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PIDDLEHINTON, 4 miles N.E. from part of the borough. Market, Sat.; Dorchester. Popula. 358.

fairs, Palm-Sat., June 24, Nov. 23, all PIDDLETOWN, 5 miles W. from Bere

sorts of cattle. A corporate town, having Regis. Popula. 961. Fairs, April 16,

a mayor, recorder, and twelve aldermen: horses, bullocks, hogs, and sheep; Oct.

sends two members to parliament: right

of election is in the inhabitants paying 2, cattle, &c.

scot and lot : number of voters, 350. PIDDLETRENTHIDE, 2 miles S.W. from Here there were a Benedictive Nunnery, Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 590.

founded in the year 888, by King Alfred; PILSDON, 5 miles N.W. from Bridport.

value 1,3291. 15. 3d. yearly, now worth Popula. 100.

26,5811. 55.; granted, 1 Edw. VI., to

William Earl of Southampton. St. PIMPERNE, 1 mile N.E. from Blandford John's Hospital, super montem de Forum. Popula. 426.

Shaftesbury; granted, 2 Edward VI., PLUSH, in Buckland-Newton parish, and

to Randal Burgh and others. An popula. included therein.

Almshouse, in St. James's parish, in

the west side of St. Mary's Lane ;. POOLE, 107 miles S.W. from London.

granted, 28 Eliz., to Edward Read. . Popula. 6,390. Market, Thurs.; fairs, May 1, Nov. 2, a free mart for toys.

| SHAPWICK, 5 miles N.W. from WimA corporate town, having a mayor,

borne-Minster. Popula. 409. recorder, aldermen, a sheriff, a coroner, SHERBORNE, 116 miles S.W. from Lona town.clerk, and an indefinite number don. Popula. 3,622. Market, Tues., of burgesses : sends two members to Thurs., Sat. ; fairs, May 22, all sorts parliament. Right of voting is in the of cattle and pedlary; July 18, for mayor, bailiffs, and burgesses only: wool, horned cattle, sheep, horses, and number of voters, 100.

pedlary; July 26, horses, cattle, and POORSTOCK, 4 miles N.E. from Brid

particularly lambs and pedlary. If

either of these days fall on Sat. or port. Popula. 1,010.

Sun., it is kept on the Mon. following ; POORTON (North), 4 miles S.E. from Oct. 14, wool, horses, horned cattle, Beaminster. Popula. 89.

and pedlary. Here there was a BenePOORTON (South), in Poorstock parish,

dictine Abbey, founded, about the year

1200, by King John; value, at the disand popula. included therein.

solution, 6921. 14s. 74d. yearly, now PORTLAND, 4 miles S. from Weymouth. worth 13,6541. 12s. 6d. ; granted, 31 Popula. 2,254.

Hen. VIII., to Sir John Horsey. PORTISHAM, 1 mile E. from Abbotsbury. SHILLINGSTONE or SHILLING-OKEPopula. 600.

FORD, 4 miles N.W, from Blandford

Forum. Popula. 430.
POXWELL, 4 miles S.E. from Dorchester.
Popula. 73.

SHIPTON-GEORGE, 2 miles S.E. from

Bridport. Popula. 311. PRESTON, 5 miles S. from Dorchester.

SHITTERTON, in the parish of BerePopula. 508.

Regis, and popula. included therein. PULLHAM (East), 6 miles N.E. from Near Wareham. Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 272.

SILTON, 5 miles N.W. from Shaftesbury. PUNCKNOWLE, 2 miles N.W. from Popula. 409. Abbotsbury. Popula. 300.

SPETISBURY, 2 miles S. from BlandfordRADIPOLE, 2 miles N. from Melcombe

Forum. Popula. 546. Here was an

Alien Priory, founded, in the reign of Regis. Popula. 226.

Hen. I., by Robert Earl of Mallent and RAMPISHAM, 5 miles E. from Beamin Leicester; granted, 55 Hen. VIII., to ster. Popula. 368.

Charles Blount Lord Mountjoy, as parcel RYME-INTRINSICA, 6 miles S.W. from of the possessions of Witham. Sherborne. Popula. 159.

