; and then it has a few these are again divided into numerous

high hills about Blandford, near the liberties and hundreds. The principal

middle of the county. Excepting these RIVÉrs are, the Stour, the Frome, and Dorsetshire may be called a level the Ivel. It has 19 Market-Towns ; county. The greater part of the county namely, Cranboerne, Dorchester, Poole,

is in pasture, the arable being estimated Lyme-Regis, Melcombe-Regis, Wey at only one-third, and the waste at a mouth, Bridport, Shaftesbury, Corte ninth. The greater part of the waste Castle, Wareham, Abbotsbury, Bea. is in that district between Corfe-Castle minster, Bere-Regis, Blandford, Cerne

and the border of Hampshire extending Abbas, Sherborné, Stalbridge, Sturmin

along the sea-coast. The soil is in ster-Newton, and Wimborne-Minster. some places, about Bridport and SherThe County sends two members to par

borne for instance, a good deep loam ; liament, as does each of the nine

in others, as all along the Western disborougbs; namely, Dorchester, Poole, trict, it is light, if not sandy. Corn, Lyme-Regis, Weymouth, Bridport, sheep, butter, wool, timber and flax, Shaftesbury, Corfe-Castle, Wareham, are the products of the county. The and Melcombe-Regis. It is in the Pro Dorset sheep have been particularly VINCE OF CANTERBURY, in the Diocese

famous in the West of England for OF BRISTOL, and in the WESTERN CIR years, both for the fineness of their wool cuit. There are in this county 1,005

and for the earliness of their lambs, square miles, or 643,200 acres, and 271

which come much earlier than any parishes. It had 25 monastic institu

other. tions, 32 public charities; it has 3 ABBOTSBURY, 127 miles S.W. from parishes with no church ; 33 parishes London. Popula. 907. Fair, July 10, containing less than 100 people ; 33 for sheep and toys. A Benedictine parishes with no parsonage-house ; 71 Abbey, founded by Orcius, steward to parishes in which the parsonage-house King Canute, in the year 1026 ; income is unfit to live in. The Poor-RATES of 4851. 3s. 54d. yearly, now worth the county are 129,2211. 11s. 04d., the 9,7031. 9s. 2d. ; granted, 35 Hen. VIII., mumber of PAUPERS is 15,684 ; the ren to Sir Giles Strangwaies. tal is 698,3951. 10s. 3d. ; the population ABBOTSWOOTTEN, in Whitchurch-cain 1821 was 144,499; the number of

nonicorum parish, and popula. included houses is 25,926; the rates compared

therein. with the rental, are one-fifth; the paupers, compared with the number of

ADMISTON or ATHELAMPTON, 4 houses, are 1 to every 2 houses; the

miles N.E. from Dorchester Popula.

79. poor-rates in 1776, were 24,0451.; the number of persons to a mile in this county AFF-PUDDLE, 3 miles S.W. from Bere. is 143 ; the number of acres to a person, Regis. Popula. 441. 4; the number of acres to a house, 24 ; AISH, in Netherbury parish, and popula. the male population, 68,934; the number

included therein. of families employed in agriculture, 14,821 ; the number of families employed

ALCESTER, forms part of the borough of in handicraft, 10,811 ; the number of

| Shaftesbury, and the popula. is returned other families, 4,680, the number of

1 with it.-See Shaftesbury. the agricultural male population, 33,705; ALDERHOLT, in Cranborne parish, and the number of able labourers, 16,852 ; popula. included therein.

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