The history of Leith, from the earliest accounts to the present period

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Page 91 - Slowly she ambled on her way, Amid her lords and ladies gay ; Priest, abbot, layman, all were there. And Presbyter, with look severe. There rode the lords of France and Spain, Of England, Flanders, and Lorraine ; While serried thousands round them stood, From Shore of Leith to Holyrood.
Page 39 - When Leith, a town of good account in Scotland, and Edinburgh, the principal city of that nation, were on fire, Sir Richard Lee, knight, saved me out of the flames, and brought me into England. In gratitude to him for his kindness, I, who
Page 183 - a designed horse-match. It was a providence the wind was from the sea, otherwise they had run a hazard either of drowning, or splitting upon Inchkeith. This tempest was nothing inferior to that which was lately in Caithness, where a bark of fifty tons was blown five furlongs into the land, and would have gone
Page 189 - Come, hafe a care, (the captain cries), On guns your bagnets thraw / Now mind your manual exercise, And marsh down raw by raw. And as they march, he'll glour about, Tent a' ther cuts an' scars : 'Mang these full many a gausy snout Has gusht in
Page 226 - then asked him how I should know what he said to be true? Upon which he told me he would read my fortune, saying, I should have two .wives, and that he saw the forms of them sitting on my shoulders; that both would be very handsome
Page 168 - It is a wonder that since we did not sink at sea, that God does not make the ground open and swallow us up when we are come ashore, for the wickedness that has been committed during the last voyage on board
Page 136 - might be. wholesome, but for the stinking people that inhabit it. The ground might be fruitful, had they wit to. manure it. Their beasts be generally small, women only excepted, of which sort there are none :greater in the whole world. There is great store of fowl too ; as foul houses, foul sheets, foul linen, foul dishes and pots, foul trenchers and napkins, with which
Page 137 - The word hay is heathen Greek unto them ; neither man nor beast knows what it is. Corn is reasonable plenty at this time; for since they heard of the King's coming, it hath been as unlawful for the common
Page 39 - hitherto served only at the baptism of the children of kings, do now most willingly offer the same service to the meanest of the English nation. Lee, the conqueror, hath so commanded. Adieu. AD
Page 295 - handsome spire and .clock, the first compartment of which is of the Doric, the second of the Ionic, and the third of the Corinthian order; the remainder of the spire is fluted, and the height of the whole from the ground to the top of the cross is

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