STALBRIDGE, 113 miles S.W. from SHAFTESBURY, 101 miles S.W. from

London. Popula. 1,571. Market, Tues., London. Popula. 2,903. It contains

fairs, May 6, Sept. 4, all sorts of cattle. the parishes of Holy Trinity, St. James, STANTON (St. Gabriel's), 5 miles W. and St. Peter, and Alcester liberty forms from Bridport. Popula. 112. '

STAFFORD (West), 2 miles S.E. from SWYRE, 3 miles N.W. from Abbotsbury. Dorchester, Popula. 184,

| Popula. 210. STEEPLE. 3 miles W. from Corfe-Castle. I SYDLING (St. Nicholas), 2 miles S.E. Popula. 233.

from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 563. Fair,

Dec, 6, all sorts of cattle, STEPLETON-PRESTON (Extra Par.),

% miles N. from Blandford-Forum. Pó. SYMONDSBURY, 1 mile W. from Bridpula. 23.

port. Popula. 1,076. STINSFORD. 1 mile N.E. from Dor- TARRANT-CRAWFORD with PRES. chester. Popula. 337.

TON, 3 miles N.E. from Blandford

Forum. Popula. 76. Here there was STOBOROUGH, forming part of the bo

a Cistercian Nunnery, founded, in the rough of Wareham, and the popula.

year 1230, by Richard Power, Bishop returned with it. See Wareham,

of Chichester; valued, at the dissoluSTOCK-GAYLAND, 3 miles S. from tion, at 2391. 11s. 10d., now worth Stalbridge. Popula. 63,

4,6911. 16s. 8d.; granted, 33 Hen. VIII., STOCKLAND, 12 miles N.E, from Lyme.

to Sir Thomas Wyat. . Regis. Popula. 1,147. Fair, June 12, | TARRANT-GUNVILLE, 6 miles W. for cattle.

from Cranborne. Popula. 487. STOCKWOOD, near Melcombe-Regis, and TARRANT-HINTON, 4 miles N.E, from

125 miles from London. Popula. 33. Blandford-Forum. Popula. 278, STOKE-ABBAS, 1 mile S.W. from Bea- TARRANT-KEYNSTON, 2 miles S.E. minster. Popula, 615,

from Blandford-Forum, Popula. 220. STOKE-EAST, 3 miles W, from Ware- TARRANT-LAUNCESTON, 4 miles from ham. Popula. 519.

Blandford - Forum. Popula. 88. STOKE-WAKE, 7 miles N.W. from Bland-TARRANT-MONCKTON, 4 miles N.E. ford-Forum. Popula. 139.

from Blandford-Forum. Popula. 236. STOWER (East), 4 miles W. from Shaftes. TARRANT.RANSTON, 4 miles from bury. Popula. 476.

Blandford - Forum. Popula. 58. STOWER (West), 5 miles W, from Shaftes. TARRANT-RUSHTON, 3 miles N.W. bury. Popula. 205.

from Wimborne. Popula. 206. STOWER-PROVOST, 4 miles S.W. from THOMSON, 2 miles. E. from Bere. Regis. Shaftesbury. Popula. 800.

Popula. 43. STOURPAIN, 2 miles N.W. from Bland- THORNFORD, 3 miles S.W. from Sherford. Forum. Popula. 499.

borne. Popula. 329. STRATTON with GRIMSTONE, 3 miles THORNHILL, in Stalbridge parish, and

N. from Dorchester. Popula. 262. I popula. included therein. STRICKLAND - WINTERBORNE, 4 TINCLETON, 4 miles E. from Dorchester,

miles S.W. from Blandford - Forum. Po Popula. 142. pula. 364.

TODBER, 2 miles N. from Sturminster, STUDLAND, 4 miles E, from Corfe- Castle. | Popula. 127. Popula. 382.

TOLPUDDLE, 2 miles S.W. from BereSTURMINSTER-MARSHALL, 2 miles Regis. Popula. 351.

S.W. from Wimborne. Popula. 713. TOLLER-PORCORUM, 6 miles W. from STURMINSTER - NEWTON-CASTLE, I Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 418.

111 miles S.W. from London. Popula. | TOLLER-FRATRUM, 6 miles W. from 1,612, Market, Thurs.; fairs, May 12,

Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 87. Fairs, Nay Oct. 24.

