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Abbas and Temple.Combe, So-Above-Sawdde, Carmarthen Adwick-le-Street. York
Abram, Lancaster

| Adwick-upon-Dearne, York
Abberbury or Alberbury, Salop Absom with Wick, Gloucester Advent, Cornwall
Abberfraw, Anglesea

Aby with Greenfield, Lincoln Aff-Puddle, Dorset
Abberford, York
Acaster-Malbis, York

Agden, Cheshire
Abberley, Worcester
Acaster-Selby, York

Agden, Cheshire
Abberton, Essex

Accrington (Old), Lancaster Agelthorpe, York
Abberton, Worcester

Accrington (New), Lancaster Aglionby, Cumberland
Abberwick, Northumberland Acklam with Barthorpe, York Agnes (St.), Cornwall
Abbey-Dore, Hereford

Acklington, Northumberland Aighton-Bailey & Chaigley, Lanc.
Abbey-Holm, Cumberland

Acklington-Park, Northumberland
Abbots-Ann, Hants
Ackton, York

Aikton, Cumberland
Abbots-Bickington, Devon
Ackworth, York

Ailsby, Lincoln
Abbots-Langley, Hertford
Acle, Norfolk

Ailesworth, Northampton
Abbots-Lencb, Worcester
Acomb, York

Ainderby-Myers with Holtby, York
Abbots-Leigh, Somerset

Acomb (East), Northumberland Ainderby (Steeple), York
Abbots-Morton, Worcester

Agomb (West), Northumberland Ainderby-Quernhow, York
Abbotsbury, Dorset
Aconbury, Hereford

Ainsworth, Lancaster
Abbotsham, Devon
Acrise, Kent

Aintree, Lancaster
Abbotside, York
Acton, Cheshire

Ainstable, Cumberland
Abbotsley, Huntingdon
Acton, Denbigh

Airton, York
Abbotston, Hants
Acton, Cheshire

Aish, Dorset
Abbotswotton, Dorset
Acton, Suffolk

Aisholt, Somerset
Abbots-Kesswell, Devon
Acton, Worcester

Aiskew, York
Abedare, Glamorgan
Acton, Salop

Aislaby, York
Abenbury-Fecham, Flint
Acton, Middlesex

Aislaby, Durham
Abenbury-Vawr, Denbigh

Acton and Old-Felton, Northumb. Aismunderby, York
Aber, Caernarvon

Acton-Beauchamp, Worcester Aisthorpe, Lincoln
Aber-Aeron, Cardigan
Acton-Burnell, Salop

Akebar, York
Aberarth, Cardigan
Acton-Grange, Cheshire

Akeld, Northumberland
Aberavon, Glamorgan
Acton-Reynold, Salop

Akely, Bucks
Aber-Erch, Caernarvon
Acton-Round, Salop

Akenham, Suffolk
Aberbajdan, Brecon
Acton-Scott, Salop

Albans (St.), Herts
Aberbechan, Montgomery
Acton-Trussel, Stafford

Albourn, Sussex
Aberconway, Caernarvon
Acton-Turville, Gloncester

Albrighton, Salop
Aberdaron, Caernarvon
Adbaston, Stafford

Albrighton, Salop
Aberedow, Radnor
Adderbury, Oxon

Alburgb, Norfolk
Aberhasesp, Montgomery
Adderbury (East), Oxon

Albury, Oson
Abergavenny, Monmouth
Adderley, Salop

Albury, Surrey
Abergele, Denbigh

Adderstone, Northumberland Albury, Herts
Aberg willy, Carmarthen
Addingham, Camberland

Alby, Norfolk
Aber-Llunvey, Brecon
Addingham, York

Alcester, Dorset
Aber-Maw, Merioneth
Addington, Bucks

Alcestor, Sussex
Aberpant, Carmarthen

Alconbury, Huntingdon
Aber-Porih, Cardigan

Addington (Great), Northampton Alconbury-Weston, Hantingdon
Aber-Rhiw, Montgomery

Addington (Little), Northampton Aldates (St.), Berks
Aberwheeler, Denbigh
Addington, Kent

Aldborough, Norfolk
Aberystwith, Monmouth
Admington, Gloucester

Aldborough, York
Aberyskir, Brecon
Addle with Eccup, York

Aldbourne, or Auborne, Wilts
Aberystwith, Cardigan
Addlethorp, Lincoln

Aldbrough, York
Abinghall, Gloucester
Adforton, Hereford

Aldbrough, York
Abingdon, Berks
Adgarley, Lancaster

Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Abingdon, Cambridge
Adisham, Kent

