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ALLINGTON, I a mile N.W. from Brid- | BRADFORD-PEVEREL, 2 miles N.W.

port. Popula. 1,139. Fair, July 22, a from Dorchester. Popula. 277.

small fair for pedlary and cattle. BRADPOLE, 1 mile N. from Bridport. ALMER and MAPPERTON, 6 miles Popula. 926.

S.W. from Wimborne. Popula. 188. | BRADLEY, in Church-Knowle parish, ALTON PANCRAS, 1 mile N.E. from and popula. included therein. Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 207.

BREDY (Little), 2 miles N. from AbANDERSON, 3 miles N.E. from Bere botsbury. Popula. 205. Regis. Popula. 78.

BRIDPORT, 134 miles S.W. from LonARNE, 3 miles E. from Wareham. Po

don. Popula. 3,742. Market, Sat.; pula. 134.

fairs, April 6, for bullocks and sheep;

Holy-Thurs., for pedlary, Oct. 11, a ASKERSWELL, 4 miles E. from Bridport. small fair for pedlary and cattle. A Popula. 190.

corporate town, having thirteen capital ASHMORE, 3 miles S.E. from Shaftesbury. burgesses, two bailiffs, a recorder, and Popula. 166.

a town clerk. Seeds two members to BARN, in Whitchurch-canonicorum parish,

parliament. Right of election in the

inhabitants who pay scot and lot. and popula. included therein,

Number of voters. 250. Here there was BATCOMBE, 4 miles N.W. from Cerne

a Priory, at the end of the towa; inAbbas. Popula. 177.

come 61. yearly, now worth 1201.; conBEAMINSTER, 137 miles S.W. from verted into a dwelling-house, called St.

London. Popula. 2,806. Market, Thurs.; Jones. An Hospital over the bridge, fairs, April 4, Sep. 19, for horses, sheep, to the west of the town; income 81.6s. ld. &c. Also shows of cattle, cheese, &c., yearly, now worth 1661. 1s. 8d. and Oct. 9.

BROADMAYNE, 3 miles S.E. from Dor. BELL-CHALWELL, 5 miles S. from chester. Popula. 277.

Sturminster-Newton. Popula. 192. BROADWAY, 5 miles S. from DorchesBERE-HACKET, 4 miles S. from Sher ter. Popula. 282. Fair, Wed. beiore borne. Popula. 78.

Sept. 18. BERE-REGIS, 115 miles S.W. from Lon- BROADWINSOR, 3 miles N.W. from don. Popula. 1,080.

Beaminster Popula. 1,387. Fair, BETTISCOMBE, 3 miles S.W. from Bea

Trin.-Mon. minster. Popula. 62.

BROCKHAMPTON, in Buckland-Newton BEVERIDGE, in Cranborne parish, and parish, and popula. included therein. popula. included therein."

BRYANSTON with DURWESTON, 1 BINCOMBE, 5 miles S. from Dorchester.

mile from Blandford-Forum. Popula.79. Popula. 178.

| BRYANT'S-PUDDLE, in Aff-Puddle paBLAGDON, in Cranborne parish, and po

i rish, and popula. included therein. pula. included therein.

BUCKHORN-WESTON, 6 miles W. from BLANDFORD-FORUM, 103 miles S.W.

Shaftesbury. Popula. 327. from London. Popula 9 643. Market. | BUCKLAND-NEWTON, 3 miles N.E. Sat. ; fairs, March 7, July 10, Nov. 8,

from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 843. for horses, sheep, and cheese.

BUCKLAND-RIPERS, 6 miles S.W. BLANDFORD (St. Mary), 1 mile S. from from Dorchester. Popula. 60.

Blandford-Forum. Popula. 358. BURLESTONE, 4 miles W. from BereBLOXWORTH, 1 mile E. from Bere-Re. | Regis. Popula. 63. gis. Popula. 210.

BURSTOCK, 3 miles S.E. from Bridport. BOTHENHAMPTON, 1 mile S. from Popula. 203. Bridport. Popula. 385.

BURTON-BRADSTOCK, 2 miles S.E. BOWOOD, in Netherbury parish, and po

from Bridport. Popula. 854. pula. included therein.

CANFORD-MAGNA, 2 miles S.E. from

Wimborne. Popula. 2,696. BOWRTON, in Gillingham parish, and CANN-ST.-RUMBOLD, 1 mile S. from popula. included therein.