29 and 30, July 2, Sept. 11 and 12, for SUTTON-POYNTZ, in Preston parish, bullocks, sheep, horses, lambs, and and popula. included therein,

toys. Held at Toller-Down. SUTTON.WALDRON, 4 miles S. from TURNERS-PIDDLE, 3 miles S, from Shaftesbury, Popula, 206.

Bere-Regis. Popula. 98. SWANAGE, 3 miles S.E. from Corfe- TURNWORTH, 2 miles W. from Bland. Castle. Popula, 1,607,

ford-Forum. Popula. 72,

TYNEHAM, 4 miles W. from Corfe. Fri.; fairs, April 5, Sept. 14, every *Castle. Popula. 240.

other Mon., bullocks and cheese, Hero UP-CERNE, 1 mile N.W. from Cerne

was a nunnery, founded, in the year

705, by St. Cuthburga, daughter of Abbas. 'Popula. 84.

Kenred, king of the West Saxons, UPWAY, 4 miles S. from Dorchester. where several of the Saxon kings were · Popula. 483,

buried; valuation, at the dissolution, VALE, in Whitechurch-Canonicorum pa

1311. 14s., now worth 2,6341. ; granted,

1 Edw. VI., to Edward Duke of Sorish, and popula. included therein.

merset, then to Giles Keylway and WALLDITCH, 1 mile E. from Bridport. William Leonard, but finally to Edward Popula. 141.

Lord Clinton. WAMBROOK, ? miles W. from Chard, WIMBORNE (St.-Giles and All-Hallows), Somerset. Popula. 201.

100 miles S.W. from London. Popula. WAREHAM, 110 miles S.W. from London.

384. Popula. 1,931. lis parishes are, Holy- / WINFORD-EAGLE, 8 miles N.W. from Trinity, Lady-St.-Mary, and St.-Mar Dorchester. Popula. 152. Fair, Aug. tin's, and Stoborough liberty forms part 21, for toys only. of the borough. Market, Sat.; fairs, WINFRITH-NEW BURGH.miles W. April 17, July 5, Sept. 11, hogs and

from Wareham. Popula. 764. cheese. A corporate town, having a

| WINSOR (Little), in Broad-Winsor pamayor, recorder, six capital burgesses, and twelve assistants. Sends two mem,

rish, and popula, included therein. bers to parliament: right of election is WINTERBORNE-ABBAS, 3 miles W. in the mayor and magistrates, and in all from Dorchester. Popula. 170. those who pay scot and lot : number of WINTERBORNE-CAME, 2 miles N. voters, 120 nominally, actually but 1. from Dorchester. Popula. 54. Here there was an Alien Priory, bestowed, in the reign of Hen, I., on the

WINTERBORNE-CLENSTONE, 3 miles Convent of Lira, in Norinandy, by

S.W. from Blandford-Forum. Popula. Robert Earl of Leicester; granted to

granted to l 73. Thomas Reve and George Cotton. WINTERBORNE - FARRINGDON, in

West-Chickerell parish, and popula. WARMWELL, 5 miles N.E. from Mel.

included therein. 3} miles from Stourcombe-Regis. Popula, 82,

minster. WEST-MILTON, in Poorstock parish,

| WINTERBORNE-KINGSTON, 2 miles and popula. included therein.

N.W. from Bere-Regis. Popula. 464. WESTON, in Stalbridge parish, and po- | WINTERBORNE-ST.-MARTIN, 3 miles pula. included therein.

S.W. from Dorchester, Popula. 342. WEYMOUTH and MELCOMBE-REGIS, WINTERBORNE-MONKTON, 3 miles

127 miles S.W. from London, Popula. S.W. from Dorchester. Popula. 77. 6,629. Are united corporate towns,

WINTERBORNE-STEPLETON, 2 miles having a mayor, recorder, two bailiffs,

S.W. from Dorchester. Popula. 151. and several aldermen. They send four members to parliament: right of elec- WINTERBORNE-WHITECHURCH, 5 tion in the mayor, aldermen, and capital miles S.E. from Blandford-Forum, Poburgesses inhabiting the borough, and pula. 493, of persons seized of freeholds within it,

| WINTERBORNE - LESTONE, 3 miles and not receiving alms : number of vo.

from Bere-Regis. Popula. 245, ters, from 200 to 2000,


borne. Popula. 442. miles N.W. from Bridpori. Popula.