Aldonry, Herts',
Abingdon (Little), Cambridge Adlingfleet, York

Aldcliffe, Lancaster
Abinger, Surrey
Adlington, Lancaster

Aldeby, Norfolk
Abington, Northampton
Adlestrop, Gloucester

Aldenham, Herts
Abingdon-in-the-Clay, Cambridge Adlington, Cheshire

Alderbury, Wilts
Ab-Kettleby, Lancaster

Admiston or Athelhampton, Dorset Aldermaston, Berks
Abdon, Salop
Adstock, Bucks

Alderley (Inferior), Cheshire
Abney, Derby
Adstone, Northampton

Alderley, Gloucester
Abthorpe, Northampton
Ad walton, York

Alderley (Superior), Cheshire
Ablington, Gloucester
Adwell, Oson

Alderford, Norfolk

Addington, Surrey, Northampton

Alderholt, Dorset
| Allstonefield, Stafford

Amport, Hants
Alderminster, Worcester
All-stretton, Salop

Ampthill, Beds
Aldershot, Hants
Alltygreeg, Glamorgan

Ampton, Suffolk
Aldersey, Cheshire
Allton, Derby

Amroth, Pembroke
Alderton, Wilts
Almeley, Hereford

Amwell, Herts
Alderton, Gloucester

Almer and Mapperton, Dorset Amwell, Herts
Alderton, Northampton

Almington and Stone-Delph, War. Ancaster, Lincoln
Alderton, Suffolk


Ancroft, Durham
Alderwasley, Derby
Almington, Stafford

Anderby, Lincola
Aldfield, York
Almodington, Sussex ,

Anderson, Dorset
Aldford, Cheshire
Almondhury, Gloucester

Anderton, Cheshire
Aldham, Suffolk
Almondbury, York

| Anderton, Lancashire
Aldham, Essex
Almsford, Somerset

| Andover, Hants
Aldingbourn, Nussex
Alne, York

Andrews (St.), Devon
Aldingham (Upper and Lower),
r), Alne (Great), Warwick

Andrew (St. liketshall), Suffolk

Alney (Isle of), Gloucester Andrew - St. Or - Dinas · Powis,
Aldington, Kent
Alnham, Northumberland

Aldington, Worcester
Alnwick, Northumberland

Andrews-St.- Minor, Glamorgan
Aldridge, Stafford
Alphamstone, Essex

Angersleigh, Somerset
Aldridge, Devon
Alphington, Devon

Angerton (High), Northumberland
Aldringham, Suffolk
Alpheton, Suffolk

Angerton (Low), Northumberland
Aldstone-Moor, Carberland Alpington with Yelverton, Norfolk Angle or Nangle, Pembroke
Aldsworth, Gloucester

Alpraham, Cheshire

| Angleyarke, Lancashire
Aldward, York
Alresford (Old), Hants

Angmering, Sussex
Ald warke, Derby
Alresford (New), Hants

Angiam, York
Aldwinkle(St. Peters), Northamp. Alrewas Stafford,

Aogram.Giange, York
Aldwinkle, Northampton
Alrewas. Hayes, Stafford

Anick, Northumberland
Aldwork, York
Alsager, Cheshire

Anick Grange, Northumberland
Aldworth, Berks
Alscote, Gloucester

Ankley, uts
Alemouth, Northumberland

Alston with Hatherall, Lancaster Aplaby, Yurk
Alethorpe, Norfolk
Alstove, Stafford

Anmer, Norfolk
Alfold, Surrey
Alstone, Worcester

Ann (Liul, Hants
Alford, Lincoln
Alternon, Cornwall

Annesly, Notts
Alford, Somerset-
Alton, Worcester

Arsley, Warwick
Alford (Little), Essex
Alton Barnes, Wilts

Aoslow, Stafford
Alfreton, Derby

Altringham, or Altringram, Chesh. Anstey, Lancaster
Alfrick, Worcester
Altcar, Lancashire