Shaftesbury. Popula. 365. BRADFORD-ABBAS, 3 miles S.W. from CASTLETON, 14 mile S. from Sherborne. Sherborne. Popula. 533.

Popula. 174.

CATHERSTON-LEWSTON, 5 miles W. CHIDEOCK, 2 miles W. from Bridport. from Bridport. Popula. 27.

| Popula. 715. CATTISTOCK, 3 miles W. from Cerne-CHILCOMBE, 4 miles N.W. from AbAbbas. Popula. 382.

botsbury. Popula. 22. CAUNDLE-BISHOP, 3 miles S.E. from CHILDHONY, in Broad-Winsor parish, Sherborne, Popula. 312.

and popula. included therein. CAUNDLE-MARSH, 34 miles S.W. from CHILD-OKEFORD, 2 miles S.E. from Sherborne. Popula. 62.

Sturmioster. Popula. 694. CAUNDLE-PURSE, 3 miles N.E. from CHILFROOM, 4 miles S.W. from CerneSherborne Popula. 142.

Abbas. Popula. 106. CAUNDLE-STOURTON, 3 miles S.W. CHURCH-KNOWLE, I a mile W. from from Stalbridge. Popula. 325.

Corfe-Castle. Popula. 400. CAUNDLE-WAKE, in Caundle-Bishop CLIFTON-MABANK, 3 miles S.W. from

parish, and popula. included therein. Sherborne. Popula. 66. CERNE-ABBAS, 120 miles S.W. from COMPTON-ABBAS, 5 miles S.W. from

London. Popula. 1,060. Market, Wed.; Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 80. fairs, Mid-Lent-Mon., April 28, Oct. | COMPTON-ABBAS, 3 miles S. from 2, for horses, bullocks, and hogs. Here

Shaftesbury. Popula. 368. there was a Benedictine Abbey, founded in the Saxon times, by a Mr. Égelward ;

COMPTON-NETHER, 3 miles N.W. underwent several changes in after

from Sherborne. Popula. 458. times; valued, at the dissolution, at COMPTON.OVER, 3 miles N.W. from 6231.138.d., now worth 12,4731.4s. 2d.; Sherborne. Popula. 149. granted, 17 Eliz., to John Dudley and COMPTON-VALLANCE, 4 miles N.W. others.

from Dorchester. Popula. 86. CERNE-NETHER, 2 miles S. from Cerne- COOMBE-ALMER, in Sturminster-Marsh. Abbas. Popula. 60.

all parish, and popula. included therein. CHALBURY, 4 miles N. from Wimborne- COOMBE-KEYNES, 5 miles S.W. from Minster. Popula. 135.

Wareham. Popula. 128. CHALDON.HERRING, 8 miles N. from I CORFE-CASTLE, 116 miles S.W. from Wareham. Popula. 240.

London. Popula. 1,465. Market, Thurs.; CHARDSTOCK, 10 miles W. from Bea fairs, May 12, Oct. 29, for hogs and minster. Popula. 1,256. Fair, Old

toys. A corporate town, having a mayor, Michaelmas-day.

and eight burgesses, called barons : it

sends two members to parliament. Right CHARLTON-MARSHALL, 2 miles S.

of election is in persons paying scot from Blandford- Forum. Popula. 304.

and lot. Number of voters, 14 resi. CHARMINSTER, 3 miles N. from Dor dent, and about 30 non-resident. chester. Popula. 556.

CORFE-MULLEN, 3 miles S.W. from CHARMOUTH, 1 mile N. from Lyme Wimborne-Minster. Popula. 544. Regis. Popula. 607.

CORSCOMBE, 2 miles N, from BeaminCHEDINGTON, 2 miles N. from Beamin ster. Popula. 632. ster.' Popula, 164.

COWGROVE, in Wimborne-Minster paCHELBOROUGH (East), 5 miles N.E. rish, and popula. included therein, from Beominster. Popula. 96.

CRANBORNE, 92 miles S.W. from LonCHELBOROUGH (West), 3 miles N.E. don. Popula. 1,823. Market, Thurs. ; from Beaminster. Popula. 56.

fairs, Aug. 24, Dec. 6, for cheese and CHESELBORNE, 7 miles from Cerne

sbeep. A Benedictine Cell, founded in

the year 980; by Elwardus Snew; Abbas. Popula. 336.

granted, 2 Eliz., to Thomas Francis. CHETNOLE, in Yetminster parish, and CREECH, in Church-Knowle parish, and popula. included therein. 8 miles from

| popula. included therein. Sherborne.

