A Chronological Register of Both Houses of the British Parliament, from the Union in 1708, to the Third Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in 1807, Volume 3

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1807

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Page 188 - in the County of — — — , of the clear yearly Value of 405. over and above all Rents and Charges payable out of, or in respect of the same ; and that you have been in actual possession or receipt of the Rents and Profits thereof, for
Page 387 - Oath : — • ( I AB do swear, that I truly, and bona fide, have such an " Estate in Law or Equity to and for my own use and benefit, " of or in Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments (over and above " what will satisfy and clear all incumbrances that may affect " the same) of the annual value of
Page 374 - or without having been in the actual Possession, or in Receipt of the Rents and Profits thereof, for his own use, above Twelve Calendar Months, unless the same came to him within the time aforesaid, by Descent, Marriage, Marriage Settlement, Devise, or Promotion to any Benefice
Page 368 - ployment, gift, or reward, or any promise or security, for " any money, office, employment, or gift, in order to give my " Vote at this Election, and that I have not before been polled at " this Election.'
Page 368 - in trust for me, or for my use and benefit, directly or in" directly, any sum or sums of money, office, place, or em" ployment, gift, or reward, or any promise or security, for " any money, office, employment, or gift, in order to give my
Page 197 - All Conveyances of any Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, in order to multiply Voices, or to split and divide the interest in any Houses or Lands among several Persons, to enable them to vote at Elections of Members to serve in Parliament, are hereby declared void and of none effect,
Page 178 - 3</ Edw. I. Cap. 5. Because Elections ought to be free, the King commandeth upon great Forfeiture, that no man by force of arms, nor by malice, or menacing, shall disturb any to make Free Election.
Page 216 - Henry VI. Cap. 14. Knights of the Shires, for the Parliament hereafter to be chosen, shall be notable Knights of the same Counties, as shall be able to be Knights, and no Man to be such Knight, who stands in the degree of a Yeoman, or under.
Page 188 - Settlement, Devise, or Promotion to a Benefice in a Church, or by Promotion to an Office ; and that such Freehold Estate has not been granted or made to you fraudulently, on purpose to qualify you to give your Vote ; and that the Place
Page 180 - No Collector, Supervisor, Gauger, or other Officer or Person whatsoever, concerned or employed in the charging, collecting, levying, or managing the Duties of Excise, or any branch or part thereof, shall by Word, Message, or Writing, or in any other

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