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and reimburse them for their losses. Both chefe schemes were clogged with insurmourable difficul ties, which rendered them impracticable. Force was the only expedient that could be pursued with a probability of success; but they were not yet determined to proceed to that extremity. They had still fome hopes that Britain would relax in her demands, and think better on the subject; they could hardly persuade theinselves that she was determined upon slaughtering the subjects of the empire, for the sake of opinions merely problematical, and which could be no way available to her real interest. They confidered the military preparations of the mother country in the fame light that they were considered at home, intended to frighten them into a compliance with the measures of government, but that they did not in.. tend to proceed to hostilities. However, in the mean time, many of the principal inhabitants removed out of the town, under the real apprehensions of immediate violence from the troops, or of being secured and sent to England, to stand their trial for supposed offences:

The provincial congress having finished all their business which they thought proper and neceffary at this time; dissolved themselves in the end of Novema þer, having first appointed another meeting in the end suing month of February: During this recess; the friends of government began to beitir themselves, and to thew their designs in some few places: They wanted to try their strength and their Humbers, and to make a stand against the general Çurrerit. Some associations were formed för mutual defence, and in some few towns a refusal was made to the orders of the congress; but the opposite tem por was so prevaleni, that those attempts were foon



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quelled. The diffidents: Were overpowered by numbers, and all their attempts came to nothing.

The suspicion which the mother country had of the colonies, promoted the grounds of their suspicions; for by prohibiting the exportatįon of military stores, she suggested the idea of resistance, or at least supposed that something would be done by government, that would tend to provoke the colonists to make use of such stores. When the account of this prohibition was received at Rhode Illand, the people seized and carried away all the ordnance belonging to the crown in that province, which lay upon fome batteries that defended one of the harbours, and which amounted to above forty pieces of cannon, of differupon


governor to enquire into the meaning of this procedure, he was informed with great frank. " ness, that the people had seized the cannon to prevent their falling into the hands of the king's forces, and that they intended to make use of them to defend themselves, against any power that should attempt to moleft them. The affembly of that island also passed resolutions for the procuring of arms and military stores, by all means, and from all quarters from whence they could be obtained, as well as for training and arming the inhabitants.

The province of New Hampshire, which had hitherto appeared to be of a placid and moderate temper, and had behaved with more respect to government than the other provinces of New England, as foon as they heard of the resolutions of RhodeTiland, and received a copy of the royal proclamation that gave rise to them, pursued the fame plan. A body of men afsembled in arms, and marched to the attack of a small fort called William and Mary, only


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considerable for being the obje&t of the first military operation in that province. This fort was easily taken, and supplied them with a quantity of powder, by which they were enabled to put themselves in a state of defence. No other acts of hostility or violence happened during the winter, but a firm determination of resistance was however univerfally spread and encreased every day. The arrival of the king's speech and the addresses of the new parliament, added to the flame that was already kindled. Their former jealousy, which needed no additional fuel, began now to blaze forth with all the expressions of concern and anxiety, attended with the signs of determined reso. lution to resist every act of violence that government fhould attempt to commit upon them.

The king's speech, in the opinion of the colonies, cut off all hopes of reconciliation, and made them strain every nerve to provide against the storm they faw gathering against them. It is

very remarkable that all the public acts and declarations, which in England were recommended as the means of pacifying the colonies, by intimidating them, constantly ope. rated in a different manner. The more clearly a determination was fhewn to inforce an high authority, the more resolutely the colonists seemed to resist it, The assembly of Pennfylvania, which had met by ad. journment towards the close of the year 1774, was the first legal convention that ratified unanimously all the acts of the General Congress, and appointed delegates to represent them in the new congress, which was to be held in the ensuing month of May The proceedings in other places were fimilar, and niuch of the fame kind through all the colonies.-The convention of Maryland appointed a sum of money for purchasing arms and ammunition, and the


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