CRIPTON, in Winterborne-Came parish, CHETTLE, 6 miles W. from Cranborne.

and popula. included therein. Popula. 132.

DALWOOD, in Stockland parish, and poCHICKERELL (West), 7 miles W. from

pula. included therein. 3 miles from Dorchester. Popula. 409.

Axminster. Fair, Wed. after Aug. 24. DEBN FORD, in Broad-Winsor parish, FONTMELL-MAGNA, 4 miles S. from and popula, included therein.

Shaftesbury. Popula. 733. DEWLISH, 4 miles from Bere-Regis. FORDINGTON, 4 a mile S.E. from DorPopula. 386. Fair, Nov. 30.

chester. Popula. 1,275. DORCHESTER, 120 miles S.W. from FROOME-ST.-QUINTIN. 4 miles N.W. London. Popula. 2,743. It contains

from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 120. the parishes of All-Saints, Holy Trinity, and St. Peter. Market, Wed, and | FROOME-VAUGHCHURCH, 5 miles Sat.; fairs, Feb. 14, for cattle of all S.W. from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 10). sorts, and sheep; Trin-Mon., July 6, I GILLINGHAM, 3 miles N.w.from Shaftes. ditto and lambs, Aug. 6, ditto, wool

bury. Popula. 3,059. Fairs, Trinityand leather. A corporate town, having

Mon., Sept. 12, bullocks, horses, and a inayor, recorder, two bailiffs, six

aldermen, six capital burgesses, and
twenty-four common councilmen : sends

MGODMANSTONE, 3 miles from Cerne-
two members to parliament. Right of 1 Abbas. Popula. 128.
election in those who pay to church | GOMERSIIAY, in Stalbridge parish, and
and poor. in respect of their real estates popula. included therein.
within the borough, though not inhabit-

GRIMSTONE.-See Stratton.--3 miles ants or occupiers. Number of voters, 200. Here was an hospital called St.

N.E. from Dorchester. Jolm's Hospital, and a Franciscan Ab- GUSSAGE (All Saints), 4 miles S.W. bev, founded, 1 Edw. II., by the ances from Cranborne. Popula. 348. tors of Sir Johu Chideock; granted, 3)

GUSSAGE (St. Michael), 4 miles W. from Hen. IIII., to Sir Edmund Peckham. I

Cranborne. Popula. 240. DRIMPTON, in Broad-Winsor parish,

HALSTOCK, 5 miles N.E. from Beaminand popula. included therein.

ster. Popula. 447. DUNTISH, in Buckland-Newton parish, and popula. included therein.

" HAMMOON, 1 mile from Sturminster. DURWESTON, 2 miles N. W. from

w from Popula. 71. Blandford- Forum. Popula. 154. HAMPRESTON, 14 mile S.E. from WimEDMONSHAM, 1 miles, from Cranborne. I borne. Popula. 892. Popula. 262.

HAMWORTHY, 1 mile N.W. from Poole. EVERSHOT, 6 miles E. from Beaminster.

Popula. 313. Popula. 507. Fair, May 12, for bul- | HANDLEY, 3 miles N.W. from Cranlocks and toys.

borne. Popula. 831. FAREWOOD, in Cranborne parish, and HANFORD, 3 miles S.E. from Sturmin. popula. included therein.

ster. Popula. 13. FURAHAM, 10 miles S.E. from Shaftes. ILARTGROVE, in Fontmell parish, and

bury, and 7 miles N. E. from Bland ford. Popula. 283. Fair, Aug. 21, for cheese.

popula. included therein. FARNHAM-TOLLARD, in Farnham pa

HARTLEY, in Mintern-Magna parish, and rish, and popula. included therein.

- popula. included therein. FRAMPTON,54 miles N.W.from Dorches. IIASELBURY-BRYAN, 4 miles from

ter. Popula. 418. Fairs, March 4 and I Sturminster. Popula. 574. 7, Aug. 1, Sept. 1, for all sorts of cattle. | HANKCHURCH, 7 miles W. from Bea. Here there was an Alien Priory, foundeel

minster. Popula. 856. by Wiliiam the Conqueror; granted, 11 Elizm, to Sir Christopher Hatton, HAYDON, 2 mi

Wartou? | HAYDON, 2 miles S.E. from Sberborne. who sold it to John Brown, Esq.

Popula. 109. FIFEHEAD-MAGDALEN, 3 miles N. HIERMITAGE, 1 mile S. from Dorchester. from Sturminster. Popula. 296.