WOODLANDS, 3 miles S. from Cran1,317,

borne. Popula, 395. Fair, July 5, WHITCOMBE, 3 miles S, from Dor

borses, cheese, and toys, chester. Popula. 54.

WOODSFORD, 4 miles E. from Dorches. WILD, in Whitchurch-Canonicorum parish, ter. Popula. 159. and popula. included therein.

WOODYATES (East and West, Extra WIMBORNE-MINSTER, 101 miles S.W. Par.), 4 miles from Cranborne. Po

from London. Popula, 3,563. Market, pula. 9.


WOOL, 4 miles S.W. from Wareham. , WORGRET, in East-Stoke parish, and Popula. 453.

popula. included therein. WOOLLAND, 6 miles W. from Blandford-WRAXALL, 5 miles W. from Cerne-Abbas. Forum. Popula. 135.

Popula. 62. WOOTTON-GLANVILLE, 4 miles N.

from Cerne-Abbas. Popula. 309, WYKE-REGIS, 1 mile W. from Wey. WOOTTON-FITZPAIN, 6 miles N.w. mouth. Popula. 914. from Bridport. Popula. 446.

WYLDECOURT, in Hawkchurch parish, WOOTTON-NEWLAND, in Wootton

and popula. included therein. Glanville parish, and popula. included therein.

YETMINSTER, 5 miles S.W. from SherWORTH-MATRAVERS, 2 miles S. from borne. Popula. 1,125. Fairs, April Corfe-Castle. Popula. 325.

23, Oct. 1.


BOUNDED, on the North, by Northumber

land ; on the East, by the German Ocean ; on the South, by the river Tees, which divides it from Yorkshire ; and on the West, by Cumberland and Westmorland. It is 35 miles long, and 34 miles broad. Its principal Rivers are, the Tees, the Wear, and the Tyne. It is divided into four wards ; Chester, Darlington, Easington, and Stockton; with the two districts of Norhamshire and Islandshire. There are 11 market-towns; namely, Durham, Darlington, Gates- | head, Stockton, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Bishop - Auckland, Barnard - Castle, Sedgefield, Wolsingbam, and Yarm. The county sends 2 members to parliament, and the city sends 2. It is in the ProVINCE OF YORK, in the Diocese of DURHAM, and in the NORTHERN CIRCUIT. It contains 1,061 square miles, or 679,040 acres; and 75 parishes. It had 14 monastic establishments, and 22 public charities; it has 1 parish with no church, 4 parishes containing less than a hundred people ; 23 parishes with no parsonagehouse ; 17 parishes in which the parsonage-house is unfit to live in. The POOR-RATES of the county are 105,9971. 11s. 3d., the number of PAUPERS is 13,628 ; the rental is 791,3591. 78.9d.; the population in 1821 was 207,673; the number of houses is 32,793; the rates, compared with the rental, is one-seventh; the paupers, compared with the number of houses, is 1 to every 3 houses ; the poor-rates, in 1776, were 14,0571.;

the number of persons to a mile in this county is 195 ; the number of acres to a person, 3; the number of acres to a house, 30; the male population, 99,100; the number of families employed in agri. culture, 9,427 ; the number of families employed in handicraft, 20,212 ; number of other families, 16,301; the number of the agricultural male population, 20,335 ; the number of able labourers, 10,167; and the number of acres of land to each able labourer, is 61. Durham is in general hilly, but particularly the Western angle of it, which comprises a range of barren, bleak hills, called the English Apennines. The rest of the county, though hilly, has immense numbers of beautiful and fertile vallies in every direction. The soil is generally of a clayey nature, or that and gravel. It is but little wooded except where gentlemen have planted for ornament. The natural productions of the county are, coals, lead, and iron. The East and North-East parts of the county have been long famous for their immense produce of coals, which, in a very great measure, supply London, besides all the supply afforded to the county of Durham itself. The lead and ironmines are about Teesdale, and Weardale. In agriculture, the Eastern part of the county affords abundance of the common crops of corn; and, towards the West, is that grazing country which produces the large and fine Tees-water breed of sheep, and the famous Dur.

