Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language

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H. & E. Phinney, 1834 - English language - 400 pages

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Page 3 - expectation of future improvement. It must, indeed, be confessed, that Mr. Sheridan's Dictionary is greatly superior to every other that preceded it ; and his method of conveying the sound of words, by spelling them as they are pronounced, is highly rational and useful.—But here sincerity obliges me to stop.
Page 3 - The last writer on this subject is Mr. Nares, who, in his Elements of Orthoepy, has shown a clearness of method and an extent of observation which deserve the highest encomiums. His Preface alone proves him an elegant writer, as well as a philosophical observer of Language ; and his Alphabetical Index, referring near
Page 268 - s. a sentence so included in another sentence, as that it may be taken out, without injuring the sense of that which encloses it
Page 277 - s. the art of discovering the temper and foreknowing the fortune by the features of the face ; the cast of the look
Page 179 - gun nil. s. that piece of timber which reaches on either side of the ship from the half-deck to the forecastle Gurge,
Page 21 - s. a man who has equally the use of both his hands; a man who is equally ready to act on either side in party disputes Ambidexterity,
Page 3 - To him succeeded Mr. Sheridan, who not only divided the words into syllables, and placed figures over the vowels, as Dr. Kenrick had done, but, by spelling
Page 28 - in which the sun or a planet, is at the greatest distance possible from the earth in its whole revolution
Page 75 - a certain number of years, at the end of which some great change is supposed to befall the body Climate,
Page 92 - s. a messenger sent in haste Course, krse. s. race, career ; ground on which a race is run ; track or line in which a ship sails

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