Popula. 143. Fair, Aug. 26, bullocks, FIFEIEAD-VEVILLE, 24 miles from

horses, sheep, and wool. Sturminster. Popula. 95.

HERRINGSTONE, in West-Chickerell FLEET, 4 miles S.E. from Abbotsbury. I parish, and popula. included therein. Popula. 139.

| HILFIELD, in the parish of Sydling-St.FOLKE, 4 miles S.E. from Sherborne. Nicholas. 3 miles from Cerne-Abbas, Popula. 269.

Popula. 127.

HILTON, 8 miles from Cerne-Abbas. Po | LANGTON-LONG-BLANDFORD, 1 mile pula. 610..

S.E. from Blandford-Forum. Popula. HINTON (St. Mary), 1 mile N. from

160. Sturminster. Popula. 297.


from Corfe-Castle. Popula. 628. 2 miles N. from Wimborne-Minster. LEWSTON (Extra Par.), 4 miles S. from Popula. 25.

Sherborne. Popula. 8. HINTON-MARTELL, 3 miles N. from LEIGH, in Yetminster parish, and popula. Wimborne-Minster. Popula. 257.

included therein. 6 miles S. by w. HOLME (East), 1 mile S.W. from Ware

from Dorset. ham. Popula. 42. Here there was a | LEIGH, in Wimborne-Minster parish, and Cluniac Cell, founded before the reign popula, included therein. of Edward I. ; granted, 1 Edward VI., LITTON-CHENEY, S miles N. from Abto John Hannon.

botsbury. Popula. 424. HOLNEST, 6 miles S. from Sherborne, LILLINGTON, 34 miles §. from SherPopula. 162.

borne. Popula. 185. HOLT, in Wimborne-Minster parish, and

LONGBREDY, 6 miles W, from Dorpopula. included therein.

chester. Popula. 291. HOOKE, 3 miles E. from Beaminster. Po

LONG-CRITCHELL, 6 miles S.W. from pula. 294. HORTON, 4 miles S.W. from Cranborne.

Cranborne. Popula. 108. Popula. 420. Here was a Benedictine

LONGBURTON, 3 miles S. from SherCeil, founded in the year 970, by Ordgar borne. Popula. 327. Earl of Devonshire; granted, 1 Edw. LONGFLEET, in Canford-Magna parish, VI., to Edward Duke of Somerset, and

and popula, included therein, 1 mile after his attainder, to William Earl of

from Poole. Pembroke, 7 Edw. VI.. HOUGHTON-WINTERBORNE, 4 miles

LOTHERS, 1 mile E. from Bridport. PoS.W. from Blandford-Forum. Popula.

pula. 857. Here there was an Alien

Priory, founded in the reign of Ilen. I., 203.

by Riehard de Redveriis. IBBERTON, 6 miles from Cerne-Abbas,

LULLWORTH (East), 5 miles S.W, from Popula. 222.

Wareham. Popula. 353. IWERNE-COURTNAY or SHROTON, 4

miles S.E. from Sturminster, Popula. LULLWORTH (West), 7 miles S.W. 512. Fair, Sept. 25, for horses, bul from Wareham. Popula. 365. ' locks, sheep, and all sorts of haber,

LYDLINCH, % miles S.W. from Sturdashery.

minster-Newton. Popula. 364. IWERNE-MINSTER, 5 miles S. from Shaftesbury. Popula, 622.

LYME-REGIS, 143 miles S.W. from

London. Popula. 2,269. Market, Fri.; KIMMERIDGE, 3 miles S.W. from Corfe

fairs, Feb. 13, Oct. 2. If on a Satur. Castle. Popula. 90.

kept on a Mon., for cattle. A corporate KINGSTON-MAGNA, 6 miles W, from

town, having a mayor, recorder, fifteen Shaftesbury. Popula. 486.

capital burgesses, a town clerk, and KINGSTON, or KINSON, in Canford other officers. Sends two members to

Magna parish, and popula. included parliament: right of election is in the therein. 3 miles from Wimborne freemen resident or non-resident: numMinster.

ber of voters, 31. Here there was an

Hospital; valued at 381. 11s., now worth KINGSTON-RUSSELL, in Little-Bredy

7711. parish, and popula. included therein. Near Dorchester.

LYTCHETT-MATRAVERS, 4 miles S.W. KNIGHTON (West), 3 miles N.W. from from Wimborne. Popula. 609. Dorchester. Popula. 229.