ham oxen, of which we see now-and. BARNARD-CASTLE, in Gainsford parish, then the astonishing specimens in Lon and popula. included therein. Ôn the don. These animals are famous as well banks of the river Tees, 2464 miles N. for their propensity to give milk as to from London. Market, Wed.; fairs, become fat, and they are therefore great Easter-Wed., Wed. in Whitsun-week, ly esteemed by the milk-men of London. St.James'day, July 25, for horned cattle, Durbam has been from time immemorial horses, and sheep. a county palatine belonging to the

BARONY, in St. Andrews-Auckland pabishop of the see. Blackstone and other

rish, and popula. included therein. law writers say that it was so before the time of William the Conqueror; for

BEAMISH, in Chester-le-Street parish, and no charter can be found of its crea

popula. included therein. 6 miles N. tion. It exercised all the liberties of a

from Durham. palatinate until the making of the Act 27 BEDBURN (North), in St. AndrewsHen. VIII., which abridged some of the Auckland parish, and popula. included liberties of the counties palatine; but it therein. 4 miles from Bishop-Auckland. still enjoys the greater part: the act | BEDBURN (South), in St. Andrews, only taking away the power to pardon Auckland parish, and popula, included criminals, that of appointing justices in

therein. Eyre, of assize and of the peace; and

BEDLINGTON, 5 miles from Durham. that of issuing writs in any but the

Popula. 1,862. king's name. The bishop still sits as a judge of assize if he like: he has still | BENFIELD-SIDE, in Lanchester parish. his chancellor, his fines and forfeitures,

and popula. included therein. On the his right of granting charters or fairs or

borders of Northumberland, 12 miles markets, his right of the custody of

from Durham. idiots and lunatics, besides a very-little- | BIDDICK (South), in Houghton-le-Spring limited admiralty jurisdiction with its parish, and popula. included therein. revenues of forfeitures, wrecks, duties 8 miles from Durham. on ships coming into ports, anchorage, | BILLINGHAM. 24 miles N.E. from wharfage, beaconage, moorage, butter

Stockton. Popula. 1,154. age, ulnage, &c.

BILLINGSIDE, in Lanchester parish, and ANCROFT, 4 miles S. from Berwick. Po

popula. included therein. 6 miles from puls. 1,378.

Durham. AISLABY, in Eaglescliff parish, and po- BILLY-ROW, in Brancepeth parish, and

pula. included therein. .44 miles S.W. popula. included therein. 6 miles from from Stockton.

Bishop-Auckland. ARCHDEACON-NEWTON, in Darling- BINCHESTER, in St.-Andrews-Auckland

ton parish, and popula. included therein. parish, and popula. included therein. AUCKLAND-ST.-ANDREW, 1 mile S. Near the river Wear, 34 miles from from Bishop-Auckland. Popula. 8,223.

Bishop-Auckland. AUCKLAND - BISHOP.-See, Bishop

BIRTLEY, in Chester-le-Street parish, and

popula. included therein. Auckland.

9 miles N.

from Durham. AUCKLAND-ST.-HELEN'S, in St. An- BISHOP-AUCKLAND, in St.-Andrews.

drews-Auckland parish, and popula. in Auckland parish, and popula. included cluded therein. " 3 miles S.W. from

therein. 12 miles S.W. from Durham, Bishop-Auckland.

and 249 from London. Market, Thurs.; AUCKLAND (West), in St. Andrews fairs, Ascension-day and Thurs. before

Auckland parish, and popula. included Oct. 10. Here there was a College, therein. 4 miles distant from Bishop founded and well endowed by Anthony Auckland to the South.

Beck, Bishop of Durbam ; yearly value AYCLIFFE,5 miles N.W. from Darlington.

1801. 3s. 2d., now worth 3,6031. 35. Ad. Popula. 1,379.

BISHOPS-MIDDLEHAM, 2 miles N.W. BARMPTON, in Houghton-le-Skerne pa

from Sedgefield. Popula. 827. rish, and popula. included therein. 3 BISHOPWEARMOUTH, 1 mile W. from miles N.E. from Darlington.

Sunderland. Popula. 11,542. BARMSTON, in Washington parish, and BISHOPWEARMOUTH-PANS, in the

popula. included therein. 10 miles N.E. above parish, and popula. included from Durham.


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