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A KLfcAiA*T music floats along the mere.

From monks in Ely chanting service high,

Whileas Canute the king is rowing by:

"My oarsmen," quoth the mighty king, " draw near,

That we the sweet song of the monks may hear!"

He listens, all past conquests and all schemes

Of future vanishing like empty dreams,

H tart-touched, and haply not without a tear.

The royal minstrel, ere the choir is still,

While his free barge skims the smooth flood along,

(iives to that rapture an accordant rhyme.

O suffering earth! be thankful; sternest clime

And rudest age are subject to the thrill

* >f heaven-descended piety and song.


Un..Hateful country, if thou e'er forget
The sons who for thy civil rights have bled!
How, like a Roman, Sidney bowed his head,
Ami Russell's milder blood the scaffold wet;
But these had fallen for profitless regret
Hail 11.*t thy holy Church her champions bred;
And claims from other worlds inspirited
The star of liberty to rise. Nor yet

(Grave this within thy heart!) if spiritual things

Be lost, through apathy, or scorn, or fear,

Shalt thou thy humbler franchises support,

However hardly won or justly dear;

What came from heaven to heaven by nature clings.

And, if dissevered thence, its course is short.

1662. Nor shall the external roll of praise reject Those unconforming; whom one rigorous day Drives from their cures, a voluntary prey To poverty and grief and disrespect, And some to want—as if by tempests wrecked On a wild coast; how destitute! did they Feel not that conscience never can betray; That peace of mind is virtue's sure effect. Their altars they forego, their homes they quit, Fields which they love, and paths they daily trod, And cast the future upon Providence; As men the dictate of whose inward sense Outweighs the world; whom self-deceiving wit Lures not from what they deem the cause of God.

PLACES OF WORSHIP. As star that shines dependent upon star Is 10 the sky while we look up in love; As to the deep fair ships which, though they move, Seem fixed to eyes that watch them from alar; As to the sandy desert fountains are, With palm-groves shaded at wide intervals, Whose fruit around the sun-burnt native talis Of roving tired or desultory war; Such to this British isle her Christian fanes, Each linked to each for kindred services;

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