Austey, Wilts
Alfriston, Sussex
Altham, Lancashire

Anstey, Herts
Algarkirk, Lincola
Althorne, Essex

Anstey, Warwick
Alkerton, Oxford
Altosts, York

| Anstey (East), Devon
Alkerton, Gloucester
Alton, Hants

Ansley (West), Devon
Alkham, Kent
Alton. Pancras, Dorset

Austey - Pastores, Lancaster,
Alkington, Salop
Alton-Priors, Wilts

Ansterson, Cheshire
Alkington, Gloucester
Alvanley, Cheshire

Anston (North and South), York
Alkmonton, Derby
Alvaston, Derby

Anthony (St.), Cornwall
Alresford, Essex
Alraston, Cheshire

Anthony St.), Cornwall
Alkrington, Lancaster
Alvechurch, Worcester

Anthorm, Cumberland
Allarthorp, York

Alveley with Mordley-Regis, Salop Antingham, Sorfolk
Allcannings, Wilts
| Alverdiscott, Devon

Antony (St. Jacob), Corowall
Allen (St.). Cornwall
| Alvesdiston, Wilts

Antrobus, Cheshire
Allendale, Northumberland
Alverstoke, Hants

Anwick, Lincoln
Allensmore, Hereford.
A'verton, Notts

Apethorpe, Northampton
Allenton or Allwinton, Northumb. Alverthorpe, York

A peton, Stafford
Aller, Somerset
Alvescott, Oxford

1 Apley, Lincoln
Allerby, Cumberland
Alveston, Gloucester

Apperley, Gloucester
Allerston, York
1 Alveston, Warwick

Appleby, Lancaster
Allerthorpe, York

Alveton, Stafford

| Appleby (St. Lawrence), West
Allerton, York
Alvingham, Lincoln

Allerton, Lancaster
| Alvington, Gloucester

Appleby, Lincoln
Allerton. Bywater, York
Alwalton, Hantingdon

Appledore, Kent
Allerton-Chapel, Somerset
Alwington, Devon

Appledram, Sussex
Allerton - Mauleverer with Hop Alwoodley, York

Appletor 1, Berks
perton, York
Amaston, Salop

Appleshaw, Hants
Allesley, Warwick
Amberley, Sussex

Applesthorpe, otherwise Alble.
Allestrey, Derby
Amberley, Hereford

thorpe, Notts
Allexton, Lancaster

Ambersbam (North & Soutb), Applethwaite, Westmoreland
Anhallows, Cumberland

Amble, Notthumberland

| Appleton, Lancashire
Allballows, Kent

Ambleside, Weatmoreland

| Appleton, York
Allington, Hants

Ambleston, Pembroke

| Appleton, Berks
Allington, Wilts
Ambrosden, Oxford

| Appleton-upon-Winke, York
Allington, Dorset

Ambroth or Amroth, Pembroke Appleton-le-Street, York
Allington (East), Devon
Amcotts, Lincoln

Appleton - Roebuck, York
Allington (West), Devon

Amersham, or Agmondesham Appleton-le-Moors, York
Allington, Wilts


Appletree, Northampton
Allington, Line In
Amesbury, Wilts

Appletree wick, York
Allington, Deubich
Amlwch, Anglesea

Arborfield, Berks
Allington, Wilts
Amotherby, York

Arbury, Lancashire
Allington, Kent

Amphrey (St. Mary), or Ashbrook,! Archdeacon-Newton, Durham
Allithwaite (Upper), Lancaster


Arclid, Cheshire
Allithwaite (Lower), Lancaster Amphoey (St. Peter), or Easting Ardda, Caernarvon
Allmaur, Brecon

ton, Gloucester

Arden, Warwick
Allonby, Cumberland

Amphney-Crucis, Gloucester Arden with Ardenside, York
Allostoch, Cheshire

Amphney-Down, Gloucester Ardenside, York
All Saints (South-Elmham), Suf- Ampleforth, York

Ardleigh, Essex

Ardley, Oxon
| Ashby-Puerorum, Lincoln

Ashwick, Somerset
Ardingley, Sassex
Ashby, Norfolk

Ashwicken, Norfolk
Ardington, Berks
Ashby, Lincoln

Ashwood, Bucks &
Ardsley, York
Ashby, Lincoln

Ashworth, Lancashire
Ardsley (East), York

Ashby (St. Ledger). Northampton Askham, Notts
Ardsley West), York
Ashby with Fenby, Lincoln

