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Vor. Do. I'll be very much obliged to you.
Y. Rap. I will. I'll manage.

[Winking and nodding to Vortex. Vor. Oh, thank you. Y. Rap. (To Charles Stanley.] What may be your

business here, sir ?

Cha. I came to take leave

Y. Rap. Hush ! [Apart.] To inquire respecting that Jady's fortune. We'll soon answer all that, won't we?

[Nodding to Vortex. Cha. I say, sir

Y. Rap. (Stopping him.] We grant it :-we grant Mr Vortex has recovered property to a considerable amount. But what signifies that! She assigned it for five thousand pounds !—You see how I'm going on. [To Nabob.

Vor. Oh, thank you, my dear friend !
Y. Rap. I've seen the paper,

have'nt I ? [10 Vortex. Cha. And I should be satisfied

Y. Rap. You would be satisfied if you saw it.-Certainly -Very proper-Nothing in nature can be more reasonable; 80, Nabob, shew him the paper, and settle the business at once. [Walks about, Vortex following him.] Shew him the paper !-Don't keep the gentleman waiting all day.-Shew him the paper.--My dear fellow! what's the use of walking after me? Shew him the paper.

Vor. [Taking advantage of the pauses in the foregoing speech.] I say—My dear friend-Hush !-Be quiet !-1. want to speak to you—You forget you destroyed it!

Y. Rap. I destroyed it!
Vor. Hush!
Y. Rap. He says I destroyed it!
Vor. I did not-I'll take my oath I did not.
Y. Rap. And it is true.
Cha. and EU. What!

Y. Rap. True, upon my honour! he has no more hold on your estates, madam, than I have. This is


house, ma'am.-I give you joy !-Sir, I give you joy! Nabob, I give you joy.

Vor. Oh, my head !-you villain!

Y. Rap. Don't talk about villainy-it would make you worse. Sit down, my dear fellow!

Cha. He's justly punished, for the falsehood of the story he told.

Y. Rap. I say, he's justly punished for the length of the story he told.

Cha. Mr. Rapid, in expressing my obligations, allow me to be Y. Rap. Not more thau a minute, I entreat.

Old Rapid and SIR HUBERT, without, R. 0. Rup. Where is he? Sir Hub. Be patient. 0. Rap. I won't.-Let me come at him.

Enter OLD RAPID and Sir HUBERT, R. Jes. [Young Rapid and Jessy kneel.] Your blessing, sir? 0. Rap. What?--Oh!

(Falls on his knees, and embraces them both. Sir Hub. [After talking apart with his son.) Mr. Rapid, by asserting your character as a man of honour, in rewarding the affections of this amiable woman, you command my praise ; for bestowing happiness on my dear Charles, receive an old man's blessing.

Y. Rap. Approbation from Sir Hubert Stanley is praise indeed.

0. Rap. Dam’me, there's the son of a tailor for you! Vor. What, a tailor ?

0. Rap. Yes!— Aud let me tell you, that one guinea honestly gotten by blood drawn from the finger, is sweeter than a million obtained by blood drawn from the heart—So, take that.

Y. Rap. Well, Nabob, how do you feel?

Vor. Egad, 'tis very odd ;—but I declare I feel light and comfortable since Ellen has got her estate, and I somehow breathe more free. I've a notion, the last line of my speech is true.

Y. Rap. Come, I'll hear the last line.

Vor. Why, “ that the first step towards securing the es“ teem of others, is to secure your own.”

Y. Rap. Stick to the last line.

Ell. And, dear uncle, take Sir Hubert Stanley for your physician. Follow his prescriptiou of justice and benevolence, and, my life on it, you will soon thank me for my recommendation. Vor. Well, to shew the sincerity of my intentions, allow

Ellen, to present you these parchments, the title-deeds of this estate. [Presents parchments, and returns to his place.

0. Rap. I say, Ned, what nice measures they would make!

El. And, sir, allow me to shew you the true value of riches.-[Giving the parchments to Stanley.)-Convert them juto happiness.


0. Rap. Well, I've only one observation to make.
Y. Rap. I hope it is a short one.
Ell. What, impatient again ?
Y. Rap. I am, and, if I err,

'Tis you, my generous Patrons, are the cause :-
My heart's impatient for your kind applause.



Y. RAP. ELL. Cha. Sir Hub.



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Wing. By all that's uneasy! 'tis my runaway wife !

Act I, Scene 2.

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