LYTCHETT-MINSTER, 3 miles N.W. KNOWLE, in Buckland-Newton parish, from Poole. Popula. 544. and popula. included therein.

MAIDEN-NEWTON, 4 miles S.W. from LANGTON-HERRING, 2 miles S.E. from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 520. Fairs, Abbotsbury, Popula. 152.

March 9, May 4.

MANSTON, 1 mile E. from Sturminster. MONKTON-UPON. WIMBORNE, in Popula. 140.

Cranborne parish, and popula. included MAPPERTON, 2 miles S. from Beamin

therein. ster. Popula. 123.

MOORE-CRITCHELL, 5 miles S.W. MAPPOWDER, 6 miles W.E. from Cerne

from Cranborne. Popula. 267. Ahbas. Popula. 247.

JORDEN, 4 miles E. from Bere-Regis.

Popula. 650.
MARGARET-MARSII, 3 miles S. from
Shaftesbury. Popula. 8 1.

MORETON, 8 miles N.W. from Warebam. MARXHULL, 24 miles y. from Stur- / Popula. 2.50. minster. Popula. 1,275.

MOSTERTON, 3 miles S.W. from Bea. MARSUWOOD, 4 miles X.W. from Brid. I minister. Popula. 284. port. Popula. 532.

VOTCOMB, 1 mile N.W. from Shaftes. MELBURY-ABBAS, 9 miles S.E. from

bury. Popula. 1,184. Shaftesbury. Popula. 34).

MICKLEFORD, in Bradford - Pererel

parish, and popula. included therein, MELBURY-BUBB, 5 miles X.w. from

4 miles from Dorchester. Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 129.

NETHERBURY, 1 mile S. from Bea. MELBURY-OSMONT), 6 miles S.W.

S.W.! minster. Popula. 1,954. from Sherborne. Popula. 319.


corum parish, and popula. included from Beaminster. Popula. 78.

therein MELCOMBE-HORSEY, 4 miles from NETTLECOMBE, in Poorstock parish,

Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 153. Here was and popula. included therein. a Dominican Friary, founded by Rogers,

NORTH-WOOTTON, 2 miles S.E. from of Brianston ; granted, 33 Hen. VIII., ! to Sir John Rogers, of the same family.

Sherborne. Popula. 61. MELCOMBE-REGIS, seated at the mouth

OBORNE, 1 mile N.E. from Sherborne. of the river Wev, 127 miles from Lon

Popula. 193. don. Popula. (4252) returned with OKEFORD-FITZPANE, 4 miles S. from Weymouth, to which it is united. For Sturminster. Popula. 499. markets, &c., see Weymouth.

ORCHARD (East), 3 miles S.W. from MELPLASH, in Netherbury parish, and

Shaftesbury. Popula. 193. popula. included therein.

ORCHARD (West), 4 miles S.W. from MILBORNE - CHURCHSTONE, and

Shaftesbury. Popula. 173.
ST.-ANDREW, 3 miles N.W. from
Bere-Regis. Popula. 244. Fair, Nov.

| OSMINGTON, 3 miles N. from Melcombe30, bullock, horses, and cheese.

Regis. Popula. 318. MILBORNE-STYLEHAM, near Bere

OVER, in Toller-Porcorum parisb, and Regis, and 109 miles from London. Po.

popula. included therein. pula. 264.

OWERMOIGNE, 5 miles S.E. from DorMILTON-ABBAS, 1 miles from Bere

chester. Popula. 377. Fair, Oct. 10, Regis. Popula. 707. Here there was

cattle, horses, and toys. a Benedictine Abber, founded by king PARKSTON, in Canford-Magna parish, Ethelstan, in the year 933, to expiate and popula. included therein. 7 miles the murder of his brother Edwin; in from Poole. come 7 201. 1s. 1d., yearly, now worth

| PARLEY (West), 3 miles S.E. from 14,4081. 1s. 8d. ; granted, 31 llen. VIII., to Sir John Tregonwall. Fair, July 30,

Wimborne. Popula. 204. for cattle and toys.

PENTRIDGE, 1 mile X.w. from CranMINTERN-MAGNA, 2 miles from C'erne

borne. Popula. 272. Abbas, and 122 from London. Popula. | PERROTT (South), 4 miles N. from 311.

Bearninster. Popula. 317. MINTERN (Little), in Buckland-Newton PIILLYHOLME, in Hawkchurch parish,

parish, and popula. included therein. , and popula, included therein.

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