Askham, Westmoreland
Ardwick, Lancashire
Ashby (Cold), Northampton

Askbam-Bryan, York
Arely (Kings, Worcester
Ashby-Magna, Lancaster

Askham - Richard, York
Areley (Upper), Stafford
Ashby-Parva, Lancaster

Aske, York
Argam, York

Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lancaster Askerne, York
Argoed, Cardigan
Ashby with Oby, Norfolk

Askerswell, Dorset
Arkendale, York
Ashby. Folville, Lancaster

Ask rigs, York
Arkengarth-Dale, York !
Ashby (West). Lincoln

Ask with, York
Arkesden, Essex
Ashcharch, Gloucester

Aslackby, Lincoln
Arkholme with Cawood, Lanca. Ashcomb, Somerset

Aslacton, Norfolk
Ashcomb, Somerset

Aslacton, Netts
Arksey, York
Ashcombe, Devon

Aslop-le. Dale, Derby
Arlecdon, Cumberland
Ashcott, Somerset

Aspall, Suffolk
Arlescote, Warwick
Ashdon, Essex

Aspatria, Cuinberland
Arleston, Derby
Asheldhan, Essex

Aspenden, Herts
Anley, Warwick
Ashelworth, Gloucester

Aspley, Stafford
Arlington, Gloucester
Ashen. Essex

Aspley and Fordhall, Warwick
Arlington, Devon
Ashe, Hants

Aspley-Guise, Beds.
Arlington, Sussex
Ashendon, Bucks

Aspuit, Lancashire
Arlingham, Gloucester
Asherton, Cumberland

Asselby, York
Arlsey, Beds
Ashfield with Thorpe, Suffolk

Assendon, Oxon
Armley, York .
Ashfield (Great), Suffolk

Assington, Suffolk
Armin, York
Ashfield, Salop

Astbury, Cheshire
Arminghall, Norfolk
Ashford, Devon

Asterby, Lincoln
Armitage with Handsacre, Staf. Ashfo-d, Kent

Astley, Warwick
Ashford, Middlesex.

Astley, Salop
Armscott, Worcester
1 Ashford, Derby

| Astley, Lancashire
Armston, Northampton
Ashiorr-Bowdler, Salop

Astley, Worcester
Armthorpe, York
Ashfordby, Lancaster

Astley. Abbotts, Salop
Arandel, Sussex
Ashford-Carbonell, Salop

Asthall and Asthall-Leigh, Oson'
Arvans (St.), Monmouth
Ashill, Norfolk

Astball-Leigh, Oxon
Arncliffe, York
Ashill, Somerset

Aston, Hereford
Arncliffe. Ingleby, York
Ashington, Sussex

Aiton, Salop
Arncolt, Oxon

Ashington and Sheepwash, North | Aston, Derby
Arne, Dorset


Aston, War.vick
Arnesby. Lancaster
Ashingdon, Essex

Aston, Stafford
Arnold, Notts
Ashington, Somerset

A ton, Flint
Arthington, York
Ashlehay, Derby

Aston, Montgomery
Ar!bingwortb, Northampton Ashley, Wilts

Aston, Bucks
Artington, Surrey
Ashley, Hants

Aston, Chesbire
Arthuret, Cumberland
Ashley, Stafford

Aston, Cheshire
Arram, York
Ashley, Cheshire

Aston, Stafford
Arras, York
Asbley, Northampton

Aston, Herts
Arreton, Hants
Ashley-cum-Silverlev, Cambrid

Aston, Salop
Arrington, Cambridge
Asholm, Northumberland

Aston aud Cote, Oxon
Arrow, Cheshire
Ashover, Derby

Aston with dughton, York
Arrow with Ragley, Warwick | Ashow, Warwick

Aston (Magna), Worcester
Arrowihorne, York
Ashmanhugh, Norfolk

Aston Middle), Oxon
Aryholme and Hawtholpe, York Ashmansworth, Hants

Aston (North), Oxon
Asaph (St.), Flint
Ashmore, Dorset

Aston Abbotts, Bucks
Asby, Westmoreland .
Asiperton, Hereford

Aston-Blank, Glencester
Asby-Coatsforth, Westmoreland Ashprington, Devon

Astou-Bot:erell, Salop
Asby (Little), Westmoreland Ashieigney, or Ringsash, Devon Asion-Cantlow, Warwick
Asby-Winderwath, Westmoreland Ashteail, Surrey

Aston Clinton, Bueks
Ascoti, Oxun
Ashion, Devon

Aston- Eyre, Salop
Ascott, Oxon
Ashton, Hereford

Astou F1,mville, Lancaster
Ascott, Warwick
Ashton, Cheshire

Aston-Ingham, Hereford
Ascot, Berks
Ashton, Northampton

Aston.juxta-Mondrum, Cheshire
Asesby, York
Ashton, Lancashire

Aston-le- Walls, Northampton
Asgarby, Lincoln
Ashton, Northampton

Aston-Mollins, Bucks
Asgarby, Lincoln
Ashton, Northampton

Aston-Morris, Somerset
Ash-near-Sandwich, Kent
Ashton-Steeple, Wills

Aston. Pigott, Salop
Ash (Great), Salop
Ashton (Lung), Somerset

1 Aston-Rogers, Salop
Ash, Surrey

Ashton with Stodday, Lancashire Aston- Rowant, Oxon
Ash (Little), Salop
Ashton Keyness, Wilts

Aston-Somerville, Gloucester
Ash, Derby
Ashton Gifford, Wilts

Aston-Sandford, Bneks
Ash, Kent
Ashton-Grange, Cheshire

Aston-Subege, Gloucester
Ash-Bocking, Suffolk

Ashton-under. Lyne, Lancashire Aston-Steeple, Oson
Ash-Priors, Somerset

Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire Astoo-Turrold, Berks
Asbamstead, Oxon

Ashton-in-Mackerfieia, Lancashire Aston - Upthorpe, Berks
Ashamstead, Berks

| Ashton-under-Hill, Gloucester Aston upon-Carron, Gloucester
Ashborne, Derby
Ashton-West, Wilts

Aston-upon-Trent, Derby
Asbbriille, Somerset
Ashurst, Sussex

Astrop, Northampton
Ashburnham, Sussex
Ashurst, Kent

Astwe!í, Northampton
Ashburton, Devon
Ashwater, Devon

Astwick, Beds
Asboury, Berks
Ashwell, Herts

Aswardby, Lincoln
Ashbury, Deven
Ashwell, Rutland

Asu arby, Lincoln
Ashby, Suffolk
Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk

Atcham, Salop

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Bamford. Derly

Atch-Lench, Worcester
| Aglon (Little), York

Balscott, Oxon
Athan (St.), Glamorgan
Ayton (East), York

Balsall-Í'emple, Warwick : orang
Atbelington, Suffolk
Ayton (West), York

Balsham, Cambridge
Athelney (Isle of), Somerset Azonley, York

Ballidon, Derby
Arberington, Devon

Balcomb, Sussex
Atherstone, Warwick

Ballingdon, Essex
Atherstone-upon-Stour, Warwick

Baldon-Marsh, Oxon
Atherton, Lancashire

Balstonsborougn, som

Balstonsborough, Somerset
Atlow, Derby

Baldon-Foot, Oxon
Attenborough, Notts

Bampton, Westmoreland
Atterby, Lincoln
Bachelden, Montgomery

Bamborough-Castle, Northumb,
Attercliffe, York
Babcarey, Somerset

Bamborough, Northumberland
Atterton, Lancaster
Babingley, Norfolk

Bamford, Lancashire
Allington, Oxon

Babraham, Cambridge
Atterborough, Warwick
Bab worth, Notts

Bampton-with-Weal Oxon
Attlebridge, Norfolk
Babington, Somerset

Bampton (Little), Cumberland
Attleburgh, Norfolk
Backford, Cheshire

Bampton, Devon
Atwick, Arram and Skirlington, Bacup, Lancashire

Bangor, Cardigan
Bacton, Suffolk

Bangor, Caernarvon

Atworth, Wilts
Bacton, Norfolk

Bangor-Iscoed, Denbigh
Auborn, Lincoln
Bacton, Hereford

Banham, Norfolk
Auburn, York
Backland, Berks

Banbury, Oxon
Auckland (West), Durham
Baconthorpe, Norfolk

Bankfee, Gloucester
Auckland-St.-Helens, Durham Backwell, Somerset

Bank. Newton, York
Auckland-Bishop, Durbam
Backslaw, Somerset

Banks, Cumberland
Auckland. St. Andrew, Durham Badby, Northampton

Bamipghani, Vorfolk
Audenshaw, Lancashire
Bundesley.Ensor, Warwick

Banstead, Surrey
Audlem, Cheshire
Badderley (North), Hants

Banwell, Somerset
Audley, Stafford
Baddow (Great), Essex

Bapch:!d, Kent
Audley-End, Essex
Baddow Little, Essex

Bapton, Wilts
Aughton, York
Badington, Gloucester

Bar (Great), Stafford
Aughton, Lancashire
Badsworth, York

Barbon, Westmoreland
Aughton, York
Badlesmere, Kent

Barby, Northampton
Augbtou, Lancashire
Baddington, Cheshire

Barcheston with'Willington, War
Aukborough, Lincoln
Badwell. Ash, Sutfolk

Ault - Huchnall, Derby
Badland, Radnor

Barcoub, Sis:ex
Aunsby, Lincoln
Badseworth, Gloucester

Barden, York
Jure, Gloucester

Badminton (Little), Gloucester Bardiev, Lancashire
lust, Gloucester

Baddesley Clinton, Warwick Barney. Isle, Caernarvon
Austel (St.), Cornwall
Badsey, Worcester

Badsey with Rigton, York
Austerfield, York
Badshot, Surrey

Bardfield (Little), Essex
Austh waite, Cumberland
Badger, Salop

Bardtield. Saling, Essex
Austhorpe, York
Badgworth, Somerset

Bardfield (Great), Essex
Austonley, York
Badingham, Suffolk

Barden, York
Austry, Warwick

Badminton (Great), Gloucester Bardney, Lincoln
Austwick, York
Baddiley, Cheshire

Bardwell, Suffolk
Authorpe, Lincoln
Badley, Suffolk

Bardon-l'ark, Lancaster
Avebury, Wilts

Baghorough (West), Somerset Barford (Great), Oxon
Aveley, Essex

Bagborough (East), Somerset Bartord (St. John), Oxon
Avenbury, Hereford
Bagby, York

Burford, Norfolk
Avening, Gloucester
Baggrare, Lancaster

Barfond, Northampton
Averbam, Notts

Bagland, Higher and Lower, Gla. Barford, Warwick
A veton-Gilford, Devon


Barford (St. Martin), Wilts
Avington, Hants
Bagley. Wond, Berks

Bartord (Great), Beda
Avington, Berks
Bagnall, Stafford

Barford Little), Beds
Avon, Wilts
Bagthorpe, Norfolk

Barforth, York
Ayon-Dasset, Warwick
Bagworth Park, Lancaster

Barfreston, Kent
Awbridge, Hants
Bagoley, Chesbire

Barham, Suffolk
Axbridge, Somerset
Bayshut, Surrey

Barham, Kent
Awlis-Combe, Devon
Baginton, Warwick

Barham, Huntingdon
Awnby, Lincoln

Bagworth with Bagworth-Park, Barbolni, Lincoln
Axminster, Devon


Barkby, Lancaster

Axmouth, Devon
Buhaithlon, Montgomery

Barkby-Thorpe, Lancaster
Axford, Wilts
Baildon, York

Barking, Suffolk

Aycliffe, Durhamn
Bailie, Cumberland

Barking, Essex
Aydon, Northumberland
Bainton, York

Barkisland, York ;
Aydon-Castle, Northumberland Bainton, Northampton

Barkway, Herts
Arlburton, Gloucester
Bainton, Oxon

Barkham, Berks
Aylesford, Kent
Bakewell, Derby

Darkston-Ash, York
Aylesbear, Devon .
Ballingham, Hereford

Barkstone, Lancaster
Aylesbury, Bucks
Balgrave, Berks

Barkston, Lincoln
Aylesby, Lincoln
Bale, or Baithley, Norfolk

Bare, Lancashire
Aylestone, Lancaster
Baldwin-Holme, Cumberland Barlaston, Stafford

Aylmerton, Norfolk
Baldock, Herts

Barlavington, Sussex
Aylshamn, Norfolk

Balderston, Lancashire

Barlborough, Derby
Aylton, Hereford
Bulderton, Notts

Barlby, York
Aylworth, Gloucester
Ballhome, York

Barleston, Lancaster
Aymestry, Hereford
Baldershy, York

Barley, Herts
Ayaho, Northampton
Bainbridge, York

Barley with Whitley-Booths, Lanc.
Avolt, Herts

Balby will Hexthorpe, York Barley thorpe, Rutland
Aysgarth, York
Bala, Merioneth

Barlins, Essex
Ayston, Rutland
Balk, York

Barlings, Lincoln
Ayton (Great), York
Balne, York

Barlow, Derby

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